Chapter 1604 – Skyruin Sword

The fiery bull stomped through the sky, and then it raised its head and let out a roar that shook the heavens and the earth.

This was a Raging Blaze Kui Ox, and it was born in the quintessence of fire within the Chaos. It possessed extremely formidable physical strength and was born with the ability to control divine flames. Moreover, its defensive ability was too formidable, then it could reign supreme above most Divine Beasts of the same cultivation realm.

As soon as it appeared, it instantly drew the attention of many gazes. A tall young man in an embroidered robe sat on the Raging Blaze Kui Ox, and a middle aged man that carried two swords on his back stood by the young man’s side.

“Interesting. The Kingway Sword Sect’s Le Wuji actually brought along a Raging Blaze Kui Ox as his Godslave. Obviously, he values its extremely formidable defensive ability.” Someone seemed to be lost in thought and laughed lightly.

At this moment, Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. However, he withdrew his gaze right after that. Because even though this Raging Blaze Kui Ox’s defensive ability was extraordinary, it only possessed an ability at the World Enlightened True God Realm in the end. So, at most, it was just a living shield of flesh.


At practically the exact same moment that the Raging Blaze Kui Ox appeared, another roar resounded. After that, a black bear that was an entire 30m tall appeared out of thin air, and it stood by Xiao Tianlong’s side.

It was like a small mountain. Its skin emanated jet black divine radiance while its eyes were icy cold and vicious, and it was filled with a barbaric, domineering, and terrifying imposing aura.

“A Sun Ravager Bear” The crowd became restless once more. This bear’s disposition was peerlessly ferocious, and according to rumor, it was capable of devouring a sun. It was extremely violent and domineering.

Obviously, this Sun Ravager Bear was Xiao Tianlong’s Godslave.

“looks like this fellow never intended to bring you along since the beginning….” A wisp of coldness couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he saw this.

Before this, Tie Yunping had painstakingly sought out Xiao Tianlong with the intention of participating in the Starhunt Meeting with them, yet Xiao Tianlong and Lu Yan created all sorts of obstacles for her and made her suffer humiliation. But in the end, they actually didn’t intend to bring her along at all.

At this moment, Tie Yunping seemed to have come to an understanding as well, and the gaze she shot at Xiao Tianlong and Lu Yan had changed and carried a wisp of indescribable resentment.

“A Nine-tailed Violet Lightning Mink!”

“A Cloud Striped Flying Serpent!”

“Divine Beast Zhujian!”

After that, the participants of the Starhunt Meeting successively revealed the Godslaves they were bringing along, and practically all of them were rare Divine Beasts or ferocious beasts, causing wave after wave of clamorous noise to resound.

This was extremely normal. The existence of Godslaves during the Starhunt Meeting was entirely for the sake of assisting the participants, and they could fight alongside the participants and help the participants deal with danger. It was even to the extent that they could play the role of cannon fodder when the participants’ lives were in danger.

When Tie Yunping revealed her own Jade-eyed Crimson Rabbit, the fiery atmosphere in the surroundings instantly froze and went deathly silent.

A Jade-eyed Crimson Rabbit?

Everyone opened their eyes wide and seemed to be filled with disbelief, and then they roared with laughter.

“Someone’s actually utilizing a Jade-eyed Crimson Rabbit as a Godslave? My god! I’m not seeing things, right? That’s the Divine Beast race with the weakest combat strength.”

“Haha! Perhaps that young miss thinks the bunny is cute, so she brought it along to play with?”

“How absurd! This is the Starhunt Meeting, bringing such a thing that’s like a pet is simply like giving up!”

Everyone discussed animatedly, and they were either disdainful, laughing, or mocking. It caused Tie Yunping’s pretty face to instantly flush red, and she couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed.

Especially the gazes that Xiao Tianlong, Lu Yan, Xiao Ruoruo, and the others shot over. Their gazes carried a dense ridiculing intent, and it caused Tie Yunping’s entire body to feel uncomfortable.

However, right after that, she raised her head, and her pretty face was covered in a tenacious and unyielding expression. This was her companion that stayed with her through thick and thin, so no matter how weak her companion was, those gazes of disdain and ridicule were unable to make her replace this companion.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but nod to himself when he noticed this. Tie Yunping’s Dao Heart was extremely firm, and it was extraordinary indeed. This was an extremely extraordinary quality. Even if it couldn’t be displayed now, but when she moved step by step forward on her path towards the Dao, it would give her boundless assistance and support.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly noticed a gaze size him up in an imperceptible manner. That gaze was extremely unique. It was chilly like icy, yet ethereal, and it caused Chen Xi to think of a person at almost the first possible moment — the ruler of Snow Ink Region, Empress Yu Che!

However, when he turned around and looked over, he noticed the latter was standing by herself in her fiery red dress that was embroidered with phoenixes, and the red veil covered her face as she stared towards the distant sky.

Could I have been mistaken? Chen Xi shook his head and stopped thinking about it.


Right at this moment, a door condensed into form in the starry sky, and it emanated a wave of obscure fluctuations.

“Set out!” Empress Yu Che spoke in a light voice when she saw this.


Some participants had been accumulating strength and waiting to make a move since a long time ago. When they heard this, they immediately flew towards the door under the lead of the Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods that led their groups.

In the next period of time, numerous gorgeous streaks tore through the sky. No one dallied as they were deeply afraid that they would lose the initiative if they were a step too slow.

“Let’s go as well.” Chen Xi took a deep breath before he smiled to Tie Yunping who stood by his side.

“Ok.” Tie Yunping nodded forcefully.

“Come.” Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he brought Tie Yunping along as he teleported through space. In the blink of an eye, he’d charged through the door and vanished.

“Activate the Skyscreen.” When the figures of those participants vanished behind the door, Empress Yu Che lightly instructed the grey robed old man by her side.

“Yes.” The grey robed old man nodded, and then he flashed into the starry sky before he opened his palm.


A bronze sword floated up into appearance.


In an instant, the gazes of all the great figures present in the surroundings had moved over and converged onto the bronze sword in the grey robed old man’s hand, and their gazes couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of extremely blazing light.

The Skyruin Sword!

The first Natural Spirit Treasure that was born from the Chaos in Snow Ink Region! Moreover, it was the number one ranked Natural Spirit Treasure in Snow Ink Region!

Countless versions of the legend of this sword had been born since a long time ago, yet very few people had actually seen this divine sword.

Because it had always been in the possession of Empress Yu Che, and since Empress Yu Che took the throne of Region Lord in Snow Ink Region, no one had ever seen her fight a battle. So, everyone was naturally unable to witness the true appearance of this divine sword.

Now, because of the Starhunt Meeting, Empress Yu Che actually instructed her attendant to utilize this divine sword, and they wondered what it meant.

Could it be that the Starhunt Meeting this time had an unusual purpose?

The hearts of all the great figures rose and fell while thoughts flashed through their minds.


The grey robed old man held the bronze sword beneath the starry sky, and he lightly slashed it in space. After that, a strand of strange fluctuation suddenly swept out through this expanse of the universe, and it instantly covered the entire Taowu Galaxy!

At this moment, an extremely enormous screen of light had floated up into appearance in the sky above every single star within Taowu Galaxy. It was like glass that covered the sky, and it fully projected everything that was occurring in Taowu Galaxy down to the smallest detail.

At this moment, the cultivators in this galaxy reacted successively, and their gazes shot successively towards the sky.

After that, they saw a vast galaxy spinning about above them. Unfortunately, with their strength, they were utterly unable to clearly perceive exactly which galaxy it was.

However, the cultivators of these stars seemed to have been aware that this would happen, and all of them started discussing excitedly.

“This is the Skyscreen! The Starhunt Meeting has started!”

“Take a good look. The results attained by the participants of the Starhunt Meeting will be revealed on the Skyscreen later!”

“My god! The Skyscreen this time is extremely unusual. It has covered the entire sky, and its even suffused with a strand of the energy of the Laws that seems like the quintessence of Chaos!”

“Who cares about that? Who do all of you think will be able to obtain the first position?”

“It’s naturally Jadesky Divine Sect’s Guan Hongyu!”

“I think that it’s very likely that the Dayi Clan’s Second Young Master, Yi Xun, will take the first.”

“Don’t forget that the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Xuan Ta’zi is amongst the competitors this time.”

“Stop arguing. All of them are only the leaders of the groups, and they aren’t the disciples that are actually participating in the Starhunt Meeting. Not to mention that the Starhunt Meeting has just begun now, so can anyone guarantee that not mishaps will occur? We should just rest at ease and await the results.”

At this moment, the various powers and cultivators on every single star had placed their attention onto the sky, and all of their topics of discussions revolved around the Starhunt Meeting.

Moreover, the identity of the person who would obtain the first position had even become the hottest topic.

At the same time, above the starry sky.

The deep passageway had already closed fully, but Empress Yu Che and all the great figures hadn’t left, and all of them sat cross-legged on the spot in midair.

There were other attendants that brought tables and meditation cushions over before placing divine fruits and wine on the tables, so it was extremely cozy.

“May I ask Empress about what’s different about this year’s Starhunt Meeting?” Suddenly, a violet robed old man spoke with a question. He was the Grand Elder of Jadesky Divine Sect, Mo Zhan, and he was of extremely high seniority.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone else paid attention because this was exactly what they felt bewildered about in their hearts. After all, the Starhunt Meetings of the past were absolutely not as grand as it was this time, and this was obvious just from the rewards for the top three participants.

Coupled with the fact that a divine artifact like the Skyruin Sword was actually utilized to activate the Skyscreen, and it caused the Starhunt Meeting this time to see even more unusual.

“Some places within Taowu Galaxy aren’t peaceful, and if the Skyruin Sword isn’t there to deter them, then it would be easy for some accidents to occur.” It wasn’t Empress Yu Che that answered him, and it was the grey robed old man by her side instead. “As for the other aspects, all of you’ll understand once the event is over.”

His words were ambiguous while the information provided was extremely vague. Not only were those great figures unable to relieve the bewilderment in their hearts after hearing all of this, they became even more curious instead because they were unable to figure out exactly what was going on.

However, no matter what, they finally understood that for the sake of deterring the dangers within the Taowu Galaxy, Empress Yu Che even had to utilize a divine artifact like the Skyruin Sword, so it obviously showed how terrifying those dangers were.

When they thought like this, the hearts of all these great figures constricted, and they couldn’t help but feel extremely worried for those disciples of theirs that were participating in the Starhunt Meeting.

“Everyone, there’s no need to think too much about it. With the Skyruin Sword here, then so long as those participants act according to the rules of the hunt, they practically have no need to worry about suffering any disasters.” The grey robed old man swept everyone with his gaze, and then he added these words, causing all the great figures in the surroundings to feel much more at ease.

After all, those were the most outstanding disciples in their respective powers. So, once any mishaps occurred, they would be unable to accept it.

“It has begun!” Right at this moment, a great figure spoke abruptly.

When they heard this, all the others instantly restrained their thoughts while their gazes shot successively towards the starry sky in the distance.

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