Chapter 1603 – Generous Rewards

The fiery red and exquisite dress seemed like a gorgeous wedding gown, and it was extremely brightly colored, causing it to seem like the dress of a newly-wed. However, when worn by Empress Yu Che, it caused her bearing to seem even colder, and it caused others to feel cold from the sight of it.

This sort of strong visual impact caused the hearts of everyone to shudder, and none of them dared to meet her gaze.

In Snow Ink Region, there were a great deal of rumors about Empress Yu Che. She possessed an unfathomable cultivation while her origins were mysterious to the extreme, and up until now, never had anyone alleged to have laid eyes on her true appearance.

Because she wore a phoenix crown while her face was always enveloped beneath a layer of red cloth like a bride that was about to be married, and it covered her appearance, causing her to seem mysterious.

The most famous rumor was that the reason Empress Yu Che dressed herself like this was because she was waiting bitterly for her Dao Companion that she’d loved for a very long time. She was waiting for the day he returned to pull away that layer of red cloth that covered her face.

Of course, this was merely a rumor, and only Empress Yu Che herself knew if it was true.

The garudas let out clear cries as they pulled the bronze carriage to arrive slowly, and it descended within Water Cloud Villa. After that, under the reverent gazes of everyone, Empress Yu Che stood up from the carriage and strode to the main hall of the villa.

The attendants that were waiting there since a long time ago opened the door to the main hall, and then they respectfully and reverently welcomed Empress Yu Che in.


Meanwhile, a wave of spatial fluctuations arose in the distance, and then numerous figures with monstrous imposing auras appeared. As soon as they appeared, they walked towards Water Cloud Villa with large strides.

“My god! It’s the Jadesky Divine Sect’s Grand Elder, Senior Mo Zhan!”

“The Dayi Clan’s Senior Yi Wen is here as well. He’s a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God that has made a name for himself since a long time ago, and he hasn’t shown himself for countless years.”

“Look, quickly! That’s Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Master Xuan Songzi!”

“There’s also the Kingway Sword Sect, Ancient Cloud Cliff Barbarians, Violethell Divine Sect….”

All the disciples in the villa instantly became restless and erupted into an uproar. Only now did they notice that a group of great figures had come along with them.

At this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t help but narrow his eyes as well. He noticed that the auras of all these great figures were mostly obscure and heavy, and they were filled with the aura of returning to their ancestral roots. Shockingly, all of them were mighty Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods!

Amazing. Just a grand event that’s participated by World Enlightened True Gods would actually draw over numerous Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods to attend themselves. All of this is probably because of Empress Yu Che…. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and Empress Yu Che felt even more mysterious to him.

“Everyone, the Empress requests the pleasure of your company.” Meanwhile, a grey robed old man walked out from within the hall, and he swept everyone with his gaze before he spoke indifferently.

All of them immediately revealed solemn expressions and followed behind the old man to enter the hall.

This hall was extremely grand and spacious. Stone pillars held up the ceiling while the air was enshrouded with illusory divine mist that curled up into the sky.

Empress Yu Che sat all alone at the seat of the host in the center, and she emanated a strand of a supreme dignified aura amidst the mysteriousness she revealed.

All the great figures sat down successively at both her sides, and each of them possessed their own respective imposing auras. If an ordinary person was here, that person would probably be terrified to the point of collapsing to the ground.

When Chen Xi and Tie Yunping arrived in the hall, they witnessed such a scene.

“Greetings Empress!” All the participants cupped their hands and bowed.

Empress Yu Che raised her eyes that were clear like water. At this instant, it was like a god that stood towering within the annals of time had awakened from her deep slumber, and a strand of a terrifying and dignified aura instantly enveloped the entire hall.

“There’s no need for courtesy.” Empress Yu Che spoke with a voice that was clear and cold like water, and every single word she spoke struck the heart, causing others to be unable to help but arose a trace of reverence. “Yun Qing, announce the rules.”

The grey robed old man at the side cupped his hands and received his orders. After that, his expression turned solemn as he shot his gaze towards the participants in the hall, and he said, “The Starhunt Meeting will be held within Taowu Galaxy this time, and the rules are just like the past. The time limit is three months, and the most prey one kills, the more outstanding one’s results would be in the end.”

“During the process of the hunt, the leaders of the group are prohibited from assisting the participating disciples with hunting their prey, and those that violate this rule will be directly eliminated.” He paused for a moment and continued. “Unlike the past, the rewards of the Starhunt Meeting this time is the best. Those that persist until the end and are ranked in the top 100 will be rewarded with a Spiritsoul Pill that was refined by Master Qing from the Imperial Region.”

When they heard this, the spirits of many participants were refreshed. Even if they knew that there would be such rewards, they still couldn’t avoid feeling a trace of yearning when they heard it with their own two ears.

It was a divine pill refined by a supreme exalt in the Pill Dao from the Imperial Region, Master Qing, and it could be said to be priceless!

“There are further generous rewards for the top 3 participants.” The grey robed old man continued.

“The participant ranked at the 3rd position will obtain an incomplete secret diagram that’s of immeasurable value, and one has to depend on one’s own ability to find out exactly what it is.”

An incomplete secret diagram!

When they heard this, all the participants became restless once more, and even some great figures were slightly stunned. Before this moment, they’d never heard that the third would actually be rewarded with an incomplete secret diagram.

Exactly what sort of diagram was it? What sort of secrets were hidden within it? Was it a fortuitous encounter? Or was it a treasure map?

All of their curiosity was instantly aroused, and they felt even more anticipation.

“The participant ranked at the 2nd position will obtain a Natural Spirit Treasure, a Blood Rose that was born from within the chaos of the Snow Ink Region. Its might is unfathomable, and it possesses numerous profundities. It’s a treasure that Empress Yu Che obtained by chance in a Ruins of Chaos.”

The grey robed man could be said to have thrown another bomb into the crowd, and it caused the breathing of many people to quicken.

A Natural Spirit Treasure!

Just hearing this term alone was sufficient for one to know how extraordinarily valuable it was. Because such a treasure was utterly impossible to refine, and it could only be born from within the Chaos. There was a myriad of cultivators in the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region, yet only those top-rate powers possessed Natural Spirit Treasures.

Yet now, Empress Yu Che actually provided a Natural Spirit Treasure as the reward for the Starhunt Meeting this time, and such extravagance was extremely rare.

At this point, the interests of everyone had been aroused, and they felt even more anticipation towards the rewards given to the 1st ranked participant.

The grey robed old man didn’t conceal anything, and he said directly, “The participant ranked at the 1st position this time will be able to obtain the Empress’s guidance.”

It was a very simple sentence spoken in a very flat tone, yet when it entered into the ears of everyone, it caused their hearts to shake fiercely while their eyes couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of yearning!

This reward didn’t carry any material objected, and it was merely a reward of guidance, and if it was a shortsighted person, that person would definitely feel disappointed and puzzled.

However, these great figures and disciples from large powers were clearly aware of how rare and precious such an opportunity was. It was so valuable that it was even far superior to a Natural Spirit Treasure!

Because it was the guidance of Empress Yu Che, and Empress Yu Che was the ruler of the entire Snow Ink Region!

If they were able to obtain her guidance, then even though they wouldn’t be master and disciple in name, they would have the relationship of master and disciple. Merely this alone would cause others to not dare provoke or underestimate that person in the entire Snow Ink Region.

This was even more terrifying than the might provided by a Natural Spirit Treasure. Because even though a Natural Spirit Treasure was formidable, it was an inanimate object in the end, whereas, this relationship was different. It meant that so long as one resided within Snow Ink Region, then no one would dare to provoke that person because provoking that person was equivalent to provoking Empress Yu Che!

Under such circumstances, who would dare provoke that person?

Especially those great figures, all of them were extremely clearly aware that if the disciples from their respective powers were able to seize this opportunity, then it would be extremely beneficial to their powers as well.

So, at this moment, their mental states were rather uncalm at this moment. Never had they imagined that Empress Yu Che would provide a reward that was impossible to refuse like this. If they knew earlier, they would definitely make even more sufficient preparations for the disciples of their respective powers that were participating in the Starhunt Meeting.

Amongst the people present in the surroundings, only Chen Xi seemed to be extremely calm. He naturally hoped that Tie Yunping would be able to obtain the first position because in this way, he could rely on this opportunity to ask Empress Yu Che about Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

As for whether he would be able to rely on Empress Yu Che’s protection to avoid trouble in Snow Ink Region, Chen Xi couldn't be bothered to pay any attention to that.

At the bottom of it all, he didn’t belong to Snow Ink Region, and he would leave it sooner or later. Thus, he was quite indifferent towards it.

After the rules were announced, the grey robed old man immediately withdrew himself and stood by Empress Yu Che’s side.

“I presume all of you’re clearly aware of the rules and the rewards, then follow me.” As she spoke, Empress Yu Che stood up, and her red dress swayed as she swiftly arrived outside the hall.


Beneath the sky, an extremely gorgeous and scarlet red Blood Rose flew up from Empress Yu Che’s palm, and it transformed into a red and lustrous flower. It supported everyone in the surroundings up before swiftly arriving above the sky and beneath the starry sky.

As they stood here, they were able to lay eyes on the entirety of Taowu Galaxy. It was covered densely by stars, and it was extremely magnificent and vast like an ocean.

“Yun Qing, distribute the Divine Slips to them.” Empress Yu Che instructed before she flicked her sleeve.


A deep passageway swiftly condensed into form in the starry sky, and it was like a blackhole that caused others to be unable to see through exactly what lay behind it.

At the same time, the grey robed old man passed numerous golden jade slips to all the participants of the Starhunt Meeting.

Those golden jade slips were the Divine Slips, and a strand of mighty Divine Energy was sealed with it. When the participants of the Starhunt Meeting encounter lethal danger, it would automatically explode into pieces and teleport the participant out, thus accomplishing the goal of rescuing the participant.

This thing is pretty interesting. Chen Xi sized up the Divine Slip in his hand, and he acutely notice that it was branded with numerous obscure and mysterious strands of energy. It was far from something that he could grasp and comprehend right now.

“Now, take your group leaders and Godslaves along and enter this passageway. The other side of the passageway is the area all of you will hunt this time.” Empress Yu Che swept all the participants with her gaze, and then she pointed at the deep passageway in the starry sky as she spoke slowly.


As soon as she finished speaking, a beast roar that sounded like a thunderclap suddenly resounded from the starry sky. After that, a fiery bull that was enormous like a mountain strode over with flames beneath its hooves. It was gorgeous, extraordinary, and possessed a shocking imposing aura.

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