Chapter 1602 – Empress Yu Che

Xiao Ruoruo was extremely blunt with her words, and it caused all the people in the vicinity to be surprised.

Undoubtedly, this was a form of humiliation, and it was a show of strength. She wanted to allow everyone present in the surroundings to be clearly aware that her objective was Chen Xi, and if anyone interfered, then they had to consider the consequences of offending Xuan Ta’zi, the Xiao Clan, and even the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple.

Everyone gazed at Chen Xi while a trace of pity couldn’t help but surge out from their hearts. This fellow could have offended anyone, but why did he have to offend figures like Xuan Ta’zi and Xiao Ruoruo?

All of this instantly caused Tie Yunping’s little face to turn pale. Never had she imagined that merely offending Xiao Tianlong would cause such a storm.

Chen Xi’s reaction towards this was extraordinarily calm. He glanced indifferently at Xiao Ruoruo who revealed a cold and arrogant bearing before glancing at Xuan Ta’zi that stood by her side, and then a trace of a grin appeared on the corners of his mouth.

“Then I’ll have to wait and see.” Chen Xi smiled casually. “Oh, right. Do the two of you intend to join this bet as well?”

Everyone instantly exploded into an uproar. Has this fellow gone mad? It’s already worrying to have offended Xiao Tianlong, yet he intends to provoke Xiao Ruoruo and Xuan Ta’zi now?

Especially Xuan Ta’zi, he’s an outstanding genius of the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s younger generation, and his reputation is so great that it’s on par with Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun. Isn’t provoking him no different than courting death?

Xiao Ruoruo was stunned by these words, and then her eyes turned cold. “Is an ant like you even worthy of making a bet with us? Why don’t you take a look at your own status first!?”

This wasn’t a form of shrinking back, and it was a domineering and haughty bearing instead. She was ridiculing Chen Xi for overestimating himself, and she meant that Chen Xi was utterly unworthy to talk on equal footing with them.

Chen Xi just smiled when he heard this, and then he led Tie Yunping along as he turned and left. He didn’t like to argue with others, nor did he like to debate with words. He was always most skilled in utilizing his strength to forcefully crush all hostile provocation!

This tiny disturbance ended in the blink of an eye, and it didn’t cause much of a ripple.

But in next to no time, news related to the bet between Chen Xi and Xiao Tianlong had spread throughout Water Cloud Villa.

The curtains to the Starhunt Meeting would be drawn tomorrow, and all the participants in the hunt had mostly converged at Water Cloud Villa tonight. When all of them heard of the bet between Chen Xi and Xiao Tianlong, all of them felt that it was extremely interesting, or felt pity for Chen Xi, or sneered with disdain, or seemed to be lost in thought….

However, no matter what, very few people come into contact with Chen Xi because of this incident because they were deeply afraid that Xiao Ruoruo and Xuan Ta’zi would misunderstand and take them to be Chen Xi’s help.

The current situation was one where the entire villa was filled with cheering and laughing, and numerous people were surrounded around some extremely dazzling geniuses like a host of stars around a bright moon. However, only Chen Xi and Tie Yunping stood quietly at a corner of the villa while no one showed any interest in them.

This was reality. There was never any lack of flattering words and gazes around dazzling figures.

However, all of this was utterly unable to arouse a trace of a ripple in Chen Xi’s mental state. He sat cross-legged silently on a rock, and he softly guided Tie Yunping in her cultivation.

This young woman had just stepped into the World Enlightened True God Realm not too long ago, and her natural talent was limited. Coupled with the fact that she didn’t possess the guidance of a good teacher, the accomplishments she could achieve weren’t outstanding.

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, if he wasn’t here and Tie Yunping had participated in this Starhunt Meeting with another, then she was bound to be unable to obtain much results.

However, Chen Xi had never believed in natural talent or fate. As far as he was concerned, Tie Yunping had a tenacious mentality, cultivated painstakingly, and her heart towards the Dao was solid like a rock. This was her most dazzling aspects.

Natural talent could indeed allow one to put a huge gap between others in cultivation, but if one didn’t possess a firm heart and diligence, then one would definitely be unable to obtain any great accomplishments.

At this moment, the reason Chen Xi was guiding Tie Yunping in her cultivation wasn’t because he possessed supreme ability that was capable of allowing Tie Yunping to comprehend the Dao overnight and undergo a tremendous improvement in her strength that would allow her to make a striking display during the Starhunt Meeting tomorrow. He only wanted to make the best use of his time and provide this young woman with some guidance, so she would be able to avoid some detours when she cultivated in the future.

As for the Starhunt Meeting tomorrow, Chen Xi would naturally protect her until the end and help her obtain the Spiritsoul Pill she dreamt of.

Tie Yunping was comparatively reserved and perturbed in the beginning when facing Chen Xi’s guidance, but her attention was gradually drown by the profundities of the Dao that Chen Xi described, and she abandoned the restrictions in her heart and asked about all the uncertainties she’d encountered during her path of cultivation.

Moreover, the answers she obtained from Chen Xi frequently allowed her to feel suddenly enlightened, and she was both delighted and excited in her heart while the gaze she shot at Chen Xi carried a great deal of worship and adoration that wasn’t there before this.

While Chen Xi guided Tie Yunping, a group of people were in discussion with low voices at a pergola within the villa.

There was around 10 plus of them, but they followed the lead of Xiao Ruoruo, Xuan Ta’zi, Xiao Tianlong, and Lu Yan.

“Tianlong, you were slightly impetuous this time. Even if you desire to deal with a fellow that doesn’t possess any status like him, is there any need to make such an atrocious bet?” Xiao Ruoruo frowned as she berated Xiao Tianlong in a light voice. “Have you seen a grand piece of porcelain go head-on against a jar made of mud?”

Xiao Tianlong had a slightly displeased expression. “Big Sister, you’ve already said that he’s insignificant, so why be so careful?”

Xiao Ruoruo’s face sank.

Lu Yan hurriedly said when she noticed this, “Senior Brother Xiao, Big Sister said that for your own good. She doesn’t think highly of that fellow, and she’s telling you instead about how you should deal with such a situation if you encounter it again in the future, so that you’ll be able to place yourself in an invulnerable position in such situations.”

“I understand all of that.” Xiao Tianlong was slightly restless, and he waved his hand and said, “Let’s talk about how we should deal with that fellow during the Starhunt Meeting.”

Xiao Ruoruo didn’t speak any further about it when she heard this, and she said, “That kid is nothing worth mentioning. With me and Senior Brother Xuan Ta’zi here, you don’t have to take him seriously at all. We only have to pay attention to two people, Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun. They are our greatest enemies during this Starhunt Meeting.”

When she spoke up to here, all of their expressions turned cold. All of them were clearly aware that Xiao Ruoruo was right. They’d come here this time for the sake of obtaining a position in the rankings during the Starhunt Meeting, so they naturally wouldn’t waste their thoughts on Chen Xi.

“It’s sufficient to maintain a position in the top three.” Suddenly, Xuan Ta’zi that had constantly maintained a cold and indifferent expression while he kept silent had spoken. “It’ll be extremely easy instead to fall into an anxious state of fearing for failure if we resort to scheming.”

When he spoke up to here, his gaze inadvertently shot towards the distance. At that place, Chen Xi had an indifferent expression as he guided Tie Yunping in her cultivation. This caused Xuan Ta’zi to frown imperceptibly, and he felt like saying something yet chose to keep silent in the end.

“With me here this time, you can rest at ease as you fight…. Hmm? Third Brother, are you actually listening to me or not!?” At another corner of the villa, a young man who wore a black headband, had a tall figure, a firm appearance, and a cold expression between his brows frowned while he grunted coldly with displeasure.

This person was exactly the Dayi Clan’s Second Young Master, Yi Xun; a genius figure that was renowned throughout Snow Ink Region.

On the other hand, a handsome white robed young man stood before him. Shockingly, it was the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian.

Yi Tian hurriedly said, “Second Brother, I’m listening to you.”

However, the space between his brows had pressed together slightly, and he seemed to have encountered some sort of problem.

“What exactly is it?” Yi Xun understood his younger brother very well. This younger brother of his had an impetuous and profligate disposition, yet Yi Tian had become dispirited upon returning from the Last Days Domain.

“Second Brother, I feel….” Yi Tian hesitated for a moment, and he still sent a voice transmission in the end. “That kid over there seems like that fellow who killed Ninth Uncle and the others in the Last Days Domain that day!”

As he spoke, his gaze glanced inadvertently towards the distance.

A wisp of a cold light flashed abruptly in Yi Xun’s eyes, and it followed along Yi Tian’s gaze to notice a young man with an ordinary appearance and extraordinary bearing who was talking with a young woman.

“Him?” Yi Xun’s tone carried a trace of killing intent. How could he be unaware that Yi Tian had returned in defeat from the Last Days Domain while practically all the forces of the Dayi Clan had been wiped out.

“His appearance is different, and his bearing is different as well, but I keep having the feeling that there’s something faintly familiar about this kid.” Yi Tian had a hesitant expression, and he didn’t dare confirm his suspicions.

“That’s very easy to deal with. When he fights during the Starhunt Meeting, you’ll definitely be able to determine some clues and inklings from the techniques he utilizes.” Yi Xun spoke coldly. “If it’s really him, then I’ll definitely make him pay a hundredfold!”

In the distance, when Yi Xun and Yi Tian’s gazes swept over, it was acutely noticed by Chen Xi. This caused Chen Xi’s eyes to be unable to help but narrow slightly while he said in his heart, Looks like I’ll have quite a few opponents during this Starhunt Meeting.

When he considered it carefully, besides Xiao Tianlong, Lu Yan, Xiao Ruoruo, and Xuan Ta’zi, he still had to add Yi Tian and Yi Xun to the list.

All of this still didn’t take their friends and Godslaves into account. Moreover, if he intended to help Tie Yunping persist until the end to obtain the rewards, then he would definitely be unable to avoid competing with others.

In this way, it was obvious how terrible his situation was.

“Senior, what’s wrong?” Tie Yunping raised her head with a bewildered expression because she was listening to Chen Xi’s guidance, yet Chen Xi had suddenly stopped speaking.

“It’s nothing.” Chen Xi smiled, yet he said in his heart, If this little girl knows about the situation that we’re in, she would probably not participate in this hunt at all.

However, even though the situation they were in was terrible, Chen Xi wasn’t worried at all. Because the highest cultivation amongst the participants of the Starhunt Meeting was only at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and they were utterly unable to pose a lethal threat to him.

Unknowingly, the sky had brightened.

A wave of the sound of jade pendants clinking suddenly resounded from the distant sky. It was clear, melodious, and drawn out, and it was accompanied by the cries of phoenixes and the roars of dragons, causing this expanse of the heavens and the earth to be imperceptibly filled with a pure and divine aura.

“Empress Yu Che has arrived!” A wave of restless movement arose in the villa. Everyone stopped talking while their gazes shot over towards the distance in succession.

Suddenly, numerous extremely delicate and gorgeous red flower petals drifted down from the heavens, and they were suffused with a calming fragrance. After that, a divine ray of light shot across the sky from afar, and it was like a bridge in the sky.

On the divine ray of light were two golden garudas that were slowly pulling a bronze carriage over. When looked at from afar, it was like a god had descended from the kingdom of heaven and was accompanied by flowers descending from the sky and a ray of light that shot through the sky. It was an extremely shocking scene.

They could clearly see a woman that wore a short cape embroidered with phoenixes, a phoenix crown, a robe embroidered with phoenixes, a large red jade pendant on her waist, and had a red cloth covering her face was sitting upright in silence atop the carriage. She only revealed a pair of bright eyes that seemed like pools of autumn water.

She was like a bride that was about to be married, and her entire outfit was red like the sun and was exquisite and gorgeous like a dancing flame. However, her bearing was chilly like icy. Even though she sat on the carriage, she seemed as if she stood towering at the peak of an ancient mountain of ice, and just a single glance at her caused one’s entire body to feel cold and not dare look directly at her.

She was Empress Yu Che, a monstrous figure that controlled the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region!

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