Chapter 1601 – Geniuses Converge

Aqua Radiance City was so flourishing and prosperous that it completely exceeded Chen Xi’s imagination, and he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when he walked out of the teleportation formation and witnessed such a scene.

He was able to clearly sense that the heavens and the earth in Aqua Radiance City was enveloped by numerous formidable auras, and it was even to the extent that some of these auras caused Chen Xi to feel a trace of a fear as well.

The Starhunt Meeting had probably drawn over countless great figures to watch it. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart.

Those that could be addressed as great figures by Chen Xi were naturally existences at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm or above.

On the other hand, when he heard the conversations of the people on the streets, Chen Xi clearly understood that there was no lack of renowned geniuses amongst the disciples that were participating in the Starhunt Meeting this time.

Something Chen Xi paid special attention to was the fact that the Dayi Clan’s Second Young master, Yi Xun, had come as well, and Yi Xun was leading a group. This caused Chen Xi to instantly guess in his heart that Yi Xun might be leading the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian’s, group!

After all, when he was still in the Last Days Domain, Chen Xi had heard that Yi Tian intended to participate in the Starhunt Meeting that Empress Yu Che was holding.

Moreover, at that time, Yi Tian was the one and only person who’d escaped.

“I never expected that Guan Hongyu has come as well.” Right when Chen Xi was in deep though, Tie Yunping spoke with slight surprise as well, and her voice faintly carried a trace of adoration.

“Oh? Is he very famous?” Chen Xi glanced at her with slight surprise.

“He isn’t just famous. If it’s in terms of being most outstanding in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, then Guan Hongyu is the publicly acknowledged number one within the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region. He’s the leading figure of the inner court disciples of Jadesky Divine Sect, and he has accomplished numerous shocking deeds in Snow Ink Region throughout the years. There practically isn’t a single cultivator in Snow Ink Region that doesn’t know him.” Tie Yunping spoke with confidence and ease, and she seemed to be extremely familiar with everything about Guan Hongyu.

“Oh, looks like the standard of the Starhunt Meeting this time is extremely high.” Chen Xi seemed to be extremely indifferent towards this. His current combat strength had long since arrived at a level where he was capable of going head-on against Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, and the battle he had with the Sovereign Sect’s Ye Yan on that day was the best proof of this.

“Hmph! Thinking of regretting your decision now? It’s too late!” Right at this moment, a voice suddenly resounded. It was Xiao Tianlong who was laughing coldly from afar, and Lu Yan was following by his side.

As soon as he finished speaking, the two of them turned around in unison and vanished amidst the sea of people.

“Come on, let’s go register ourselves.” Chen Xi smiled lightly and was completely indifferent towards it as he directly led Tie Yunping towards the side.

Water Cloud Palace.

This was the registration venue for the Starhunt Meeting.

When Chen Xi arrived here with Tie Yunping, a long queue had already formed here since a long time ago.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and scanned his surroundings. He noticed that all the participants really were at the World Enlightened True God Realm, and the group leaders by their sides were similarly Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

It was naturally those Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods that attracted Chen Xi’s attention. However, after he sized them up carefully, he instantly obtained a clear understanding of their strengths.

Almost all of them were roughly on par with the Dayi Clan’s Ninth Uncle, and there were also a portion that were slightly weaker and were roughly on par with the Violethell Divine Sect’s Moli Chou.

These experts were naturally unable to arouse fear in Chen Xi. After all, a long time ago when he was still at the World Enlightened True God Realm, he was already able to kill existences like Ninth Uncle and Moli Chou, let alone now.

However, there were also a few Domain Enlightened Spirit God whom Chen Xi was unable to see through, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion because of this. This Starhunt Meeting really deserves to be an unprecedentedly grand event in Snow Ink Region, and it’s obvious merely from the amount of those participating Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods and the auras they emanate.

If he was at any other place, he would definitely be unable to encounter so many experts at once.

Hmm? When Chen Xi’s gaze flashed past a young man in white clothes, Chen Xi’s brows suddenly rose imperceptibly.

Because right at this moment, the young man seemed to have noticed Chen Xi and turned around to look over.

The young man was rather handsome. He had a broad forehead, a full nose, red lips, and white teeth. Every single move he made carried a refined and elegant aura, and it caused others to feel as it they were bathing in a spring breeze.

When he noticed Chen Xi, his eyes couldn’t help but reveal an indistinct trace of surprise, and then he smiled and cupped his hands silently towards Chen Xi.

Our of courtesy’s sake, Chen Xi cupped his hands in return as well.

The young man’s smile grew even more brilliant when he saw this, yet he didn’t come forward to greet Chen Xi, and he turned around and moved forward with a thin youth by his side to register their group.

“Senior, you… actually know him?” Tie Yunping looked at Chen Xi with excitement.

“Who?” Chen Xi was slightly stunned.

“Guan Hongyu!” Tie Yunping spoke casually. “Didn’t he greet you just now? If you don’t know him, then how could a person like him possibly greet just anyone?”

Chen Xi was astounded. Never had he imagined that the white clothed young man would be the legendary leading figure of the Jadesky Divine Sect’s younger generation, Guan Hongyu, who was renowned in Snow Ink Region.

“That was just a coincidence.” Chen Xi rubbed his nose and could only give Tie Yunping such an explanation, yet a trace of shock arose in his heart instead. That Guan Hongyu’s senses are really acute. I’d only just taken a casual glance at him, yet it was noticed by him. That isn’t something just anyone can accomplish.

Moreover, Chen Xi noticed that even though no one in the surroundings had spoken and greeted Guan Hongyu, their gazes towards Guan Hongyu more or less revealed a wisp of fear and reverence.

Interesting. I really should pay some attention to this Guan Hongyu during the Starhunt Meeting. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

In next to no time, it was Tie Yunping’s turn to register herself.

Chen Xi noticed that even though the rules of the Starhunt Meeting simply required one to attain the World Enlightened True God Realm, get a Godslave for support, and a Domain Enlightened Spirit God to lead the group, it had actually stopped a great deal of cultivators from participating.

The reason was that most cultivators weren’t the disciples of a sect, and they were mostly unable to get a Domain Enlightened Spirit God to lead their group. It was even to the extent that some cultivators didn’t even possess Godslaves, so they were naturally unable to participate.

For example, when Tie Yunping registered, she was told that up until now, only a mere 3,900 plus participants had registered themselves.

This number seemed to be enormous, yet it was actually extremely small when placed amongst the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region.

Tie Yunping was a disciple of the number one power in Jaderock Universe, the Violethell Divine Sect. However, if Chen Xi hadn’t appeared, then even she wouldn’t have the qualifications to participate, and this obviously showed that even though the minimum requirements to participate in the Starhunt Meeting was extremely low, it had actually put an end to the hopes of most cultivators since the beginning.

After she finished registering, the person in-charge of the registrations instructed Tie Yunping. “After this, head to Water Cloud Villa and await further instructions. The Starhunt Meeting will begin at noon tomorrow.”

Water Cloud Villa.

It was situated at the outskirts of Aqua Radiance City. It was extremely large and filled with overlapping pockets of space, towering ancient trees, and luxuriant plants. Moreover, it was covered in streams, brooks, and pavilions. Faint mist drifted through its surroundings, and its overall layout was refined and gorgeous.

When the Starhunt Meeting begins tomorrow, the Region Lord of Snow Ink Region, Empress Yu Che, would personally arrive here and activate the passageway that led to the hunting grounds. At that time, she would also announce the specific rules and rewards of the Starhunt Meeting.

When Chen Xi and Tie Yunping arrived here, it was under the veil of night. An array of dazzling stars filled the sky, and they emanated bright and chilly starlight.

The light of flames flickered like a fiery dragon within the villa, and it illuminated the villa brightly. Numerous young disciples were already waiting here since a long time ago, and they were chatting and drinking with each other in groups of two to five. The atmosphere here was rather bustling.

All of them were from various different powers in the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region, and they either had a relationship since a long time ago or had heard about each other. So, when they communicated, there was no feelings of unfamiliarity between them.

However, in Chen Xi’s opinion, everyone here was unfamiliar to him. Thus, he chose a quiet place and intended to meditate after instructing Tie Yunping not to go anywhere.

However, right at this moment, the crowd ahead clamored.

“Daoist Brother Xuan Ta’zi!”

“So, it’s Fellow Daoist Xuan Ta’zi from the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple. I’ve heard so much about you.”

“He’s Xuan Ta’zi? I heard his cultivation is on par with Jadesky Divine Sect’s Guan Hongyu, and he’s reputed to be a peerless and shocking genius of the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple that can’t be found in 10,000 years.”

“Heh! I knew that if Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Xiao Ruoruo participated in the Starhunt Meeting, then Xuan Ta’zi would definitely come over as well. Moreover, he would take the initiative to lead her group.”


“Because Xuan Ta’zi’s parents perished while he was young and was reduced to leaving a life of poverty on the streets. Later on, it was Xiao Ruoruo’s father that took him in. So, Xuan Ta’zi has always taken Xiao Ruoruo to be his own younger sister. Thus, how could Xuan Ta’zi not come here when she’s participating in the Starhunt Meeting?”

“So that’s how it is.”

Chen Xi’s brows couldn’t help but raise as he listened to these conversations. He’s heard of Xuan Ta’zi’s name, and Xuan Ta’zi was equally famous with Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun. All of them were geniuses that were the center of attention in Snow Ink Region.

However, this wasn’t sufficient to surprise Chen Xi. What puzzled Chen Xi was that the crowd ahead had hastily split open, and then a man and woman walked over side by side towards him.

The man wore a dark grey Daoist robe, and he had an indifferent and emotionless expression. On the other hand, the woman wore a light blue palace dress. Her beautiful hair was coiled up into a bun that revealed her extremely pretty face, and the space between her fine, long, and crescent shaped brows was filled with a practically cold, indifferent, and proud aura.

This man and woman were exactly the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Xuan Ta’zi and Xiao Ruoruo!

“What’re they doing?” Chen Xi’s brows knit together imperceptibly, and he faintly felt that the situation was slightly bad.

“You’re the one that made a bet with my younger brother?” Xiao Ruoruo walked forward and bluntly glanced coldly at Chen Xi, and her voice revealed a proud and cold tone. “The ignorant really are fearless.”

The atmosphere that was filled with discussions int eh surroundings had instantly quieted down along with these words, and then everyone looked over at Chen Xi with interest. This fellow actually offended Xiao Ruoruo’s younger brother?

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he instantly came to an understanding. She was surnamed Xiao and spoke about the bet, so she was naturally Xiao Tianlong’s older sister.

They really did come with ill intent! Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart, yet he said indifferently, “What? Your younger brother isn’t feeling sufficiently confident, so he asked you to help him undo the bet?”

Xiao Ruoruo sneered. “Dream on. I’ve just come to tell you that it’s utterly impossible for you to be a match for my younger brother. Moreover, now that I’m here as well, you don’t have any chance at all. So, you better not die during the Starhunt Meeting, otherwise, I would be very disappointed if we’re unable to receive our winnings from the bet!”

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