Chapter 1600 – Taowu Galaxy


A clear and melodious sound resounded as a bright light flashed on the Interstellar Teleportation Formation in Eastreach City, and then a passageway was established.

The cultivators that were waiting outside the teleportation formation since a long time ago immediately swarmed towards it.

“Let’s go as well.” Chen Xi withdrew a Star Orbit Command Token and casually passed it to the disciple guarded the formation.

“Oh.” Tie Yunping hurriedly followed him from the side.

This Interstellar Teleportation Formation traversed through numerous universes, and its destination was the most bustling and flourishing universe amongst the 3,000 universes in Snow Ink Region, the Firemoon Universe.

It was the core of Snow Ink Region, and it was the place the Region Lord, Empress Yu Che, resided. All the numerous top powers in Snow Ink Region had branches there.

It could be said that the cultivators in Firemoon Universe represented the highest standards of cultivation in the entire Snow Ink Region.

On the other hand, the Starhunt Meeting would soon be held in Firemoon Universe.

“Wait a moment.” Right when the teleportation formation was about to be activated, a voice suddenly sounded out from afar, and then a man and woman arrived swiftly.

The man was tall and handsome while the woman was beautiful and noble. They were precisely Violethell Divine Sect’s Xiao Tianlong and Lu Yan.

“It’s Senior Brother Xiao!”

“Senior Brother Xiao!”

“Senior Brother Xiao, are you going to participate in the Starhunt Meeting?”

Upon noticing their arrival, a wave of words of greeting immediately sounded out from amongst the cultivators that were waiting for the teleportation formation to be activated. Obviously, they were all disciples of the Violethell Divine Sect, as for the other cultivators, they’d more or less revealed a trace of respect and admiration.

This obviously showed that Xiao Tianlong really deserved his reputation as an outstanding inner court disciple of Violethell Divine Sect.

On the other hand, when she noticed the arrival of Xiao Tianlong and Lu Yan, Tie Yunping’s expression instantly changed. She silently clenched her fists tightly while her entire body tensed up.

“Relax, there’s no need to be nervous,” said Chen Xi via voice transmission.

As he spoke, he smiled at Tie Yunping, and his faint and calm smile was covered with the intent to console her. It caused Tie Yunping to unconsciously feel much more at ease, and her mental state recovered its calm.

“Hah! Isn’t that Junior Sister Tie? What? Have you still not given up?” Lu Yan’s brows raised. She raised her chin proudly while she glanced at Tie Yunping with disdain.

However, to her surprise, Tie Yunping’s expressions was actually composed and didn’t reveal any changed. This caused Lu Yan to be unable to help but feel slightly annoyed. If it wasn’t out of consideration for the fact that there were many people in the surroundings, she would truly wish for nothing more than to continue mocking Tie Yunping.

On the other hand, Xiao Tianlong gazed at Chen Xi with a slightly mocking gaze while he said slowly, “Those that humiliate others will receive the same treatment. Did you say that?”

When the spectators witnessed this, all of them instantly came to an understanding. Obviously, this pair of man and woman had offended Xiao Tianlong, and they knew that there would be a show to watch now!

“Yes, I did.” Chen Xi smiled indifferently and didn’t seem nervous.

This caused the spectators to be surprised because this was the Violethell Divine Sect’s territory, whereas, Xiao Tianlong was even a renowned inner court disciple from Violethell Divine Sect. How could this young man dare to speak to Xiao Tianlong like that? Could it be that he has something to rely on as well?

Xiao Tianlong was slightly stunned, and then his face sank. “So, you admit that you have a problem with me, Xiao Tianlong?”

As he spoke, his voice already carried a wisp of an overbearing and questioning tone.

Tie Yunping couldn’t help but glance nervously at Chen Xi when she saw this, yet she noticed the latter slowly stretch his back before he said with a smile, “You didn’t utilize the Violethell Divine Sect to throw your weight around, you really aren’t beyond redemption.”

The spectators exploded into an uproar. Who exactly is this young man? Isn’t he a little too arrogant?

“How audacious!” Lu Yan berated in a cold voice. “Quickly apologize to Senior Brother Xiao, otherwise, you can dream of leaving today!”

“Junior Sister Lu, don’t allow others to laugh at us.” Xiao Tianlong’s eyes narrowed slightly while he restrained Lu Yan from continuing, and then he sized up Chen Xi from top to bottom before he said with a light smile, “Even though you’re Junior Sister Tie’s senior, but aren’t you going a bit too far?”

He paused for a moment and said with a serious expression, “The disciples of my Violethell Divine Sect will definitely not rely on the sect to bully others. However, if others dare to humiliate the disciples of my Violethell Divine Sect, then for the sake of the sect’s honor, how could I possibly shrink back?”

His speech was spoken beautifully, and it instantly won a wave of praise and reverent gazes.

Chen Xi’s brows knit together imperceptibly. This kid’s ability to scheme isn’t bad, and he isn’t like those arrogant disciples that are proud and haughty.

After that, Chen Xi said with a smile, “I wonder how you intend to not shrink back.”

Xiao Tianlong seemed to have been waiting for these words since the beginning, and he didn’t give it any thought before he said, “It’s very simple. It looks to me like you’re taking Junior Sister Tie to participate in the Starhunt Meeting. Since it’s like that, then let’s make a bet. If our final results are better than the both of you during the Starhunt Meeting, then you’ll kneel down and apologize before crippling your own cultivation. Do you dare to accept this bet?”

As he finished speaking, his eyes revealed a cold glow and carried an oppressive aura, and it caused the hearts of all the spectators to constrict. This bet is really ruthless!

“What if the two of you lose instead?” Chen Xi remained indifferent, and he still continued speaking in a calm and indifferent manner.

“Hah! How can we possibly lose? Do you think that you and a stupid little girl with horrible natural talent would be able to gain any accomplishments?” Lu Yan couldn’t restrain herself any longer and ridiculed. “I think the both of you should first think about how to persist in the Starhunt Meeting without being eliminated!”

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly caused Tie Yunping’s pretty face to flush red, and she gritted her teeth tightly while her eyes almost lit up in flames.

However, comparatively speaking, she was even more worried about Chen Xi instead. After all, once this bet was greed to, then the consequences would be unimaginable if they lost.

It was even to the extent that Tie Yunping felt slightly regretful for asking Chen Xi to get involved in this.

“There’s no need to worry, just relax and watch.” Chen Xi smiled as he glanced at her, and then he glanced indifferently at Lu Yan. He didn’t fight back, and he just asked calmly. “Are you participating in this bet as well?”

Lu Yan was instantly stunned, and she felt slightly hesitant in her heart.

“Since you’re not participating, then be a good girl and shut your mouth. Just continue playing your role as a flower vase at the side, otherwise, you’ll seem like a fishwife if you continue mocking and ridiculing.”

“You…. You….” Lu Yan was furious. Since she was young, it was the first time someone had called her a flower vase and a fishwife, and it angered her to the point her entire body trembled while she was actually unable to speak another word.

The spectators were astounded by this scene. This young man isn’t just blunt in speech, he’s simply utterly unrestrained.

I wonder how she cultivated into the Godrank Realm with such a mentality. Chen Xi muttered in his heart, and he couldn’t be bothered to spare another glance at her. He moved his gaze onto Xiao Tianlong and said, “I can agree to the bet, but I want to ask you, what if your results are inferior to ours?”

When he saw Lu Yan becoming infuriated, Xiao Tianlong’s heart surged with a strand of anger and killing intent. At this moment, when Chen Xi asked this question, he didn’t hesitate at all to speak coldly. “The conditions are the same!”

Everyone in the surroundings exploded into an uproar. Doesn’t this mean that once Xiao Tianlong’s results are inferior to them, he’ll have to kneel down and apologize to them before crippling his own cultivation?

However, since Xiao Tianlong dared to agree so readily, it displayed exactly how confident he was towards his own strength, and if it was anyone else, then person would have probably shrunk back since a long time ago.

When they thought like this, many people even started to faintly feel admiration towards Xiao Tianlong.

When he noticed their expressions that was a mix of admiration and surprise, the anger in Xiao Tianlong’s heart finally eased up greatly, and he said, “Then it’s settled. I presume you’re clearly aware of the consequences for going back on your word.”

As he spoke, his gaze revealed an undisguised wisp of killing intent that flashed before vanishing almost instantaneously. After that he waved his hand and instructed the disciples that were guarding the teleportation formation. “Activate the teleportation formation!”

On the other hand, Lu Yan smiled coldly as she glanced at Chen Xi, and she’d already decided in her heart that once Chen Xi lose in the bet, she would ruthlessly torture him to death, otherwise, she would absolutely be unable to calm the anger in her heart.

Chen Xi remained calm and indifferent as before when facing all of this, and not even a single trace of a ripple had arisen in his mental state.

Such a trivial matter was insufficient to throw him into disorder.


The Interstellar Teleportation Formation was activated, and it emanated a wave of strange rumbling fluctuations. In the next moment, it had already erupted with a ball of blazing divine light, and then it carried everyone with it and vanished instantaneously on the spot.

Firemoon Universe.

Taowu Galaxy.

This was a vast area in the starry sky, and it was densely covered with a myriad of stars. When looked at from afar, these stars formed a diagram that seemed like an ancient divine beast, Taowu, and this galaxy was named after it.

Taowu Galaxy was extremely vast, and there were countless stars scattered throughout it. However, practically 99% of these stars were extremely dangerous and covered in killing intent. Not only were they filled with all sorts of natural disasters, there were even numerous unimaginable ferocious beasts laying dormant on them, so they were utterly unsuitable for living beings to reside on.

Only a mere few stars had slightly better environments.

The Aqua Radiance Star was one of them.

The Starhunt Meeting would be held in Taowu Galaxy this time, and the place of registration was on Aqua Radiance Star.

In the recent period of time, the Starhunt Meeting was about to begin, so Aqua Radiance Star was unprecedentedly bustling because all the experts of the younger generation within the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region had come over successively with the intention of making a name for themselves during the Starhunt Meeting.

Simply speaking, this was a grand event where the younger generation of Snow Ink Region fought for supremacy, and it was personally held by Empress Yu Che herself. Moreover, its rewards were abundant, it was filled with countless fortuitous encounters, and its standard was unprecedented. Thus, it was able to draw countless young people over to participate.


A wave of fluctuation arose from the Interstellar Teleportation Formation in Aqua Radiance Star’s Scorching Flame City, and then a group of cultivators surged out from within it.

Shockingly, Chen Xi and Tie Yunping’s figures were amongst these cultivators.

“What? You’re saying that the leading figure of Jadesky Divine Sect’s younger generation, Guan Hongyu, has come as well? My god! Exactly who was able to actually make such a legendary figure lead his group?”

“It isn’t just Guan Hongyu. I heard the Dayi Clan’s Second Young Master Yi Xun and Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Xuan Ta’zi have arrived as well. Moreover, both of them are playing the role of group leaders.”

“This is absolutely an unprecedentedly rare and grand event. I never expected that three of the five most renowned Spirit God Geniuses in our Snow Ink Region have come!”

“Hahaha! If it wasn’t for that, how could so many great figures have been drawn over this time?”

As soon as they walked out of the teleportation formation, a wave of extremely clamorous noise assaulted them, and then all sorts of voices shook their ears to the point of droning.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked over, and he saw that a dense mass of people covered the extremely wide streets ahead. It was simply like an ocean of people, and it was bustling to the extreme.

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