Chapter 160 – Breakthrough

Chapter 160 – Breakthrough



Five elements!




Countless profound and colorful comprehension of these ten types of Supreme Grand Daos were like tidewater as they rose and fell rhythmically in Chen Xi’s heart. But these comprehensions were all scattered, scattered like precious pearls that had fallen all over the ground, and only by finding a ‘string’ to string them all together would it be able to form the most moving necklace in the world.

This ‘string’ was bitter and diligent cultivation, day and night of continuous comprehension and visualization, and persistent searching and exploring.

When the black and white vortex appeared, Chen Xi instantly awoke from that profound state. However, he noticed to his astonishment that the circulation of the Shaman Energy in his body was already out of his control and was utterly impossible to stop.

This feeling was like he was in a boundless and vast sea, and no matter how he struggled, he was unable to escape the fate of being slapped by the waves and could only gradually move off into the distance with the waves.

Moreover, Chen Xi felt that his flesh, blood, and skin were like a fermenting ball of dough that bulged and expanded, and it was ceaselessly filled with the baleful energy of the stars from the outside world, to the point it was virtually about to explode.

Why is it like this?

I was obviously absorbing the baleful energy of the stars earlier!

This won’t do, if this goes on, then I’ll sooner or later by blasted open by this baleful energy of the stars…

Chen Xi was originally thinking of looking at how the distant Bai Wanqing’s situation was, yet at this moment, he already didn’t have to care about all this, and he gritted his teeth as he madly recalled the cultivation technique of the 6th level of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement.

“The heaven and earth are divided into two, the light is Yang, the dark is Yin. The energy of extreme Yin and softness comes from the Great Yin…” Chen Xi held his breath in deep concentration and utterly had no time to carefully comprehend the profundity of the cultivation technique before circulating the cultivation technique and leading the Shaman Energy that had expanded to the point it was almost about to explode to slowly start circulating.

Swish! Swish!

The Shaman Energy around his body surged and roiled like an arrogant and unyielding proud dragon that was on a rampage, yet under the guidance of Chen Xi’s Divine Perception, it quickly started to circulate along numerous profound pathways, and it was received into his body by the apertures all around his body before moving between his flesh, blood, and skin.

In practically the time for a few breaths, a new Shaman Marking had gushed into appearance on Chen Xi’s back, it was a shimmering pitch-black, deep and quiet, and it was precisely the Great Yin Shaman Marking!

To Chen Xi, the balefulstar lightning drawn by the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation was undoubtedly a supreme medicinal pill. While he was comprehending the Heaven Dao, the vital energy and qi of his body had circulated automatically, and he’d absorbed extremely dense and enormous amounts of baleful energy of the stars since long ago. At this moment, when he circulated his cultivation technique and condensed the Great Yin Shaman Marking, it was achieved without effort and was something within reason.

This was what was called a fortuitous encounter. If Chen Xi didn’t cultivate the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts, he would be utterly unable to absorb the baleful energy of the stars that was contained within the lightning and would be utterly unable to fall into the miraculous state of sudden comprehension like he did earlier to comprehend a few types of Dao Insights, and he naturally wouldn’t advance so easily like this.

After the Great Yin Shaman Marking was formed, Chen Xi felt that the baleful energy of the stars in his body that had expanded to the point of almost exploding had finally eased up greatly, yet it was still extremely dangerous, because he noticed that the black and white vortex above him was still ceaselessly sending the baleful energy of the stars towards his body, and there were even strands of lightning arcs mixed within. With the slightest mistake, he would even be struck to the death by the lightning!

When I was cultivating earlier, my meditation brought me to fly to the ancient Great Yin and Great Yang stars that were far beyond reach and had existed since the beginning of time. From this, I’ve already comprehended strands of Yin Dao Insight and Yang Dao Insight. Now that I’ve successfully condensed a Great Yin Shaman Marking, I should try the Great Yang Shaman Marking next. As Chen Xi’s thoughts spun, he circulated his cultivation technique once more and started to charge towards the 7th level of the Violet Palace Realm, the Great Yang Realm. The outcome was extremely smooth like before. The ease and delightful feeling caused even Chen Xi himself to be slightly unable to believe it.

But when he noticed another Shaman Marking of extreme Yang and firmness and was blazing like the day appear on his back, he finally believed that he’d indeed condensed the Great Yang Shaman Marking and advanced to the 7th level of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement!

At this moment, the Shaman Energy in Chen Xi’s body had greatly concentrated, becoming more and more condensed and dense, to the point it was like liquid. His Shaman Energy originally contained the aura of the stars, Fifth-Earth, Second-Wood, Seventh-Gold, Third-Fire, and Ninth-Water, and now the aura of Yin and Yang had appeared as well, causing his Shaman Energy to seem even more ancient, mysterious, and mighty.

However, this wasn’t the end.

After he consolidated the Great Yin and Great Yang realm, the black and white vortex above him still ceaselessly poured baleful energy of the stars towards him, causing it to be impossible for him to stop cultivating even if he wanted to.

But a difficult problem stood before Chen Xi. Amongst the nine levels of cultivation technique for the Violet Palace Realm of the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts, he already cultivated to the fifth level before, and he’d successfully cultivated the Great Yin Realm and Great Yang Realm earlier. However, the cultivation of the following two realms instead required one to rely on one’s own comprehension and develop it by one’s self, and then condense a new Shaman Marking on one’s back.

Exactly, the 8th level of the Violet Palace Realm and the 9th level of the Violet Palace Realm didn’t have any cultivation techniques, and it relied on one’s own comprehension, one’s own Shaman Energy, and one’s own understanding of the Heaven Dao to condense a new Shaman Marking!

This was a type of test. Leading an easy life with everything provided to one would cause one to be unable to become a strong person forever, let alone walk in defiance against the heavens on the path of cultivation? The path of cultivation for every single person was different. It was said that there were 3,000 Grand Daos, and everyone possessed a fortune of his own; even disciples that were taught by the same Master would differ tremendously. Only by pondering and comprehending what one had mastered by one’s self would it truly belong to one’s self and conform to one’s self.

But this type of test was only popular in the primordial era. Nowadays, the cultivation system had been perfected, and numerous sects were like mushrooms that sprung up after the rain. They stood numerous like trees in a forest at every place in the world. So long as one’s natural endowments weren’t bad and one’s pockets weren’t light, any cultivation technique could be obtained. So, who would do the arduous but fruitless task of blindly pondering? What if they were to suffer from qi deviation?

Only an old fellow like Ji Yu who’d lived for a million years would do things according to the rules of the primordial era. As for if this test was a fortune or calamity, only Chen Xi himself knew.

A new Shaman Marking… Chen Xi instantly recalled the numerous Dao Insights he’d comprehended during his cultivation earlier, he faintly noticed that besides the Wind Dao Insight and Lightning Dao Insight, the other eight Dao Insights were related to his body refinement cultivation.

For example, the Star Dao Insight was because the cultivation technique he cultivated was related to the stars. Furthermore, the first five levels of the Violet Palace Realm, the Fifth-Earth Realm, Second-Wood Realm, Seventh-Gold Realm, Third-Fire Realm, and Ninth-Water Realm just happened to be related to the Dao Insights of the five elements, whereas, the sixth level, the Great Yin Realm, and the seventh level, the Great Yang Realm, were instead related to the Yin and Yang Dao Insights.

It seemed as if the cultivation of the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts that was assisted by the comprehension and visualization of the Fuxi Divine Statue would provide the corresponding comprehension towards the Heaven Dao. Unknowingly, it would achieve ripe conditions, and it was extremely profound.

The Wind Dao Insight was something I pondered and comprehended into existence. As for the Lightning Dao Insight, it probably is something I unconsciously comprehended when I absorbed the balefulstar lightning earlier, right? Chen Xi thought for a moment, and even he felt his thoughts were slightly absurd. After all, the comprehension of this Lightning Dao Insight had truly come too suddenly, and it was slightly baffling.

Actually, Chen Xi didn’t know that when he was cultivating earlier, the mysterious airflow that gushed out from the two River Diagram fragments that had already joined into one was the key to him being able to comprehend the various Grand Daos.


The baleful energy of the stars that roiled as they gushed into his body had once again caused Chen Xi to arouse the feeling of exploding from the expansion soon. The tendons and skin in his entire body seemed as if they were filled up with enormous energy as intense pain from swelling spread throughout his entire body. He didn’t dare ponder any longer, biting his tongue right away and abandoning all distracting thoughts before highly concentrating his attention on the skin on his back, and then he moved the Shaman Energy according to the complete Wind Dao Insight he’d comprehended to flush out on his back.





He’s visualized his Shaman Energy as wind, converting the Wind Dao Insight he’d comprehended into the circulation pathway of his Shaman Energy, circulating it bit by bit without daring to be careless in the slightest.

Gradually, a completely new Shaman Marking slowly bloomed like a flower on his back… It was like the lines of a talisman’s markings that were poured down by the tip of a Talisman Master’s brush, dense and profound, echoing with the heaven and earth and conforming with everything in the world.

It was perhaps an instant, or perhaps a long time, this completely new Shaman Marking had finally taken shape, and it was like it was breathing as it abruptly lit up before becoming dim.

This completely new Shaman Marking was agile, graceful, and unrestrained, like a wisp of free wind that was vividly portrayed.  Obviously, the Wind Shaman Marking that Chen Xi himself had comprehended had finally succeeded! Whereas, his cultivation in body refinement rose steadily to attain the 8th level of the Violet Palace Realm!

Chen Xi didn’t feel delighted, because he was completely immersed in the intriguing comprehension of the Wind Shaman Marking that he’d condensed earlier. He wanted to draw support from this comprehension that was difficult to come by and completely transform the Lightning Dao Insight he’d comprehended earlier into the circulation pathway of his Shaman Energy and charge towards a higher level of cultivation.


Master of slaughter!

Controls life and death!

Life and death were ever changing, distant and vague, and it represented the awe-inspiring might of the heavens and didn’t allow violation.

As one of the Grand Daos, the energy of lightning was boundlessly profound as well. It was able to warp space, annihilate everything, and it was able to transform atoms into a chaotic state. At the same time, lightning was also the command for everything to prosper, as once the thunder of spring sounded out, the myriad of beings in the world would awaken, their lives would flourish and grow, and none of them would dare disobey this command. Even the nine waves of Heavenly Tribulation used the energy of lightning as its method of attack to replace the will of the Heavens Dao and to punish and torture the Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators that intended to go against the heavens and change their fate. One could know how terrifying the energy of lightning was from this.

At this moment, Chen Xi relied on the Lightning Dao Insight he’d comprehended to condense a Lightning Shaman Marking on his back!

Hiss! Hiss!

Strands and threads of Shaman Energy that were mixed with arcs of lightning caused the pores all around Chen Xi’s body to have a slight feeling of shivering and numbness, and it caused one’s hair to stand on end.

But Chen Xi was unable to care about all this, he was immersed in the Lightning Dao Insight. In his tranced state, he seemed to have seen a god with a human’s body and the head of a bird, completely covered in lightning armor with an enormous hammer that emitted a dazzling glow of lightning in his hand, and his entire body emitted an extremely distant, ancient, and everlasting aura. He seemed as if he was born from the world, with a smash from his enormous hammer, a myriad of lightning clouds would grow to descend onto countless large worlds and annihilate the cultivators that defied the Heaven’s Dao and wanted to go against the heavens and change their fate.

Traces of comprehension surged into Chen Xi’s heart, transforming into the circulation pathway for his Shaman Energy before flushing onto the skin on his back. Gradually, a Shaman Marking that was intricate like a winding silver snake had curled out into existence, and it was piercingly cold and distant.

Lightning Shaman Marking!

During this extremely short period of time, Chen Xi had successively jumped four levels to attain the 9th level of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement!

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