Chapter 1599 – Jade-eyed Crimson Rabbit

Streams of people and wagons bustled about on the bustling streets while clamorous noises, cheers, and laughter filled the surroundings.

Tie Yunping stood all by herself on the street, and she felt frustrated and at a loss for what to do.

All through these years, she’d been cultivating day and night while neglecting to sleep or eat, and it was all for the sake of her own survival and so that her grandfather who was far away wouldn’t have to worry about her any longer.

However, she was only a young girl in the end, and there were times that she felt aggrieved to the extreme and was on the verge of collapse, just like this moment.

She suddenly felt that after she lost the opportunity to participate in the Starhunt Meeting, her life seemed to have gone completely dark.

What should I do?

If grandfather knows how weak I am, he would definitely be disappointed, right?

But… I’m really so tired….

Tie Yunping seemed as if she’d lost all her strength. She hugged her knees as she sat on the ground, and her pretty face was pale and covered in frustration.

Streams of people flowed by on the bustling streets, and when they saw Tie Yunping hugging her knees while sitting on the ground, many people started pointing and talking about her while grinning, showing pity, expressing bewilderment, and so on and so forth.

“Do you see that. If you don’t cultivate properly, then you’ll be like her for your entire lifetime. Pitiable, deplorable, and forever unable to hold your head up high.” An old man that wore a luxurious robe pointed at Tie Yunping while he warned his grandson who was about to enter Violethell Dao Sect to cultivate.

Tie Yunping’s pretty face turned ghastly pale when she heard this, and a strand of indescribable pain surged out from her heart. It was like a myriad of swords were stabbing her heart, and she couldn’t hold back her tears any longer and started to sob silently.

Right at this moment, a wide and large hand patted her shoulder, and a strand of warmth flowed like a trickling stream through her entire body, causing Tie Yunping to feel a trace of steadiness and consolation for no rhyme or reason in her heart.

After that, she was greatly shocked, and she raised her head to look. She saw a young man standing by her side while gazing calmly at her.

This person was naturally Chen Xi, and he said calmly when he saw Tie Yunping stop crying, “Stand up.”

It was merely two words, yet it seemed to carry a strand of strange energy, and it caused Tie Yunping’s heart to jerk involuntarily before she stood up.

“Everyone experiences pain, and everyone encounters a time where they’re unable to endure it any longer. However, you can’t expose your weakness to others because pity won’t be able to change the situation that you’re in.” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

Tie Yunping took a deep breath and said, “Who’re you?”

“Your grandfather asked me to pass this to you.” Chen Xi passed Tie Kun’s storage pouch to her.

Grandfather? Tie Yunping was shocked in her heart, and a wisp of excitement surged in her eyes. She couldn’t help but open up the storage pouch and look through it carefully.

After a long time, she suddenly gritted her teeth and put the storage pouch away, and then a wisp of a firm expression appeared in her eyes as she raised her head, gazed at Chen Xi, and then cupper her hands and said, “Thank you, Senior.”

Chen Xi smiled. “What do you intend to do after this?”

Tie Yunping was stunned, and then she puckered her lips and said, “Cultivate even more painstakingly. Even though I’ve missed the Starhunt Meeting, but I won’t give up hope just like that.”

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Why do you insist on participating in the Starhunt Meeting?”

Chen Xi had heard about the Starhunt Meeting in the past. When he was at the Last Days Domain, the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian, had bragged about capturing him as a Godslave with the intention of making him participate in the Starhunt Meeting held by Empress Yu Che.

However, Chen Xi merely knew that, and he was completely unaware of the specifics of the Starhunt Meeting.

“Because… because my natural talent is too mediocre, and only by participating in the Starhunt Meeting would I have the chance to obtain an opportunity to advance into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.” Tie Yunping hesitated for a moment before she said in a low voice, “For the sake of this opportunity, I exhausted a great deal of painstaking effort, yet I never expected that….”

As she finished speaking, her voice still couldn’t help but carry a trace of heaviness.

“What’s that opportunity you spoke of?” Chen Xi’s brows raised.

“It’s a Spiritsoul Pill refined by a respected emperor in the Dao of Pills within the Imperial Region, Master Qing. The medicinal effect of this pill is sufficient to allow me to condense Divine Altar Spirit Light when I charge into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. Senior, I’m sure you’re clearly aware that if beams of spirit light don’t charge into the sky from within the body, then one would be unable to condense a Divine Dao Altar, and this medicinal pill is prepared for the sake of condensing Divine Altar Spirit Light.” Tie Yunping slowly spoke about everything without holding back at all.

Master Qing? The Imperial Region? Chen Xi thought in his heart. He suddenly recalled the nine characters he’d compiled from the River Diagram fragments, and shockingly, the character for ‘imperial’ and ‘region’ were amongst them.

Could it be that there’s a link between all of this?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi immediately committed the name Imperial Region to memory, and he intended to pay more attention to information and news related to the Imperial Region in the future.

As for who Master Qing was, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to it because he was none other than an extremely formidable fellow in the Dao of Pills.

“Senior, you… you….” Suddenly, Tie Yunping spoke in a slightly hesitant manner, and she was even slightly shy.

“You can be frank.” Chen Xi smiled.

“Can you bring me along to participate in the Starhunt Meeting?” Tie Yunping took a deep breath and gazed at Chen Xi with anticipation, and because she was nervous, her hands had unconsciously clenched tightly together.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he said, “An outsider like me can participate as well?”

As soon as she heard this, Tie Yunping knew that Chen Xi didn’t know the rules of the Starhunt Meeting, and she immediately explained it.

It turned out that the Starhunt Meeting was held by the Snow Ink Region’s Region Lord herself, Empress Yu Che. At that time, a galaxy would be chosen from amongst the 3,000 universes in Snow Ink Region to be the location of the hunt, and if one wanted to participate in the hunt, then one merely had to satisfy a single requirement. That requirement was that the participating disciple had to be a World Enlightened True God while a Domain Enlightened Spirit God led the group and acted as the protector of the participating disciple. Moreover, a Godslave would act as the participating disciple’s support and enforcer.

Simply speaking, if one intended to participate in the Starhunt Meeting, then one needed a Domain Enlightened Spirit God to lead the group and a Godslave as support.

Something worthy of mention was that the cultivation of the Godslave could only be at the World Enlightened True God Realm.

Moreover, during the period of the Starhunt Meeting, the Domain Enlightened Spirit God could only protect the participating disciple and couldn’t take the initiative to attack others. Once one overstepped these limitations, it would be equivalent to breaking the rules, and the consequence was to be kicked out from the Starhunt Meeting.

On the other hand, the rewards of the Starhunt Meeting were extremely generous as well. All those that persisted until the end would be able to receive a reward, and the top 3 participants with the most outstanding performance would even obtain a huge reward from Empress Yu Che.

Tie Yunping had never thought about obtaining the top three positions, and all she desired was to persist until the end. Because in this way, she would already possess the qualifications to obtain the Spiritsoul Pill.

Of course, the specific rules of the Starhunt Meeting weren’t like this, and Tie Yunping’s knowledge was limited. After all, her status was insufficient to find out about all of this.

However, Chen Xi was still able to gain a rough understanding, and he couldn’t help but ask. “You’re saying that you want me to be the Domain Enlightened Spirit God that leads the group?”

Tie Yunping hurriedly nodded.

“However, it wouldn’t be enough even if we do that because you still lack a Godslave.” Chen Xi pondered deeply and spoke.

He did indeed desire to go widen his experience because as the Region Lord of Snow Ink Region, Empress Yu Chen was definitely a great figure with monstrous authority and a peerlessly terrifying strength. If he was able to rely on this opportunity to gain some knowledge about Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace, then it couldn’t be any better.

Of course, even if he was unable to come into contact with her while participating in the Starhunt Meeting. At that time, while he attended such an unprecedentedly grand event, he would definitely be able to meet numerous great figures, and it would be even easier for him to inquire and obtain information.

“Even though I don’t have a Godslave, but I have A’Zhen.” Tie Yunping wore a distressed expression for a long time, and then she suddenly thought of something, causing her to instantly smile as she spoke.

A’Zhen? Chen Xi was stunned.

“It’s a Jade-eyed Crimson Rabbit of mine, and it advanced into the World Enlightened True God Realm on the same year that I did.” Tie Yunping spoke excitedly. As she spoke, she gestured with her fair hand, and a snow white rabbit that was like a pompom appeared in the center of her palm.

At this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t help but opened his eyes wide. This rabbit had a pair of sharp ears and clear eyes. Merely based on its outer appearance alone, it was simply no different than an ordinary rabbit from the mortal world.

“Senior, what do you think?” Tie Yunping gazed at Chen Xi while filled with hope.

“It… can participate in battle?” Chen Xi spoke with doubt.

“Of course.” The rabbit glanced at Chen Xi before yawning lazily, and then it lay on Tie Yunping’s palm while crossing one leg above the knee of the other before starting to whistle. It seemed extremely undisciplined and as if it deserved a beating.

Tie Yunping hurriedly said, “Senior, A’Zhen’s disposition is like this. Actually, it’s very cute. If it hadn’t been accompanying me throughout these years and encouraging me, I don’t know if I would be able to persist until now.”

The rabbit A’Zhen started laughing complacently. “Don’t praise me, I’m just that sort of rabbit that does good deeds.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. This rabbit is truly shameless. Does anyone even praise themselves like that?

“Alright, it’s fine so long as it doesn’t cause trouble.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before agreeing in the end, and he’d already taken this rabbit, A’Zhen, as someone that served to fulfil the requirements to enter the Starhunt Meeting. He didn’t place any hope on it being of any help during the Starhunt Meeting, and it was fine so long as it didn’t cause trouble.

“Hey! Hey! What do you mean by that? Are you looking down on me? How infuriating! For the sake of the Jade-eyed Crimson Rabbit Race’s honor, I want you to apologize right now!” A’Zhen stood up and placed its paws on its waist like a human while shouting loudly, and it seemed as if it would tolerate no insult to its dignity.

“Oh?” Chen Xi smiled as he grabbed it up by the ear, and then his other hand poked its soft belly as he said, “Are you sure you want to do that?”

But right after that, Chen Xi was stunned. Because A’Zhen’s snow white fur actually turned crimson red, and it seemed as if it was burning while A’Zhen’s entire body trembled.

“Is it angry?” Chen Xi hurriedly stopped what he was doing.

Tie Yunping puckered her lips and laughed lightly. “A’Zhen is a girl, it’s embarrassed.”

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. Such an undisciplined and shameless fellow is actually a female rabbit? And it actually knows how to feel embarrassed?

“You… you… let me go! I’ll fight you to death!” A’Zhen gnashed her teeth fiercely while her clear eyes were filled with anger.

Chen Xi hurriedly returned this weird female rabbit to Tie Yunping, and he couldn’t help but feel deeply ashamed when he thought of how he’d actually poked its belly just now.

“Alright, let’s go.” Chen Xi changed the topic, and he didn’t take another glance at A’Zhen’s extremely furious gaze.

“Now?” Tie Yunping was stunned.

“You have something else to do?”


“Then let’s set out!”

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