Chapter 1598 – Those The Humiliate Others Will Receive The Same Treatment

Eastreach City gained its name from the saying that the violet qi comes from the east.

This city neighbored the place where the number one power in Jaderock Universe, the Violethell Divine Sect resided, and it was bustling, prosperous, beautiful, and dazzling.

Every single year, cultivators from various different stars in Jaderock Universe would bring the juniors of their clans here with the hope of entering the Violethell Divine Sect to cultivate. So, it seemed to have become a cultivation paradise in the hearts of all the cultivators in Jaderock Universe.

Chen Xi walked through the city by himself, and he clearly sensed how monstrous the power and influence of the Violethell Divine Sect was in Jaderock Universe. No matter where he went, all the topics of discussions were related to the Violethell Divine Sect.

The Violethell Divine Sect can be said to be worthy of its reputation since it’s able to become the overlord of a universe. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart.

But in next to no time, he restrained his thoughts and started to search for information related to Tie Yunping.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi had finally ‘encountered’ a disciple of the Violethell Divine Sect after inquiring for a long time. Even though it seemed like he’d just ‘encountered’ this disciple, Chen Xi had actually been constantly searching with his senses, and Chen Xi had confirmed this person’s identity through the contents of the person’s conversation.

It was a dark skinned young man who possessed a steady bearing, and he was sitting at a seat by the window while he poured himself cups of wine and drank them.

“Fellow Daoist, can I ask you something?” Chen Xi walked forward, and he sat directly before the young man while speaking with a grin on his face.

As he spoke, he faintly emanated a trace of his aura. Sure enough, the young man was originally frowning, yet when he sensed this trace of aura, his brows instantly rose while his expression of impatience vanished.

“Senior, what do you need?” The young man spoke calmly. This was the Violethell Divine Sect’s territory, so even though this person’s cultivation was formidable, he wouldn’t be fearful because of it because this was the confidence possessed by all disciples of the Violethell Divine Sect.

“I just want to ask about someone.” As he spoke, Chen Xi told Tie Yunping’s name to the young man.

“Tie Yunping?” The young man frowned with a puzzled expression, and he pondered for a long time. Right when Chen Xi was on the verge of disappointment, the young man suddenly said, “I remember now, she seems to be a disciple that joined the outer court not too long ago, and her natural talent is extremely ordinary. She has cultivated for an entire few hundreds of years yet has barely ascended into the World Enlightened True God Realm.”

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. Through this young man’s description, Chen Xi had instantly confirmed that it was exactly the person he was looking for. Because Tie Kun had once told Chen Xi that his granddaughter’s natural talent wasn’t good.

“Then may I ask Fellow Daoist where she is right now?” As he spoke, Chen Xi casually pushed a storage pouch to the young man.

However, the young man revealed a trace of a vigilant expression and said, “Senior, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Don’t misunderstand, Fellow Daoist. I’m a good friend of Tie Yunping’s grandfather. I’ve just returned and passed through this place, so I intended to visit her on her grandfather’s behalf.” Chen Xi smiled as he explained.

Only now did the young man slightly relax his guard, and his gaze glanced imperceptibly at the storage pouch. When he saw the amount of Divine Crystals within it clearly, a trace of delight instantly suffused the space between his brows, and then he coughed dryly and said with a smile, “So you’re a senior of Junior Sister Tie’s. Don’t worry, I’ll immediately inquire about Junior Sister Tie’s whereabouts.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to withdraw a violet colored command token, and then he placed a strand of his will within it. It wasn’t long before the command token shook, and then the young man swept it with his gaze before he immediately said with a smile, “Senior, you came at just the right moment. Junior Sister Tie is currently within the city. Come with me, I’ll bring you over to see her.”

Chen Xi said with a smile, “Thank you.”

Violet Stream Pavilion.

This was a base of the Violethell Divine Sect within Eastreach City.

When Chen Xi arrived here under the young man’s lead and hadn’t stepped through the front door, he heard a wave of the sound of arguments coming from within.

“Junior Sister Tie, there’s no need to speak any further. I’ve already given you sufficient face. If you’re willing to participate in the Starhunt Meeting, then you can only play the role of Junior Sister Lu’s ‘Godslave’. Of course, you’ll only be playing that role, and you won’t be a real Godslave. If you’re unwilling to do that, then please leave.” A silver robed man spoke with an indifferent tone in the hall on the first floor.

There were two women standing before him. One wore sheer black clothes, possessed a graceful and slender waist, a cute and charming appearance, and was rather beautiful. Her chin was raised up high while a wisp of an arrogant expression suffused the space between her brows, and she was like a proud peacock.

The other woman wore a simple dress instead. She wore her hair in a simple manner, had a pretty appearance, and her gentle bearing carried a trace of an unyielding aura.

“That woman in a simple dress is Junior Sister Tie.” The young man stood outside the pavilion as he informed Chen Xi. As he spoke, he raised his leg with the intention of entering the pavilion, yet he was stopped by Chen Xi.

“Fellow Daoist, wait a moment. Who’re the other two?” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he asked this question.

“Oh, that’s Senior Brother Xiao Tianlong, an outstanding genius from the inner court, and he possesses a cultivation at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. He possesses a striking reputation, and the elders of the sect have a high opinion of him. The other person is Junior Sister Lu Yan. She’d an outer court disciple just like Junior Sister Tie Yunping, and she just entered the outer court not too long ago. However, her natural talent and physique are extremely outstanding.” The young man spoke confidently while the gaze he shot at Lu Yan carried a wisp of affection. Obviously, Lu Yan was rather outstanding amongst the disciples of the Violethell Divine Sect, and she deeply received the admiration of the male disciples.

Meanwhile, Tie Yunping had fallen into a state of struggling to make a decision, and her expression was extremely hesitant. She said after a long time, “Senior Brother Xiao, if… if I agree to play the role of Senior Sister Lu’s Godslave, then once the Starhunt Meeting ends, would I be able to….”

Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by Lu Yan from the side. “Stop daydreaming. All rewards don’t concern you at all.” Her tone was cold, indifferent, and carried a strand of disdain.

“Why?” Tie Yunping was unable to understand this.

“You’re asking me why?” Lu Yan raised her chin up high and glanced sideway at Tie Yunping while she said, “Junior Sister Tie, the most outstanding disciples in the younger generation of the 3,000 universes within Snow Ink Region would be gathering during the Starhunt Meeting, and I’m kind enough to take you there to witness it, yet you’re actually coveting things that you shouldn’t possess. Don’t you think you’re going too far?”

She paused for a moment than sighed faintly as she said, “Junior Sister Tie, people need to be content with what they have because trying to take a yard after being given an inch isn’t good.”

Tie Yunping was angered to the point her face flushed red, and she said, “Senior Sister Lu, Martial Uncle Wang Tang made arrangements for this opportunity, and it isn’t related to you at all!”

Lu Yan’s brows raised, and she said coldly, “Alright, since you’ve spoken like that, then don’t come with us. So long as I say the word, then there’ll be a huge amount of people willing to go with me to grab ahold of such an opportunity. There’s no need for a stupid little girl with mediocre natural talent like you.”

As she finished speaking, she’d bluntly ridiculed and mocked Tie Yunping.

Tie Yunping was instantly stunned on the spot, and she was infuriated to the point her entire body trembled. Lu Yan’s words were like a poison needle that pierced into her heart, and it caused her to be aggrieved to the point she wished for nothing more than to turn around and flee.

“Alright, Junior Sister Lu is just frank by nature and exasperated at your actions.” The silver robed man, Xiao Tianlong, smiled towards Lu Yan before he restrained his smile and glanced indifferently at Tie Yunping. He said, “If you really feel aggrieved, then leave. However, let me warn you first, don’t regret your decision in the future, Junior Sister Tie.” His words were filled with an aura of supremacy, and it seemed as if Tie Yunping should gratefully accept this opportunity he gave her, and if she didn’t, then she would definitely regret it for her entire lifetime.

“I….” Tie Yunping struggled for a long time before she gritted her teeth and said in the end, “Refuse!”

She was of ordinary background and possessed a mediocre natural talent, and she hadn’t heard from her one and only relative until now.

However, this didn’t mean that she’d lost her dignity and limits!

“You….” Lu Yan was stunned, and the she revealed a cold expression as she said with a smile, “Good, very good. Junior Sister Tie really has backbone. Unfortunately, backbone can’t replace that extremely mediocre natural talent of yours.”

Xiao Tianlong frowned as well, and he grunted coldly with displeasure before he smiled spuriously and said, “We won’t bother to see you off. Right, Junior Sister Tie, I have to remind you that you shouldn’t hope that anyone else in the sect will bring you along to the Starhunt Meeting.”

In an instant, Tie Yunping seemed like she’d been struck by lightning. He pretty face turned pale while her gaze dimmed down. She was very clearly aware that once Xiao Tianlong spoke these words, then even if someone else was willing to bring her along, that person would probably not dare to go against Xiao Tianlong’s will.

In other words, the opportunity she’d obtained with great difficulty this time was about to vanish just like that!

In the end, Tie Yunping puckered her lips tightly while she turned around and left Violet Stream Pavilion with a dazed expression. She had a frustrated gaze and seemed as if she’d lost her soul.

When she walked past Chen Xi, that young man was about to call out to her yet was imperceptibly stopped by Chen Xi.

“Fellow Daoist, thank you. I’ll be bidding my farewells.” Chen Xi smiled to the young man. As he spoke, he branded a strand of his will onto Tie Yunping so that he could find her with ease.

“Senior, Senior Brother Xiao….” The young man intended to say something.

“I understand, help me pass a message to them. Those that humiliate others will receive the same treatment. Tell him not to regret his decision as well when the time comes.” As his calm and indifferent voice sounded out, Chen Xi’s figure left swiftly.

The young man couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he shrugged helplessly in the end.

“Junior Brother Shi Yu, who was that?” Meanwhile, Xiao Tianlong’s figure appeared outside the pavilion.

“He seemed to be a friend of Junior Sister Tie Yunping’s grandfather.” Shi Yu spoke casually.

“Doesn’t that mean that he heard everything that occurred just now?” Lu Yan walked over as well, and she couldn’t help but be slightly anxious when she heard this.

“Hmph! He’s only a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. You don’t have to worry, Junior Sister Lu Yan.” Xiao Tianlong sneered, and his gaze was filled with arrogance.

“Thank you for protecting me, Senior Brother Xiao.” Lu Yan glanced sweetly at Xiao Tianlong.

“Hahaha! What’re you saying, Junior Sister Lu? Isn’t everything related to you… related to me as well?” Xiao Tianlong gazed at her with a burning gaze, and he didn’t conceal his burning affection at all.

“AH!! Since when has Senior Brother Xiao become such a smooth talker?” Lu Yan lowered her head with embarrassment, and then she let out a shy cry as she rested herself on Xiao Tianlong’s shoulder.

Shi Yu was rather shy from witnessing this sight, and he thought for a moment before he said in the end, “Senior Brother Yan, that senior of Junior Sister Tie asked me to pass a message to you. I don’t know if I should speak of it.”

“Speak.” Xiao Tianlong waved his hand, and he seemed to be filled with heroic spirit while a beauty leaned on his side.

“He said, those that humiliate others will receive the same treatment, and he asked Senior Brother not to regret your decision in the future.” Shi Yu spoke carefully.

Xiao Tianlong’s face instantly sank, and then he sneered proudly and said, “Could it be that this fellow is an idiot just like Tie Yunping? Let me see how he’ll make me regret it. If he’s unable to accomplish it, then don’t blame me for killing him and using these words as the epitaph on his grave!”

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