Chapter 1596 – Fulfilling A Wish

Hmm? Yan Chixing and the others were shocked, and they immediately stopped moving.


Right at this moment, that large net descended silently, and it enveloped all the Radiant Star Worms that were surging over before forcefully restraining them.

Om! Om! Om!

The dense expanse of worms struggled violently with the intention of struggling free, yet it was utterly in vain. The large net constricted, and it crushed all their souls into powder, causing them to be reduced to empty corpses.

Yan Chixing and the others were flabbergasted by this scene. That was a myriad of Radiant Star Worms that were extremely ferocious, vicious, and difficult to deal with. Yet now, they’d actually been easily captured by the large net and instantly annihilated!

If they hadn’t witnessed this scene with their own two eyes, they would almost not dare believe their eyes.

It was at this moment that a tall figure appeared. He put the large net away, and then he stretched out his hand and grabbed to put all the corpses of the Radiance Star Worms away as well.

The corpses of these Radiant Star Worms were extremely superb weapon refinement materials, and they were extremely valuable.

This figure was naturally Chen Xi. After he finished doing all of this, his figure flashed, and he utilized the Overarching Heaven Net again to forcefully envelop down towards the other side.

Om! Om! Om!

Those Radiant Star Worms that were surging over from behind had noticed that the situation was bad since a long time ago, and they intended to flee. However, right at this moment, the Overarching Heaven Net had already enveloped down.

A dense wave of shrill cries resounded from the worms, yet it quickly returned once more to deathly silence.

At this point, the swarm of Radiant Star Worms that had appeared abruptly and charged over from all directions were completely eliminated, and not a single one of them survived.

All of this had occurred too quickly. Since the moment Chen Xi utilized the Overarching Heaven Net to successively annihilating those Radiance Star Worms with two moves, only the time of a few breaths had passed.

So, when Yan Chixing and the others recovered from their shock, the surroundings had already recovered its calm.

However, they were unable to calm down for a long time, and the space between their brows were covered in shock. They were utterly unable to imagine that the swarm of Radiant Star Worms could actually be annihilated so easily….

“I’m the Strategist Sect’s Yan Chixing, thank you for your assistance, Fellow Daoist.” Yan Chixing took a deep breath and cupped his hands towards Chen Xi who stood in the distance.

His gaze was extremely discerning. He was clearly aware that it wasn’t the swarm of Radiant Star Worms that were weak, and it was this young man’s strength that was too formidable!

Even though he’d discerned with a single glance that the young man was merely at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, but he didn’t dare look down upon the young man at all. After all, if he were to face the siege of these Radiant Star Worms, then he might not even be able to guarantee his own survival.

This was the gap between them, and Yan Chixing had no choice but to admit it.

“Thank you for your assistance, Senior.” Meanwhile, the others had recovered from their shock as well, and they cupped their hands and bowed to Chen Xi in succession. However, besides gratitude, their gazes towards Chen Xi also contained a wisp of curiosity.

It couldn’t be helped, Chen Xi’s appearance was truly too young, and his bearing was tranquil and indifferent. He didn’t seem like those great figures that possessed monstrous imposing aura. This caused them to be unable to avoid feeling curious about exactly how he accomplished all of this.

Chen Xi put the corpses of those Radiant Star Worms away first before he smiled as he cupped his hands and said, “I was just passing by, and it wasn’t difficult at all, so don’t mention it.”

When they noticed that Chen Xi had a modest attitude, Yan Chixing and couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in his heart. He smiled as he engaged in small talk with Chen Xi, and then he asked. “Fellow Daoist, where’re you going?”

“To tell you the truth, I came out here this time because I intend to search for a sect and seek out an opportunity for two juniors of mine to cultivate.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke.

Yan Chixing had a flash of understanding in his heart, and he seemed to be lost in thought as he glanced at Chen Xi and said, “If Fellow Daoist doesn’t mind, then you can allow those two juniors by your side to come with me to cultivate at the Strategist Sect.”

“Yeah, my Strategist Sect is a first-rate power in Jaderock Universe, and there’re countless profound techniques within the sect. It’ll definitely satisfy Senior.” The others spoke successively from the side as well, and their attitudes were rather fervent.

Chen Xi hesitated for a moment and said, “That doesn’t seem to be appropriate.”

Yan Chixing roared with laughter and said, “What’re you saying, Fellow Daoist? If you hadn’t lent us a hand just now, then we would have probably suffered misfortune by now. Now, it’s just making arrangements for two juniors to enter the sect to cultivate, and I, Yan Chixing, am able to make the decision for such a trivial matter.”

When he’d already spoken like this, Chen Xi would naturally not refuse.

Actually, when he rescued Yan Chixing’s group this time, Chen Xi had some motives of his own in his heart. Because he was just worrying about how to smoothly send Mutou and Zai’zi into the Strategist Sect, yet it just so happened that a swarm of Radiance Star Worms actually made an appearance, and they instantly created a superb opportunity for him.

At this moment, Yan Chixing’s answer had obviously already fulfilled Chen Xi’s objective.

Chen Xi immediately started travelling with Yan Chixing’s group, and they traveled towards the location of the Strategist Sect — Emerald Mist Star.

On the way, Chen Xi told Mutou and Zai’zi about this matter as well, and he introduced the two young men to Yan Chixing’s group.

Mutou and Zai’zi had actually heard of the Strategist Sect’s reputation as well. When they heard they would actually be able to join such a large sect, they were instantly surprised, delighted, and touched, and they were excited to the point they didn’t know how to thank Chen Xi.

At this moment, if Chen Xi had any requests for them, they would probably not hesitate to agree.

Chen Xi finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw all of this. It was he who’d brought these two young men out of the mountains. Now, when he saw that they could fulfil their dreams and join the Strategist Sect to cultivate, he felt rather gratified in his heart.

However, in next to no time, Chen Xi noticed that Mutou and Zai’zi seemed to be very reserved amongst the other youths from the Strategist Sect, and the two of them didn’t dare speak at all while the others were chatting happily.

This caused Chen Xi to instantly realize a problem, Mutou and Zai’zi’s origins were too impoverished in the end, and they were unable to compare with these youths at all. Moreover, these youths were cultivators while Mutou and Zai’zi hadn’t stepped onto the path of cultivation yet, so there was an extremely huge gap between them.

Even if Mutou and Zai’zi were able to enter the Strategist Sect to cultivate in the future, but based on their honest dispositions, they would definitely be bullied.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi immediately called Yan Chixing over to the side and passed a storage pouch to him before Chen Xi said, “Fellow Daoist, these two juniors of mine have honest dispositions, and they don’t know the ways of the world. Please take good care of them after they enter your sect to cultivate, so as to prevent them from taking the wrong path.”

Yan Chixing refused repeatedly, but he was unable to overcome Chen Xi in the end and received it.

Chen Xi smiled when he saw this, and then he turned around and walked towards those disciples from the Strategist Sect.

Yan Chixing secretly took a look in the storage pouch, and he noticed that there were actually an entire 3,000 Divine Crystals and five Artificial Spirit Treasures within it, and his heart instantly jerked wildly. What extravagance!

At practically the exact same time, he saw Chen Xi pass storage pouch after storage pouch to the other young men and women, and each of those storage pouches had 300 Divine Crystals within them. Moreover, the reason Chen Xi gave them all of this was because he wanted them to take good care of Mutou and Zai'zi. Because if the two young men were bullied in the sect, then there would be people to support Mutou and Zai’zi.

After all, Yan Chixing was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and it was impossible for him to take care of Mutou and Zai’zi at all times, whereas, these young men and women were different. As disciples of the sect that had joined the sect much earlier, others would have to consider the consequences of bullying Mutou and Zai’zi with their care.

After he finished doing all of this, Chen Xi smiled as he called Mutou and Zai’zi over to his side, and then he instructed them attentively. He told them that if they encountered any serious matters, then they should go look for Yan Chixing, and if it was an ordinary and small matter, then they could look for those young men and young women. Of course, the most important instruction he gave them was that they should work hard and cultivate, so that they could stabilize their position in the Strategist Sect.

Mutou and Zai’zi noticed all of this, and they’d long since taken Chen Xi to be a senior of their own family. The two young men were filled with gratitude when they heard this, and they immediately intended to kneel down and kowtow to Chen Xi, yet they were stopped by the latter.

“Working hard is the best repayment to me. Don’t forget your aspirations at that time. After you became accomplished in your cultivation, you intended to return to your village and help all your friends and family in the village.” Chen Xi smiled as he instructed. As he gazed at Mutou and Zai’zi, it was as if he was looking at himself and Chen Hao when they were both young, and his heart was filled with emotion.

“Yes, we definitely will!” The two young men nodded their heads with force.

During the next period of the journey, Chen Xi acutely noticed that the attitudes of those other young men and young woman towards Mutou and Zai’zi had obviously become much more fervent, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but grin because of this.

Wealth may not necessarily be all-powerful, yet it was sometimes able to provide the miraculous ability to improve relationships, just like what was happening right now.

“Fellow Daoist, here’s the Star Atlas.” Meanwhile, Yan Chixing passed a jade slip to Chen Xi.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist.” Chen Xi cupped his hands. While they were on their way earlier, he’d mentioned that he intended to head to Violethell Star where Violethell Divine Sect resided to look for someone, yet he didn’t know how to get there. So, Yan Chixing immediately copied the Star Atlas in his possession.

Yan Chixing roared with laughter. “Don’t mention it Fellow Daoist.”

“Martial Uncle, we’ve arrived at Emerald Mist Star!” Suddenly, the young of a disciple of the Strategist Sect sounded out from the side.

The others were excited when they heard this.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked over. Sure enough, he saw an emerald colored star appear extremely far away in the starry sky, and it seemed like pure emerald that emanated exuberant vitality.

“Mutou, Zai’zi, we’ll part ways here.” Chen Xi turned around to look at the two young men by his side.

“Senior….” The two of them felt rather reluctant.

“Set your minds at rest and cultivate. We’ll naturally be able to be reunited in the future.” Chen Xi smiled lightly.


Suddenly, he drew his sword from its sheath, and then swept it lightly towards the distant starry sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Over 100 desolate stars were originally floating in that expanse of the starry sky. But right at this instant, all of them were simultaneously slashed into two by a wisp of sword qi, and then they rumbled and transformed into powder that dispersed into nothingness.

Everyone was horrified by this scene, and they were astounded by the might of Chen Xi’s sword strike. Moreover, they also wondered why he’d done that.

Only Yan Chixing’s eyelids twitched as Yan Chixing was clearly aware that Chen Xi was using actions to remind them that no mishaps should occur to these two young men that he’d left with them, otherwise, the sword in his hand wouldn’t agree to it!

This was called employing both kindness and force, and Yan Chixing understood it.

“Everyone, I’ll be leaving now. See you.” Chen Xi cupped his hands, and then his figure flashed and vanished in the distance.

“Martial Uncle, that Senior was clearly only at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, but his strength was extremely terrifying.” A disciple muttered.

The others deeply agreed as well.

“Martial Uncle, do you think that Senior was that new Spirit God Exalt?” Suddenly, a female disciple seemed to be lost in thought as she spoke.

Yan Chixing’s heart shook, yet he waved his hand and said on the surface, “There’s no need to guess his identity. It’s better for us to return to the sect first.”

On the other hand, in his heart, he’d decided that he would definitely take good care of Mutou and Zai’zi. Because in the future, he might really be able to form a relationship with an existence that possessed the potential of a Spirit God Exalt through these two young men.

Of course, the precondition was that young man was the new Spirit God Exalt.

Was this possible?

Yan Chixing faintly felt that it was extremely likely!

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