Chapter 1595 – Radiant Star Worms

There were people of all ages and genders amongst them, and they amounted to a total of over 10 people. They’d arrived here swiftly under the lead of a sage-like old man in yellow robes.

When their gazes descended upon the ruins of around 50,000km in area created by the battle, their expressions carried a wisp of surprise and solemnness.

“Only an expert at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm is capable of creating such destruction!” The old man in the lead spoke in a low voice.

“Martial Uncle, didn’t you say that a Spirit God Exalt was born today. Why would it be related to a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God?” All of the others were extremely bewildered.

The yellow robed old man was stunned, and then he shook his head and laughed bitterly. “How would I be able to deduce all of that? However, according to the trace left behind from the battle, it was definitely a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God. As for how this matter is related to that Spirit God Exalt that was just born, I’m unable to determine that.”

All of the others frowned, and they felt that this matter was rather strange as well.

“Come on, we’ll just report everything we’ve seen to the sect. Regardless of whether it’s the battle between Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods or that Spirit God Exalt, they both carry great implications, and it’s far from something we can interfere in.” The yellow robed old man took a deep breath and decided.


Space fluctuated as the yellow robed old man immediately lead all of them away.

They’d completely not noticed that a figure was already following silently behind them.

At the same time.

The Imperial Region

Numerous mighty and ancient figures sat cross-legged before an ancient altar that was suffused with Chaotic Qi. All of them possessed obscure and mysterious auras, and they remained motionless like statues that stood towering through the ages, had experienced the passage of countless years, and emanated an indescribably solemn and divine imposing aura.

The area above the altar was an expanse of chaos. It seemed like the scene before the chaos had been split apart, and it was filled with a primitive aura. Shockingly, a gorgeous, dazzling, grand, and brilliant chart floated within that chaos.

The Godrank Chart!

If Chen Xi was here, he would definitely be able to recognize this chart with a single glance. It was indistinctively visible within the chaos, and its surface was branded with row after row of ancient words that possessed the natural aura of the Dao.

Suddenly, a wisp of bright light suddenly suffused the deathly silent surface of the Godrank Chart. In the end, it transformed into a name that floated up into appearance at the 99th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart.

However, in merely an instant, this name suddenly vanished as if someone had forcefully sliced it off the chart with a blade.


After this scene occurred, the Godrank Chart that was originally floating silently had suddenly started to tremble violently, and it emanated an extremely terrifying aura.


“This is?”

“After so many years, why would the Godrank Chart suddenly act unusually?” At this instant, all those figures that sat like statues before the ancient altar were alarmed, and they opened their eyes.

As soon as those eyes opened, this expanse of the heavens and the earth was illuminated. Everything in the surroundings fell into a shivering state, and it was as if numerous overlords of the heavens and the earth had awakened from their slumber!

However, when their gazes shot towards the sky and looked at the Godrank Chart that was indistinctively visible in the chaos, everything had returned to its previous state, and it seemed as if all of that hadn’t occurred.

However, all of these figures that seemed like overlords of the heavens and the earth were extraordinary figures, they were accustomed to all sorts of storms and had experienced the tempering of countless years, so they would naturally not think that scene from before was an illusion.

“Once this occurs, it definitely means that something huge is about to occur?” A voice that was heavy like a bell resounded.

“Could it be that an Era Artifact has appeared in the Imperial Region, and it was detected by the Godrank Chart?”

“Impossible. If an Era Artifact appears, then the movement of the Godrank Chart wouldn’t be so simple. Based on my deduction, it’s definitely because of the appearance of a force that surpasses the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao in the God Domain.”

“It’s hard to say for sure, it really is hard to say for sure.”

“Since it’s like that, then give the order to send some people to investigate, and not just the Imperial Region, the other regions need to be investigated as well so that we can confirm if any extremely shocking unexpected event is about to occur.”

“That’s good as well. Then we’ll allow the disciples of the Sovereign Sect to deal with this matter.”

“The Sovereign Sect?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Forget it, just allow them to get it done.”

These figures conversed with their thoughts, and they quickly came to a decision. After that, they closed their eyes successively and recovered that appearance of seeming deathly silent like statues.

This little bit was unexpected movement was insufficient to cause any waves to arise in their mental state.

At the same time, on a star in Gansu Universe within the Imperial Region.

The ground suddenly shattered apart before a tall and robust man leaped out from beneath it. He had dense long hair that hung loosely above his should, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning while his aura was wild and unrestrained.

“Strange, why did my name vanished from the Domain Enlightened Chart then reappear once again? That’s slightly unusual….” The man scratched his head and was slightly puzzled. In his sea of consciousness, a gorgeous and dazzling chart was floating there, and surprisingly the words ‘Chen Xuan, the 99th position’ was written on it.

“Could it be that someone’s able to hide from the Godrank Charts judgment?” This man that had the same surname as Chen Xi stood on the spot, and he fell into deep though.

After a long time, he shook his head, and then he entered back into the ground with a thump.

Chen Xi was completely unaware of all of this. At this moment, he was following behind the yellow robed old man’s group, and he was moving ceaselessly through space.

All along the way, because he possessed the assistance of the Daoseal Mark, Chen Xi was able to hear all their conversations, and he figured out their background in the end.

The yellow robed old man was called Yan Chixing, and he was from a power called the Strategist Sect, and all those man and women by his side were disciples of the Strategist Sect.

The Strategist Sect was situated on Rayrise Star in Jaderock Universe, and it was considered as a renowned first-rate power in Jaderock Universe. It was merely inferior to the number one sect, Violethell Divine Sect.

After he found out about all of this, it caused Chen Xi to be moved in his heart. Presently, Mutou and Zai’zi were still within a Divine Artifact in his possession, and he’d promised to help the two of time find an opportunity to take a master and learn to cultivate. Now, he could try to allow them to enter into the Strategist Sect to cultivate.

As for the Violethell Divine Sect, Chen Xi didn’t give it any consideration any longer. Because they’d assisted Ye Yan to pursue him for a very long time, and it was already good of him if he didn’t try to get even with them.

Coupled with the fact that Chen Xi had once killed Zhu Dongting, the grandson of the Violethell Divine Sect’s Grand Elder Zhu Gangshan, and that Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm expert Moli Chou, if Chen Xi sent Mutou and Zai’zi to cultivate in the Violethell Divine Sect, then he would truly be unable to avoid feeling worried. If the Violethell Divine Sect noticed the relationship between him and these two young men, then the consequences weren’t something that these two young men could endure.

Looks like making arrangements for Mutou and Zai’zi in the Strategist Sect isn’t a bad choice as well. I’ll do just that. Once this matter is accomplished, I can be considered to have made up for that trace of guilt in my heart. Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he’d come to a decision. He intended to follow the yellow robed old man’s group back to the Strategist Sect before looking for an opportunity to send Mutou and Zai’zi in safely.

“Shit! It’s a Radiant Star Worm swarm. Watch out everyone!”

Right at this moment, Yan Chixing’s extremely serious and loud shout resounded abruptly from afar, and it instantly jolted Chen Xi awake from his deep thoughts.

He raised his eyes to look towards the distance, and his brows couldn’t help but raise. Radiant Star Worms?

Om! Om! Om!

A wave of sharp and ear piercing droning resounded in the starry sky, and along with this droning, an expanse of shadows that were like multicolored flowing lights swarmed over from the distant space like tidewater.

When looked at from afar, it was like an expanse of a raging and colorful mist surging over, yet if one looked carefully, one would notice that it wasn’t mist but an expanse of worms!

These worms were only the size of a thumb and multicolored. They had a pair of wings that seemed like sharp blades on their backs while their eyes were scarlet red like blade, and fangs protruded out of their mouths, causing them to seem extremely savage.

Crack! Crack!

Everywhere they passed, star after star were like fruits that were being nibbled away, and they were instantly riddled with holes before rumblings and shattering into pieces.

This was terrifying. Because a star was extraordinarily enormous, and the full forced strike of an ordinary World Enlightened True God was utterly unable to destroy a star in one go, so this obviously showed how terrifying this swarm of worms was.

These were Radiant Star Worms. They roamed through the starry sky and lived by devouring stars. Even though they were small, their destructive ability was extremely shocking. Moreover, they were most difficult to deal with because Radiant Star Worms were immune to water and fire, and their vitality was extremely tenacious. Unless one was able to annihilate their souls, otherwise, it was very difficult to obtain any results by merely destroying their bodies.

Of course, the most terrifying thing about these worms was that they moved in an enormous group. As soon as they moved out, it would definitely be in a dark mass that was like an army of locusts, and it was horrifying.

At this moment, when they saw that expanse of multicolored worms whistling over, the yellow robed old man’s group had stopped on the spot since a long time ago, and all their expressions were extremely heavy.

When Radiant Star Worms appeared in such a scale, even Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods would feel that it was extremely difficult to deal with, yet Yan Chixing was the only Domain Enlightened Spirit God in their group, and the others were all World Enlightened True Gods. Once they were to go against those worms, the consequences were obvious.

“These damnable things have already set their sights on us, and we can’t move forward anymore!” Yan Chixing gritted his teeth and waved his hand. “Retreat!”

All the others were already terrified, and they didn’t hesitate to agree as soon as they heard this.

Om! Om!

However, right when they turned around and intended to flee, a wave of spatial fluctuation suddenly arose in the starry sky behind them, and then a vast expanse of Radiant Star Worms actually surged out from there!

It was a pincer attack!

When he saw this scene, Yan Chixing’s expression changed as well. He’d finally realized that they’d actually fallen into the meticulously planned trap of these worms since a long time ago!

In an instant, all of their expression turned grim, and they were shocked, terrified, and furious to the extreme. Moreover, the expressions of a few men and women had already turned ashen from fear, and they were terrified and uneasy.

Under such an encirclement, how could they possibly escape with just their strengths?

Could it be that we’re really going to perish here today?

However, there wasn’t any time for them to think so much about all of that now. Because the swarm of Radiant Star Worms had already surged over menacingly from all directions!

“Disciples, hear my orders! Follow behind me! Even if I have to give up this life of mine, I’ll kill open a path of blood for all of you!” Yan Chixing withdrew a black spear while he shouted loudly, and he had a resolute expression.

“Martial Uncle!” All the other disciples were extremely moved by this, and they were filled with heroic sentiments. The terror in their hearts actually vanished completely at this moment, and they cried out successively with the intention to live and die with Yan Chixing.

“Kill!” Yan Chixing was filled with heroic sentiments as well upon seeing this, and he roared loudly before charging towards the swarm of worms.


However, right at the instant that he took action, a wisp of light that was chilly like starlight erupted in the heavens and the earth. It transformed into a misty large net that enveloped down towards those Radiant Star Worms before they could unleash their assault….

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