Chapter 1594 – The Divine Chart Descends


This time, Ye Yan held a 1m long dark blue awl, and it tore a rift open in space as it shot over explosively.

Even though she was heavily injured, as a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, when she attacked without sparing any effort, the might she emanated still seemed to be extremely terrifying.

As it was said, a starved camel is bigger than a horse.


When facing this, Chen Xi raised his hand and gestured. The Overarching Heaven Net swept out like a wisp of chilly starlight that was blooming in space, and it instantly and forcefully enveloped Ye Yan’s entire body.

“The Overarching Heaven Net!” Ye Yan let out a sharp cry, and she was extremely shocked and furious. Up until this point in her pursuit of Chen Xi, she’d never imagined that besides the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and Dao Calamity Sword, Chen Xi actually possessed this Natural Spirit Treasure that was ranked at the 16 position in the three dimensions.

As soon as she was trapped at this moment, she realized that the situation was bad. However, she didn’t hurry to struggle free from it, and she remained beneath the net instead and completely disregarded its restrictive force as she forcefully charged once more at Chen Xi with the intention of forcing him withdraw the Overarching Heaven Net.

However, before she could even move, Chen Xi had suddenly carried the Overarching Heaven Net, and he swung it like a sledgehammer and smashed it forcefully onto a nearby star.


The star exploded into pieces, whereas, Ye Yan who resided within the net seemed as if she’d been struck by a sledgehammer, and her figure had forcefully collided with the star. Amidst the dispersing dust and dirt, she suddenly coughed up another mouthful of blood, and her extremely charming and beautiful face had warped.

“Little Bastard! I’ll kill you!” Ye Yan let out a sharp cry and seemed as if she’d gone mad, and even her eyes had turned red. She spared no effort to struggle within the Overarching Heaven Net with the intention of assaulting Chen Xi once more.


How could Chen Xi possibly allow her to succeed? He hadn’t stopped for a single moment, and he continued swinging the Overarching Heaven Net. His figure moved through space while he ceaselessly smashed Ye Yan onto star after star.

The rage and aggrievement accumulated in his heart over this year of being pursued had been completely vented at this moment.

For a time, this expanse of the starry sky was filled with the rumbling of stars exploding into pieces and Ye Yan’s sharp howls. Her howls resounded through the universe, and they seemed to be extremely miserable and filled with rage.

At this moment, Ye Yan’s hair was disheveled, dust and dirt covered her entire body, and her body was drenched in blood. Moreover, her tender skin was covered in injuries. Compared to her usually peerlessly charming appearance, she simply seemed like a miserable beggar at this moment.

Chen Xi seemed to feel no pity towards this, and his actions didn’t show the slightest sign of hesitation.

Over a year ago, if A’Liang hadn’t risked her life to save him within the spatial tunnel in the Last Days Domain, he would have almost been annihilated by this woman. In the end, even though he’d survived, A’Liang had fallen into an unconscious state, and she still hadn’t awakened until now.

When they entered the Jaderock Universe, Ye Yan had even relied on the forces of the Violethell Divine Sect to launch a full forced search and kill operation towards him, causing him to have no choice but to hide and fall into an extremely difficult situation.

After that, it was over an entire year of continuous pursuit. During this period of time, he’d ceaselessly been injured and ceaselessly been bullied and tortured by Ye Yan. If he hadn’t been able to finally advance in cultivation by chance and attain the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, then Chen Xi was utterly unable to imagine the end that would have been awaiting him.

Under such circumstances, how could Chen Xi hold back?




Star after star exploded into piece. During this entire process, Ye Yan’s body was constantly being rammed, and the flesh on her entire body was damaged and mangled. She seemed as if she was covered in blood.

“Chen Xi! You forced me to do this!!” Suddenly, Ye Yan’s extremely resentful voice resounded once more, and it sounded as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between her teeth and carried a tone of insanity.

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted. He suddenly noticed that a strand of terrifying energy was surging in Ye Yan’s body, and she seemed like a volcano that was about to erupt.


Could it be that this venomous bitch intends to detonate herself?

Chen Xi stretched out his hand and gestured, and he suddenly put the Overarching Heaven Net away before swiftly teleporting away.


Right at this moment, a strand of terrifying fluctuation swept out from Ye Yan, and it instantly affected an area of 50,000km in the starry sky. All the stars, meteors, dust, and even airflow within this area were completely obliterated!

It was too terrifying. If Ye Yan had executed such a desperate attack right at the beginning, it would be absolutely impossible for Chen Xi to survive until now.

However, unfortunately, she felt her own cultivation was extraordinary and far exceeded Chen Xi, so she’d constantly taken Chen Xi to be an ant that could be trampled. So, how could she have possibly tried to take Chen Xi down with her?

At this point of the situation, Ye Yan deserved to suffer misfortune for encountering such a monstrous figure that was beyond understanding like Chen Xi.

Is she dead? Chen Xi stood extremely far away in the starry sky, and he stared over from there. That expanse of the starry sky had already transformed into an area covered in spatial turbulence, and it was covered in chaos.


Right when Chen Xi thought that Ye Yan had perished from incinerating herself, a shadow suddenly shot out, and then it fled towards the distance.

“Little Bastard! Just you wait! I’ll definitely make you pay a hundredfold for this!” Ye Yan’s extremely furious and resentful sharp cry resounded abruptly.

She actually survived! Chen Xi’s pupils constricted because this had really exceeded his expectations. However, after he thought about it for a moment, he could only accept this outcome in the end.

He didn’t continue pursuing here, and there were many reasons for this decision. However, the most important was that even if he caught up to her now, Chen Xi was similarly unable to bear the consequences if she detonated herself again.

After all, Ye Yan was a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God while he’d only just advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. If Ye Yan wasn’t already heavily injured this time, then it would be utterly impossible for him to rely on the Overarching Heaven Net to abuse her to such a horrible state.

This was the gap between their cultivation realms, and it was impossible to surmount.

However, Chen Xi was extremely confident now. Even if Ye Yan recovered to her prime state, it wouldn’t be so easy for her to defeat him like she had in the past.

As for the heavy injuries Ye Yan suffered, the reason for that wasn’t the nine beams of light that shot into the sky from him, and it was the might of the River Diagram fragments instead!

At the critical moment of Chen Xi’s advancement, the River Diagram fragments had emanated a strange fluctuation, and it was like a barrier that maintained the transformation and circulation of the vital energy within him. On the other hand, when Ye Yan’s attacks arrived before him, without any exception, all of them were repulsed by the might of the River Diagram fragments.

Fortunately, the energy of the River Diagram fragments had merely put up defenses when Chen Xi was advancing, and it didn’t take the initiative to attack, otherwise, the destructive force caused by it would probably cause even the joint forces of 10 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods like Ye Yan to be annihilated.

Of course, all of this was based on Chen Xi’s own deduction. As for why the River Diagram fragments would have awakened from their deathly silent state at that moment, Chen Xi himself was unable to figure out the answer as well.

However, he was able to faintly sense that the movement of the River Diagram fragments was probably related to the nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights that he’d emanated.

Ye Yan had fled towards the distance, whereas, Chen Xi had stood on the spot and pondered deeply for a long time. Right when he intended to leave, a wisp of a premonition arose abruptly in his heart, and he raised his head to look above.


Right at this moment, a wisp of golden light suddenly bore through space and descended swiftly. Before Chen Xi could even react, it surged like a bolt of lightning into the top of his head, and it instantly entered his sea of consciousness.


As soon as the golden light stopped in his sea of consciousness, it sprawled out and transformed into a gorgeous and brilliant chart. Shockingly, a row of ancient words that contained the natural aura of the Dao floated up into appearance at the top of the chart —Domain Enlightened Chart, 99th!

This is actually the rankings on the Godrank Chart? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Never had he imagined that a golden chart would descend into his sea of consciousness at this moment, and he was actually unable to resist it at all!

In the past, A’Liang had once told him that those names who were able to be ranked on the Godrank Chart were all the peak experts amongst their peers.

According to the different cultivation realms of the gods, this chart was divided into the World Enlightened Chart, the Domain Enlightened Chart, the Universe Enlightened Chart….

Every single name on the chart represented a form of supreme glory, and similarly, the figures they represented were the leading existences in their respective realms of cultivation.

Now, the golden light had descended, transformed into the divine chart, and revealed a string of words. So, that 99th ranking was undoubtedly a form of judgment towards Chen Xi’s strength!

In other words, within the over 1,000 unknown regions within the entire Ancient God Domain and amongst all the Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods in these regions, Chen Xi who’d just advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm had actually ascended to the 99th position!

This was absolutely a miracle that could cause a myriad of living beings to exclaim with admiration, and news of this spread into the Ancient God Domain, it would definitely cause a mighty uproar.

After all, there was no lack of gods in the Ancient God Domain at all, and the number of gods was so enormous that it was vast like an ocean. On the other hand, Chen Xi had just advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm yet was already able to ascend to the 99th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart. It was obvious how striking such a ranking was.

However, right when this chart had just appeared, not only did Chen Xi not feel any happiness or feel that he was acknowledged, a strand of extreme aversion and detest arose in his heart instead.

In merely an instant, the River Diagram fragments that had fallen into deathly silence droned as they emanated a strand of fluctuation.


It tore the gorgeous and brilliant chart apart, and then obliterated it to the point not a trace of it was left behind!

This caused Chen Xi to be stunned again, and he said in his heart, As expected, the River Diagram fragments made a move again….

This outcome didn’t surprise him because a long time ago while he was at the God Attainment Region in the three dimensions, the River Diagram fragments had once taken the initiative to attack and go against the Godrank Chart that had appeared at that time.

In other words, that strand of aversion and detest that arose in Chen Xi’s heart was entirely because he was affected by the River Diagram fragments.

However, no matter what, this experience allowed Chen Xi to realized exactly what sort of position he was at in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

That venomous woman, Ye Yan, will definitely not let the matter go. However, if I constantly wait for her to come looking for trouble with me, it would cause shackles to envelope my heart instead. I should seize this opportunity to make a trip to Violethell Divine Sect and accomplish what Tie Kun entrusted to me…. Chen Xi took a deep breath and confirmed his objective before he stopped thinking about all of this.

However, right when he intended to leave, he couldn’t help but frown instead. It couldn’t be helped, he was in the depths of the universe, and if he didn’t possess a star atlas, then he would be utterly unable to distinguish the direction he should travel towards.

Hah! I knew it! This battle caused such a huge commotion, so how could these cultivators of Jaderock Universe possibly not pay attention to it? But in next to no time, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something, and his tightly knit brows eased up. His figure flashed, and he vanished soundlessly on the spot like a wisp of an ethereal shadow.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right after Chen Xi concealed himself, a wave of spatial fluctuations arose, and then numerous figures flashed out from within space.

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