Chapter 1593 – Exalt Amongst Spirit Gods

The black and white beams of light shot into the sky like two gods had arrived into the world, and they were magnificent and boundless. They caused the seven beams of light that were being suppressed by the Grand Heaven Copper Ring to suddenly rumble before glowing brilliantly.

In an instant, nine beams of light had assembled, and they resided in the position of the Nine Palaces. They seemed to have formed a perfect force field, and their impetus had more than just risen explosively by two times when compared to before.

It was even to the extent that a strand of the grand and indistinct tune of the Dao had resounded within the entire universe at this instant, it seemed like a dragon roar, the cry of a phoenix, and the tune of nature.

Those living beings that lived on the stars and the cultivators that resided throughout the region had heard this sound, and for a time, their hearts trembled for no rhyme or reason.

It seemed as if something inconceivable was occurring!

Violethell Star.

At the rear mountains of the Violethell Divine Sect, a voice that carried shock suddenly resounded. “Could it be that another peerless figure with the potential to become an exalt amongst spirit gods is about to be born within this Jaderock Universe?”

At this moment, all the cultivators in Jaderock Universe turned pale with fright, and their Dao Hearts were shaken by an unfathomable force.

Nine light have assembled! An exalt amongst spirit gods!” Ye Yan’s sharp cry suddenly resounded from afar, and her voice carried a rare wisp of terror.


Before her voice could finish resounding, the Grand Heaven Copper Ring that was colliding head-on against the nine beams of light suddenly wailed, and the it was forcefully blasted flying.


Ye Yan suffered backlash from this, and a mouthful of blood sprayed from her mouth. Her beautiful and charming face turned extremely ghastly pale, and her graceful and delicate figure couldn’t help but tremble.

This counterforce had actually caused a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like her to suffer a huge injury! If other cultivators were to have witnessed this scene, their jaws would definitely drop to the ground from shock.

However, Ye Yan couldn’t be bothered about all of this. Her expression was livid while her pupils had constricted, and she stared fixedly at Chen Xi who stood in the distance. She stared at the nine beams of light that arose around him, and her heart trembled uncontrollably.

Nine light have assembled!How long has it been since such a scene has appeared?

How could it possibly appear on a little bastard that came here from the lower dimensions?

A wisp of horror couldn’t help but surge into Ye Yan’s heart.

She was extremely clearly aware what the convergence of nine lights meant.

Cultivators were able to establish a Divine Dao Altar within their Soul Divine Flames upon advancing into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

However, there was a difference between these Divine Dao Altars, and this sort of different was reflected by the beams of light that appeared when the Divine Dao Altar was formed.

There was a total of nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights. If only three beams of light appeared, then it meant that the cultivator’s natural talent could only be considered to be ordinary. If more than three and less than six types appeared, it was sufficient to prove that a cultivator’s natural talent was extremely outstanding.

If more than six beams of light appeared, then it wasn’t just simply extraordinary, and all such figures were peerless geniuses that were born along with great Karmic Luck!

On the other hand, if all nine types of Spirit Lights appeared, then that cultivators was a peak existence amongst peerless geniuses and was rare within the world, and it might be impossible to find one such existence amongst a myriad of Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

Such an existence was called a Spirit God Exalt!

World Enlightened True Gods obtained clarity from attaining enlightenment, and they were called True Gods.

Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods possessed spirit because of the Spirit Light, and thus they were called Spirit Gods!

To put it simply, True God was the method of address for World Enlightened True Gods, and Spirit Gods was the method of address for Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

So, a Spirit God Exalt was naturally an exalt amongst Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

This wasn’t a sign of strength, and it represented a form of potential. They were a type of genius that were favored by the heavens and far exceeded ordinary cultivators, and so long as they didn’t die early, then they would definitely become top-rate overlords in the Ancient God Domain!

However, in the entire Ancient God Domain, cultivators that could possess the potential to become Spirit God Exalts were extremely rare existences that were practically rare like phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

Now, such a scene had appeared on Chen Xi, and the intensity of the shock Ye Yan felt from it was obvious.

After all, when she advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm all those years ago, only seven beams of light had surged into appearance, yet she’d been reputed to be a top-rate and rare genius in the Sovereign Sect, and she deeply received the high regard of numerous great figures.

This obviously showed exactly how monstrous cultivators that possessed nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights were.

However, according to Ye Yan’s knowledge, amongst the known 1,000 plus regions within the Ancient God Domain, practically all the Spirit God Exalts were from the Imperial Region.

The Imperial Region was called the heart of the Ancient God Domain, and it was extremely mysterious. Unless one was someone with great fortune, otherwise, not to mention entering the Imperial Region, it would even be impossible for one to locate the Imperial Region.

Most importantly, Ye Yan was very clearly aware that in these few thousands of years, only a few Spirit God Exalts had been born in the other 1,000 plus regions outside the Imperial Region. Moreover, as soon as these Spirit God Exalts were born, they would be directly brought into the Imperial Region to cultivate. So, it was utterly impossible to see such existences in the outside world.

A single region contained at least a few hundreds or even a few thousands of universes while every single universe contained countless stats. However, in these few thousands of years, merely a few Spirit God Exalts had been born here. Thus, so long as one wasn’t an idiot, one would understand what all of this meant.

So, this was the reason why Ye Yan was so shocked and terrified in her heart at this moment, and with her cultivation at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, she still found it difficult to maintain her composure.

The nine beams of light radiated through the sky and illuminated the universe, and its beauty and exuberance were filled with a pure aura of the Dao.

At this moment, Chen Xi was covered by these nine beams of light, and his entire body was glowing and seemed ethereal. It caused it to be extremely difficult for others to determine if his figure actually existed, and it gave others an unreal feeling.

“This won’t do. No matter what, I must not allow him to survive!” Ye Yan gnashed her teeth while her eyes suddenly surged with a wisp of a ruthless and resolute expression.

Chen Xi possessed the Dao Calamity Sword and River Diagram fragments, and he’d seized her Sovereign Sect’s Copper Coin of Treasurefall. Moreover, he was even an heir of Oracle Mountain. Now, he’d revealed the potential to become a Spirit God Exalt while advancing into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

All of them caused Ye Yan to be absolutely unable to watch on as Chen Xi survived just like that.

Without any hesitation, Ye Yan moved out in the next moment. Her tied up long hair had broken upon from its restraints and fluttered wildly, and every single inch of her skin surged with dazzling light.

Moreover, at this moment, her imposing aura had actually risen explosively as well. The terrifying fluctuations of her aura caused the nearby space, stars, dust, light, and everything else to collapse and be obliterated.

When looked at from afar, she seemed like an empress that ruled over the starry sky, and she possessed a monstrous imposing aura that pressured the hearts and souls of others.


The pitch black Grand Heaven Copper Ring seemed as if it was burning. At this instant, it became extremely red while numerous obscure markings of Chaos floated up into appearance on its surface. It was the quintessence energy of a Natural Spirit Treasure, and it was the Natural Energy that was born from within the Chaos!

“Sacrifice my energy and return to quintessence, Obliterating Strike!” Suddenly, killing intent erupted explosively from Ye Yan’s eyes, and then she utilized the Grand Heaven Copper Ring with a swing of her hand. It was crimson red like the scorching sun as it smashed fiercely towards Chen Xi who stood in the distance.

She’d already exhausted her entire ability to execute this strike, so not to mention a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, even a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God would at least be injured by it!


This expanse of the starry sky exploded into pieces, and it shook the surroundings.

However, when the Grand Heaven Copper Ring descended into the area enveloped by the nine beams of light, it seemed as if it had fallen into a swamp, and no matter how it charged, it was actually unable to move at all.

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible to be the might of a Spirit God Exalt!” Ye Yan couldn’t help but cry out sharply when she saw this, and she was on the verge of going mad.

No matter how formidable a Spirit God Exalt was, that existence was still merely a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. So, how could a Domain Enlightened Spirit God possibly resist an attack that a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like her had exhausted her entire ability to execute?

There’s definitely some sort of unknown force within this!

When she realized this, a wisp of coldness couldn’t help but surge out from Ye Yan’s heart. Could it be that another great figure is helping this damnable little fellow from the shadows?


Before Ye Yang could recover from her shock, the Grand Heaven Copper Ring was blasted back forcefully. This Natural Spirit Treasure that was ranked at the 35th position actually seemed as if it had suffered a heavy injury at this moment, and the glow it emanated had dimmed down while it wailed violently without end.


Ye Yan suffered backlash from this, and she coughed up blood while she felt as if she was on the very of collapse. Obviously, she was already heavily injured.

“That… that’s a Natural Spirit Treasure! How could it possibly be unable to resist the nine beams of Divine Altar Spirit Light emanated by that little bastard?” As she gazed at Chen Xi who seemed impossible to kill and gazed at the Grand Heaven Copper Ring in her hand that had dimmed down, Ye Yan’s expression changed abruptly. Her red lips lost all color, and she felt utterly terrified.

She was sure that an even more terrifying force definitely existed in Chen Xi’s body, otherwise, Chen Xi would be absolutely unable to accomplish this!


At this moment, a crystalline and translucent Divine Dao Altar was floating and revolving in Chen Xi’s soul, and it emanated lights of nine colors. They were dazzling, resplendent, pure, divine, and suffused with a pure aura of the Divine Dao.

Especially at the universe within his body, Divine Energy surged while the myriad of stars within it glowed brilliantly, and they circulated without end along the pathways of the Infinite Divine Talisman. It was an extremely vast and brilliant scene.

Swish! Swish!

At this moment, the nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights that shot out of his body surged back into his body like tidewater.

After that, his broken tendon and bones, split flesh, injured apertures…. Everything started to be repaired and healed at this instant, and they recovered to their original state at an unbelievable speed.

In merely the time of a few breaths, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d been reborn from flames like a phoenix, and his figure appeared once more in Ye Yan’s field of vision.

However, unlike before, Chen Xi’s entire body was suffused by Divine Energy at this moment. His body surged with the glow of Divine Altar Spirit Light, and strands of the crystalline and pure aura of the Dao coiled around his entire body, causing his indifferent and calm bearing to even carry an aura of superiority that couldn’t be overlooked.

It was the aura of a Spirit God Exalt. It was unique, unusual, profound, and extremely rare.


Chen Xi opened his eyes, and they were deep, bright, calm, and indifferent.

Right at this moment, the River Diagram fragments that were ceaselessly droning within his sea of consciousness had fallen into deathly silence.

The Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm!

At this moment, Chen Xi had completely advanced while in a life and death pursuit, and he’d stepped foot into an even higher realm of cultivation. Moreover, his strength had once again undergone a tremendous transformation!

He’d accomplished all of this in less than two years of time….

“Little Bastard, your advancement is complete, and you’ve lost the protection of those nine beams of light. I refuse to believe that I won’t be able to kill you now!” Right at the instant when the nine surging beams of light on Chen Xi’s body had been withdrawn, and he’d opened his eyes, Ye Yan’s eyes surged with killing intent. She actually dragged her heavily injured body along and charged over explosively once more.

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