Chapter 1592 – Spirit Light Shooting Into The Sky

The pitch black copper ring was called the Grand Heaven Copper Ring, and it was a Natural Spirit Treasure born from within the Chaos of the three dimensions. It was ranked at the 35th position, and it was said to be a divine weapon that slaughter and reaped souls. Its might was capable of separating evil from good, splitting Yin and Yang, and was ferocious and firm.

Even though this treasure’s ranking was far inferior to the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and Overarching Heaven Net, when utilized in the hands of a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, it was sufficient for its might to be fully displayed.

On the other hand, even though Chen Xi possessed the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and the Overarching Heaven Net, his current cultivation could only bring forth a portion of these Divine Artifact’s entire strength.

Simply speaking, all of this wasn’t because of the Divine Artifacts, and the crux was the cultivation realm of the god that was utilizing them.


At this moment, the Grand Heaven Copper Ring tore through space with a monstrous imposing aura, and it erupted with a terrifying imposing aura as it shot directly towards Chen Xi.

Space exploded apart while the stars trembled and collapsed. It seemed to be all-powerful throughout its path.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed with the Dao Calamity Sword in hand, and he utilized the Copper Coin of Treasurefall with all his strength to go head-on against it once more.

After that, blood flowed from all seven of his apertures while his ribs were broken apart by a strand of terrifying impact. Moreover, the universe within his body had almost been shaken to the point of collapse.


At this moment, Chen Xi was blasted flying in a miserable and horrifying state. His figure tore swiftly through layer upon layer of space like a meteor, and he smashed through numerous stars.

When he was finally able to barely bring himself to his feet and stand steadily, his entire body was wrecked. His skin had split open to the point his bones were visible, and he seemed to be in such a miserable state that if it was any other existence at the Godrank Realm in his place, that existence would probably be on the verge of death and unable to stand up again.


Heart rending pain!

It filled his body like lava that erupted from a volcano, and it ceaselessly struck Chen Xi’s Dao Heart and will. The harm he suffered from this attack had surpassed the limits of his body.

However, surprisingly, Chen Xi’s expression still maintained a type of extreme calm, and his deep eyes seemed like bottomless abysses that didn’t reveal any emotion.

In his sea of consciousness, the River Diagram fragments had suddenly started to circulate since some time ago. It droned and surged while emanating strands of strange and obscure fluctuations, and it seemed as if it possessed intelligence. Not only did it prevent his vital energy from being severed because of his heavy injuries, his vital energy grew more and more exuberant and stronger instead.


On the other hand, in the universe within his body, the myriad of stars were guided by the Infinite Divine Talisman at the center to circulate madly. They emanated strands of Divine Energy that surged like tidewater, and they seemed to be ceaselessly circulating and improving along with Chen Xi vital energy. They were expanding without end, and they were transforming at extreme speeds at all times.

A seething ball of light that seemed like a seed could be faintly noticed within the divine flames that burned in his soul. It was thumping and vibrating like a heart, and it seemed like something was about to emerge from it.

All of this took a long time to describe, yet it actually occurred within Chen Xi’s body, and it was utterly impossible for outsiders to notice it.

“Why aren’t you fleeing?” Ye Yan’s slender and graceful figure drifted over. This was the second time she’d said something like this, yet this time, her tone carried an indifferent feeling of being in control of the situation and Chen Xi’s fate.

Obviously, as far as she was concerned, Chen Xi was powerless to struggle.


The reply she received was a surging and blazing strand of extraordinary sword qi.

The sword qi came from the Dao Calamity Sword in Chen Xi’s hand, and it was still domineering, swift, murderous, and slashed out in a strange way.

Ye Yan’s brows couldn’t help but raise because of this, and a trace of surprise suffered her clear eyes. She seemed to have never imagined that even after this heavily injured little bastard before her had been reduced to such a state, not only did he not accept his fate, he actually still had the strength to struggle.


She gestured with her fair hand, and the Grand Heaven Copper Ring revolved and easily crushed this wisp of sword qi in one go, causing a rain of light to spray into the surroundings.

“What? Do you still refuse to accept your fate? You can die without regrets from being able to persist for over year while being pursued by me! Why do you still struggle?” Ye Yan’s moist and sexy red lips curled into a wisp of a happy arc, and she actually faintly felt a feeling of happiness in her heart. She seemed like a cat that was teasing a mouse.

“Idiot.” Chen Xi seemed to be extremely calm when facing this, and he lightly spat out a single word.

Presently, his appearance was horrifying. His entire body was drenched with blood while his bones were indistinctly visible, yet he still seemed to be so domineering when he spoke, causing Ye Yan to be unable to help but frown.

“Originally, if you admitted defeat and begged for mercy, then perhaps I would have allowed you to live for a while longer. But now, I can only send you on your way….” Amidst her gentle and pleasing voice, Ye Yan smiled lightly, and then she stretched out her fair hand that was coiled by strands of terrifying divine radiance.

But right at this moment, she seemed to have noticed something, and her pupils constricted abruptly while she said with surprise, “You… you’re actually still advancing!?”

Her voice was filled with a strand of shock, rage, and disbelief.

Because in her field of vision, a strand of terrifying and seething vital energy had suddenly arose from Chen Xi’s body, and it was like a boundless strand of surging smoke that shot into the nine heavens!

After that, a crimson red beam of light arose from Chen Xi’s body. This beam of light was filled with the pure aura of the Dao, and it was filled with life and seemed to not be tainted by even a trace of impurities.

“Divine Altar Spirit Light!” Ye Yan’s extraordinarily charming face was completely covered in a wisp of extreme icy coldness. This was the sign of establishing a Divine Dao Altar when advancing into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm!

All of this had exceeded her expectations. Never had she imagined that Chen Xi who was clearly heavily injured and on the verge of death would be able to maintain this sort of seething vital energy and take that step to advance into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

“That damnable ant! He’s simply a heaven defying little freak. If I’m unable to eliminate him today, then he’ll definitely become a calamity in the future!”


As these thoughts flashed within her mind, Ye Yan had charged out ferociously, and she tore space apart as she attacked explosively.

At this moment, killing intent shot out from her as she executed her strongest ability, and she intended to completely annihilate Chen Xi with this strike and put an end to all future troubles.


However, right at the instant when her attack was barely about to touch Chen Xi, another orange colored beam of light suddenly charged out from Chen Xi’s body. It was like the light of the sun, brilliant and vast, and not only did it shatter this strike of hers, even Ye Yan’s entire body was shaken to the point of staggering back without end in space.

“It’s merely the second Divine Altar Spirit Light, how could it possibly emanate such terrifying force that even caused me to be shaken by it….” Ye Yan’s expression changed slightly. She was a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God! At this moment, it was the critical moment of advancement for Chen Xi, and Chen Xi didn’t have any ability to counterattack. Under such circumstances, killing Chen Xi would be as easy as slaughtering a chicken to anyone, yet it just so happened that she’d been blasted back after attacking him this time!

What’s going on? Ye Yan was slightly surprised and bewildered. She felt that there was definitely a reason for this, and she just hadn’t discovered it yet.

However, at this moment, she couldn’t be bothered about all of that. She suddenly gritted her teeth and utilized the Grand Heaven Copper Ring to attack ferociously once more.

When a cultivator advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, a Divine Dao Altar would be created within the Soul Divine Flame, and it was the core where the cultivator’s Grand Dao quintessence, spirit, energy, and essence converged.

Once the Divine Dao Altar was condensed into form, it meant that Chen Xi had advanced successfully. At that time, she would definitely have to exhaust a great deal of effort to kill Chen Xi, and it was even to the extent that a mishap might occur.

Under such circumstances, how could Ye Yan possibly watch helplessly as Chen Xi advanced successfully?


Ye Yan charged explosively toward Chen Xi.

However, this time, she was blasted back once more, and the vital blood in her entire body surged while her beautiful face turned slightly pale.

The reason was extremely simple, another beam of yellow light that was simple, thick, bright, and lofty had charged out from Chen Xi’s body.

“The third Divine Altar Spirit Light!” Ye Yan’s expression changed slightly indeterminately when she saw this, and she felt surprised, bewildered, and disbelief in her heart. Why! Why are those beams of light able to force me back?

Not to mention that she hadn’t witnessed such a scene in her lifetime, no one within the entire Ancient God Domain had witnessed such a scene.

After all, it was common knowledge that while cultivators charged into another realm of cultivation, it was also the time they were in the most danger.

At this moment, not to mention someone attacking them, merely slight movement in the surroundings might cause them to suffer from qi deviation before failing in their advancement in the end. It was even to the extent that severe cases might end in death.

This was general knowledge amongst cultivators, yet it just so happened to be unsuitable to be used on Chen Xi.

He was clearly heavily injured and on the verge of death, yet it just so happened that his vital energy was growing more and more exuberant, and his path of advancement hadn’t been severed at all.

Ye Yan had clearly attacked him twice in succession, and it was even the full forced attacked of a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, yet not only was it unable to obtain any results, she was shaken to the point of staggering back instead!

Why did this happen?

Ye Yan was unable to figure it out, but it allowed her to sense the aura of danger, and she didn’t hesitate and intended to attack once more.

Om! Om! Om!

But right at this moment, a change actually occurred once more in the situation. Beam after beam of blazing light actually shot out successively from Chen Xi, and they were pine green, dark blue, indigo, violet…. Every single beam of light was so pure and so vast, and they were like numerous sharp swords that shot directly into the sky.

In an instant, another four beams of light had actually appeared, and coupled with the three beams of light from before, there were an entire seven beams of light!

“Dammit! Ye Yan was extremely shocked in her heart when she witnessed this scene, and her expression changed indeterminately. She was very clearly aware what seven beams of light represented when a god was advancing into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.


Ya Yan suddenly bit the tip of her tongue and spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence, and then she executed some sort of secret technique. Terrifying black divine radiance arose from her entire body, and the Grand Heaven Copper Ring in her hand even started droning madly while her imposing aura actually improved enormously.

She’s actually not hesitated to harm her quintessence energy in order to obstruct all of this!


A strand of terrifying fluctuations carried the Grand Heaven Copper Ring as it rumbled and crushed space, and it smashed down ferociously at Chen Xi who resided in the distance.

In an instant, the stars in an area of 500,000km had actually started to tremble intensely, whereas, the stars that were close to this terrifying might had long since been unable to endure it and were shattered into powder.


The Grand Heaven Copper Ring collided forcefully onto the seven beams of light that enveloped Chen Xi, and it emanated a terrifying and enormous bang that surged through the universe. Divine radiance shot out explosively while a rain of light sprayed, and boundless chaotic torrents of air rumbled as they swept towards the surroundings. It caused this expanse of space to instantly transform into a shattered area where space had split apart.

This attack had finally obtained results. It shook those seven beams of light to the point of trembling, and it shook Chen Xi’s already damaged and tattered figure to the point his flesh exploded open, his bones broke apart, and his entire body was on the verge of being unable to endure this pressure and transform into mush.

Chen Xi’s entire body seemed as if it was about to be obliterated right here and now….

However, before Ye Yan could heave a sigh of relief, and at this extremely critical moment, a black and a white beam of light had actually simultaneously surged out from Chen Xi’s body!

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