Chapter 1591 – Advancing In Battle

The star exploded into pieces, and it was crushed into powder. Chen Xi instantly teleported into the starry sky, and he broke out in cold sweat from his shock before his expression turned grim.

Because in his field of vision, a wisp of red light seemed like a crimson torrent as it instantly arrived before him.

Ye Yang!

Unlike before, at this moment, Ye Yan’s black hair were tied up into a ponytail that hung down behind her head, and it revealed a peerlessly beautiful appearance. The space between her brows didn’t carry the charm it usually carried in the past, and it was filled with a ferocious and murderous aura instead.

“You were actually able to conceal the vital energy in your body. This technique really is rare. Chen Xi, it has been a year. I’ve really missed you!” As her voice drifted out from between her jade white teeth, it wasn’t gentle as it was in the past, and it carried a trace of icy cold hatred instead.

“Hmph! If a strand of my vital energy didn’t transform into a blade of grass, how could you have possibly noticed me?” Chen Xi sneered.

“You’re pretty smart. However, why don’t you guess if you’ll be able to escape this time?” Ye Yan flipped her palm, and a pitch black copper ring revolved endlessly above it while emanating terrifying divine might.

Chen Xi smiled, and then he lightly spat out a few words from between his lips. “I guess I can.”

As soon as he spoke, a blood red sword suddenly appeared in his hand. The sword was over 1m long and seemed as if it had been dipped in a pool of blood, and it emanated a terrifying and monstrous aura of Dao Calamity.


Numerous words formed by swords floated up into appearance in this expanse of the starry sky. Golden words that twisted about like earthworms, strange inscriptions, obscure words of the Fiendgods, words of Chaos that possessed a boundless aura of the Dao….

All of these different ancient words represented the word ‘sword’, and they were branded with the energy of history and contained the might of time. As soon as they appeared, all of them coiled around the blood red sword fluttered lightly without end.

In merely an instant, the blood red sword seemed as if it was assisted by the gods. Numerous clear colored, pure, and seemingly translucent divine lotuses floated up into appearance on its surface, and it emanated boundless divine light that shot into the sky and threw the surroundings into disorder!

The Dao Calamity Sword!

The Confucianist Sword Decree!

Ye Yan’s starry eyes suddenly constricted. The former was a precious treasure that specialized in countering the inheritance of calamity in the Sovereign Sect, and the latter was the peerlessly murderous quintessence of the sword in the Confucianist Dao that the Oracle Mountain’s Fourth Lord has comprehended.

At this moment, when this sword and technique were executed while complementing each other, the might they revealed had already arrived at an inconceivable height, and it even caused a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like Ye Yan to be extremely shocked in her heart.

Of course, she was shocked because Chen Xi was actually able to execute such a formidable force with a cultivation at the World Enlightened True God Realm, and it was even superior to the might of most Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

“Vorpal Strike!”


The blood red sword tore through the sky, yet it was shapeless and immaterial. It had shed all brilliant and become soundless, and it didn’t reveal any magnificent and vast phenomena of the past.

This caused Ye Yan to be slightly stunned, and then a wisp of sword suddenly appeared at her throat and struck down.

This sword strike was unlike how it was in the past. It had fused with the might of the Confucianist Sword Decree and was supplemented by the strength of the Dao Calamity Sword. In the end, it was executed with the third move Chen Xi comprehended at the Sword Emperor Realm, the Vorpal Strike, and it was absolutely the strongest strike that Chen Xi had executed up until now!

If it was a year ago, he would absolutely be unable to execute this.


The sword qi passed through the shackles of time, and it attacked at an inconceivable speed. It was so sudden and so mysterious.

With Ye Yan’s cultivation, she still couldn’t help but feel a trace of terror at this instant. Never had she imagined that a World Enlightened True God could actually execute such a terrifying strike.


However, with her ability from numerous years of battle, and her cultivation at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, she instinctively launched a counterattack at this moment. The pitch black copper ring tore through the sky and was barely able to block before her throat. It collided head-on with that wisp of sword qi and caused terrifying rumbling to resound.

In an instant, the sword qi shot over while the copper ring shook. Boundless divine radiance sprayed out like raindrops and terrifying waves of air raged like a spatial gale. It rumbled as it swept out, and it shattered all the stars in an area of 50,000km while the space in the surroundings were crushed into powder!

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Ye Yan’s figure was like a bolt of lightning that retreated by over 3km in space before she stopped herself.

It was right at this moment that a strand of hair was chopped off from the side of her head. As it swirled down, a drop of blood even seeped out from her snow white throat, and it vanished in an instant.

In other words, this strongest attack of Chen Xi’s had merely slashed off a strand of her hair and caused a drop of her blood to flow!

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s figure had long since vanished from here.

“That damnable little bastard!” Ye Yan gnashed her teeth with hatred, and her clear eyes were filled with piercingly cold and seething killing intent.


She strode through space while her red dress fluttered, and she instantly transformed into a bolt of lightning that gave chase to Chen Xi.

The gap between us is truly too huge. Chen Xi sighed in his heart. His figure flickered repeatedly in the boundless starry sky, and he teleported at full speed. At the same time, he crushed bunch after bunch of Divine Crystals before swallowing all the Divine Energy within them into his body. He ceaselessly circulated his cultivation, and it endlessly replenished his strength.

Even though the might of that strike from before was formidable, its consumption of Divine Energy was extremely shocking. It instantly exhausted almost 30% of his strength, yet the outcome was barely satisfactory as it hadn’t been able to cause any material harm to Ye Yan.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t dispirited. Compared to the first time he fought Ye Yan at the Last Days Domain and could only receive a beating; and compared to when he relied on the spatial turbulence to flee, he was able to go head-on against Ye Yan for a single strike this time, and this was improvement!

This sort of improvement had merely occurred in a year of time, and if other cultivators were to find out about this, they would probably be flabbergasted. After all, not to mention accomplishing this, it was extraordinarily difficult for most cultivators to even guarantee their survival.

Chen Xi on the other hand was different. Being pursued aroused his potential instead. The greater the danger, the quicker he would transform, and this shocking speed of improvement could be described as world shocking.


After a short while, Chen Xi utilized the Daoseal Mark and concealed himself on a desolate star, then tensed the nerves in his entire body and accumulated strength in preparation to deal with Ye Yan.

In merely a few breaths of time, Ye Yan had arrived here.

“His aura has vanished again….” This time, Ye Yan seemed to be extremely calm. She practically didn’t think before her jade white hand fluttered about, and she executed over a thousand palm strikes.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Star after star in the vicinity were blasted into pieces and transformed into powder.

If this had occurred on a star that was inhabited like the star Voidsky City resided on, then merely this palm strike would have annihilated countless living beings!

This woman has learnt from her past mistake. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he could only flash and teleport into space before the force of her palm strike approached.

However, in this way, it exposed his tracks.

“Little Bastard! Go on and flee!” Ye Yan couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of ridicule on her face. As she spoke, her figure moved while she suddenly withdrew the copper ring, and it smashed fiercely towards Chen Xi.

This time, Chen Xi didn’t flee. He took a deep breath instead while surging divine radiance suddenly erupted from his eyes. The vital energy in his body suddenly transformed at this moment, it seemed to burn like scorching flames, and it seemed like the essence, energy, and spirit within his entire body was seething at this moment.


Chen Xi withdrew the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and forcefully collided head-on with the copper ring. However, Chen Xi’s attack was easily dispersed. All of this was within his expectations, and he suddenly slashed once more with the Dao Calamity Sword.


A strand of extremely terrifying impact smashed down, and it struck Chen Xi to the point his entire body seemed like a meteor that was blasted flying. He shot forcefully through space, and he smashed into the surface of a star, causing a bottomless hole to be split open on it.


Another enormous bang resounded as that star was directly shattered into pieces with a single slap from Ye Yan.

One could clearly see Chen Xi’s figure flying out from the within in a sorry state, and he flashed over towards the opposite direction. At this moment, the clothes on his entire body were tattered while his body was covered in injuries, and blood seeped out from both his mouth and nose. He seemed to be in a rather miserable state.

However, his aura was growing more and more exuberant. It was surging and seething like a furnace of the heavens and the earth, and it caused his imposing aura to rise steadily.

It seemed… as if a world shocking transformation was occurring to him.

“Hmm? This kid is actually advancing in battle?” Ye Yan’s eyes narrowed while she revealed a wisp of surprise for the first time, and she seemed to feel disbelief. But right after that, it was replaced by a wisp of extremely dense killing intent.

Chen Xi’s strength had improved too quickly, and he was like a peerless genius. Since the day she’d started pursuing him up until now, only a little over a year had passed, yet Chen Xi’s combat strength had undergone too many changes.

It felt like every single time he fled successfully, his strength would improve by a level, and he grew stronger the more he fought. It was extremely inconceivable.

If Ye Yan wasn’t wrong, Chen Xi had just stepped into the World Enlightened True God Realm when he entered the Last Days Domain, and it had been less than two years since he’d entered Snow Ink Region, yet he was actually about to advance into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm!

If news of this were to spread, the entire Snow Ink Region would definitely fall into a mighty uproar!

It was even to the extent that no one would dare to believe it. After all, leaping into another realm within a short period of two years was something that had practically never happened in history, so who would dare believe it?

After all, this was a cultivation realm of the Divine Dao!

Every single step was extremely obscure and difficult. Within the practically boundless lifespan of a god, even though time wasn’t the standard to determine strength any longer, some people were unable to step into the next cultivation realm in their entire lifetimes.

However, Chen Xi was actually about to advance into the next cultivation realm in less than two years of time, and this obviously showed how extraordinary and outstanding his natural talent, physique, and accumulations were.

It wasn’t going too far to describe him as a peerless genius.

Ye Yan had been constantly pursuing Chen Xi in this period of over a year of time, and she was naturally extremely clearly aware of the changes in Chen Xi’s strength during this period of time.

However, she’d never imagined that he would actually be advancing so quickly, and he would even advance in battle. So, how could Ye Yang not be shocked by this?

It was precisely because of this that the killing intent within her heart had arrived at an unprecedented height. She was unable to tolerate Chen Xi being able to complete his advancement and transformation right before her eyes.

She couldn’t!


These thoughts flashed through her mind in an instant, whereas, Ye Yan’s movements hadn’t stopped at all since the beginning until the end, and she assaulted Chen Xi once more.


The pitch black copper ring glowed, and it seemed like a black gale that soared through the universe. Everywhere it passed, space collapsed, stars exploded into pieces, and it caught up to Chen Xi with unbelievable speed before it smashed down towards him.

This strike vividly displayed the ability of a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, and it was similarly terrifying and astounding to the extreme.

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