Chapter 1590 – A Year Of Comprehending The Dao

The meteor whistled as it descended, and it was like a wisp of flames that fell into a starry sky that was filled with boundless darkness.

Chen Xi’s figure lay flat on the meteor, and he was enveloped by blazing light. Coupled with the fact that he’d utilized the Daoseal Mark to conceal his vital energy, it was extremely difficult for others to notice his existences.

It was precisely because of this that he’d escaped the detection of Ye Yan’s will just moments ago.

Gurgle~ Gurgle~

A trace of blood seeped out from the corner of Chen Xi’s mouth while his countenance gradually turned slightly pale. Earlier, while he hid within that expanse of spatial turbulence, the attack Ye Yan executed with the black copper ring had affected him, and he suffered a great deal of injury.

That damnable woman! One day, I’ll definitely make her have a taste of this! Chen Xi gnashed his teeth. Since he’d started cultivating until now, it was still the first time that he’d been constantly pursued, and he’d practically been dancing on the edge of a blade and was in danger at any moment.


It wasn’t long before this meteor smashed forcefully onto a desolate star, and it smashed open a large hole that covered an area of an entire 50,000km. 

The terrifying collision force caused this desolate star to tremble violently, and it broke away from its original pathway of circulation.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he’d seized the moment before this collision occurred to dodge towards the distance.

I wonder which part of Jaderock Universe I’m at now…. He stood in space while his gaze swept towards the surroundings, yet he noticed that there was a myriad of stars in the surroundings but all of them were icy cold and without any fluctuations of vitality. In other words, all those stars were desolate existences, and there were no living beings residing on them.

Coupled with the fact that he didn’t possess a star chart, Chen Xi was unable to determine his location.


Right at this moment, a strand of terrifying fluctuations of ‘will’ swept over like ripples from the depths of the starry sky, and it was acutely captured by the Daoseal Mark.

Ye Yan!

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted abruptly while his figure moved like an ethereal shadow and silently descended onto a desolate star at the side. His figure wriggled a few times before he vanished beneath the surface of the star.


Right after Chen Xi had just hidden himself, a wisp of gorgeous red tore through the starry sky and flew over here, yet it didn’t stop here. Obviously, because of the assistance of the Daoseal Mark, it caused her to be unable to notice Chen Xi’s aura.


After a long time, Chen Xi who was hiding deep beneath the surface heaved a sigh of relief, yet his expression changed indeterminately. He’d heard Ye Yan extremely clearly just now, so when he saw her swear to not give up until she accomplished her objective, Chen Xi understood that this malicious and ruthless bitch intended to go against him until the end.

This sort of situation was extremely terrible for him!

Even though Chen Xi was confident that he could avoid her detection by relying on the Daoseal Mark, as time passed, and once she went berserk and destroyed all the nearby stars, he would be bound to be unable to continue hiding.

The important matter at hand it to make the best use of my time and recover from my injuries. So that if I’m discovered by her, I would be able to go all out against her again…. Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh when he sensed his injuries. Since he entered Snow Ink Region, he’d never been completely healed and well. He’d been in a situation of constant pursuit at all times, and this sort of feeling caused him to be extremely aggrieved and infuriated. 


Chen Xi withdrew a divine pill and swallowed it. A strand of a rich and cool yet warm flow instantly suffused his entire body, and it nourished and recovered the injuries in his entire body.

This pill was called the Exquisite Five Qi Divine Pill, and he’d purchased them from Jade Drop Paradise. He’d bought a total of 10 for 3,000 Divine Crystals, and they were comparable of seven or eight ordinary Artificial Spirit Treasures in value.

However, even though these pills were expensive, their medicinal effect was rather shocking. It was capable of bringing the dead back to life, nurturing the Dao Foundation, replenishing Divine Energy, and possessed unbelievably miraculous effects towards recovering injuries.

In next to no time, Chen Xi sensed the injuries in his body being recovered swiftly, and this sort of feeling allowed him to feel much more relaxed in his heart. According to this speed, it wouldn’t take more than two days for his injuries to be completely recovered.

During this entire process, Chen Xi had constantly concealed his aura with the Daoseal Mark as he was deeply afraid of exposing even a trace of his aura and allowing Ye Yan to notice it.

However, doing this had a disadvantage, he was unable to cultivate any longer. Because cultivating would definitely cause the vital energy in his body to circulate and link up with the heavens and the earth. In this way, no matter how formidable the Daoseal Mark was, it would be impossible for it sever the link between his vital energy and the Grand Dao of the heavens and the earth.

Since I can’t cultivate, then I’ll comprehend the Dao. Chen Xi wouldn’t allow himself to waste any time at all. He possessed numerous books from Oracle Mountain in his possession, and all of them were left behind by his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters. For example, the Daoist Sword Decree, the Roc Divine Technique, and their various comprehensions and experiences in cultivation.

Since the moment he’d been pursued by Ye Yang, Chen Xi had fully realized that perhaps his cultivation could reign supreme in the three dimensions, yet he’d instantly been reduced into a god of the lowest level in the Ancient God Domain.

Even if he was already extremely outstanding in the eyes of others and was capable of surmounting a realm to slaughter Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods like Ninth Uncle and Moli Chou, but in Chen Xi’s opinion, how could he possibly constantly linger on his accomplishments of the past?

Especially his experience of being pursued by a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like Ye Yan had caused his yearning for strength to grow stronger, and he yearned even more to become strong!


Two days later, Chen Xi’s injuries had healed completely.

However, he didn’t leave just like that. His vital energy vanished while his mind was immersed into the various ancient books that were in his possession.

Those books covered and contained everything, and all of them were left behind by his senior brothers and senior sisters from Oracle Mountain. The experiences they left behind within these books were precious and thought provoking

Especially that Chen Xi had already stepped foot into the Godrank Realm now. With his current ability of perception, the comprehensions he obtained from these books were unlike those he’d obtained in the past.

Because most of the experiences and comprehensions in these books were unique forms of understanding related to controlling the energy of the Divine Dao, the condensation of Divine Dao Laws, and combat techniques.

All of these books and all of the profundities within them seemed to encompass a myriad of changes that were completely different, but in the end, they reached the same goal by different means and returned to the Talisman Dao. This allowed Chen Xi to comprehend them in an effortless manner. Moreover, by relying on the ability of deduction from his own Talisman Dao, he was frequently able to verify and expound on the profundities to comprehend an understanding of his own.

While he was at the Immortal King Realm, Chen Xi was definitely unable to comprehend these profundities, and it was like trying to gaze at pool through a mountain or search for flowers within a mist.

As he comprehended more and more, Chen Xi even forgot the passage of time, and his entire body seemed to have transformed into a rock on the desolate star. He was deathly silent, yet his heart was experiencing the baptism and improvement from various profundities. 

The Divine Dao!

The Grand Dao of Gods. It was supreme, profound, and indistinct. Since the ancient times until now, practically no one could provide a specific explanation and differentiation of this path towards the Dao.

In other words, amongst the gods that had been born since the ancient times until now, no matter how strong their strengths were, none of them dared to say that they’d really arrived at the end of the path towards the Divine Dao.

This seemed to be a boundless path, yet it drew over all the gods to explore it.

What was the end of the Grand Dao of Gods?

Was there an even further path towards the Dao above the Grand Dao of Gods?

This was what every god yearned for in their hearts.

Now, Chen Xi had already stepped foot on this path, and he’d laid eyes on an even vaster sky, a further path towards the Dao, and even stronger strength.

Moreover, he’d noticed his own insufficiencies.

Insufficiencies meant there was possibility for improvement. So, Chen Xi wouldn’t, didn’t dare, and had never stopped. He didn’t do it for the Grand Dao, and he’d done it merely for the sake of the responsibilities on his shoulder.


Time flew by like a shuttle, and a year passed swiftly.

The lifespan of the gods was boundless and practically eternal. So, a year was nothing to them. It was like a flick of the finger, and it couldn’t cause any great waves.

On this day, rustling rain suddenly descended from the sky.

In the next few months of time, a seed emerged from the desolate ground, and a verdant sapling arose. It was extremely delicate and swayed in the wind as it grew, and it gradually grew stronger before spraying seeds all over the ground.

After that, an expanse of green arose from the ground, and they became a wisp of light on this desolate star.

It was at this moment that Chen Xi who was comprehending techniques and the Dao beneath the surface had awoken, and he opened his eyes that were bright and deep.

Suddenly, he frowned. With a thought in his heart, the layer of green on the ground instantly withered and transformed into ash that vanished without a trace, causing the star to become desolate once more.

My vital energy was almost exposed, and it almost led to disaster. Fortunately, I wasn’t noticed by Ye Yan…. Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

During this year of comprehension, his understanding of the Divine Dao had progressed, and the Divine Dao Laws he possessed had been condensed a step further. Just a few months ago, he’d been seized by sudden inspiration and captured a trace of a critical factor to advance. However, he forcefully restrained himself from acting on it in the end.

It was precisely the circulation of his vital energy at that moment which caused a trace of vitality to grow on the ground and condense that expanse of green grass.

Not bad! Even though I didn’t cultivate, the progress I made in my Divine Dao Laws have allowed my cultivation to obtain extraordinary benefits instead. As he sensed the changed in the state of his body, a trace of a gratified feeling surged from Chen Xi’s heart. He was clearly aware that so long as his vital energy circulated, then it wouldn’t be long before he would be able to step foot into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm!

This could be said to be fortune that came from misfortune. Under the pressure that Ye Yan imposed upon him, Chen Xi’s potential was unearthed without end, and his cultivation had obtained a clear improvement as well.

But it was far from being sufficient!

Chen Xi was clearly aware that even though he’d improved, Ye Yan was a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God. The gap between them was still huge, and he was utterly unable to make up for it now.

This reality caused Chen Xi to be rather aggrieved. Needless to say, offending a terrifying existence that far surpassed one in cultivation and being ceaselessly pursued by that existence was an extremely unfortunate thing.

It was even to the extent that if it was any other World Enlightened True God in this situation, they would have probably given up a long time ago, whereas, it could be said to be a fortunate thing that Chen Xi was able to persist and survive until now.

Hmm? Right at this moment, a strand of extreme danger suddenly arose in Chen Xi’s heart, and it caused the hairs on his entire body to stand on end while he felt extremely horrified.

Shit! He swiftly stood up, and then charged out of the ground with a swish and arrived in the sky.


Right at the instant that he’d just moved away, the desolate star he was originally on suddenly rumbled before shattering into powder. The entire expanse of space it resided in had split open into an enormous rift, and it wriggled madly.

Chen Xi gasped. If I was slightly slower in fleeing just now, then wouldn’t I have been crushed into powder along with that star? 

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