Chapter 159 – Azureflower Spiritlord

Chapter 159 – Azureflower Spiritlord

Bei Heng’s expression was indeterminate. “If I continue diverting my attention to protect this kid, then this old life of mine will probably have to be left here today. If I don’t care about him…”


Lightning crackled down and the violent energy shocked the Fifth-Earth Mirror to the point it trembled intensely, and there were even traces of cracks appearing faintly on the surface of the mirror. Obviously, it wouldn’t be long before this Quasi Immortal Artifact might possibly explode into pieces.

Never mind, in the entire vast heaven and earth, I’m most important. So long as I can survive, then who cares what happens? A trace of resoluteness flashed on Bei Heng’s face, and then he stood up right away before lightly sighing in his heart as he looked at Chen Xi who sat cross-legged on the ground. “Chen Xi, oh, Chen Xi, don’t blame me for not lending a hand to save you. I’m only doing it to survive as well… Hmm?”

Bei Heng suddenly saw that at the center of the black and white ball of lightning clouds that revolved ceaselessly above Chen Xi, an enormous vortex suddenly expanded out, and the black and white colored energies mixed together like the convergence of Yin and Yang or water and fire colliding, causing the vortex that was condensed from them to madly revolve at an indescribable speed.

After that, a vast and peerless suction force surged out!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

It was like the sound of a myriad of bees flapping their wings in unison, and that vortex was like the mouth of the ancient Divine Beast, Roc, as it gushed out with a terrifying suction force that could swallow the heaven and earth.

Subsequently, Bei Heng saw that the balefulstar lightning that descended in the nearby 300 meters around Chen Xi seemed as if they’d been summoned, and they uncontrollably surged towards the black and white vortex.     


After it absorbed and swallowed all the nearby balefulstar lightning, the black and white vortex seemed as if it had consumed an extremely great tonic, and it suddenly expanded by 30m, 300m… In practically an instant, its size had already expanded to cover an almost 3km area.

At this moment, when one looked at the black and white vortex, it was simply like a cloud that covered the heavens and earth, alternating black and white, Yin and Yang revolving. The completely circular vortex formed by it was even like the black holes in the depths of the universe that swallowed everything, causing coldness to arise in one’s heart for no reason, even when looking at it from afar.

“What a terrifying suction force!” Bei Heng’s expression abruptly went grim. He felt that the Fifth-Earth Mirror actually wanted to struggle free from his control and fly towards the vortex. He didn’t dare hesitate and instantly spat out a strand of Immortal Energy before grabbing out with his hand to withdraw the Fifth-Earth Mirror back to float above him.

In this way, the barrier that protected Chen Xi vanished along with it.

But at this moment, Chen Xi already had no need of the protection from the barrier. The black and white vortex above him that covered an entire 3km was like an unshakable wall that blocked before him. It possessed an imposing aura, as if it could swallow everything in the world, as it madly swallowed the roiling balefulstar lightning that descended from the sky.

The more it swallowed, the larger the black and white vortex became, and it expanded out towards the surroundings at a speed that was visible to the eye. If one were to look at it from up above in the sky, one would notice that a quarter of all the balefulstar lightning in the area of Falling Star Mountain was like a sea that flowed backward, gushing uncontrollably towards Chen Xi, and the scene was shocking to the extreme.

The pressure on Bei Heng’s entire body instantly reduced, as he’d received the protection from the black and white vortex by staying at Chen Xi’s side. But when he saw the balefulstar lightning that gushed over from all directions, he still couldn’t avoid feeling a chill run down his spine.

This terrifying energy was enough to grind him into dust countless times!


“Heartless! They actually used a blood sacrificial technique to activate the full might of the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation. This Starnet Palace’s Sect Master was actually able to bring himself to do this.” Bai Teng held the Immortal Artifact, Verdant Lotus Shadowbamboo, in his hand, and stood in the world that was formed by the myriad of azure lotuses. His gaze was sharp, as if he looked down upon all the eagles in the nine heavens, his mind broad as if it could hold the vastness of mountains and rivers, his figure tall and big as if he possessed the imposing might to control the starry sky, and he was like a supreme king that held a scepter.

But at this moment, his white brows knit slightly and his eyes emitted cold lights as his entire body was coiled in a matchless aura of slaughter. Obviously, the Starnet Palace’s cruel actions of using a few tens of thousands of lives to offer a sacrifice of blood to the grand formation had completely infuriated him.

When a king is infuriated, blood flows into rivers.

Bai Teng wasn’t a king, yet he was more respected than a king from the mortal world. He was a peerless expert at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm who held an Immortal Artifact in his hand, and with a single thought, he could destroy the heaven and earth and distort space!

However, right when he was about to attack with his full force and use the entire grand formation to vent the flames of rage in his heart, he instead seemed to have noticed something, and he suddenly gazed off far into the distance. After that, he saw an incomparably enormous black and white vortex revolving violently with lightning roiling and the baleful energy of the stars howling within it, one Yin and the other Yang, a miraculous scene that seemed as if it was formed from nature, and the boundless swallowing force had actually drawn over a quarter of all the lightning in the grand formation.

“Yin, Yang, lightning, stars, wind, and there vaguely seems to be the five elements; ten types of Supreme Grand Daos!” Bai Teng was stunned, and a stream of an icy cold sheen that seemed like a waterfall suddenly exploded out from the depths of his eyes. With his cultivation, he’d actually been shocked by the scene before him as well.

“Elder Bai Teng, you didn’t see wrongly, right? It’s really ten types of Supreme Grand Daos?” The nearby Bai Gan’s body stiffened, and he said in astonishment. “Up until today, I’ve only condensed 18 types of Minor Daos and one Grand Dao. Could it be that person is more formidable than me?”

“Bai Gan, you finally understand that no matter how strong you are, there’s always someone stronger, right? In the Clan, you’re indeed an extremely talented genius, yet when compared with that little fellow in the distance, you completely fall short. You should put away that arrogant and overbearing temper of yours and cultivate quietly.” Bai Teng didn’t hold back in the slightest to reproach the nearby Bai Gan.

“Hmph! I’ve only cultivated for 19 years. If I’m given a little bit more time, I’ll surely leave that kid far behind.” Bai Gan was unconvinced.

Bai Teng shook his head, and his gaze unintentionally glanced over to notice the nearby Bai Wanqing quietly staring blankly at the black and white vortex with an expression that seemed pleasantly surprised, disbelief, and extremely complicated.

“Young Miss, you know that kid?” Bai Teng asked in surprise.

“Perhaps… I’m mistaken.” Bai Wanqing shook her head as the image of a young man with a stiff and sedate expression and a handsome appearance appeared in her mind, and then she said in her heart. Only two years have passed now, how could that little fellow possibly have cultivated to such a formidable degree? I’m surely mistaken.

“No matter what, those two people ought to have no ill intentions towards us, and they’re tying down a quarter of the grand formation’s strength now. Actually, we ought to thank them. We must not delay, I’ll seize this opportunity to destroy this formation and wipe out everyone from Starnet Palace!” Bai Teng slowly finished speaking, and the Verdant Lotus Shadowbamboo flew out from his hand.

Clear light drifted out gracefully as Immortal Energy swept out, and the world that was formed from a myriad of azure lotuses instantly transformed into a 3m tall lofty titan. This titan wore a scholar’s hat and ancient clothes, his entire body blooming with a myriad of azure lotuses. His azure colored beard that was 300m in length fluttered with the wind. His appearance was simple, and he was like the god that was born from the myriad of azure lotuses.


Strength that was impossible to describe effused out from the lofty figure. At that instant the figure appeared, in the surrounding 3km, space shattered, the airflow was blazed into nothingness, and the countless bolts of balefulstar lightning that surged down from the sky actually seemed as if they were ground to dust by a shapeless hand, and had all been obliterated in the sky!

“This is the Artifact Spirit of the Verdant Lotus Shadowbamboo, Azureflower Spiritlord? Immortal Artifact, Immortal Artifact, as expected, its might is formidable. With Elder Bai Teng’s cultivation, he’s only able to exert 40% of its might. If he was able to exert its full might, then wouldn’t it be even more formidable and even more terrifying?” Bai Gan looked at the tall and lofty figure, and the shock in his heart couldn’t be described with words.


Azureflower Spiritlord opened his enormous hand to grab out towards the space before him, and a myriad of azure colored lotus flowers that possessed sharp edges that were like blades shot out explosively. The strength that was emitted from every single azure colored lotus flower was sufficient to compare with the full force strike of an Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator!


The space and layer upon layer of restriction in the surroundings were completely blasted into powder under the Azureflower Spiritlord’s might, and it seemed as if an enormous hole was blasted out in the sky!


With two Immortal Artifacts in my possession, I don’t have to take the trouble of gathering Magic Treasures to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation once I cultivate to the Earthly Immortal Realm, HAHAHA! It’s truly fortune that dropped down from the heavens! Chai Shao looked at the balefulstar lightning that was tainted with the energy from the blood sacrifice and covered the entirety of Falling Star Mountain, and he seemed as if he’d already seen the two Immortal Artifacts waving at him and were within reach.

Once all of them are killed, I have to think of a way to get an Immortal Artifact from Martial Uncle Chai Shao. Otherwise, if he monopolizes both of them, then what meaning would there be for me to continue being the Sect Master? Tie Yunzi gazed into the distance, yet he’d secretly started to plan in his heart.

The thoughts of both of them were different, yet both subconsciously thought that no matter if it was Bai Wanqing’s group of three, or Chen Xi and Bei Heng, all of them were bound to die tragically within the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation.

It was at this moment that their eyes squinted. They saw an extremely enormous black and white vortex surge into appearance in the distance, and it was like a black hole from space as it madly swallowed a quarter of all the balefulstar lightning in the entire Falling Star Mountain.


What’s that?

However, before the two of them could react to what it was, they saw a 3km tall lofty figure spring up in the distant sky, and its entire body bloomed with azure lotuses, its azure beard fluttering in the wind, and it was like a fiendgod or enormous spirit from the primordial era. Although they were separated from it by the grand formation, Tie Yunzi and Chai Shao were still almost suffocated by a terrifying oppressive force.


The lofty figure grabbed out, causing space to shatter and the myriad of lightning bolts to be wiped out. Instantly, almost half of the restriction set up within the entire Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation was destroyed.

Immortal Artifact!

Artifact Spirit!

At this moment, Tie Yunzi and Chai Shao’s expressions were indeterminate as they both didn’t dare believe their eyes. How could this be possible? I’ve expended the resources of Starnet Palace that were gathered for a thousand years and have even sacrificed the blood and souls of a few tens of thousands of disciples. The might of the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation is sufficient to annihilate any Earthly Immortal Realm cultivation. How can it possibly be unable to hurt this fellow in the slightest?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The lofty figure stepped out in the sky, carrying a billowing imposing aura of majesty and dominance as its hands grabbed out successively, causing area after area of space to shatter and layer after layer of profound restriction to be destroyed and wiped out, and it made a clean sweep of all obstacles.

In the sky, the myriad of stars became dim and blurred, and they gradually disappeared from sight. It wouldn’t be long before this grand formation that was connected to the myriad of stars in the sky would be completely destroyed, and the night would withdraw to reveal the bright day once more.

The situation had exceeded all the expectations of Tie Yunzi and Chai Shao, and it had become a situation of imminent danger.

“Martial Uncle, why is it like this? Why is it like this?” Tie Yunzi’s heart was bleeding as he roared savagely, and the boundless terror and unwillingness that gushed throughout his body caused him to seem like a demented madman.

“Do you think I’m resigned? We…” Chai Shao’s expression was ashen, his eyes hollow, and he said bitterly, “We’ve still underestimated the might of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert!”

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