Chapter 1589 – Spatial Turbulence



Space warped and fluctuated before his eyes at extremely speed. It was like a multicolored ray of light, and it carried a lustrous and dazzling sense of beauty.

However, Chen Xi didn’t have the time to admire this beauty. He was fleeing at full speed, and he was silently calculating all the methods he possessed to deal with this situation.

Exactly how terrifying were Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods?

At the very least, no matter how strong and heaven defying a World Enlightened True God was, once a World Enlightened True God went head on against a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, the outcome would definitely be death.

At this realm of cultivation, one’s cultivation had already attained a state of returning to its ancestral path, and the Grand Dao returned to its source. A single thought of such an existence could create a myriad of phenomena while such an existence’s strength could create a world, whereas, such an existence’s rage could destroy a world. It wasn’t just something that could be described by the word terrifying.

So, Chen Xi could only flee. Even if he wished for nothing more than to kill her, he had no choice but to accept the gap in their strengths.

This was reality!

Even if he was capable of surmounting a realm to do battle and annihilate Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm was two realms above him after all. This sort of distance couldn’t be made up for with any external forces.

Even if Chen Xi was given the number one precious treasure that was born within the Chaos of the three dimensions, Pangu’s Axe, he would still be helpless against her.

The reason was extremely simple. With his current cultivation, it was utterly insufficient for him to bright forth the monstrous might possessed by Pangu’s Axe. It was like a young child holding a peerless sword. No matter how peerlessly sharp it was, the child’s strength was limited in the end, and the child wouldn’t be able to resist the blows of a strong man.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Strong sounds of spatial wings whistled by his ears as Chen Xi advanced, and he fled out of this star and entered the boundless starry sky.

At this moment, he was like a flowing ray of light that was moving through the boundless starry sky, and he teleported and traversed star after star aimlessly.

It was extremely dangerous to hide within a star because its area was too small, and it was extremely easy to be locked-onto. On the other hand, the universe was different, it was densely covered within countless stars, nebulas, galaxies, rivers of stars…. Moreover, spatial rifts, spatial black holes that whistled madly, and various baleful energies and profound lights of the universe that were terrifying to the point of being capable of reaping one’s soul existed here. It was boundlessly dangerous and extremely complicated.

In the opinion of any cultivator, roaming freely within the universe was something that required extremely great courage. Because besides the dangerous natural environment in the universe, it was extremely easy to get lost and be unable to find a way back.

At this moment, this boundless universe had become a superb place to flee for Chen Xi. It was like a complicated and dangerous maze, and at the same time that it brought numerous dangers to him, it meant that it would be able to provide him with even more places to hide himself.

However, to Chen Xi’s shock, he’s underestimated how terrifying Ye Yan was.

Not long after he’d just entered Jaderock Universe, he suddenly noticed a strand of terrifying killing intent surging over, and it suffused his entire body like a cold torrent.

“Chen Xi, if you intend to continue playing, then I’ll definitely accompany you until the end. However, your fate is completely controlled in my hands. So, do you think it’s necessary to continue fleeing now?” That gentle, pleasing, and familiar voice resounded once more by his ears. Along with this voice, there was a pitch black copper ring that revolved as it tore through space towards him.

The copper ring tore through space like a dazzling shooting star, and it tore apart the darkness of the universe and burned with monstrous divine radiance that instilled terror in the hearts of all as it assaulted Chen Xi!

It was quick!

Truly too quick!

It was quick to the point that before Ye Yan’s voice could finish resounding, the pitch black copper ring had already charged over to Chen Xi.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s pupils suddenly constricted while the Divine Energy he’d been accumulating for a long time surged throughout his body. He suddenly let out a loud shout, and then utilized the Copper Coin of Treasurefall to collide head-on with the copper ring.


The sound of a monstrous collision resounded in the starry sky, and a terrifying fluctuation swept towards the surroundings, causing over 10 desolate stars in the vicinity to tremble, and they seemed to be on the verge of falling and exploding into pieces!

This was the universe of the Ancient God Domain. Under the envelopment of the Divine Dao Laws here, every single star was extremely solid and far from something a star in the three dimensions could compare to. Yet now, the scene of these stars being on the verge of falling had arisen because of this collision!


Chen Xi’s figure shook while a light green barrier of light arose around his body, and then it rumbled and shattered.

This was an armor he’d purchased in Jade Drop Paradise. According to the attendant there, it was capable of resisting the full forced strike of a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. Yet now, it had shattered like a piece of paper beneath the attack of a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, and it was extremely weak.

However, it was precisely this layer of defense that dealt with most of the impact that Chen Xi suffered, and he relied on this force to charge once more towards the distance.

“Hmm? Looks like you prepared a great deal of things to resist me during this year of time. Unfortunately, if you possessed the Primordial Spirit Armor ranked at the 6th in the three dimensions, then perhaps you’d be able to struggle for a while longer. However, relying on trash like these would be utterly unable to improve the situation you’re in.” Extremely far in the distance, Ye Yan was stunned, and then she spoke in a tender and melodious voice before continuing to pursue Chen Xi.

“There’s no need to speak any further. Come kill me if you have the ability, cut the crap if you don’t!”


Amidst his calm voice, Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and divine rays of light shot out from his entire body. He seemed to have suddenly transformed into an enormous Roc. Rumbling resounded as he flapped his wings that covered the sky, and his speed was actually forcefully doubled as he whistled off into the distance.

The Roc Divine Technique!

The innate technique grasped by the number one ferocious beast in the primeval times, the Roc! No matter if it was in terms of attack or movement, it could be considered as one of the most terrifying in the world.

After all, the Ancestors of the Rocs was said to be capable of transforming into a fish while in the ocean, and he could swallow all water in a single breath of time. On the other hand, he transformed into a bird when he left the ocean, soaring up into the sky and roaming the universe as if it was flat ground!

However, executing this technique had its flaw, and that was it consumed too much Divine Energy. If he didn’t have any other choice, Chen Xi wouldn’t execute it rashly at all.

“The Roc Divine Technique…. Hmph! All those years ago, your Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai, killed a descendant of the Rocs, and he offended the Roc Daolord. If it wasn’t for your Master, Fuxi, your Third Senior Brother would have paid with his life a long time ago. Now, you’re flaunting this ability? Could it be that you’re not afraid of being pursued by the Divine Roc Race?” Ye Yan’s voice swept over faintly, and it was clearly much more indistinct that it was before this. Obviously, Chen Xi’s execution of the Roc Divine Technique had caused her to be unable to maintain her advantage in speed, and she could only barely match Chen Xi’s speed.

“The Roc Daolord?” This caused Chen Xi to suddenly think of the Primeval Micro Race that he’d met in the Last Day Domain, and he found out about the death of the Roc Daolord from the white haired granny there.

Now, when Ye Yan mentioned that his Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai, had actually killed a descendant of the Roc Daolord and caused their Master, Fuxi, to no choice but to stand out and ensure Tie Yunhai’s safety, Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as well. He had a stronger feeling of how all the great figures in the Ancient God Domain were extremely terrifying, and dragons and tigers were hidden everywhere.

However, Chen Xi was already clearly aware that the Roc Daolord had perished a long time ago from entering the Last Days Dao Domain, and he’d transformed into the Last Days Domain. So, Chen Xi would naturally not be fearful because of this.

It was even to the extent that he’d obtain a strand of quintessence energy from the Roc Seal within the Last Days Domain, and it allowed his strength to improve. So, it could be considered as Karma as well.


Another strand of terrifying fluctuation arose from behind him.

Even though Ye Yan was unable to catch up to Chen Xi, she’d utilized the pitch black copper ring in her possession to attack Chen Xi from afar. That treasure was obviously a Natural Spirit Treasure, and its offensive strength was shocking. It was absolutely not an ordinary Natural Spirit Treasure.


Chen Xi had no choice but to collide head-on with it once more, and the enormous image of a Roc he’d transformed into suddenly trembled and was almost dispersed from the impact.

At the same time, Chen Xi suddenly crushed over 100 Divine Crystals and absorbed them within his body, and he utterly disregarded whether the energy within the Divine Crystals was too violent before he started absorbing it madly.

Doing this was extremely harmful to his meridians. It would cause one’s foundation to become unstable, and it might even cause one to suffer from qi deviation. However, at this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about all of this.

With the assistance of these Divine Crystals, his figure was like a flash of light as it charged explosively once more. In an instant, he’d left Ye Yan far behind him.

“This damnable little bastard is actually so full of tricks.” Ye Yan’s beautiful brows rose, and a wisp of impatience flashed within her clear eyes.

She wasn’t enraged, and she merely felt that it was troublesome.

However, right after that, she was slightly stunned because she was actually unable to lock onto Chen Xi’s vital energy.

“Hmm?” Ye Yan’s face changed slightly, and she suddenly executed a secret technique. He red figure seemed as it caught fire, and it rumbled as she charged forward.

After a short while, she stopped before an area that was densely covered in spatial turbulence. She frowned as she utilized her will to sweep forward, yet it came back empty handed in the end.

“Strange, his vital energy has actually vanished completely. Could it be that he has already perished within this spatial turbulence?” Ye Yan shot her gaze towards the spatial turbulence.

It was an expanse of shattered space that lay across an area of 500,000km in the universe. Countless shattered meteors flowed within it, and as the collapsed and whistling space surged without end, they formed numerous terrifying vortexes that were extremely astonishing.

“Hmph! I don’t believe you’ve perished just like that!” A wisp of a ruthless expression suddenly flashed past Ye Yan’s eyes, and she formed seals with her hands. The black copper ring droned as it emanated numerous images of the gods and a myriad of strands of black divine light, and then all of it smashed towards the spatial turbulence in the distance.


For a time, that expanse of spatial turbulence that covered an area of 500,000km started to explode and shatter violently. It was like a pool of muddy water that was in chaos, and it emanated strand of terrifying spatial waves that swept towards the surroundings.

On the other hand, the countless meteors within it were either shattered into power, or they were blasted to the point of descending forcefully in all directions.

It felt as if an extremely huge firework had erupted in the starry sky, and it was gorgeous and magnificent yet dangerous to the extreme as well.

In the end, the dust and dirt dispersed, yet it was still unable to allow Ye Yan to notice Chen Xi’s aura.

This caused her peerlessly beautiful face to be instantly enveloped by a layer of gloominess. “I clearly left behind a strand of will on him, so how could my ability to sense his presence be suddenly severed, and I’m even unable to lock onto his vital energy any longer?”

Ye Yan stood on the spot and pondered deeply for a long time. In the end, she stomped her foot forcefully onto space, and she was extremely annoyed.

She’d completely not noticed that after she blasted the spatial turbulence earlier, a shadow that was extremely difficult to notice was laying atop one of the meteors that were blasted off.

“Little Bastard! I’ll never forgive you! No matter where you hide, I’ll chase you until the end!” Ye Yan made her voice spread towards the distance, and she seemed to be putting on a show of strength, but it seemed even more like she was venting the rage in her heart.

But in the end, she didn’t receive any reply at all.

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