Chapter 1588 – Star Orbit Command Token

Zhu Dongting’s eyes almost split open while he stood stunned on the spot.

The battle had just begun….

The opponent was merely a World Enlightened True God….

Who could have imagined that such a shocking turn of events would occur?

Who would have expected that a World Enlightened True God that seemed extremely ordinary would actually suddenly reveal a cultivation in the Sword Dao at the Sword Emperor Realm, combat strength that was sufficient to surmount a realm and go head-on against a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and a Natural Spirit Treasure, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall?

It was precisely because all of this was unexpected that Zhu Dongting would feel perplexed and disbelief when all of this occurred.

He was clearly aware that he’d really bit off more than he could chew!

Since a young age, he’d been growing up under the protection of the seniors in the sect, and his status was respected. Up until now, his path of cultivation had always been smooth and ever-successful, so when had he suffered such a setback?

He was disgruntled, yet the terror in his heart caused his entire body to tremble. Not to mention a will to fight, he didn’t even have the slightest courage to make a move.

This sort of feeling caused him to feel embarrassed and uneasy. For the first time, he realized that once he lost all protection and truly faced terror, he was actually so contemptible.


Before he could extricate himself from these feelings of frustration, a terrifying fluctuation swept out, and it collapsed the sky and crushed all things into powder.

When this fluctuation impacted him, Zhu Dongting seemed as if he was struck by a sledgehammer, and his entire body was blasted flying uncontrollable, and he fell 500km away in a sorry state. His countenance was pale while blood gurgled out of his mouth and nose, and it caused him to seem extremely terrifying and hideous.

“Am I going to die? No, how can I die? I haven’t lived enough!!” Zhu Dongting shouted in his heart, and he was completely and utterly terrified.

This spoiled and domineering profligate disciple of the Violethell Divine Sect was even on the verge of crying!

“Young Master, flee! Quickly!!” Moli Chou’s extremely miserable, grim, and sharp cry sounded out from within the surging dust and dirt.

“Right, how could I have forgotten to flee? I have to flee! I have to return to the Violethell Divine Sect and get Ancestor to take revenge for me! I’ll cut this kid up into a thousand pieces, burn his bones, and scatter his ashes! At this moment, Zhu Dongting seemed as if he’d found his pillar of support. His entire body suddenly shuddered while the distracting thoughts in his mind were completely dispersed, and he swiftly crawled up from the ground and fled.


A muffled bang suddenly resounded behind him, and then Moli Chou’s shrill and miserable cries stopped abruptly.

Zhu Dongting didn’t pay any attention to this at all. At this moment, there was only a single thought in his mind — flee! So long as he was able to flee into Voidsky City, then he would be safe.

Because numerous disciples from Violethell Divine Sect were stationed there, and there was even a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God from the Sovereign Sect there!

But right after that, Zhu Dongting suddenly stopped moving and revealed an astounded expression, and then he let out a practically despaired wail. His entire body went limp, and he almost fell to the ground.

Because a figure had appeared before him. That figure had a sword in his right hand, and he held a bloody head in his left.

That head belonged to Moli Chou! And that figure was naturally Chen Xi!

When he saw this scene, Zhu Dongting’s mind almost collapsed while his vital energy fell into disorder, and he was terrified to the point his face warped.

Moli Chou who was at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm had actually been annihilated so easily! Moreover, the person who did it was merely a World Enlightened True God….

How could he accept this?

Actually, Zhu Dongting wasn’t aware that Chen Xi already possessed the might to annihilate the Dayi Clan’s Ninth Uncle while he was at the Last Days Domain a long time ago. That was a top-rate existence amongst Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, and Ninth Uncle was countless times more formidable than Moli Chou.

If Chen Xi was still unable to kill Moli Chou under such circumstances, then it would truly be strange.

“Please… please… please don’t kill me…. I can give you everything you want if you don’t kill me. My grandfather is the Grand Elder of Violethell Divine Sect, Zhu Gangshan, and it’ll be extremely troublesome for you if you kill me. Please, I beg you….” Zhu Dongting actually knelt on the ground with a thump, and he howled and begged.

In these years of cultivation, Chen Xi had seen many people that were afraid of death, yet it was the first time he’d encountered someone that was afraid of death to such an extent.

However, this was unable to change Chen Xi’s mind, and it was even to the extent that he didn’t waste his breath at all.

His hand rose up.

His sword descended.

A head shot into the sky while blood sprayed.

After that, Chen Xi started to clean up the battlefield with a calm expression. From the beginning until the end, he didn’t reveal even a trace of pity, and it was even to the extent that there wasn’t even a shred of fluctuation in his emotions.

Since the moment they’d pursued him with the intention to kill, Chen Xi had aroused killing intent towards them.

There wasn’t any deep enmity between them, yet it just so happened that the two of them had repeatedly come looking for trouble with him and intended to kill him. So, this had already exceeded the limits Chen Xi was willing to endure.

He wasn’t someone that slaughtered indiscriminately, yet if his enemies came looking for trouble with him, then he wouldn’t mind sending them on their way as soon as possible.

The wealth these fellows carried along with them is pretty abundant. In total, there’s an entire 16,000 Divine Crystal, five Artificial Spirit Treasures…. After he cleaned up the battlefield, a trace of a satisfied expression couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. After that, his gaze descended onto a command token in his hand.

This command token was around the size of his palm, and it was empty and translucent. A complicated spatial talisman formation diagram was branded within it, and it was called the Star Orbit Command Token. It was a treasure needed to move through Interstellar Teleportation Formations.

For example, there were a total of 3,000 universes in Snow Ink Region, and Jaderock Universe was densely covered with over 100,000 stars. If there were no fixed Interstellar Teleportation Formations, then it was extremely likely for one to lose one’s way while teleporting through these places.

It was different if one possessed a Star Orbit Command Token. So long as the star one resided on possessed an Interstellar Teleportation Formation, then one could travel through it at will.

As for cultivators that didn’t possess such a command token, they were naturally able to utilize these teleportation formations as well. However, they had to pay a huge price for every single teleportation, and it wasn’t worth it at all.

Something worthy of mentioning was that the refinement of Star Orbit Command Tokens was controlling the hands of the number one power in every single universe. Moreover, the Star Orbit Command Tokens they refined could only be utilized within their own universe.

According to rumor, there was even a command token in the Ancient God Domain that allowed one to teleport between regions, and it was called the Region Vein Command Token. However, they were extremely scarce, and it was utterly impossible for ordinary people to come into contact with it.

With this Star Orbit Command Token, I wouldn’t have to take great pains in order to head to Violethell Divine Sect…. Chen Xi carefully put the command token away. It was a precious treasure because at the very least, he could rely on it to move through the teleportation formations on all the stars in Jaderock Universe.

However, right at this moment, a feeling of vigilance arose in Chen Xi’s heart, and his entire body stiffened. After that, his gaze suddenly shot towards the distance like a bolt of lightning.

“Since you’ve arrived, then why don’t you show yourself?” Amidst his calm and indifferent voice, Chen Xi silently clenched the Talisman Armament in his hand tightly, and his entire body was like a fully drawn bow that would loose an arrow at any moment.

“I never expected that you actually changed to another appearance, and it’s difficult for me to distinguish it authenticity. Looks like you definitely possess a Shapeless Skin from the Woodskin Mask Race?” A red shadow swiftly appeared, and with a shake of her waist, she lay lazily with her back resting on space itself. She had hazy eyes, snow white skin, an extraordinarily beautiful face, jet black hair that fluttered loosely behind her, ample and magnificent snow white heaps before her chest, and a slender and graceful figure. Her entire body emanated a strand of peerless charm, and she seemed like a drop dead gorgeous beauty.

It was the disciple of the Sovereign Sect, Ye Yan!

“It really is you.” Chen Xi seemed to be extremely calm, yet his deep eyes carried a wisp of icy cold killing intent. If he didn’t maintain his rationality now, then he would wish for nothing more than to kill her immediately.

Of course it’s me. If it isn’t me, then you’ll probably be able to escape again.” Ye Yang chuckled while her sexy red lips parted lightly, and her voice was gentle and pleasing.

“Are you so sure you’d be able to keep me here?” Chen Xi sneered.

“I’m not going to keep you here; I’m going to kill you. Otherwise, I would probably be unable to sleep in the future.” Ye Yan blinked as if she was flirting with a lover, yet the content of her words caused others to tremble in fear.


Suddenly, a strand of terrifying fluctuation arose from all directions, and it formed into a myriad of talisman markings. In an instant, they instantly transformed into a peerlessly ghastly Divine Restriction that enveloped Ye Yan.

All of this had occurred too quickly. Moreover, from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t done anything, yet the divine restriction had appeared abruptly, causing Ye Yang to have no time to react.

“Since the moment I left the city, I’d deduced that the fluctuations that arise here would definitely be unable to escape your detection. Thus, I set up this formation at the beginning. So please accept this small gift of mine.” Amidst his composed and indifferent voice, Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he’d torn space apart and left at full speed.

The divine restriction was called the White Emperor Darklight Formation, and it was formed from the Whitemetal Divine Talisman. Chen Xi had set it up with all the numerous divine materials he’s purchased in Jade Drop Paradise, and its might was capable of annihilating all World Enlightened True Gods, and it was able to trap Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods yet was insufficient to be lethal to Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

Now, he’d utilized it to deal with a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like Ye Yan instead, so it was naturally unable to restrain her for too long.

This was something that couldn’t be helped, the wealth in Chen Xi’s possession was utterly insufficient for him to purchase sufficient divine materials in order to set up an even more formidable divine restriction.

Most importantly, even if his wealth was sufficient, the Jade Drop Paradise didn’t possess those required divine materials at all. After all, the stronger the might of a divine restriction, the more precious and rarer that divine materials required would be.

It was precisely because of these reasons that Chen Xi turned around and fled without the slightest hesitation.

Because he was very clearly aware that if he went against Ye Yang who was at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm with his current ability, then he would absolutely be courting death. He didn’t want to experience the feeling of being suppressed and trampled on by another.


Sure enough, merely a short moment after Chen Xi had left, the White Emperor Darklight Formation split apart amidst a wave of violent bangs, and it transformed into a rain of light that dispersed into the surroundings and reveal Ye Yang’s slender red figure within it.

“That damnable little bastard really is extremely cunning. However, I’ve already left behind a strand of my will on him. Let me see if you’re able to escape my grasp!” Ye Yan chuckled lightly, her features were tender while she revealed a composed bearing. She stretched out her fair and slender hands to lightly comb up the hair by her ears and tied up a ponytail that flowed down like a waterfall. It was extremely clean, and it caused her charming bearing to carry a trace of a ferocious and oppressive aura.

After that, her red dress shook as she swiftly vanished into space.

“Young Master! Senior Moli Chou!”

“Dead, Young Master and Senior Moli Chou have suffered calamity….”

“Dammit! Who exactly did it!?”

Not long after Ye Yan left, all the disciples of Violethell Divine Sect finally arrived, and for a time, wave after wave of shocked and furious howls resounded in this expanse of the forest that had been transformed into ruins.

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