Chapter 1587 – The Slaughter Begins

Outside the northern city gate was a vast mountainous forest.

Because of the difference in the Laws of the Heaven Dao and the nurturing of Divine Energy, the landscape, rivers, plants, and trees within the Ancient God Domain were extremely strong. In the three dimensions, all of these common plants and trees could be considered as rare divine treasures.

However, they were extremely ordinary in the Ancient God Domain. Not to mention cultivators, even ordinary people that hadn’t cultivated wouldn’t spare them a glance.


After he walked out of the city gate, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all to flick his sleeve, and he hid Mutou and Zai’zi within a Divine Artifact in his possession.

After that, his gaze focused towards the mountainous forest in the distance, and then his figure flashed and swiftly vanished on the spot.


“Why would that kid take those two ordinary young men?” After a short moment, Zhu Dongting and Moli Chou appeared where Chen Xi stood just now.

“A’Chou, why care about all that now?” Zhu Dongting’s eyes were filled with excitement and killing intent. “This kid actually entered a thick forest on his own, and this is a rare opportunity. Let’s go, I can’t wait for a moment longer!” As he spoke, his figure flashed towards the distant forest. Moreover, a beautiful and blazing divine sword revolved and floated in his hand, and it flowed with dazzling golden radiance. It was very extraordinary.

“Be careful Young Master, just in case he’s playing tricks!” Moli Chou hurriedly caught up to Zhu Dongting when he saw this.

As a Domain Enlightened Spirit God that had experienced all sorts of bloody storms, even if Moli Chou felt extreme disdain towards Chen Xi in his heart, once he was really about to make a move against Chen Xi, he wouldn’t underestimate Chen Xi at all.

This was the instinct tempered by experts. Only by not underestimating their opponents when planning a battle would they be able to live longer on the bloody path of cultivation that was filled with deceit and unexpected events.

Presently, Chen Xi had entered the mountains by himself. It seemed like Chen Xi had done this because he’d randomly chosen a path in panic in order to flee, but Moli Chou didn’t dare think like that.

Fortunately, he’d already determined that Chen Xi was only a World Enlightened True God. So, no matter what schemes and tricks Chen Xi played, it wouldn’t be to the extent of making Moli Chou feel hesitant to take action.

The only thing he wasn’t able to stop worrying about was Zhu Dongting. Zhu Dongting was domineering and boastful, and it was very easy for the enemy to seize an opportunity to deal with Zhu Dongting.

So, as soon as they took action, Moli Chou had decided that he would stay by Zhu Dongting’s side at all times. Even though killing the enemy was important, protecting Zhu Dongting’s live was even more important than that.

Otherwise, if any mishaps occurred, then he would be unable to give the Grand Elder of Violethell Divine Sect, Zhu Gangshan, an explanation.


However, the development of the situation would still exceed Moli Zhou’s expectations.

10 minutes later. Chen Xi’s clothes and long hair fluttered as he stood by himself at the side of a lone precipice that was covered in rocks of various sizes and had a waterfall flowing down from it.

After he utilized the Shapeless Skin, even though it had made his appearance seem slightly ordinary, the vital energy that surged around his body and the deep divine radiance in his eyes at this moment caused him to naturally reveal an extraordinary and indifferent disposition.


Beneath the precipice was a surging river. The surging torrent pushed the snow away and caused a thousand waves to arise, and they roared like surging thunderclaps.

To Moli Chou’s surprise, Chen Xi actually didn’t hide when they chased him all the way here, and he seemed as if he was waiting for them.

This sort of sudden behavior caused Moli Chou to be unable to help but frown, and he faintly felt that this kid seemed to intend to play some sort of trick.

However, Zhu Dongting didn’t possess such awareness. When he saw Chen Xi stop fleeing, he couldn’t help but roar complacently with laughter. “Bastard! Go on! Flee! Why aren’t you fleeing anymore? It wouldn’t be that you’ve chosen to jump off the precipice and take your own life?”

At this moment, he was enormously proud of his success and in high spirits, and the flames of rage that were accumulated within his heart seemed as if they’d found a place to be vented at. He was indescribably complacent.

Chen Xi laughed as well and said, “Young Master Zhu really does deserve to be surnamed Zhu.” These words were simply a direct insult that say Zhu Dongting was no different from a pig.

Zhu Dongting’s face instantly sank. He’d never imagined that even at such a moment, this damnable bastard would actually dare to insult and humiliate him. He’s truly courting death!

“Very good! Just because of these words, this Young Master will let you know what being unable to live or die is like!”


As he spoke, his figure flashed, and his body suddenly surged with a strand of terrifying fluctuations of Divine Energy. His imposing aura had changed completely, and it was violent and domineering.

He was infuriated indeed. He wished for nothing more than to swallow Chen Xi’s bones, suck out Chen Xi’s marrow, and cause Chen Xi to be unable to be reincarnated forever.

However, before Zhu Dongting could make a move, Moli Chou had flashed out before he said gloomily, “He’s just a tiny ant. There’s no need for Young Master to make a move against him. Allow this old slave to take care of him.”

As his sharp voice resounded, Moli Chou suddenly blasted through space like a large bird, and his palm was coiled by circles of mysterious and obscure crimson divine glows as he assaulted Chen Xi.

Soulsplit Devil Vulture Claw!

This was the Innate Divine Technique of the Red Devil Vultures. Their hands could tear the heavens and the earth apart, severe the soul, and split the spirit, and it possessed monstrous might.

Swish! Swish!

Space was easily clawed into pieces like paper, and numerous terrifying spatial rifts were split open. They spread extremely far into the distance, causing the heavens and the earth to be enveloped by a layer of ghastly, terrifying, chaotic, and destructive atmosphere at this instant.

This was the might of a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. A single strike could alter the world, turn the landscape around, and cause the Grand Dao to become unstable and uneasy!



At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi moved as well. With the Talisman Armament in hand, a stand of an indescribably terrifying Sword Insight effused out from his body, and it threw the surroundings into disorder.

In an instant, it was like a divine sword that was deeply hidden within the annals of time had been unsheathed, and it shook the universe while its sword howl resounded through the world.

Moreover, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d become a completely different person. His eyes, brows, and even the skin on his body were enveloped by a strand of fierce and murderous Sword Insight. He was like an emperor of the sword that was filled with the great spirit to look down upon the world and command all swords.

This imposing aura was too terrifying. As soon as it appeared, it completely dispersed the ghastly and terrifying atmosphere that Moli Chou had created, and it had done so with ease as if it was sweeping through dry leaves in an all-powerful manner.

It was even to the extent that the nearby precipice, rocks, sand…. Everything in the world was covered in a layer of oppressive killing intent of Sword Insight!

The Sword Emperor Realm!

Moli Chou’s expression changed abruptly, and he was unable to maintain his composure any longer. He felt astounded in his heart. Never had he imagined that an extremely ordinary young man at the World Enlightened True God Realm would suddenly transform into a Sword Emperor.

A Sword Emperor!

That was a supreme state in the Sword Dao, and it was rare in the entire world. Not to mention Violethell Divine Sect, it was practically impossible to find a single Sword Emperor amongst all the World Enlightened True Gods in the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region!

Because such a cultivation realm practically only existed amongst Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods. Moreover, according to Moli Chou’s knowledge, there was absolutely no more than 10 people in the entire 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region that possessed a cultivation at the Sword Emperor Realm in the Sword Dao. However, there wasn’t a single one of them that was at the World Enlightened True God Realm!

Where exactly did this kid come from? Could it be that he isn’t a cultivator from Snow Ink Region?


Before Moli Chou could figure it out, a wisp of sword qi that was coiled by a myriad of blazing talismans slashed down towards him like a ray of light.

Moli Chou’s entire body trembled. It really is the might of the Sword Emperor Realm. 

He didn’t dare hesitate, and he instinctively changed the move he was about to execute and intended to temporarily avoid the blunt of Chen Xi’s attacks.

As soon as the battle began and before they’d even collided for real, Che Xi was able to force a Domain Enlightened Spirit God to the point of dodging. This scene caused the eyeballs of Zhu Dongting who was originally arrogant and complacent to almost fall out from their sockets, and he was filled with disbelief.

It took a long time to describe, yet it was only an instant. From Chen Xi’s attack to Moli Chou realizing the situation was bad and dodging, all of this had been completed in an instant.


However, before Moli Chou could dodge successfully, three bright golden copper coins tore through the sky, and they formed the shape of the ‘品’ character and completely confined his body.

“The Copper Coin of Treasurefall! Dammit! You’re….” Moli Chou’s expression changed once more, and it terrified him to the point of losing his composure. However, time didn’t allow him to react to it any longer, and he could only go head on against it.

He clawed with both hands, and a copper wheel that was filled with a blood red color tore through the sky and swept over fiercely.


The sword qi and copper wheel collided, and an enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth erupted while terrifying fluctuations crushed the mountains and trees in the surroundings into powder.


Moli Chou coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his figure staggered back.

He’s been injured!

In a single strike, he’d actually been injured at the hands of a little fellow at the World Enlightened True God Realm!?

All of this almost caused Moli Chou’s Dao Heart to collapse, and he found it impossible to accept.

On the other hand, Zhu Dongting who stood in the distance was even shocked to the point his entire body trembled, and his eyes bulged out from their sockets. He was similarly unable to believe that such a scene would actually occur.

“How could this be possible? How could this be possible? When has a World Enlightened True God been able to surmount a realm and go head on against a Domain Enlightened Spirit God?” He was roaring furiously in his heart, and he felt that his view of life was on the verge of been overturned.


Before Moli Chou could stabilize himself, the three bright and golden copper coins revolved and droned before they shot once more towards him.

From the beginning until the end, they didn’t waste even a shred of time.

“Bastard!” Moli Chou roared furiously and stopped dodging. He intended to go head-on against Chen Xi because he similarly didn’t believe that a World Enlightened True God could defeat him while relying on a Natural Spirit Treasure.

Most importantly, in his understanding of Chen Xi, Chen Xi had always been cowardly, and he didn’t seem like those extraordinary disciples of legend from the supreme divine sect. So, he was utterly unable to accept the possibility of him being defeated by Chen Xi.


The second time they attacked each other, Chen Xi collide head-on with Moli Chou, and he executed the Vorpal Strike instead. A wisp of sword qi appeared extremely suddenly in the space by Moli Chou’s side, and then it slashed down.


After that, it easily chopped off Moli Chou’s right arm!

Moli Chou howled endlessly with pain, and a wisp of uncontrollable terror even surged into his heart. This young man is absolutely not an ordinary figure!

He possesses a cultivation in the Sword Dao at the Sword Emperor Realm, a heaven-defying combat strength, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall that’s passed down in the Sovereign Sect…. How could such a figure possibly be an ordinary person?

“Young Master, Flee! Quickly! We’ve been tricked by this kid!” Moli Chou roared loudly with a savage and warped appearance, and he seemed like he’d gone mad.


However, before his voice could finish resounding, a wisp of sword qi attacked him once more. At practically the exact same time, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall tore through the sky and completely confined the space around Moli Chou as well.

“I’ll fight you to the death!” Moli Chou shouted explosively while his entire body seemed as if it was burning. Moreover, a Divine Dao Altar floated out from his forehead, and it emanated boundless divine light.

“A’Chou!!!!” Zhu Dongting roared loudly in the distance. He was already shocked to the point of being stupefied, and his mind was droning violently. However, when he witnessed this scene, he instantly understood that A’Chou intended to fight desperately in order to win him a chance to escape.

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