Chapter 1586 – Coincidence

A year of closed door cultivation allowed Chen Xi’s injuries to finally be recovered to a great extent, and he was merely a trace away from recovering to his peak state.

It wasn’t just that, he even had the feeling that after he experienced this tempering between life and death, his strength would definitely improve once more when he recovered completely!

As it was said, it was impossible to construct before destroying. The comprehensions one obtained through the tempering of life and death was always superior in promoting the transformation of one’s strength when compared to closed door cultivation.

Up until this moment, the only thing Chen Xi felt regretful towards was that little lady, A’Liang, was still unable to awaken from her unconscious state.

A’Liang’s vital signs were extremely special. It had shrunken into a ball that was covered by strands of jade green divine light. She was like a butterfly that had been protected by a silkworm, and she seemed to have lost all senses towards the outside world.

Fortunately, Chen Xi was able to sense that along with the passage of time, A’Liang’s vital energy was gradually stabilizing from its weak state.

It’s time to leave…. Chen Xi took a deep breath, and a wisp of a cold arc couldn’t help but appear on the corners of his mouth when he sensed Zhu Dongting and Moli Chou following him from afar. After that, he walked gradually towards the entrance of Jade Drop Paradise.

The streets of Voidsky City were bustling as always, and streams of people bustling about on it. Chen Xi moved along the streets and seemed to be walking aimlessly through it.

All along the way, he sometimes stood still and observed the bustling stores in the surroundings, he sped up sometimes, and he even bought a few fine and small things from some stalls sometimes. He was like a tourist, and he seemed to be utterly unaware that he was being pursued with the intention to kill.

“That bastard kid! Could it be that he intends to bring us around in circles within the city?” Zhu Dongting gnashed his teeth from behind, and he felt like he was a cow that Chen Xi was guiding by the nose. The more relaxed Chen Xi was, the more Zhu Dongting felt aggrieved and furious in his heart.

“Young Master, calm yourself. There are numerous people here, and it’s inadvisable to make a move immediately. Once this kid is all alone, it would be the moment of his death.” Moli Chou seemed to be extremely patient instead, and he was like an experienced hunter as he spoke in a neither fast nor slow manner.

“According to my plans, we can just make a move directly. Why do we have to go to such much trouble?” Zhu Dongting frowned, and he truly didn’t want to continue wasting time.

“In that way, it would probably cause a great deal of panic, and it would be easy for that kid to seize the opportunity present to him by the confused environment and escape us….” Moli Chou spoke, and then his eyes suddenly lit up. “Young Master, look! That kid is heading out of the city!”

“Oh?” Zhu Dongting’s spirits were instantly refreshed. “Looks like this kid is aware that he’s unable to escape our pursuit, and he intends to fight desperately against us. This couldn’t be any better. Let’s quickly chase up to him!”

When he was another 50m away from the city gate, Chen Xi’s eyes suddenly narrowed slightly, and he turned imperceptibly to move towards another street.

Hmm? Right when Chen Xi’s figure had just vanished, a fiery red figure on the distance city gate seemed to have noticed something, and she swiftly turned around while her clear eyes that were like lakes surged with strands of terrifying divine radiance as they swept through the heavens and the earth.

In an instant, the scenes within the entirety of Voidsky City was reflected down to the slightest detail within her mind. The streets, the pedestrians, the buildings, the voices, the auras, the movements…. Everything was unable to escape her senses.

But in the end, it came back empty handed.

Could it be that little fellow isn’t in Voidsky City? Or perhaps he’d fled without a sound in this year of time? This red clothed woman was naturally the disciple of the Sovereign Sect, Ye Yang. A formidable existence that possessed the outward appearance of a peerlessly beautiful girl, yet actually possessed a strength that had attained the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

At this moment, her beautiful brows were knit together while she lightly bit her moist and plump red lips. She seemed to be in deep thought, and the beauty she revealed inadvertently caused the hearts of all the disciples of Violethell Divine Sect in the vicinity to thump while their mouths felt parched.

“Eh, isn’t that Senior Brother Zhu?” Suddenly, a disciple spoke when he noticed Zhu Dongting and Moli Chou who were on the distant street.

“It looks like Senior Brother Zhu is pursuing someone.” The other disciples spoke successively as well.

Ye Yan frowned instead, and she couldn’t be bothered to raise her eyes and glance over. Since the day she’d started to rely on the forces of the Violethell Divine Sect to search for Chen Xi, Zhu Dongting had constantly annoyed her, and if it wasn’t out of consideration for the great figure from the Violethell Divine Set that stood behind Zhu Dongting, she would have annihilated this profligate disciple that had wishful thoughts about her.

If she’d turned around and taken a glance, then perhaps she would have noticed something from the target that Zhu Dongting was pursuing. Unfortunately, out of a sort of feeling of detest, she hadn’t turned around, and she’s missed this trace of an opportunity.

That woman really is difficult to deal with! Chen Xi’s expression was slightly gloomy, and he wasn’t worried that she would see through his disguise because he’d utilized the Shapeless Skin.

However, Chen Xi didn’t dare confirm whether he would be recognized or not when he appeared within her field of vision. So, he’d resolutely turned around and chosen a different direction.

Hmm? Suddenly, Chen Xi stopped once more. He noticed to his shock that two young men who were clothed in rags were standing at the distant corner of the street with vacant expressions.

Shockingly, it was Mutou and Zai’zi. However, after a year, these two immature young men that had left the mountains for the first time weren’t filled with high spirits any longer. Their faces were haggard, their eyes were dim and dazed, and they had lost their anticipation towards the future and their firm and extraordinary aspirations. They seemed like beggars that were wandering through the streets instead.

“How were they reduced to such an extent?” Chen Xi was stunned. He clearly remembered that when he bid farewell to them a year ago, he’d given them some extra Divine Crystals within the storage pouch and coupled with the compensation from selling that ferocious beast’s horn, it ought to be sufficient for them to live in Voidsky City.

But obviously, some sort of mishap had definitely occurred to them during this year of time.

No matter what sort of mishap it was, it caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but arouse a trace of guilt in his heart. Because if it wasn’t for him, they would probably still be within that primitive and simple mountain village, and they would still possess the will, hot blood, and anticipation towards the future that young men possessed….

“Mutou, Zai’zi, don’t say a word. Walk forward along this street, and I’ll bring the both of you with me once you walk out of the city. In the future, I’ll definitely find an opportunity for the both of you to gain a master and learn to cultivate in the Divine Dao!” A warm voice that carried a comforting force amidst its indifferent suddenly resounded by the side of Mutou and Zai’zi’s ears, and it caused their bodies to stiffen.

After that, the dazed expressions in their eyes gradually vanished, and their originally dim eyes gradually brightened.

It’s that senior!

The two young man exchanged a glance, and they tacitly understood each other. The hardships they’d encountered in this year of time had already grinded off their immaturity, and it allowed them to start understanding how the world and the hearts of man were filled with danger.

However, they still firmly believed Chen Xi because it was precisely Chen Xi who’d brought them out of the mountains for the first time, brought them to this ancient and prosperous city for the first time, and allowed them to witness how strange and dazzling this world was for the first time.

So, they believe Chen Xi, even if they hadn’t seen him for a year.

This was what it meant to be a young man. After suffering hardships, their hearts still carried their own persistence and kindness.

The two of them didn’t hesitate to move hastily side by side towards the city gate.

Just like other cities, Voidsky City had four city gates, and they were respectively situated at the north, south, east, and west.

Ye Yang resided at the east city gate while Zhu Dongting and Moli Chou were following him from the west. So, Chen Xi could only choose the north or south city gates.

Presently, he was approaching the city gate in the north, and he moved northwards all along the way without hesitating any longer.

Because there was another trace of a concern in Chen Xi’s heart now, and it was Mutou and Zai’zi. He felt slightly guilty towards them, so he intended to give them a beautiful path towards the Dao. This was the way he did things, and it had never changed.

“If that kid changes directions once more and refuses to leave, then I won’t continue exercising forbearance!” Zhu Dongting’s expression was extremely gloomy, and his chest was filled with a ball of surging and blazing flames of rage.

Earlier, Chen Xi had suddenly changed directions, and it caused his originally excited mood to be completely destroyed, and he was both infuriated and aggrieved.

He was the dignified direct line descendant of the Violethell Divine Sect’s Grand Elder, Zhu Gangshan, and his status was extremely lofty. Yet now, someone was playing tricks on him while he could only exercise forbearance like a resentful wife, and it was obvious how furious he was.

“Don’t worry Young Master. This time, even if you didn’t say anything, I would still kill him myself!” Moli Chou bit his teeth without end as well. This bastard is simply infuriating. He frequently acts in a way that goes against convention, and he’s despicable and shameless as well!

As they spoke, the two of them noticed that Chen Xi’s figure didn’t turn around this time and headed directly towards the city gate.

This caused their eyes to instantly light up, and the killing intent that was suppressed in their hearts for a long time had sprayed out like a volcano and surged through their entire bodies.

“Let’s go!”

“This time, this Young Master will let you experience what true suffering feels like!”

“Hmm? Why have these two ants left the city today? This is slightly unusual. I have to quickly report this to Senior Brother Yun Cheng!” At practically the exact same moment, a disciple from Violethell Sword Sect hastily walked out from the street, and he gazed from afar at Mutou and Zai’zi who’d just vanished behind the city gate.

This disciple was precisely that Junior Brother Liao who’d captured Zai’zi and Mutou before locating Chen Xi’s tracks from within their memories.

Later on, under the instructions of his Senior Brother Yun Cheng, he’d eliminated a portion of Mutou and Zai’zi’s memories before placing them back into the city. At the same time, Mutou and Zai’zi were closely watched from the shadows, and it was because they hoped to obtain even more clues towards Chen Xi’s whereabouts from these two young men.

Now, Mutou and Zai’zi’s unusual actions instantly caused Junior Brother Liao’s spirits to be refreshed. Because bitterly exhausting a year of time on two fledging young men caused him to feel rather aggrieved and helpless in his heart. Fortunately, it seemed like it was time to reap the gains!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

However, before Junior Brother Liao could take action, two figures swiftly flashed past in his vision, and they instantly vanished behind the city gate.

Even though all of this occurred extremely quickly, Junior Brother Liao was still able to recognize their identities, and he couldn’t help but be dumbstruck. “Senior Brother Zhu and Senior Moli Chou? Could it be that they’d noticed something is off already? Then should I still report this matter to Senior Brother Yun Cheng?”

He was very clearly aware that Zhu Dongting craved success and achievement. If the latter knew that he’d notified Yun Cheng about this matter, then Zhu Dongting would definitely make him suffer.

“What should I do?” Junior Brother Liao fell into hesitation, and he sighed in the end and said, “Nevermind, I’ll wait for a moment, and I’ll report it to Senior Brother Yun Cheng after that. This period of time would already be sufficient for Senior Brother Zhu to seize all the achievements and merits. In this way, he would naturally not blame me for notifying Senior Brother Yun Cheng.”

Unfortunately, Junior Brother Liao wasn’t clearly aware that a great deal of things would occur during this period of time that he’d delayed, and the outcome of these matters could have actually been changed. But in the end, because of this amount of time that he’d delayed, this opportunity to change things was missed as well….

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