Chapter 1584 – Reaching For A Yard After Taking An Inch

Chen Xi’s expression instantly turned cold when he heard that person’s curses.

“Fellow Daoist Han Zhen, didn’t you guarantee to me that I wouldn’t be disturbed while I cultivate? So, why is a bastard barking outside my abode?”

“Err, calm your rage, Fellow Daoist. I brought Young Master Zhu here merely for the sake of discussing this matter with you. After all, less than three months of your rental period remains….”

Before Han Zhen could finish speaking, Chen Xi interrupted him and said, “Doesn’t that mean that my time isn’t up? Not to mention that I might intend to rent this abode for a while longer.”

“Little Bastard!! You….” That sharp voice resounded once more.

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to listen to that fellow curse at him, so Chen Xi directly activated the restrictions that enveloped the surroundings of the abode.

I’ve only recovered almost 60 of my cultivation in almost a year of time. A short period of three months would probably be insufficient for me to recover to be peak state. Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he couldn’t help but frown as he sensed the vital energy in his body. Nevermind. If I really can’t recover in that period of time, then I’ll stay here for some time longer.

Outside the abode.

The smile on Han Zhen’s face lightened as he said, “Young Master Zhu, this Godslave of yours has gone a bit too far. Not just anyone can break the rules of my Jade Drop Paradise!”

A young man that wore a green robe and an old man that had a pair of extremely long arms, a vicious appearance, and red fur on his head stood before Han Zhen.

A wisp of displeasure flashed on the green robed young man’s face when he heard this, but in next to no time, he recovered his calm and said with a smile, “I understand. A’Chou, restrain yourself.”

The old man with a vicious expression glanced coldly at Han Zhen, and then he lowered his head and said, “Yes, Young Master.”

Han Zhen revealed a trace of a smile when he saw this, and he said, “Young Master Zhu, why don’t you allow me to help you arrange for an abode?”

This Young Master Zhu was called Dongting, and he was only a World Enlightened True God. However, his origins were extremely lofty, he was the direct line descendant of Violethell Divine Sect’s Grand Elder Zhu Gangshan. He was a renowned profligate disciple of the Violethell Divine Sect, and he had an arrogant and domineering disposition.

The old man by Zhu Dongting’s side wasn’t ordinary as well. He was Moli Chou from the ‘Red Devil Vulture Race’. He had a bloodthirsty disposition, was peerlessly ferocious, and possessed a strength at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. Moreover, he was even a servant by the side of Violethell Divine Sect’s Grand Master Zhu Gangshan.

“There’s no need for that. Isn’t it just three months of time? This Young Master can wait. At that time, let me see who exactly this Chen Xun is.” Zhu Dongting spoke indifferently before he left Moli Chou away.

Han Zhen frowned, and he stood on the spot for a long time. He was naturally able to discern that this fellow, Zhu Dongting, intended to deal with Chen Xun after Chen Xun left Jade Drop Paradise.

“Alas. My Jade Drop Paradise can’t interfere in these matters.” Han Zhen shook his head after a short while, and he sighed without end in his heart.

During this period of time, numerous disciples of Violethell Divine Sect had arrived in Voidsky City. It seemed as if nothing unusual was going on, yet it allowed Han Zhen to feel as if a storm was brewing.

Could it be that all of this is related to that Chen Xi? I wonder who exactly that fellow. He actually made the Violethell Divine Sect mobilize so many forces…. Han Zhen pondered for a moment before he intended to leave. At this moment, the entrance to Chen Xi’s abode opened abruptly, and then a voice sounded out from within it. “Fellow Daoist Han Zhen, can you come in for a moment?”

Han Zhen was stunned, and he hesitated for a moment before he said with a smile, “Of course.” As he spoke, he raised his legs and walked in.

Jade Drop Paradise occupied an extremely vast area, and numerous independent secret realms that contained abodes were established in a portion of the space here, whereas, various other areas were established in the other portion.

Amongst these areas were places that sold divine materials and precious treasures, places that sold medicinal pills, and even a colosseum, beast arena, auction house, and various other places for the guests of Jade Drop Paradise to enjoy themselves. It could be said to contain everything.

At this moment, Zu Dongting was sitting in a VIP room while drinking wine and sipping tea, and there were two female Heavenly Fragrance Foxes by his side that were serving him.

“Young Master, do you really intend to waste time with that kid like this?” Moli Chou asked in a low voice from the side.

“Of course!” Zhu Dongting finished the wine in his cup before he gritted his teeth and said, “I originally intended to book an abode and give it to Miss Ye Yan to rest at. Who would have expected that kid would actually not know what’s good for him, then he can’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

When he heard the words Ye Yang, Moli Chou’s pupils constricted imperceptibly, and then he lowered his voice and said via voice transmission, “Young Master, that Ye Yan is from the Sovereign Sect, and she herself is a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God. Even the Sect Master doesn’t dare be disrespectful when facing her. In my opinion, you shouldn’t place your attention on her because even though a woman like this is beautiful, she’s too dangerous.”

Unexpectedly, Zhu Dongting roared with laughter when he heard this. “A gentle and graceful young woman’s is the best companion of a man. Haven’t you noticed that the way Young Miss Ye Yan treats me is unlike how she treats everyone else?”

As he finished speaking, a red clothed woman that was like a peerless beauty couldn’t help but float up into appearance within his mind, and his heart couldn’t help but burn with desire while a wisp of burning desire arose in his eyes.

When Moli Chou saw this, he hesitated for a moment, yet he didn’t offer any further advice in the end. He was very clearly aware that a figure like Ye Yan was utterly not someone that a person like Zhu Dongting could subdue.

Forget it, I’m only a servant, and I just have to make this Young Master happy.

The door to abode No.36 was opened once more.

“Haha! Fellow Daoist, please don’t bother to see me out.” Han Zhen walked out while beaming from ear to ear. When he saw the door to the abode was closed once more, the smile on his face was instantly replaced by a wisp of wonder, and he was even slightly terrified.

He produced so many Divine Artifacts and divine materials at once…. Exactly what sort of identity does this kid possess!? Han Zhen took deep breaths repeatedly, and he tried hard to make himself maintain his calm.

Just moments ago, after he walked into Chen Xi’s abode, he was told that Chen Xi intended to sell some Divine Artifacts and divine materials, and Chen Xi asked him if the Jade Drop Paradise would buy it. He naturally agreed to such a request without any hesitate because if he was able to complete such a transaction, then he would be able to obtain a good percentage of the profits.

However, never had Han Zhen imagined that Chen Xi actually produced a superb collection of all sorts of Divine Artifacts and divine materials that were piled up like a mountain. At the instant he witnessed this scene, his jaw almost dropped to the ground from shock.

Moreover, when he calculated the value of all these treasures, he was even extremely astounded in his heart, and he was almost unable to control himself from roaring loudly.

It was an entire 19,000 Divine Crystals!

What sort of amount was this? At the very least, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to earn such an enormous amount of Divine Crystals even if he painstakingly at Jade Drop Paradise for 10 years!

As expected, the truly capable don’t show off their ability. Who would have imagined that a young man with an ordinary appearance and an ordinary bearing would actually be able to possess such abundant wealth? If I’m able to complete this transaction, then I’ll at least be able to obtain 3,000 Divine Crystals as my reward! When he thought up to here, Han Zhen’s heart burned with anticipation, and his entire body was filled with motivation, causing his footsteps to be cheerful and light as he left swiftly.

On the next day, Chen Xi received 19,000 Divine Crystals, and it instantly filled his extremely dried up wealth.

Not bad, it really isn’t bad that those useless Divine Artifacts and divine materials could be sold for such a price…. A wisp of a satisfied smile appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

So long as they were of no use to him, Chen Xi had sold off all the useless Divine Artifacts and divine materials he obtained from the Last Days Domain to Jade Drop Paradise yesterday.

Even though he was clearly aware that he would definitely be able to obtain even more Divine Crystals from these treasures if he shopped around, he still needed to rely on the abode in Jade Drop Paradise to cultivate. So, he naturally wouldn’t care about this tiny difference.

Moreover, Chen Xi’s actions brought him unexpected gains as well. For example, he’s smoothly obtained information about everything that had occurred within Voidsky City lately from Han Zhen.

Including Zhu Dongting and Moli Chou’s background, and even the strength of Violethell Divine Sect. Chen Xi had obtained explicit information about all of them.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, while he’d originally intended to make a trip to Violethell Divine Sect in order to search for Tie Kun’s granddaughter, Tie Yunping, he’d never expected that the disciples of Violethell Divine Sect would launch an operation to find and kill him before he’d even found her….

The matters of the world were so strange that they were really slightly inconceivable sometimes.

Of course, Chen Xi was clearly aware that the reason the Violethell Divine Sect was searching for him on such a large scale was definitely because of that red clothed woman from the Sovereign Sect, Ye Yan!

On the other hand, Ye Yan’s ability to mobilize the forces of the Violethell Divine Sect to deal with him allowed Chen Xi to realize how terrifying the influence of the Sovereign Sect within Snow Ink Region was.

Last time, I disguised myself as Yin Huaikong, and I was seen through by that wicked woman. This time, I’ve disguised myself with a completely unknown identity, so let me see if she’d still able to see through my disguise! Chen Xi knew that the only reason she’d seen through his disguise that day was entirely because Ye Yan knew Yin Huaikong, and she hadn’t seen through his disguise in terms of outer appearance.

After all, he’d utilized the Shapeless Skin that only a king of the Woodskin Mask Race could possess, and even a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God would find it impossible to see through. He didn’t believe that Ye Yang was able to accomplish this.

I’ll leave immediately once I’ve recovered to my peak state, and then I’ll head to Violethell Divine Sect to find Tie Yunping and complete what Tie Kun entrusted me with as soon as possible. After that, I’ll leave Jaderock Universe immediately. Based on my current strength, unless I advance into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, otherwise, the consequences of encountering that Ye Yan are bound to not be good…. Chen Xi took a deep breath and closed his eyes before falling once more into a state of meditative cultivation.

Three months later.

A wave of fluctuation suddenly arose from the entrance to Chen Xi’s abode, and it instantly jolted Chen Xi awake from his cultivation. He swiftly stood up while he became extremely vigilant in his heart.

“Fellow Daoist, the time you rented this abode is already up. Please leave.” An unfamiliar middle aged man walked in with an emotionless expression.

“Where’s Fellow Daoist Han Zhen? I’ve already instructed him that I would be continuing my rental period. Could it be that he hasn’t told you about it?” Chen Xi frowned and spoke in a cold and indifferent tone.

“I’m sorry. Han Zhen isn’t in-charge of this place any longer. So, please leave for now. This abode has already been booked.” The middle aged man spoke with an expressionless face.

Chen Xi’s gaze glanced over. Sure enough, he saw Zhu Dongting and Moli Chou standing outside the abode, and they had their arms crossed before their chests while they gazed at him with cold smiles on their lips.

In an instant, Chen Xi came to a complete understanding, and even with his extremely firm Dao Heart, he couldn’t help but arouse a trace of anger at this moment.

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