Chapter 1583 – Paradise


A formidable strand of will swept past Chen Xi’s figure.

His expression remained unchanged, and he just glanced at an expert at the Godrank Realm in the distance who was guarding the city gate, and then he continued to walk calmly towards the city.

The appearance he transformed into with the Shapeless Skin was something that even Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods were unable to distinguish, so Chen Xi was naturally not worry that the disciple from Violethell Divine Sect who was only at the World Enlightened True God Realm would be able to recognize him.

The only thing that caused Chen Xi to feel regretful was that the Shapeless Skin could only be utilized three times. Now, he’d wasted one of those uses merely for the sake of entering the city, and he felt that he was wasting its ability.

However, the only benefit was that Chen Xi had finally entered smoothly into Voidsky City, and this was the first city he’d stepped foot in upon arriving at the Ancient God Domain!

Unlike the murderous atmosphere outside the city, the area within the city itself was extraordinarily bustling and clamorous.

The buildings, the ground, and even the air of the city was suffused with a strand of an ancient, eternal, and experienced aura. It seemed as if it had stood towering for countless years, and it carried a heavy aura of history.

All along the way, Chen Xi followed along the street with his hands behind his back, and he revealed a calm and indifferent bearing. He seemed like a passerby that taking a brief look at everything, and he admired everything he encountered with interest.

Within the city, there were endless streams of people and carriages, and there were all sorts of races here. Clam women that had shells on their backs, the Tigerman Race that possessed terrifying appearances, the graceful Adonis Race…. It was even to the extent that members of numerous primeval barbaric races maintained their original forms as they moved through the streets.

Most of these races had become extinct in the three dimensions since a long time ago. However, they were a common sight in Voidsky City, and it caused Chen Xi to be lost in wonder. Every time he encountered a strange living being, he would recall all sorts of ancient legends.

For example, the legend of the Leiz Race’s Ancestor, Saint Huaxu, the legend of the God of Wood Gou Mang, the legend of the Wu Zhiqi who possessed golden pupils, the legend of Panhu the Unidog, Sheng Qi the Darkbird, Kuafu chasing the sun, and so on and so forth.

When he saw those living beings, he’d automatically recalled their ancestors, and he recalled those numerous legends that were preserved through the boundless years. Some were touching and deserved praise, some were brilliant and splendid, some incurred indignation of all, and some caused one’s hot blood to surge.

Only now did Chen Xi notice that those legends weren’t fabricated, and the descendants of those legendary gods hadn’t gone completely extinct.

The reason was that he’d always been in the three dimensions, yet they were in the Ancient God Domain instead!

This was the Ancient God Domain. All the mysteries that had vanished in the annals of history and all the ancient legends of the past could be witnessed here.

After walking for a long time in the city, Chen Xi finally stopped before a building.

“Fellow Daoist, do you need an abode to cultivate at?” An old man walked over slowly to greet Chen Xi.

“I do.” Chen Xi nodded. The abode the old man spoke of was a paradise for cultivation that was specially prepared for cultivators.

The old man’s eyes lit up, and his smile grew warmer. “What sort of abode does Fellow Daoist require? Our Jade Drop Paradise has 36 first-rate abodes that only require 800 Divine Crystals a year, 72 second-rate abodes that only require 500 Divine Crystals, and 108 third-rate abodes that only require 300 Divine Crystals.”

“I’ll get a first-rate abode.” Chen Xi tossed a storage pouch to the old man with a raise of his hand, and it had 800 Divine Crystals within it.

“Fellow Daoist really is resolute. You seemed extraordinary at first glance.” The old man’s eyes grew brighter, and he led Chen Xi warmly into the building. “Don’t worry Fellow Daoist, it’s extremely safe while you cultivate here, and no one will dare to disturb Fellow Daoist’s cultivation.”

Chen Xi sized up the surroundings and he said casually, “Will there really be no one that dares to disturb me?”

The old man smiled proudly. “Looks like Fellow Daoist isn’t well informed. Our Jade Drop Paradise’s forces aren’t just scattered around Jaderock Universe, and it can be found all over the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region.”

When he spoke up to here, the old man smiled mysteriously and suppressed his voice as he said, “Fellow Daoist, you haven’t heard of Jade Drop Paradise, but you’ve heard of Jade Drop Sword Sect, right?”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he instantly recalled from within the introduction Tie Kun gave him, there were at most five powers in the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region that could be considered as top-rate powers, and the Jade Drop Sword Sect was one of them.

Something worthy of mentioning was that the Dayi Clan was similarly ranked amongst these top-rate powers.

When he saw Chen Xi’s expression, the old man understood in his heart and roared with laughter. “Now, Fellow Daoist can rest at ease, right? With such a background, would anyone dare to cause trouble in my Jade Drop Paradise?”

Chen Xi nodded. Obviously, the Jade Drop Paradise was established by the Jade Drop Sword Sect. Based on this, even the Violethell Divine Sect that was considered to be the number one sect in Jaderock Universe would probably not dare cause trouble here.

When he realized this, Chen Xi felt much more at ease.

In next to no time, the old man led Chen Xi to an abode.

The landscape here was picturesque. Mist rose into the sky while divine light enshrouded the surroundings, and the air flowed with the dense aura of divinity. Moreover, the Divine Energy here was pure and dense to the point of seeming to be material.

“Fellow Daoist, this is the command token for abode No.36 amongst the first-rate abodes. From today onwards, you’re the master of this place, and you can feel free to come look for me if you need anything.” The old man passed a black command token to Chen Xi before he told Chen Xi his name, Han Zhen.


The door to the abode closed. Chen Xi instantly heaved a long sigh of relief, and he put the command token away before he started sizing up the surroundings.

Instead of calling this a paradise for cultivation, it could be said to be similar to a space that was like a small world. It was covered in mountains and rivers, and the scenery here was picturesque and rather pleasing to the eyes.

There wasn’t just a cultivation ground for cultivation here, there was even a pill refinement room, an equipment refinement room, fields to plant divine herbs, and so on and so forth. Moreover, all of them revealed a profound aura of the Divine Dao.

Chen Xi glanced over them briefly before he sat cross-legged at the cultivation ground. He observed A’Liang’s state for a while, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart when he noticed that she was still unconscious. This little girl risked her life to save me. If anything happens to her, then I’ll be absolutely unable to forgive myself.

He’s decided in his heart that if A’Liang’s injuries still showed no signs of taking a favorable turn once his strength had recovered, then he would do everything he could to heal her.

Swish! Swish!

After that, Chen Xi stopped thinking about it and sat cross-legged before starting to cultivate in meditation. The vital energy in his body circulated, and the Divine Energy in the surroundings seemed as if they’d been pulled over. The surged over like tidewater and ceaselessly replenished and nourished Chen Xi’s body.

When Chen Xi entered into closed door cultivation within Jade Drop Paradise, a grey clothed middle aged man flicked his sleeve outside Voidsky City, and then two young men fell to the ground with two loud thumps.

Shockingly, they were Mutou and Zai’zi.

“Junior Brother Liao, what’s going on?” A group of disciples from Violethell Divine Sect approached, and the white robed young man in the lead frowned as he spoke.

That grey clothed middle aged man called Junior Brother Liao beamed with happiness and said, “I obtained information earlier that these two little fellows sold the horn of an Icy Pupil Kui Ox within the city. They’re two little ants that don’t have any cultivations at all, so how could they have possibly killed an Icy Pupil Kui Ox? Coupled with the fact that an Icy Pupil Kui Ox had similarly perished at the lake where the target we’re searching for had made an appearance a few days ago, I investigated briefly and really made a great discovery within their memories!”

As he spoke, he formed a seal with his hand.


Divine radiance flowed before numerous lifelike scenes appeared in the air.

Shockingly, it was the scenes of Mutou and Zai’zi meeting Chen Xi for the first time and heading all the way to Voidsky City with Chen Xi.

“It really is him!”

“So he has already arrived at Voidsky City….”

When all of them saw Chen Xi’s figure in that screen of light, all of their eyes lit up and revealed a wisp of excitement.

“Unfortunately, we can’t determine if he went around Voidsky City or had already entered the city.” Junior Brother Lian spoke regretfully.

“This is already sufficient. Our assignment is to search for the target’s tracks and not to hunt and kill the target.” The white robed man in the lead waved his hand and said, “Send the news immediately. Notify the sect that the target has appeared in the vicinity of Voidsky City and request that the great figures of the sect make a decision on this matter.”

“Yes!” A disciple cupped his hands, received his orders, and left.

“Senior Brother Yun Cheng, what should we do next?” asked Junior Brother Liao.

“Stand our ground and continue the lock down on Voidsky City. Remember that all of you mustn’t slip up at all so as to avoid alarming the target and causing the target to become vigilant.” The white robed man pondered deeply before he spoke.

“What about those two young me?”

“Eliminate their memories about being captured and then return them to the city. If there’s any relationship between them and our target, then they might be of great use.”

“That’s a very good plan!”

Chen Xi was completely unaware of everything that occurred in the outside world, and even if he knew all of it, he wouldn’t choose to leave Jade Drop Paradise.

Time flowed swiftly, and more than half a year swiftly passed by, and Chen Xi was only less than three months away from having cultivated behind closed doors for a year.

On this day, Chen Xi was suddenly jolted awake from his cultivation by a wave of fluctuation, and he swiftly opened his eyes before a wisp of piercingly cold divine radiance surged in his black eyes.

“Who is it?” Chen Xi withdrew the command token and opened up the abode’s restrictions before transmitting his voice out of the abode.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xun, I’m sorry for disturbing you. I have absolutely no intention to disturb your cultivation in coming here, and I’ve merely come for the sake of confirming something.” Han Zhen’s voice sounded out from outside the abode.

Chen Xun was the alias Chen Xi had given himself. After all, his appearance had changed greatly now, and he needed a completely new identity to deceive others.

“Oh, so it’s Fellow Daoist Han Zhen. May I ask what you came to confirm?” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

At this moment, a sharp voice suddenly resounded. “Cut the crap. My Young Master needs an abode to cultivate in, so quickly hand it over, and we’ll return you 10 times the Divine Crystals you lost.” The voice revealed an ordering and supreme tone.

Chen Xi’s brows raised while a wisp of coldness flashed between his brows because he finally understood what it was. It was none other than the time he’d paid for to reside in the abode was almost up, and someone else desired this abode and intended to pay a high price to make him move.

Even though this person’s voice was unpleasant, it wasn’t sufficient to enrage Chen Xi. The thing that truly displeased Chen Xi was that Jade Drop Paradise had an entire 36 first-rate abodes, yet that fellow outside his abode didn’t choose the other abodes and just happened to have chosen his abode. Could it be that he thinks I’m like a ‘ripe persimmon’ that he can squash at will?

“Sorry, I don’t intend to give this abode away.” Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he didn’t intend to argue with this person because he was in a safe situation for now, and it wasn’t suitable to cause any trouble.

“Bastard! My Young Master has already displayed sufficient sincerity, yet you don’t know what’s good for you! Could it be that you really think you’re a great figure?” That sharp voice seemed to have become enraged, and its owned cursed loudly.

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