Chapter 1582 – Voidsky City

Chen Xi was utterly unaware that just not long after he left, a group of experts from Violethell Divine Sect had arrived at the lake, and they launched an extremely tight search for him.

At this moment, he was bringing along the two young men from the mountains, Mutou and Zai’zi, as he flew in a neither slow nor fast pace beneath the sky and above the land.

This was Snow Ink Region! It was the Ancient God Domain of legend!

As he flew here, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that this expanse of the heavens and the earth was filled with extremely thick Divine Energy, and compared to this, the Last Days Domain was simply a desolate place that was devoid of vitality.

He was able to clearly sense Divine Energy surging ceaselessly into his body with every single breath he took here, and it nurtured his body and filled the universe within his body. The feeling of comfort from this simply felt as if he was in paradise, and it was like he’d a ginseng, causing every single inch of pores on his body to be calm and clear.

This is the Ancient God Domain. No wonder it’s called the eternal kingdom where gods reside. Merely the Divine Energy suffused in the heavens and the earth here is absolutely not something any other plane can compare to…. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart. At the same time, he noticed that the Laws of the Heaven Dao that enveloped the area above the sky was practically perfect, flawless, and boundless. The Laws of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions couldn’t compare to it at all, nor could the Last Days Domain.

While residing beneath it, Chen Xi even faintly had the feeling that he would only be able to find the true path towards the Divine Dao at the Ancient God Domain!

The difference in the Ancient God Domain wasn’t just reflected by the Divine Energy and Laws of the Heaven Dao here, Chen Xi had also noticed that the mountains, lakes, rivers, and everything else in this expanse of the heavens and the earth possessed an aura of order and divinity.

Even the space, time landscape, geography…. Everything here seemed to be extremely stable, miraculous, and grand. Moreover, they emanated a boundless and eternal aura.

It was even to the extent that no matter if it was lifespan or intelligence, all the living beings in this expanse of the heavens and the earth had attained an inconceivable height in these aspects.

Just like Mutou and Zai’zi that were following by his side. Even though they were young and hadn’t cultivated, the energy, essence, and spirit within their entire bodies were exuberant and vigorous while their physique was extraordinary. If they were in the three dimensions, then they would absolutely be top-rate geniuses in cultivation.

However, young men like them were extremely common in the Ancient God Domain, and they became the most ordinary type of people instead.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion because of this. Different worlds create different living beings, and the loftier a plane is, it usually means that the physical characteristics of the living beings here are even more extraordinary and outstanding.

This was an innate difference, and it was predetermined. It was utterly not something the might of man could change.

To put it simply, some people could only live in poor and remote villages when they were born, whereas, some had already arrived at the peak of the pyramid in the world when they were just born!

How could this be changed?

This was fate!

It was precisely because of Mutou and Zai’zi’s appearance that Chen Xi was able to understand this fact. The Ancient God Domain wasn’t filled completely with gods, and there were all sorts of living beings here as well.

The only difference between them was whether they cultivated or not!

“You said that this is Jaderock Universe?” On the way, when Chen Xi found out from Mutou that this expanse of the heavens and the earth he resided in was situated in Jaderock Universe, he couldn’t help but be slightly surprised.

The Jaderock Universe was amongst the 3,000 known universes in Snow Ink Region, and the number one power that controlled this universe was the renowned Violethell Divine Sect.

This truly is a coincidence. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart. While he was in the Last Days Domain, Tie Kun had once entrusted something to him, and it was for him to pass a storage pouch to Tie Kun’s granddaughter, Tie Yunping. The place she resided was exactly the Violethell Divine Sect in Jaderock Universe.

However, never had he imagined that after he entered Snow Ink Region, he would actually arrive at Jaderock Universe first by chance.

This isn’t bad as well. It just happens that I can seize this opportunity to accomplish what Tie Kun entrusted me with and resolve the chains of karma between us.

After that, Chen Xi started to ask about Jaderock Universe.

Unfortunately, to Chen Xi’s disappointment, Mutou and Zai’zi were only youths in the mountains, and this was the first time they’d left the village and the mountains, so they didn’t know much about Jaderock Universe.

However, Chen Xi was still able to find out from them that they were currently on a star called Eastwood Star.

There were no less than 100,000 stars like Eastwood Star that living beings could reside on within the entire Jaderock Universe!

This was absolutely an enormous figure that surprised Chen Xi.

According to his understanding from before, there were around 1,000 known regions in the entire Ancient God Domain, and every region had a few hundred to a few thousands of universes.

For example, Snow Ink Region had 3,000 universes, and Jaderock Universe was only one of them.

Yet now, this Jaderock Universe had no less than 100,000 stars that living beings could reside on. When such numbers were compiled together, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. The Ancient God Domain is so large and vast… that it’s simply beyond my imagination!

It felt like the Ancient God Domain was an ocean, the myriad of universes were the waves on the ocean, and the stars scattered all around these universes were the spoondrifts from these waves….

The Ancient God Domain is so huge. I wonder exactly where mother and father are now, and what about my senior brothers and senior sisters from Oracle Mountain? Where have they gone upon arriving at the Ancient God Domain? After pondering by himself for a long time, Chen Xi couldn’t help but take a deep breath and restrain the various distracting thoughts in his heart, and he stopped thinking about it.

Presently, his injuries had only recovered by 30%, and his cultivation was barely able to support him to fight a single battle. Moreover, he would absolutely be unable to win if his opponent exceeded the World Enlightened True God Realm.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi could only choose to go into hiding and recover from his injuries. Once his strength recovered to its peak state, then perhaps he would choose to make a trip to Violethell Divine Sect and pass what Tie Kun entrusted to him to Tie Kun’s granddaughter, Tie Yunping.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, the outline of a magnificent city gradually floated up into appearance from the distant horizon. When looked at from afar, it seemed like a primeval ferocious beast that resided in the heavens and the earth, and it emanated an ancient and solemn aura.

“Voidsky City!

“That’s definitely Voidsky City!”

Mutou and Zai’zi cried out with excitement, and both these young men revealed boundless anticipation on their faces.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that it was the first time that the two of them had left their village. Their objective was to enter Voidsky City and exchange for some Divine Crystals, and then find a master to learn from and cultivate in the Divine Dao.

Suddenly, Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he stopped moving before handing a storage pouch to Mutou as he said, “There are five Divine Crystals and that ferocious beast’s horn here. We’ll bid our farewells here.”

The two young men were obviously stunned. We’re splitting up before we’ve even entered the city. It’s a bit too early, right?

“Take it quickly or it’ll be too late.” Chen Xi’s gaze was constantly looked towards the distance. At the moment, he seemed as if he’d encountered a trouble matter, and he hastily pushed the storage pouch into Mutou’s hand before he flicked his sleeve and place the two young men on the ground.

“Both of you be careful.” As he spoke, Chen Xi’s figure flashed and tore through the sky.

“Big Brother Mutou, what’s going on? Why would that senior leave so hastily?” Zai’zi spoke with wonder.

“He definitely noticed something.” Mutou took a deep breath and recovered his calm. He carefully placed the storage pouch in his pocket before his gaze swept vigilantly towards the surroundings, and he said, “Let’s leave quickly as well.”

As he spoke, he grabbed ahold of Zai’zi’s hand, and then he charged into the forest like a cat.

10 minutes later, the two young men arrived safely outside Voidsky City. However, they noticed to their astonishment that the atmosphere around the city was murderous. All the restrictions on the city wall were activated while numerous well-armed figures were patrolling the surroundings, and all of their faces carried terrifying expressions.

On the other hand, a screen of light floated in midair at the center of the entrance to the city, and a tall figure was displayed on it.

“All of you fellows that’re entering the city, take a fucking good look for me. If you recognize this person and provide information about him, you’ll be rewarded with 100 Divine crystals!” A robust and fierce man shouted loudly before the entrance to the city.

“Who’s that person? How did he offend the Violethell Divine Sect?”

“So, all of these forces were set-up here for the sake of capturing this young man. Tsk, tsk, I wonder who he is and what sort of crimes he committed to actually make the Violethell Divine Sect take action.”

Many people were queued up to enter the city, and they couldn’t help but discuss when they noticed all of this.

Mutou and Zai’zi were amongst the group waiting to enter the city as well. When they saw that tall figure on the screen of light, they were instantly astounded. Isn’t that… the Senior from before?

Zai’zi opened his mouth and was about to speak when he was imperceptibly knocked by Mutou from the side, and then Mutou shook his head lightly and used his gaze to indicate that Zai’zi shouldn’t speak about it.

Zai’zi was stunned, and then he instantly came to an understanding. He puckered his lips and kept quiet.

In next to no time, the figures of the two young men vanished behind the entrance along with the others in the queue.

These two little fellows weren’t bad. I didn’t give them some Divine Crystals in vain. Within a forest extremely far away from the city, Chen Xi stood on a luxuriant branch while looked towards the distance.

Earlier, it was precisely because he’d noticed everything outside the city gate that he stopped moving forward, otherwise, if he went over rashly, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Why would the Violethell Divine Sect interfere in this matter. Could it be because they were instructed by the red clothed woman? In this way, it’ll be slightly troublesome…. Chen Xi frowned while an expression of deep contemplation surged into his eyes.

This won’t do. I must enter the city as soon as possible. Only by entering the city would I be able to utilize the dense flow of people within it to deceive others. Moreover, I can obtain even more information I need. Otherwise, if I stay in this desolate wilderness, the aura I emanate while cultivating would definitely draw the notice of others. That would be too dangerous. Chen Xi took a deep breath, and then he flipped his hand, causing the Treeheart with 36 petals to float up into appearance.


Divine light flashed.

In the next moment, Chen Xi had already transformed into a young man with an ordinary appearance, and his aura was flat and ordinary. He was like an existence that others would be unable to recall at all after they took a glance at him.

After that, his figure flashed, and he walked slowly towards the heavily guarded entrance to the city.

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