Chapter 1581 – Heavy Snow

Heavy snow swirled about, and everything was white.

The mountains in the distance seemed to be lonely while all living things remained deathly silent. A lone boat floated on a boundlessly vast lake while an old man who wore a straw hate was fishing in the cold lake by himself, and he seemed like an extraordinary figure.

Suddenly, the space above the lake suddenly exploded apart, and then a figure fell down from within it.


The figure fell into the depths of the lake.

This scene instantly destroyed the beauty of this scene, and it shocked the old man on the lone boat to the point his entire body trembled while his fishing rod almost fell into the lake.


The lone boat tore through the waves. The old man didn’t rescue this figure, and he fled hastily instead and vanished in an instant.

This obviously showed that this old man who seemed like an extraordinary figure might have not been a real extraordinary figure.

However, the old man didn’t flee for no reason because a ferocious beast resided within this lake all year round, and others could get along harmoniously with it so long as they didn’t disturb it. But once someone lost their footing and fell into the lake, then it would jolt the ferocious beast awake, and the consequences were extremely terrifying.


Sure enough, it wasn’t long before a beast roar resounded from the bottom of the lake, and it surged through the surroundings, causing the snowflakes that covered the sky to be blasted away.

After that, an extremely enormous beast that seemed like a cow yet wasn’t a cow, was completely covered in scales, had eyes the size of lanterns, and had a horn that was suffused with a dark blue glow tore through the waves, and it stood up from within the lake while emanating a stand of monstrous ferocious might.

At this moment, all the living beings in an area of 5,000km were terrified to the point of trembling on the ground, and they were filled with terror and uneasiness from the imposing aura of the horned ferocious beast.

“Which Bastard actually dared to disturb my peaceful cultivation?” The horned ferocious beast roared loudly, and it shook space to the point of shattering inch by inch into pieces and caused a myriad of tempestuous waves to arise as it swept towards the distance.


Right at this moment, a wisp of red shadow appeared out of thin air. She had light golden long hair, snow white skin, and peerless natural charm, causing her to seem like a matchless beauty.

“Hmm? Where did that kid go?” Her clear eyes swept the surroundings, and her brows couldn’t help but knit together. In the end, she shot her gaze towards that horned ferocious beast in the lake.

“What a charming little woman!” The horned ferocious beast was stunned, and his eyes actually revealed a wisp of burning greed.


However, before his voice could finish resounding through the air, the red clothed woman had suddenly stretched out her hand and grabbed at it from afar. She actually forcefully lifted up the enormous figure of the horned ferocious beast, and it was useless no matter how it struggled.

This caused the horned beast to be astounded, and the greed in its eyes instantly vanished while only deep terror and awe remained. “Almighty god, spare my life! Almighty god, spare my life!”

“Did you see a man appear here just now?” The red clothed woman asked in a light voice.

The horned beast shook its head with a confused expression to display it knew nothing.


In the next moment, its throat was crushed, and its extremely enormous figure rumbled and crashed into the lake like a collapsing mountain, and it caused enormous waves to arise.

The red clothed woman remained indifferent towards this. She seemed as if she’d crushed an ant to death and didn’t take it seriously at all. She frowned while her formidable will swept out, and it instantly covered an area of 500,000km.

She carefully searched the mountains, rivers, wilderness, hills, the heavens, and the earth, yet she came back empty handed.

This caused her brows to knit together even more tightly, and she muttered. “That kid is already heavily injured and on the verge of death. It’s absolutely impossible for him to flee and vanish so swiftly. Could it be that an expert lent him a hand?”

Heavy snow swirled in the sky while the world was covered in white. She wore a red dress as she stood all alone in this snow white world, and she seemed to be especially striking.

“In Jaderock Universe, Violethell Divine Sect has the largest forces. Perhaps I can rely on their forces to help me search for this kid….” After a short while, the red clothed woman took a deep breath and decided.

This time, she intended to kill Chen Xi no matter what. It wasn’t just because he’d successfully passed through the barriers and arrived at Snow Ink Region, the crux was that his name was Chen Xi!

He was an heir of Oracle Mountain, and he carried River Diagram fragments in his possession. This was the thing that the red clothed woman attached most importance to. If it wasn’t for that, then with her status, she would utterly disdain to personally make a move to annihilate a World Enlightened True God.


In the next moment, her figure flashed and vanished amidst the boundless snow.

At the depths of the lake.

I’ve finally escaped this calamity…. Chen Xi’s countenance was ghastly pale while his entire body was covered in injuries. Moreover, the vital energy in his body was in disorder, and his injuries were severe to the limit.

While he was in the spatial tunnel earlier, he’d secretly utilized the might of the Terminus Dao Insight to forcefully break open a rift in the spatial tunnel, and the he utilized the Copper Coin of Treasurefall to protect himself and avoid being crushed into powder by the spatial storms.

However, before he could heave a sigh of relief, Chen Xi was surprised to notice that red clothed woman had actually chased him here. It caused him to disregard everything and hurriedly utilize the Daoseal Mark to conceal his vital energy, and this allowed him to escape danger.

This string of actions had already arrived at the limits of his body. At this moment, the injuries on his entire body caused him to almost fall unconscious.

At this moment, he could be considered as lucky to be able to maintain the clarity of his consciousness.

Huff~ Huff~

Chen Xi hurriedly took a few deep breaths before taking out some Divine Crystals to gradually cultivate and repair his injuries. However, its effects were extremely bad.

According to this sort of speed, he would definitely be unable to recover completely without three to five years of time.

The reason for this was that Chen Xi hadn’t just been heavily injured, he’d even utilized the Godslaughter Burst, causing his entire body to instantly arrive at an unprecedentedly weak state.

The only thing that allowed Chen Xi to rest at ease was that the lake was rather hidden, and coupled with that horned ferocious beast being killed by the red clothed woman, then it would be absolutely impossible to notice any traces of him unless it was an expert that arrived here.

However, Chen Xi still intended to leave immediately once he recovered some physical strength.

After all, this was the first area he’d entered after falling out of the spatial tunnel, so if that red clothed woman was unable to find him for a long time, then she would probably turn back, and the consequences of that were unimaginable.

I’ve really troubled A’Liang…. Chen Xi sighed endlessly in his heart while he cultivated.

At this moment, A’Liang was coiled up within the auricle of his ear. Her beautiful face was ghastly pale while her eyes were closed tightly, and the vital energy in her entire body was weak like gossamers. She’d fallen into a severe unconscious state, and Chen Xi didn’t know when she would be able to wake up.

This caused Chen Xi’s heart to hurt and be filled with resentment. He truly hated that red clothed woman to the bone, and he’d decided since a long time ago that he would definitely return all of this tenfold in the future!

After that, Chen Xi stopped thinking about it. He restrained his thoughts and maintained an empty state in his sea of consciousness, and then he fell into deep levels of meditation.

Snowflakes swirled down like a carpet, and they covered everything in the world.

It the blink of an eye, a month had passed by.

Since the horned ferocious beast within the lake had been killed, this lake started to bustle with activity. Figures frequently arrived in groups with the intention of fishing out that horned beast’s corpse. Unfortunately, all of them failed in the end. It couldn’t be helped, that ferocious beast’s figure was too enormous, and it was like a mountain. So, they were helpless against it.

Something worthy of mention was that these people were people that lived in the nearby mountain range. They possessed great physical strength and courage, yet they hadn’t cultivated.

In other words, besides their physical attributed being extremely strong, they were no different from the commoners in the three dimensions.

At dusk today, a tall and a short figure appeared by the lake.

It was two young men. The tall young man was around the age of 15 or 16, whereas, the short young man was around 11 or 12 years old. Even though their appearances were immature, their exposed skin bulged up like rocks, and they moved about nimbly and vigorously. They seemed to be filled with energy.

“Big Brother Mutou, will we really be able to succeed?”

“Zai’zi, don’t ask if we can succeed or not. Just tell me one thing, do you want to practice the Divine Dao?”

“I do!”

“Then dig out that ferocious beast’s horn with me! We’ll take it and leave the village, and we’ll exchange it for some Divine Crystals in the city. I’ve already planned everything. So long as we possess Divine Crystals, we’ll be able to take a master and learn. One day, we’ll be able to command the wind and clouds, overturn oceans, and allow everyone within our village to live a happy life!”

“Yes, I’ll listen to Big Brother Mutou about everything!”

The two young men bolstered their morale as they arrived by the side of the lake.

“Zai’zi, we’ll leap in together. Remember that you must follow closely by myside because only then would I be able to help you if any mishaps occur.” Mutou took a deep breath and spoke solemnly.

“Big Brother Mutou, I’ve already grown up. Don’t underestimate me!” Zai’zi gritted his teeth and actually leaped into the lake before Mutou.

Mutou was stunned, and then he shook his head and laughed bitterly. “This fellow is truly eager to excel.”

However, to Mutou’s astonishment, in the next moment, Zai’zi actually seemed as if he’d been lifted up by a strand of invisible force, and he returned from within the water.


Before Mutou could react from his shock, a tall figure walked out from within the water. This person had a pale countenance, deep eyes, and long hair that hung loosely and in a disorderly manner above his shoulder.

“A monster!!” Zai’zi was terrified to the point of crying out loudly, and he’d utterly not noticed that his figure was already standing safely on the bank of the lake.

Mutou was comparatively composed, and he took a deep breath before he said, “Who’re you?”

That figure was naturally Chen Xi. Chen Xi couldn’t help but grin as he gazed at this young man that was trying hard to maintain his composure, and he said, “I’m definitely not a monster.”

As he spoke, he patted Mutou on the shoulder and said, “I heard the two of you want to enter the city? Do you want to take me there with you? As compensation, I’ll give the both of you that ferocious beast’s horn and 10 Divine Crystals.”

“Really?” Mutou was stunned. Never had he imagined that there was actually such a good incident in the world. Zai’zi was stunned from hearing this as well, and he stopped crying out loudly.

Chen Xi smiled and passed five Divine Crystals over to Mutou. “This is half of your compensation. Don’t worry, it’s only until we arrive in the city. At that time, both of you can leave as you please.”

Mutou was stunned. As he gazed at the Divine Crystals before him, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath and forcefully restrain the excitement in his heart before he said, “Alright! I agree!”

“Big Brother Mutou, aren’t you worried that he’s a bad person?” Zai’zi frowned as he spoke from the side.

“Firstly, we have no wealth. Secondly, we have no value to be used. If this senior is a bad person, then why would he utilize Divine Crystals to harm us?” Mutou spoke calmly.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smiled when he heard this, and he praised in his heart. This young man is pretty meticulous in his thoughts.

“Let’s go. I know nothing about this place, and I have some questions to ask the both of you while we’re on the way.” Chen Xi flicked his sleeve and brought the two young men along as he teleported, and they instantly left this place.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Not long after Chen Xi left, an entire 1,000 plus blazing streaks of light tore through the sky and arrived here. It was like a myriad of divine rays that formed a dense and magnificent sight, and they appeared above this lake.

“According to the Sect Master’s orders, that bastard had once made an appearance here. Start searching now! It’s better to dig a meter into the ground than allow any corners to slip by!” A grey clothed old man shouted loudly in a deep voice. “If anyone is able to find any valuable information, then our Violethell Divine Sect will absolutely not treat that person unfairly!”

“Yes!” All the others agreed simultaneously.

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