Chapter 1580 – The Might Of An Ancestral God


This strand of force that suddenly assaulted him was extremely terrifying. The spatial tunnel was extraordinarily solid, yet it actually suddenly started trembling violently from the fluctuations created by this attack, and it seemed to be faintly on the verge of shattering.

Chen Xi didn’t have the time to pay attention to all of this. When this attack suddenly assaulted him, he realized that it was utterly impossible for him to escape this attack with his current speed.

So, he practically instinctively turned around swiftly before drawing the Talisman Armament and slashing down forcefully!


Sword Insight surged exuberantly like waves, and then a myriad of divine talismans rose from it. It was precisely the second move Chen Xi had comprehended upon attaining the Sword Emperor Realm — Calm Before The Storm!

This attack was even more terrifying than it was in the past, and it contained the entire might of Chen Xi’s Talisman Divine Dao after it advanced into the initial-stage. Moreover, he’d even exerted his entire strength.

If Ninth Uncle were to come back to life, he would definitely be unable to resist this strike!


A strand of an extremely terrifying energy collision rumbled and resounded. Divine radiance shot towards the surroundings, and it shook the spatial tunnel to the point of warping and fluctuating violently.

To Chen Xi’s astonishment, this strike of his was actually easily drowned out like a piece of paper.

It was a pitch black copper ring that was completely round like a moon, simple, and exquisite, and it was filled with a primitive, plain, and perfect aura.

Under the attack of this black copper ring, Chen Xi’s most powerful attack was completely obliterated like a piece of paper.


Before Chen Xi could make another reaction, the black copper ring assaulted him once more.


It smashed forcefully onto Chen Xi’s chest, and it smashed open a bloody hole there while blasting his entire body into the distance.


Chen Xi coughed up a mouthful of blood, and he staggered as he stood up. Moreover, his countenance was already ghastly pale to the limit. The bloody hold on his chest was the size of an entire bowl, and it was only a trace away from touching his heart.

Merely a single strike had actually heavily injured him!

This caused Chen Xi to not dare believe that he was so fragile, and this obviously displayed exactly how terrifying the strength of the person who attacked was.

Moreover, it was utterly impossible for a figure that possessed such strength to be a Domain Enlightened Spirit God!

“Little Fellow, that Sword Dao you utilized earlier faintly carried a strand of the Talisman Dao’s aura. Could it be that you’re a disciple of Oracle Mountain? Oh, I guess that you’re probably that Chen Xi from the three dimensions, right?” Along with this soft and pleasing voice, a graceful and enchanting figure gradually walked over from far away in the spatial tunnel.

She had long and dense light golden hair, snow white skin, and glistening eyes. She wore a wine red dress that fully revealed the graceful curves of her curvaceous figure, and it carried a strand of temptation that took one’s breath away. Moreover, a wisp of dazzling snow white was revealed from her ample chest, and it caused the bodies of others to be unable to help but heat up from a single glance of it.

This woman was naturally charming, enchanting, and graceful. Every single part of her entire body emanated a strand of temptation that was impossible to refuse, and she could be considered to be a peerless beauty.

However, there was no desire at all within Chen Xi’s heart when he saw her. Conversely, the feeling of danger in his heart grew stronger, and it was like he was facing a female devil that possessed lethal might.

Especially shocking to Chen Xi was that after he’d merely attacked once, she’d actually instantly determined his origins, and such perception wasn’t something that an ordinary figure could possess.

From the moment Chen Xi was heavily injured until this woman that seemed like a peerless beauty appeared, it took a long time to describe yet actually occurred in a few blinks of the eye.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had instantly determined that she was definitely that Ye Yan who possessed a cultivation at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!


Even if he was heavily injured, Chen Xi didn’t dare stop at all. Under the stimulation of the extreme danger he felt, he’d instinctively chosen to flee once more.

He fled towards the end of the tunnel!

He was very clearly aware that it was utterly impossible for him to be a match for her with his current ability, and it was even to the extent that he wouldn’t be able to shake her even if he fought desperately with his life on the line.

So, fleeing was his one and only choice.

“Looks like you really are that Chen Xi. You really are as extraordinary as the rumors say. Unfortunately, your cultivation seems to be too low when compared to those other disciples of Oracle Mountain.” The red clothed woman took a stride forward in a neither fast nor slow manner, and she caught up to Chen Xi in the blink of an eye. After that, she stretched out her slender jade white hand and pressed it down lightly towards Chen Xi’s backbone.

At this instant, time and space seemed to be motionless while an invisible force field swept out. It seemed like the cage of the Grand Dao, and it covered every single inch of space.

On the other hand, Chen Xi felt his entire body stiffen while a strand of enormous force surged towards him from all directions, and it fiercely smashed down onto his entire body. It caused his body to stiffen as if a myriad of divine mountains were pressing down onto him, and he felt almost suffocated. Moreover, he was unable to struggle and was on the verge bring drowned by a feeling of powerlessness.

This force was too terrifying, it had returned to simplicity and had returned to its ancestral roots. It was extremely simple and ordinary, yet it caused all forces beneath the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm to be unable to resist it.

This was the might of a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God. Their cultivation had already advanced to a stage of returning to its ancestral roots, and they themselves were the Dao Ancestors of a Divine Dao. They were the ‘source’ of all things!

Chen Xi’s expression changed abruptly because even his full strength was unable to resist this strange of force, and it was even to the extent that he couldn’t even struggle. This caused him to be shocked and furious, and he obtained a complete understanding of exactly how large the gap between a World Enlightened True God and Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was.

What should I do? Chen Xi suddenly gritted is teeth while the vital blood in his entire body rumbled. In an instant, his jet black hair transformed into snow white threads, and his entire imposing aura had suddenly doubled explosively!

The Godslaughter Burst!

At this critical moment of life and death, Chen Xi still couldn’t avoid executing this trump card that he didn’t utilize lightly.


At practically the exact same time, the red clothed woman’s hand pressed lightly onto his backbone, and his entire body felt as if it was struck by a sledgehammer and was blasted flying uncontrollably.

During this entire process, his countenance was ghastly pale and translucent while he coughed up blood without end, and countless bones and tendons had been broken within his entire body. In an instant, his entire body seemed like a hole-ridden sack, and it was in an extremely miserable and horrifying state.

This was even after he’d executed the Godslaughter Burst! If it was in the past, then merely this strike alone would have taken his life!

“Hmm? You actually didn’t die? This Yazi Clan’s Godslaughter Burst isn’t bad indeed. Unfortunately, your cultivation is too low, and your combat strength is still extremely weak even if it has doubled.” The red clothed woman revealed a delicate smile, and her appearance was extremely charming and enchanting.

She moved gracefully and lightly while her red dress fluttered, and she attacked swiftly once more. She revealed a sweet and charming bearing as if she was running to a meeting with her lover, and she didn’t care a trace of killing intent, yet it made her combat strength seem even more terrifying.

She was definitely a venomous beauty, and she was able to kill imperceptibly while smiling and talking, causing others to be unable to help but arouse a wisp of coldness in their hearts when looking at her from afar.

Chen Xi’s entire body was filled with intense pain while his vital energy was in disorder, and his mind droned. He was already heavily injured and on the verge of death. This was absolutely the most dangerous and brutal battle he’d encountered since entering the Last Days Domain.

It was also the most horrifying battle he’d encountered since becoming a god. He was unable to counterattack, unable to resist, and even his chances of fleeing were practically nonexistent.

However, his expression was still calm. The formidable will he’d tempered through numerous years of battle caused him to absolutely not give up just like that, and even if he only had a trace of chance, he would still not accept his fate just like that!


He stood up once more and fled once again.

Chen Xi could faintly see a wisp of bright light far away in the tunnel. It was the end of the spatial tunnel, and so long as he fled out of it, then he would be able to enter Snow Ink Region.

As for what sort of situation he would encounter after he entered Snow Ink Region, it wasn’t something that Chen Xi could give consideration to at this moment.

At this moment, he only had a single thought, and that was to charge out no matter what happened!

This damnable bitch! If I’m able to survive, I’ll definitely return what I suffered today by tenfold! Chen Xi roared in his heart, and he hated this red clothed woman to the bone.

“Leave your life behind! Even if you enter Snow Ink Region, how could you possibly escape my pursuit? Don’t forget that just like you, I can enter Snow Ink Region as well.” That soft and pleasing voice resounded once more by his ear once more, and it was like a nightmare that he couldn’t escape and landed a ferocious blow on Chen Xi’s will to fight.

At the same time, a strand of terrifying force enveloped down towards Chen Xi’s entire body once again, and compared to before, it seemed to be slightly more terrifying!

At this instant, a wisp of uncontrollable rage couldn’t help but surge out from Chen Xi’s heart. After so many years, he originally thought that he’d already grasped sufficient strength, and he wouldn’t suffer another predicament like the one he was suffering right now. Yet who would have imagined that when he encountered a truly formidable existence, the strength he possessed still seemed so weak!

“Stinking Bitch! Even if I die, I’ll drag you down with me!” Chen Xi roared furiously while his entire body seemed as if it was burning.


However, right at the instant Chen Xi intended to fight desperately, a deep and desolate sound of a drum suddenly resounded, and it rumbled as it collided with that attack that shot towards Chen Xi.

In an instant, the entire spatial tunnel started to surge violently, and it seemed as if it was on the verge of shattering while an extremely blazing chaotic flow of Divine Energy raged towards the surroundings and drowned everything.

“A’Liang!” Chen Xi was stunned. He noticed to his shock that A’Liang had helped him resist this strike with the Godsmash Drum. However, her entire body seemed like a falling meteor that was covered in blood, and her eyes were closed as she fell into his palm with a bang. It was unknown if she was still alive.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s expression became gloomy, savage, and livid while a strand of indescribable hatred even surged out from his heart. It burned throughout his body like lava, and it caused him to be on the verge of going crazy.

“Haha! I never expected that it would be a little girl from the Primeval Micro Race.” The red clothed woman seemed to remain indifferent towards all of this. She smiled sweetly as she strode over unhurriedly, and she seemed as if victory was within her grasp.

But right after that, she seemed to have noticed something, and her expression changed abruptly as she suddenly retreated explosively.


Right at the instant she retreated, the spatial tunnel’s walls where she stood an instant ago had suddenly exploded into pieces, and it transformed into a terrifying torrent that drowned Chen Xi’s entire body.

“Dammit! The sturdiness of this spatial tunnel is something that even a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God can’t shake. How could a rift possibly be shattered open on it at this moment?” The red clothed woman was shocking and furious. For the first time, her charming and pale face revealed an expression of rage.

“Stinking Bitch! I’ll definitely kill you one day!” Chen Xi’s voice that was filled with boundless hatred resounded from within the chaotic flow of space, and then it vanished without a trace.

This caused the red clothed woman’s expression to change, and then she bit her moist red lips before she suddenly smiled and said in a delicate voice, “There’s no need to wait until the future! I’ll kill both of you right now!”

As she spoke, her figure flashed, and she utilized the black copper ring to envelop her body before she actually charged into the chaotic flow of space as well.

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