Chapter 1579 – Incessant Appearance Of Danger

Hiss! Hiss!

Space was penetrated by the force of his finger that was swift as a sword, and it emanated a howl that was sharp and was practically on the verge of tearing Chen Xi’s eardrums apart.

There was only a distance of 1m between Shangguan Jinheng and Chen Xi. At this moment, when Shangguan Jinheng suddenly launched an attack, the imposing might it revealed was simply astounding to the extreme.

That was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God!

Moreover, it was a sudden attack. Not to mention a World Enlightened True God, even a Domain Enlightened Spirit God would be absolutely unable to block this attack.

At this instant, it seemed as if time had stopped.

Chu Teng and Qiu Lianzhuang were slightly astounded. They seemed to have never expected that Shangguan Jinheng would suddenly attack Yin Huaikong, so they weren’t in time to stop him at all.

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted while a wisp of coldness arose on his face that was enveloped beneath the bamboo hat, and every single hair on his body stood on end as he felt lethally threatened.

However, he didn’t make a move in the end, and he just stood there silently. Moreover, his slightly constricted pupils had recovered to their original state while he looked gloomily at Shangguan Jinheng.

Hmm? Shangguan Jinheng frowned. Right at the instant before the tip of his finger touched Chen Xi’s throat, his figure suddenly flashed and returned to where he stood before this.

At the same time, the surging and fierce killing intent his entire body emanated had dispersed like tidewater and was restrained.

All of this had occurred in an unbelievable swift instant. Up until now, when everything had ended, space stopped wailing, killing intent stopped surging, and everything seemed to have returned to its original state.

If an ordinary person was here, that person would even think that he was seeing things.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t an ordinary person. He gazed coldly at Shangguan Jinheng and said, “Senior Brother Shangguan, what’s the meaning of this?” His words seemed as if they were squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth, and it carried a wisp of ghastly killing intent.

On the other hand, his extremely strained mind and heart eased up completely at this moment, and only now did he notice that his back was already drenched in a layer of cold sweat.

Everything that occurred in this instant was no different than a journey through life and death for Chen Xi, and it was dangerous to the extreme.

With his current strength, he was naturally able to avoid this attack. But in this way, it would completely expose his identity. After all, he was Yin Huaikong now, and he hadn’t cultivated the Dao of Calamity. So, once he attacked, it would be equivalent to letting the cat out of the bag.

So, at the critical instant, he’d gambled that Shangguan Jinheng was testing him!

The final outcome displayed that he’d won.

So, he’d bluntly vented the rage in his heart because he was Yin Huaikong, the Eldest Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect. Even if his cultivation was inferior to them, his status was even slightly more distinguished than these three Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

Thus, he had the qualifications to be enraged, and he had to display his rage at this moment.

Sure enough, when they heard Chen Xi question Shangguan Jinheng, Chu Teng and Qiu Lianzhuang frowned as well, and they gazed at Shangguan Jinheng while they faintly revealed expressions of displeasure.

Yin Huaikong’s status made even them feel rather fearful towards him, yet Shangguan Jinheng had utilized such methods to test Yin Huaikong at this moment. If the Sect Master were to find out about this, then he would definitely punish Shangguan Jinheng. In this way, they would definitely be implicated as well, and this was something they were unable to accept.

Of course, even though they were furious in their hearts, they didn’t question Shangguan Jinheng. Because they were puzzled about why Shangguan Jinheng would act in this way. Could it be that there’s something off about this Yin Huaikong that’s standing before us?

“Junior Brother Yin, forgive me. I heard that quite a few members of the Woodskin Mask Race died a few days ago in the Hunting Area, and I was worried that someone would disguise himself as one of our members and try to slip through.” Shangguan Jinheng cupped his hands and apologized. However, his eyes still continued to size Chen Xi up as if a trace of suspicion still remained in his heart.

This caused Chen Xi to be shocked in his heart. Chen Xi was clearly aware that even though this young man with a sword on his back was lower in seniority to Chu Teng and Qiu Lianzhuang, his strength and vigilance surpassed them.

The Woodskin Mask Race?

Chu Teng and Qiu Lianzhuang instantly came to a sudden understanding when they heard these words, and they understood why Shangguan Jinheng had acted in that way.

“Jinheng, it looks to me that you’re too suspicious.” Chu Teng shook his head. “Just think about it, if he wasn’t Yin Huaikong, would he stand still and wait for death to arrive?”

“The ability of the Woodskin Mask Race is extraordinary indeed, and I feel that Jinheng’s actions weren’t wrong. However, it was slightly too rash. At the very least, it would be better to question him for a while before making a move.” Qiu Lianzhuang spoke as well.

“What? Both of you are doubting my identity?” Chen Xi’s face sank as he flipped his palm.


Three golden and brilliant copper coins floated up into appearance, and they revolved without end while emanating a terrifying pressure.

The Copper Coin of Treasurefall!

At this moment, the expressions of Chu Teng, Qiu Lianzhuang, and even Shangguan Jinheng changed slightly, and their eyes couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of reverence and a trace of burning greed that was extremely well concealed.

This was a precious treasure in the possession of the Sect Master, so how could they be unable to recognize it? It was precisely because of this that they didn’t have any further doubts towards Chen Xi’s identity.

That was the Copper Coin of Treasurefall. Even if someone could disguise himself in Yin Huaikong’s appearance, but it was impossible to fake such a Natural Spirit Treasure!

“Huaikong, don’t be angry, we were just being cautious. After all, now that the passageway is about to close, the situation within the Last Days Domain isn’t too promising. For the sake of preventing those experts of the lower dimensions from entering the passageway, we can only be even more vigilant.” Chu Teng hurriedly smiled as he spoke.

“Hmph! Action cautiously really isn’t wrong, but targeting me is going a bit too far! Could it be that all of you think my position as the Eldest Elite Disciple is a decoration?” Chen Xi became even more composed when he saw this, and he put the Copper Coin of Treasurefall away before glancing coldly at the three of them.

“Not at all, not at all.” They hurriedly cupped their hands and spoke.

“Huai Kong, didn’t you have an urgent matter to attend to? We don’t dare to keep you here any longer, so we’ll activate the passageway’s entrance right away and send you away. I hope that out of consideration for our sincerity in protecting the passageway for the sect, you won’t mention this matter again when you meet the Sect Master.” Qiu Lianzhuang spoke. She had the best understanding of Yin Huaikong’s ruthless disposition, and she knew that they would completely offend him if this continued.

“Right, right, Junior Sister Qiu is right.” Chu Teng hurriedly chimed in.

Only Shangguan Jinheng stood silently at the side with his brows knitted tightly together, and it was unknown what he was thinking.

As they spoke, Chu Teng and Qiu Lianzhuang made a move at the same time. They arrived at the back of the palace and a bronze door stood towering there. The door was densely covered by talismans that were extremely obscure, and the two of them stood in front of the bronze door before they formed seals with their hands. After a short moment, the door rumbled open.

“Martial Uncle Chu, Martial Aunt Qiu, I’ll be bidding my farewell.” Chen Xi walked forward and cupped his hands when he heard this, yet he paid no further attention to Shangguan Jinheng as if he was bearing a grudge against Shangguan Jinheng.

The sight of this caused Chu Teng and Qiu Lianzhuang to sigh with emotion in their hearts. This Yin Huaikong really is a vengeful fellow. I really wonder why the Sect Master took him to be the Eldest Elite Disciple.

As they spoke, Chen Xi walked past the bronze door. This bronze door led directly to the spatial tunnel that lay across the sky.

I never expected that it would be so smooth this time…. Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief. He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he recalled the three heavily guarded layers of defense that he’d encountered all along the way. The Woodskin Mask Clan’s Shapeless Skin really deserves to be a miraculous divine treasure. Such ability to allow a fake to pass as genuine can simply be said to be heaven defying.

“Wait!” However, before Chen Xi could completely relax, a soft and pleasant voice suddenly resounded behind him.

This voice was entirely different from the voices of Chu Teng and the others, and it was spoken by another. It seemed to sound extremely pleasant to the ear, yet it was like a resounding bell when it entered Chen Xi’s ear, and it shook Chen Xi’s soul to the point of trembling while his mind droned without end. Moreover, his figure actually revealed a trace of sluggishness.

Shit! Chen Xi muttered in his heart. Merely the energy contained within this voice caused him to sense a strand of indescribably terror, and this obviously showed how terrifying this person’s cultivation was.

At this instant, Chen Xi didn’t dare hesitate at all, and he suddenly circulated his entire cultivation before his figure flashed and suddenly charged towards the spatial tunnel.

“Martial Nephew Huaikong, I watched you grow up. Even though I’m slightly higher than you in seniority, we’re like siblings. Since your Big Sister has called out to you, then why don’t you come see me and leave hastily instead?” That soft and pleasing voice resounded once more by his ear, and every single word sounded like a thunderclap. It shook Chen Xi’s eardrums to the point of being on the verge of splitting apart, and his soul trembled without end. Even the vital blood within his entire body was ceaselessly roiling.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be astounded by this. Exactly what sort of cultivation does this woman possess? Could it be that she’s that Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, Ye Yan?

Amongst the information Chen Xi obtained before this was information about a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God that was about to patrol this place soon, and that Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was called Ye Yang. Supposedly, she was extremely beautiful, yet her disposition changed at a whim, and she killed without batting an eye, causing all the disciples of the Sovereign Sect that guarded this passageway to feel bone-deep terror towards her.

If it really is her, then the situation is terrible!

These thoughts flashed in Chen Xi’s heart, yet his movements weren’t slow at all. At this moment, he couldn’t be bothered to continue concealing his identity, and his figure swiftly moved forward like a ray of light within the spatial tunnel.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

This multicolored spatial tunnel was like an extremely long passageway, and its surroundings were covered in multicolored spatial barriers. It was deep and resplendent.

It was impossible to teleport here because one was already within space itself, so the only thing Chen Xi could do was charge forward with all his might!

So long as he charged to the end of the passageway, then he would be able to arrive successfully at Snow Ink Region!

“Looks like you aren’t my Martial Nephew Huaikong. Those idiots really have eyes but fail to see, and they weren’t even able to distinguish your identity. Fortunately, I arrived slightly earlier, otherwise, you would have really slipped by this time, little fellow….” Her faint sigh followed Chen Xi like cancer and resounded explosively by his ear. It surged within his heart, causing his countenance to turn pale, and he had the impulse to cough up blood.

How could this damnable woman’s voice be so terrifying? Chen Xi suddenly gritted his teeth while a wisp of resolution flashed in his eyes. The energy, essence, and spirit in his entire body seemed as if it was blazing within a furnace, and his entire body glowed brilliantly as his speed increased once more.

“Eh? Could it be that you think you’ll really be able to escape me?” That woman seemed to be rather surprised yet seemed to be ridiculing Chen Xi’s overconfidence.


As she spoke, a strand of extremely terrifying Divine Energy suddenly caught up to Chen Xi at an inconceivable speed, and then it smashed down towards him!

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