Chapter 1578 – Sly Trick Of Substitution

All four of these disciples of the Sovereign Sect had never expected that while they were unable to find their Senior Brother Wei, they would meet Eldest Senior Brother Yin Huaikong instead.

“Eldest Senior Brother.” But in next to no time, they stopped on the spot in unison and bowed.


“What’re all of you doing?” Yin Huaikong who Chen Xi had transformed into wore black clothes, a bamboo hat, and was completely suffused with a gloomy aura arrived swiftly before he spoke in a cold voice.

“Eldest Senior Brother, we’re searching for Senior Brother Wei. Earlier, Senior Brother Wei’s Golden Divine Eagle got lost just now, and Senior Brother Wei went to look for it. However, the time for an entire incense stick has passed now, yet Senior Brother Wei still hasn’t returned. We were worried, so….” One of them hurriedly explained.

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Chen Xi with a cold grunt. “Hmph! All of you have no discipline at all. Looks like all of you’ve been leading slightly too easy lives in the Last Days Domain!”

His voice was hoarse and feminine, and it revealed coldness that seeped into the bone.

The figures of those four disciples shivered while their expressions changed, and they complained in their hearts. They were clearly aware that this Eldest Senior Brother of theirs had always been ruthless, vicious, cold, and emotionless. Moreover, he hated when the disciples of the sect broke the rules.

“Forget it, I need to head to Snow Ink Region on an urgent matter, so I’ll spare all of you this time!” Chen Xi waved his hand before turning around and flashing towards the distance.

Those four disciples exchanged glances, and then all of them heaved sighs of relief and hurriedly caught up to ‘Yin Huaikong’.

“Eldest Senior Brother, when did you arrive at the Last Days Domain? Why didn’t you notify us in advance? We would have headed over to greet you.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, are the other Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters in the three dimensions fine? Haha! As far as I’m concerned, the three dimensions are definitely under Eldest Senior Brother’s command, and it’s under the control of my Sovereign Sect.”

“Right, right. With Eldest Senior Brother’s ability, how could he be unable to accomplish this?”

All along the way, these four disciples of the Sovereign Sect were simply like obedient children, and they carefully accompanied Chen Xi while smiling and flattering him.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but sigh with emotion in his heart. This Yin Huaikong really is arrogant in the Sovereign Sect.

Earlier, he’d schemed to capture the Golden Divine Eagle, and then utilized it as bait to kill that Senior Brother Wei. After that, he searched for everything he required from that Senior Brother Wei’s memories.

For example, Yin Huaikong’s status in the Sovereign Sect, way of speaking, way of doing things, and so on and so forth.

Thus, Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath to explain anything at all, and just revealing a cold expression was sufficient to make the four of them not suspect him at all. They’d utterly never imagined that someone would actually pretend to be Yin Huaikong.

Even if they’d expected it, they would probably be unable to distinguish the slightest flaw. After all, it was the Shapeless Skin of the Woodskin Mask Clan, and even Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods would be unable to distinguish it.

In next to no time, Chen Xi’s group arrived at the outpost.

When they saw their ‘Eldest Senior Brother Yin Huaikong’ arrive here, all the disciples standing on guard at the outpost were restless, and they revealed expressions of surprise and disbelief. However, they’d more or less revealed a wisp of reverence as well.

They were similarly bewildered. Why has Eldest Senior Brother suddenly arrived now?

In their understanding, Yin Huaikong was one of the leading figures that the Sovereign Sect’s Master had left in the three dimensions, and he was in charge of commanding all the disciples in the three dimensions to sweep through the world. They were supposed to seize the opportunity presented by the calamity to take the entire three dimensions into the Sovereign Sect’s control.

It was precisely because of this that they were rather surprised when they saw Yin Huaikong appear here.

However, even though they were bewildered, they didn’t dare open their mouths and ask. Yin Huaikong was the Eldest Elite Disciple. So, even though his cultivation was similar to theirs, he deeply received the high regard of the Sect Master, and in terms of status, he wasn’t someone all of them could compare to.

Coupled with Yin Huaikong’s gloomy and vicious disposition, and his shrewdness, they didn’t dare rashly ask him about it so as to avoid arousing annoying Yin Huaikong.

Never had they imagined that this display of theirs allowed Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart instead. At the very least, he didn’t have to make up an excuse to explain everything.

This was the power of authority. If Chen Xi pretended to be an insignificant disciple of the Sovereign Sect, then it would be absolutely impossible for him to obtain such results.

Without practically any obstruction, Chen Xi directly passed through the outpost, and then he flashed towards the divine palace that lay 50km away by himself.

At this distance, he was able to clearly see the multicolored spatial tunnel that lay across the area above the distant sky, and it was like a soft ribbon that swayed in midair and was extremely striking.

So long as I enter it, then I’ll be safe…. Chen Xi took a deep breath while he became even more vigilant in his heart.

According to the information he obtained from Senior Brother Wei’s memories, the disciples patrolling the area before the divine palace were divided into eight teams. Every single team had nine members, and four teams formed a group. They took turns to patrol the surroundings of the divine palace, and once any unexpected events occurred, then they would immediately react to it.

The strengths of these disciples were roughly at the World Enlightened True God Realm, and they weren’t able to pose any threat to Chen Xi. The existences that truly aroused fear in Chen Xi was those existences that resided within the divine palace.

Presently, there were three Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods residing within the divine palace. Every single one of them was a top-rate existence that commanded great authority, and they were on par with that Ninth Uncle from the Dayi Clan.

If he was merely going against one of them, then Chen Xi was confident in being able to annihilate him, but if he were to go against two, then he could only flee.

Moreover, according to the information he obtained, a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God would be patrolling this place soon, and he was especially fearful towards this because that Universe Enlightened Ancestral God might make a sudden appearance at any moment.

That was an existence that was even more formidable than a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, an existence whose cultivation had already attained a level returning to its ancestral roots. Once he encountered this Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, Chen Xi even suspected that his chances of escaping would be extremely tiny.

So, under such circumstances, Chen Xi wouldn’t wait for this worst-case scenario to appear. On the other hand, the important matter at hand was to seize this opportunity to swiftly leave this dangerous place.

“Eh, it’s Eldest Senior Brother!”

“Eldest Senior Brother has actually arrived here. Could it be that the matters in the three dimensions have been completed?”

“What a bunch of idiots. Presently, the passageway leading to the Ancient God Domain is about to close, and with Eldest Senior Brother’s aspirations, he would naturally not stay within a small pond like the three dimensions. Only the Ancient God Domain is the place where he’ll develop his aspirations and make a name for himself.”

“But, why is he all alone?”

“Uh, that isn’t something we should worry about.”

When they saw Chen Xi’s figure from afar, all those disciples that were patrolling the Sovereign Sect felt a wave of surprise, and they exclaimed in succession and called out to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t spare a glance towards all of this. His aura was gloomy as before, and he seemed like a wisp of cold wind that moved towards the divine palace at a neither swift nor slow pace.

All of those disciples were accustomed to this since a long time ago, and they didn’t feel that it was strange.

“Huaikong?” Before Chen Xi could approach the divine palace, a voice that was deep like a mountain rumbled and resounded.

Chen Xi instantly frowned. He raised his head and cupped his hands towards the palace. “Yin Huaikong greets Martial Uncle Chu.”

This Martial Uncle Chu was called Chu Teng, and he was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. In terms of status, he could be considered as a Sect Priest of the Sovereign Sect if he was in the three dimensions. However, at the Last Days Domain or perhaps amongst the forces of the Sovereign Sect in the Ancient God Domain, Chu Teng could merely be considered as an ordinary elder in the Sovereign Sect.

“Hahaha! It really is Huaikong.” Along with this sound of laughter, a crimson haired man that was fat like a ball and had a ferocious appearance walked out of the divine palace with large strides, and he stretched out his hand in a warm manner and intended to pat Chen Xi on the shoulder.

Chen Xi took an imperceptible step forward and said calmly, “Martial Uncle Chu, I have an urgent matter to attend to, and I have to rush to the Ancient God Domain as soon as possible to report a matter to the Sect Master.”

“Oh?” Chu Teng’s expression couldn’t help but freeze momentarily when his hand struck nothing but air, and then it recovered to its normal state. He sized Chen Xi up from head to toe before he said, “Has some sort of unexpected event occurred in the three dimensions?”

As he spoke, the two of them walked side by side into the divine palace.

This divine palace was extremely spacious, and 36 thick and imposing stone pillars stood towering within it. Moreover, there were some meditation cushions spread out at the sides of the hall within the divine palace. Besides that, there was nothing else within the hall, and it seemed to be extremely simple.

“An unexpected event has occurred indeed.” Chen Xi nodded while he started imperceptibly sizing up everything within the hall.

As expected, this hall itself is a Divine Restriction. Once it’s activated, its might will probably be even superior to the Sunchaser Formation…. Fortunately, I’ve disguised myself as Yin Huaikong this time. Otherwise, merely this barrier would be sufficient to keep me out. Chen Xi thought in his heart. This didn’t mean that the grand formation could trap him, but once he went head-on the forces of the Sovereign Sect, this grand formation was bound to become an obstruction that trapped Chen Xi here. At that time, even if he was able to break through the formation, he would suffer the encirclement of the Sovereign Sect’s forces.

“What occurred in the three dimensions?”

“Oh? Exactly what occurred that makes you have to go see the Sect Master yourself?”

Meanwhile, two voices resounded once more from within the hall. Along with these voices, a wave of fluctuations arose in space, and then the figures of a man and woman appeared.

The man wore a violet robe and had an extraordinary bearing. He carried a sword o his back and seemed to be extremely good looking. On the other hand, the woman wore a cloud white dress with wide sleeves while her expression was cold, indifferent, and dignified, and she naturally carried a terrifying imposing aura.

“Senior Brother Shangguan, Martial Aunt Qiu.” Chen Xi cupped his hands and bowed once more when he saw them. They were called Shangguan Jinheng and Qiu Lianzhuang, and they were both Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

Coupled with Chu Teng from before, the three of them were the strongest existences of the Sovereign Sect that guarded this place.

At this moment, Chen Xi was extremely vigilant in his heart, yet he remained composed on the surface. He still seemed vicious and gloomy while his face was enveloped beneath the shadow of the bamboo hat.

“This matter has huge implications, and I don’t dare expose it to all of you before I obtain the Sect Master’s reply. I hope you can forgive me.” Chen Xi spoke with a feminine and hoarse voice.

The three of them frowned when they heard this.

Especially the violet robed young man, Shangguan Jinheng. His eyes narrowed as he sized Chen Xi up carefully, and then he suddenly said in a grim voice. “Bastard! You still intend to utilize a mask to deceive us? Show yourself!”

As he spoke, his figure suddenly flashed. He pressed his fingers into the shape of a sword before suddenly stabbing it forcefully at Chen Xi’s face, and the gale emanated from this was fierce and murderous to the extreme.

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