Chapter 1577 – Golden Divine Eagle

If one observed carefully, one would notice that the Sovereign Sect had set up three layers of defenses before this passageway.

The first layer was the outpost 50km away from the divine palace, and it was defended by 16 disciples of the Sovereign Sect. Moreover, they verified the identities of the people who passed and collected Divine Crystals from them.

The second layer was situated before the divine palace, and it was protected by groups of patrolling disciples. Their main responsibility was to deter trespassers and deal with sudden situations.

The third layer was the divine palace itself. Over three Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods and numerous elite and formidable disciples resided within it all year round.

This was the three layers of defense that the Sovereign Sect had placed in the Last Days Domain, and these heavy defenses had practically no blind spots.

If it was in terms of numbers, then there were an entire 100 plus disciples of the Sovereign Sect present here. Perhaps such numbers would seem to be rather small when facing a large-scale battle, but one shouldn’t forget that there were Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods residing here, and just a few of them were sufficient to resist an army.

Coupled with the monstrous power and influence of the Sovereign Sect, there were utterly no experts from the Ancient God Domain that had the courage to cause trouble here.

If a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God that patrolled the area all year round was added to this, then this deterrent force seemed to be even more terrifying.

At this moment, there was a row of figures queued up before the first row of defense, and they were waiting to have their identities verified and pay Divine Crystals before they could enter the spatial tunnel to return to Snow Ink Region.

Obviously, this row of figures had definitely come from Snow Ink Region, and if they were gods who were restrained and brought into the Last Days Domain from the lower dimensions, then they wouldn’t dare approach this place at all.

The reason was extremely simple. The Sovereign Sect only possessed a single approach towards all experts from the lower dimensions, and it was to capture all of them to be made servants before they were transported to distant and unknown regions to serve the Sovereign Sect.

Once such an incident was to occur, then it meant that death wasn’t too far from that person. Because the reason an unknown region was unknown was because it was too dangerous, and no one dared to risk their lives there!

“Haha! Have you heard? The Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master is in a slightly bad situation. The passageway is about to close, yet there’s no sign of him. He’s probably already dead.”

“You mean Yi Tian? I heard about it as well. He seems to have gathered many forces and is pursuing a prey in the Hunting Area. It seems like it’s impossible for a Young Master like him who’s followed by a group of lackeys to suffer any danger, right?”

“How could it be impossible? Haven’t you noticed that fellow still hasn’t made an appearance? It isn’t just him, not a single one of his lackeys have made an appearance as well. I’ve inquired about him, and there isn’t even a trace of news about Yi Tian within the entire Last Days Domain for the last few days. It’s as if he evaporated into thin air. In my opinion, they’re probably… Hahaha, all of you understand what I mean.”

A group of figures in line before the first layer of defense, the outpost, were conversing while waiting to pass through. There were both men and women amongst them, and there was no lack of Young Masters that brought lackeys along with them.

Obviously, they were from Snow Ink Region, and they knew the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian.

“If it’s really like that, then it’s slightly unbelievable. Exactly who was able to accomplish this? According to my knowledge, the Dayi Clan sent a Domain Enlightened Spirit God to protect that Third Young Master.” Someone seemed to be lost in thought.

“I’m extremely curious about it as well.”

All the others nodded successively. They were similarly filled with wonder because it was extremely extraordinary to be able to eliminate Yi Tian’s entire group.

On the other hand, a figure was silently hiding in the shadows of a gorge that was an entire 5,000km away from the outpost. He wore black clothes, a bamboo hat, and his entire vital energy had been completely concealed, causing others to be utterly unable to notice his presence.

Strange, they’re actually still unaware that Yi Tian’s group has already been annihilated…. Chen Xi’s face was concealed beneath the shadow of the bamboo hat, and his eyes surged with a contemplative expression.

The commotion from the battle that day was extremely enormous. Yet now, no one knew about it. This caused Chen Xi to faintly realize that someone had probably helped him eliminate all the traces in that battlefield after he’d left.

Who would help me in secret?

Chen Xi inadvertently thought about that strand of green divine light that killed Ninth Uncle that day, and he thought about that mysterious Goddess.

Could all of this have been the work of that Goddess?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but make such a deduction because besides Tie Kun and that granny from the Primeval Micro Race, the only person he knew in the Last Days Domain was that mysterious Goddess.

Obviously, only that mysterious Goddess from South Sea Region could accomplish all of this!

But why did she assist me in secret?

Chen Xi was unable to figure this out. In the end, he could only shake his head because no matter what the reason was, he had to remember this kindness.

In the next period of time, Chen Xi remained in hiding and calmly observed the three layers of defense set up by the Sovereign Sect, and he listened to their discussions to ceaselessly absorb the information he required.

For example, the names of those disciples of the Sovereign Set that were guarding the outpost, the technique they utilized to verify one’s identity, the amount of Divine Crystals they collected, and so on and so forth.

These pieces of information seemed to be extremely disaggregated, but to Chen Xi who’d disguised himself as the Eldest Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect, Yin Huaikong, all of this was just what he needed.

After all, he was Yin Huaikong now, and he was a disciple of the Sovereign Sect. So, he naturally couldn’t make any careless mistakes in any aspect.

When the veil of night descended, the eyes of Chen Xi who originally stayed there in deathly silence and without moving like a rock had narrowed. His opportunity had arrived!


A resounding cry of an eagle resounded in the clouds. After that, a divine eagle that seemed as if its entire body was made of gold unfolded its wings that covered an area of over 30m, and then it tore through the sky and clouds to circle endlessly beneath the sky.

This was a divine flying beast that a disciple of the Sovereign Sect raised, and he would allow it to fly freely for a period of time every six hours.

Suddenly, this Golden Divine Eagle seemed to have noticed something. It let out a resounding cry before diving down, and then it stretched out its claws that were sharp as blades while pouncing fiercely towards a gorge.

However, from this moment onwards, everything fell into deathly silence. After the Golden Divine Eagle’s figure entered the gorge, and it didn’t make another sound as if it had evaporated from the world.

“Hmm? Senior Brother Wei, why is there no sound from that Little Gold of yours?” A disciple spoke with bewilderment before the first layer of defense.

“Haha! That feathered beast loves to fly around blindly, so it has probably been hunted and cooked as a meal by someone.” One of the disciples laughed and joked.

“Shut up!” Another grey clothed and green haired disciple glared at that person with displeasure, and then he frowned while glancing towards the distance. In the end, he was still unable to feel at ease, and he said, “Everyone, I’m going to have a look.

“Go on, go on.”

The others were clearly aware that this Senior Brother Wei of theirs cared the most about this Golden Divine Eagle.

Senior Brother Wei nodded when he heard this, and then he left hastily.

After a short moment, he arrived before a gorge. He swept the surroundings with his gaze, and he instantly felt amused and angry. At this moment, the Golden Divine Eagle was lying flat on the ground while snoring, and a strand of glistening drool still hunt from the corner of its mouth.

“Little Gold! Get over here!” Senior Brother Wei berated loudly, yet Little Gold didn’t pay any attention to him at all. This caused his expression to turn grim, and he gnashed his teeth as he charged down the gorge. “You lazy bastard! Looks like I’ve spoiled you too much in the past to actually foster you to such a terrible state!”

As he spoke, he slapped his palm down towards Little Gold’s head.


However, right at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared out of this air, and this figure’s hand covered his mouth. At the same time, an icy cold blade was pushed against his throat, and the peerlessly sharp Sword Insight on the blade caused a layer of goosebumps to arise on his skin.

Senior Brother Wei’s pupils instantly dilated while his entire body stiffened, and he was shocking and furious to the limit in his heart. He was clearly aware that this was an ambush that had been meticulously prepared since a long time ago.

After that, he laughed coldly without end in his heart. Someone actually dared to ambush me in the territory of my Sovereign Sect, this person is simply tired of living.

As far as Senior Brother Wei was concerned, the person that ambushed him was definitely a prey from the lower dimensions, and it was none other than for the sake of forcing him to bring that person through the spatial tunnel.

It wasn’t the first time that something like this had occurred. So, Senior Brother Wei quickly calmed down, and he’d already prepared his words. No matter what sort of request this person raised, he would agree to all of them, and after this person entered into his territory, he’d allow this person to know what sort of heavy price had to be paid for ambushing him!

However, what happened next greatly exceeded Senior Brother Wei’s expectations.


He felt his throat go cold, and he didn’t have the time to sense the intense pain from it when his vision went black, and he lost all senses.

Even at the moment before his dead, he was still unable to recover from his shock and figure out why this person would act in such an unconventional way….

“Young Master, why did you kill him?” A’Liang couldn’t help but ask this question.

“What he tells me might not be the truth. I just happen to possess a technique of soul searching, and it’s sufficient to search for the answers I require from within his soul.” Amidst his calm voice, Chen Xi placed Senior Brother Wei’s corpse on the ground, and then he took a deep breath before taking action.

After the time for an incense stick to burn.

“Hmm? Senior Brother Wei has gone for so long, why hasn’t he returned yet?” Someone before the outpost noticed that something was wrong, and he frowned while he spoke.

“You four go take a look together, and you must be careful. Presently, everyone within the Last Days Domain is clearly aware that the passageway is about to close. Under such circumstances, it’s unavoidable that some desperate fellows disregard everything and act rashly.” The grey clothed, show, and chubby old man in the lead immediately made a decision and ordered in a low voice.

Four disciples of the Sovereign Sect immediately moved out, and they moved jointly to search in the distance.

Under the pitch black veil of the night sky, all of them were tense and had murderous expressions while their eyes were filled with vigilance as they ceaselessly moved the area they searched.

In next to no time, they arrived at that gorge. However, the figures of the Golden Divine Eagle and Senior Brother Wei had vanished from the scene since a long time ago, and not even a trace of their auras was left behind. So, the four of them were naturally unable to find Senior Brother Wei.

“Strange. Where exactly did Senior Brother Wei go?”

“I think that feathered beast was definitely coveting food again and headed to the Hunting Area to search for prey. Senior Brother Wei has probably followed it there.”

“Right, something like that seems to have occurred in the past. Then should we head to the Hunting Area to search for him?”

“Forget it, let’s return. If Senior Brother Wei still doesn’t show himself tomorrow, then it wouldn’t be too late to search at that time.”

“Yes, that’s right, that’s right.”

The four of them immediately discussed it amongst themselves, and then they turned around and headed back.


However, right at this moment, a wave of spatial fluctuation suddenly arose in an expanse of the night sky that was extremely far away behind them.

The four of them instantly noticed it and turned around before they swept their gazes over in succession, and they stood ready for combat.

However, when they saw the appearance of the person clearly, all of them couldn’t help but be slightly stunned. Eldest Senior Brother? What’s he doing here?

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