Chapter 1576 – Untold Secrets Of The Godrank Chart

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A figure tore through space beneath the blood red sky, and he was like a wisp of wind that drifted indeterminately, causing others to be unable to capture a trace of him.

This figure was tall like a lone peak, had a handsome appearance, and a pair of black eyes that were vast like the starry sky. Moreover, every single move he made carried a confident, steady, indifferent, and extraordinary bearing.

This young man was Chen Xi.

Two days ago, he’d refined and absorbed all the balls of Divine Dao Laws that he’d gathered, and in the end, he’d broken through in his own Talisman Divine Dao to the initial-stage. Moreover, along with this, his own cultivation had once again undergone a tremendous change.

The reason Chen Xi was able to accomplish this was all thanks to the ball of light that Ninth Uncle had left behind before he perished. It contained the Divine Dao Laws of a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and it was extremely thick and powerful. If it wasn’t for that, then merely the balls of light left behind by World Enlightened True Gods would be definitely unable to allow Chen Xi to advance to the initial-stage of the Talisman Divine Dao so quickly.

If I go against that Ninth Uncle again, then my current combat strength would be sufficient to annihilate him, and I wouldn’t need to rely on anything else at all…. As he flew, Chen Xi sensed the changed in his strength, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. Since he’d entered the Last Days Domain, he’d always taken Ninth Uncle to be his number one enemy, and all the hard work he’d put in had been done for the sake of defeating Ninth Uncle in the end.

But who would have imagined that it was precisely Ninth Uncle’s death that allowed his own Talisman Divine Dao to advance to the initial-stage?

This was what it meant when it was said that everything is preordained, and everything is governed by karma. There was naturally a trace of profundity hidden within all of this.

I wonder what sort of level my current strength would be at in Snow Ink Region…. Chen Xi fell into deep contemplation.

The Last Days Domain couldn’t be compared to the Ancient God Domain in the end. There were over a thousand regions and a myriad of universes in the Ancient God Domain, and it was an eternal plane where gods roamed freely. So, the gods there were definitely extraordinary.

Not to mention that as far as Chen Xi was concerned, even if he could reign supreme over all World Enlightened True Gods now, yet there were still Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods….

It was even to the extent that after Chen Xi witnessed that green divine light that annihilated Ninth Uncle, Chen Xi had faintly sensed that there were probably even more formidable existences above Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods!

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi naturally didn’t dare feel any self-satisfaction towards the strength he possessed right now. He was very clearly aware that if it was amongst all the gods, then he was still at the most ordinary rank in the end.

“Young Master, I heard granny say that there’s a Godrank Chart in the Ancient God Domain, and the top gods in the various realm of cultivation are listed out on it. With your current combat strength, it ought to be sufficient for you to be ranked amongst the top ranks of the World Enlightened True Gods in the Godrank Chart.” A’Liang who stood beautifully on the auricle of Chen Xi’s ear spoke abruptly, and her eyes glistened while they carried a trace of admiration.

The Godrank Chart!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. This name wasn’t unfamiliar to him, and he’d seen that chart that lay across the chaos on more than one occasion while within the God Attainment Region of the three dimensions.

Numerous supreme and brilliant names were listed out on that chart, and it possessed an indescribably supreme dignified aura. It was a supreme glory to any god to have their names listed there!

However, Chen Xi had always felt aversion towards the chart, and the reason for this was the River Diagram fragments. When he was at the God Attainment Region, Chen Xi, Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and the others intended to obtain the Dao Fruit’s Spirit, yet they were obstructed by the Godrank Chart. At the critical moment, if it wasn’t for the assistance of the River Diagram fragments, their group would have definitely returned empty handed.

It was also from that moment onwards that Chen Xi aroused a trace of vigilance towards this mysterious chart.

So, when he heard A’Liang mention the Godrank Chart at this moment, Chen Xi had slightly complicated emotions in his heart. There was vigilance but there was even more bewilderment. Exactly what does this Godrank Chart mean to the gods of the Ancient God Domain?

Where is it from?

Why would the River Diagram fragments arouse hostility towards it?

“Young Master?” A’Liang couldn’t help but feel slightly bewildered when she saw Chen Xi remain silent.

“Oh, I was thinking about the Godrank Chart. Right, A’Liang, what do you know about the Godrank Chart?” Chen Xi took a deep breath and restrained his thoughts.

“I don’t know much. I’ve only heard from granny that if I want to know how formidable a god is, it’ll be obvious by taking a look at that god’s position on the Godrank Chart.” A’Liang explained in a light voice. According to her, the Godrank Chart was extremely miraculous, and the rankings it produced were the fairest. It was able to flawlessly display the extent of strength possessed by a god.

Moreover, according to the different cultivation realms possessed by the gods, the Godrank Chart was divided into numerous charts like the World Enlightened Chart, Domain Enlightened Chart, Universe Enlightened Chart….

On the other hand, all those who were able to be ranked on it were top-rate figures in their respective cultivation realms.

After he heard about all of this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but recall the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, Allheaven Gold Rankings, and various other rankings in the Immortal Dimension.

However, the difference between them was that the Godrank Chart was even more mysterious, and it caused Chen Xi to constantly and uncontrollably arouse a wisp of deep vigilance every single time the Godrank Chart’s name was mentioned.

It felt as if once his name appeared on it, then even his fate would faintly be controlled by it.

“I don’t wish for my name to appear on it.” Chen Xi sighed.

“Why?” A’Liang was stunned, and she couldn’t help but ask curiously. Amongst the ancestors of her Primeval Micro Race, many of their names had once appeared on the Godrank Chart, and they’d taken pride in it. Moreover, it caused all of them who were descendants of these ancestors to take the Godrank Chart to be the target they pursued, and they even had a practically sacred yearning to be ranked atop it.

However, at this moment, Chen Xi actually said he wasn’t willing for his name to appear on the chart, so it naturally caused A’Liang to be rather surprised.

“A man dreads fame just as a pig dreads being fat. I don’t want to be burdened by such reputation.” Chen Xi smiled, and he didn’t tell A’Liang about his true thoughts.

After all, this matter was too obscure and mysterious, and it was better the fewer people know about it.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, the seemingly boundless blood red sky suddenly underwent a slight change. Or perhaps, it could be said that a little bit of other colors had appeared like verdant mountains, clear water, white clouds, a blue sky, an open field….

Chen Xi instantly stopped moving. He was clearly aware that he was about to leave the Hunting Area that was suffused by the color red, and a passageway leading to the Snow Ink Region existed somewhere ahead.

“A’Liang, that passageway isn’t too far away now, and this is our final barrier. So long as we pass through it, then we’ll be able to enter smoothly into the Ancient God Domain. No matter what sort of dangers I encounter, you must remember not to show yourself again until we arrive at the Ancient God Domain.” Chen Xi’s expression became solemn, and his eyes were filled with calmness.

“Young Master, are you going to fight head-on against those disciples of the Sovereign Sect?” A’Liang couldn’t help but ask with worry.

Chen Xi smiled lightly and said, “That’s the worst-case scenario. I still have an excellent method before that, and perhaps I’ll be able to pass throughs safely.”

As he spoke, a verdant Treeheart that was enshrouded with misty divine radiance floated up into appearance on his palm, and it had 36 petals that overlapped in layers above each other. It was rather dazzling.

“A Shapeless Skin?” A’Liang was stunned, and then she said with surprise, “This a treasure that only the king of the Woodskin Mask Race can condense, and it has gone extinct since countless years ago. I never expected that you would actually be able to find such a precious treasure.”

Chen Xi told A’Liang about the sequence of events when he encountered the Woodskin Mask Race.

“Haha! They really are cowardly and stupid.” A’Liang covered her mouth and chuckled when she found out about all of this.

Chen Xi started laughing as well. It was the first time he’d encountered such cowardly opponents, and even until now, he still felt it was slightly inconceivable when he thought about it.

“Young Master, who do you intend to transform into with the Shapeless Skin?” A’Liang asked curiously.

“I’ll naturally be transforming into a disciple of the Sovereign Sect.” Chen Xi spoke casually while Divine Energy suddenly surged out from his hand and enveloped the Treeheart. In an instant, a clear and glistening ray of divine light flowed and enveloped his entire body.

When the divine light vanished, Chen Xi had already become a completely different person. He wore black clothes and a bamboo hat, and his bearing was feminine and cool. Moreover, his entire body was suffused by a strand of terrifying aura of calamity. Shockingly, it was the Eldest Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect, Yin Huaikong!

“Young Master, you….” A’Liang was obviously shocked by this scene, and she’s never imagined that not only had Chen Xi’s appearance changed, even his bearing had become completely different. This caused her to almost not dare believe her eyes.

“How is it?” Chen Xi scanned himself and sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart as well because even he himself felt as if he was possessed by Yin Huaikong.

Especially his voice, it was hoarse and low, and that unique aura and the gloominess he revealed inadvertently was utterly not something that an ordinary technique could imitate.

“You really look like a disciple of the Sovereign Sect! No! You’re just like a disciple of the Sovereign Sect!” A’Liang exclaimed with surprise. For some unknown reason, she actually became slightly restrained and careful. Obviously, she was slightly unable to accept the changes in Chen Xi’s appearance.

However, this obviously showed how miraculous and unbelievable this Shapeless Skin from the Woodskin Mask Race was.

“Only in this way would I be able to deceive those people. Let’s go.” Chen Xi took a deep breath before his gaze shot towards the distance.


On an expanse of green plains, a multicolored spatial tunnel lay across the sky. It wasn’t in a fixed position, and it was like water instead as it flowed and swayed endlessly in midair.

When looked at from afar, it was like a ribbon fluttering in midair, and it was a rather magnificent scene.

A lofty and mighty divine hall stood towering before the spatial tunnel, and it completely locked down the entrance to the spatial tunnel.

Moreover, there were groups of gods patrolling the area before the divine hall, and it seemed to be heavily guarded.

This was the passageway guarded by the Sovereign Sect, and the only path that led to Snow Ink Region from the Last Days Domain!

“Keep your spirits high! Martial Aunt Ye is about to come patrol this place, and if she notices any mistakes, then all of you know how severe the consequences will be!” A black clothed old man appeared before the divine palace, and he swept the surroundings with his gaze before berating the disciples on patrol with a stern voice.

Those patrolling disciples didn’t dare slack off, and they roused their spirits before patrolling the surroundings with a murderous look on their faces. At this moment, even if a fly were to trespass here, it would be dragged out and annihilated on the spot by them.

At the same time, there was an outpost 50km away from the divine palace, and it was guarded by 16 disciples of the Sovereign Sect.

At this moment, there was a row of figures in queue before this outpost, and they were waiting to have their identities verified and pay the required Divine Crystals before they could safely pass through the layers of defenses here to enter the spatial tunnel.

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