Chapter 1575 – Accumulating Strength

The Divine Dao Altar exploded into pieces, causing dust and dirt the cover the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi stood completely stunned on the spot. At the critical moment, he originally intended to execute the Godslaughter Burst to head-on against Ninth Uncle, yet never had he imagined that such an expected event would actually occur!

In an instant, the Divine Dao Altar that a Domain Enlightened Spirit God like Ninth Uncle had formed was actually slashed into two and exploded into pieces on the spot.

This meant that Ninth Uncle’s life had come to an end at this moment as well, and it was impossible for Ninth Uncle to be revived!

Where did that wisp of green divine radiance come from?

Who rescued me at the critical moment?

Chen Xi raised his sword as he gazed towards the surroundings, yet he didn’t notice anything unusual at all. This caused him to feel even more surprised and bewildered in his heart. Because someone capable of accomplishing this was absolutely at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm or above!

Then, who exactly is it?

Chen Xi recalled Ninth Uncle’s howl before he perished. Qing Liu? What do these two words represent?

Is it someone’s name? Or it’s the name of that green and hazy divine radiance? Or perhaps it’s the name of an area in the Ancient God Domain?

“Young Master, are you alright?” Meanwhile, A’Liang teleported over, and her face was covered in happiness when she saw Chen Xi was completely fine.

Chen Xi shook his head while he took a deep breath, and then he restrained his thoughts and didn’t think further about all of this.

“I never expected that Young Master actually killed a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. If Granny were to know about this, her jaw would definitely drop to the ground from shock.” A’Liang’s eyes glistened as she gazed at Chen Xi with slight adoration.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile, yet he sighed in his heart. It wasn’t me who killed this old fellow in the end, so there’s truly nothing to feel proud about.

“Bastard! Just you wait! My Dayi Clan will absolutely not let you off!” Suddenly, an extremely resentful shout resounded from afar.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over, and then his brows instantly raised. That person wore a white robe and had a handsome appearance. It was precisely the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian.

However, it was very obvious that this fellow hadn’t noticed that wisp of green and hazy divine light that appeared abruptly just now, and thus he’d taken Chen Xi to be the culprit for Ninth Uncle’s death.

However, Chen Xi wouldn’t give Yi Tian an explanation. Earlier, his mind and heart were in a slight state of shock, and he’d almost overlooked Yi Tian’s existence.

At this moment, when he saw Yi Tian actually dared to threaten him, the killing intent in Chen Xi’s heart surged once more.


Without practically any hesitation, Chen Xi’s figure flashed and teleported through sky as he charged at Yi Tian.


However, before Chen Xi could approach Yi Tian, Yi Tian suddenly laughed coldly as he withdrew a bronze ring that was mottled with rust. It took a spin around him, and then emanated a strand of extremely obscure fluctuation.


Blazing divine radiance erupted from it, and it enveloped Yi Tian’s entire body before it vanished in an instant.


Chen Xi raised his hand and slashed down with the Talisman Armament. However, it was actually of no effect. It seemed as if Yi Tian’s entire body had vanished instantaneously from this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and it didn’t cause the slightest spatial fluctuation.

This caused Chen Xi’s expression to be unable to help but turn grim. He was clearly aware that all of this was caused by that bronze ring that was mottled with rust, and it was definitely an extraordinary treasure from the Dayi Clan.

If I don’t eliminate this potential trouble, then he’ll probably cause a great deal of trouble for me once I enter Snow Ink Region…. Chen Xi muttered, yet he could only give up.

After that, he started to clean up the spoils in the battlefield with A’Liang.

“Over 1,450 Divine Crystals, 54 balls of Divine Dao Laws, 23 balls of techniques, 36 Artificial Spirit Treasures….” After he sorted and counted everything, his gains were so abundant that they greatly exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations. The only regret he had was that the Divine Artifacts he obtained were mostly of ordinary quality, and most of them had suffered a certain level of injury. So, even if they were exchanged for Divine Crystals, their value would definitely be reduced greatly.

“A’Liang, let’s go look for a place to rest before heading to the passageway that leads to Snow Ink Region.” After he gathered all the spoils of the battle, Chen Xi pondered briefly before he decided.

This battle had exhausted an extremely great deal of Chen Xi’s Divine Energy. Overcoming the Sunchaser Formation hadn’t exhausted a great deal of his Divine Energy, and the crux was the battle with Ninth Uncle instead. It had caused him to have no choice but to exert his full strength, thus he was left with less than 20% of his Divine Energy now, and it was practically on the verge of drying up.

“Oh.” A’Liang nodded. She was completely obedient to anything Chen Xi said.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Not long after Chen Xi and A’Liang left, a wave of spatial fluctuation suddenly arose on the battlefield, and then two figures appeared.

It was precisely that mysterious Goddess and Huicong.

“Goddess, you spoke ruthlessly, yet you couldn’t bear to watch and rescues that Young Brother.” Huicong chuckled.

The Goddess was silent for a moment, and then she flicked her sleeve after a long time.


A strand of green and hazy divine light swept through the entire battlefield like a gust of wind.

The corpses, blood, desolation, and everything else on the battlefield vanished without a trace at a visible speed, and even the collapsed ground and chaotic spatial rifts had been repaired and returned to a calm and stable state.

After she did all of this, the Goddess turned around and said, “The Karma has already been sown, so who can do anything about it? I only hope that my actions today will be able to become goodwill in the future.”

Amidst her calm and indifferent voice, the figures of this master and disciple pair became blurry, and then they vanished like smoke.

This day was bound to no be peaceful. After that Goddess and Huicong left, it was merely a short moment before another group of people arrived once more at this battlefield.

“Senior Brother Shangguan, we’re a step too late. The auras in this battlefield have been eliminated by someone else since a long time ago, and it’s impossible to notice any traces from it.” One of the dark clothed young men in this group briefly observed the surroundings before he sighed lightly.

The others went silent as well.

“Haha! I never expected that after such a huge battle occurred in the Last Days Domain, our Sovereign Sect was actually completely unaware of it. It truly is ironic.” After a short while, the violet robed young man in the lead who carried a sword on his back and had an extraordinary bearing spoke with self-ridicule.

“Senior Brother Shangguan, actually, even though the traces of the battle have been eliminated, this matter if definitely related to the Dayi Clan. A few days ago, a few of us brothers received the news that the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian, gathered a huge amount of forces with the intention of hunting a prey from the lower dimensions within the Hunting Area.” The dark clothed young man that spoke earlier pondered deeply before he said, “According to the fluctuations of the battle that I noticed from before, it’s utterly impossible for it to have been something just one or two gods could cause. Or perhaps I could say that a fluctuation of battle at such a degree required a battle of at least 30 plus gods to create, and only that Yi Tian was capable of this.”

The violet robed young man in the lead who was addressed as Senior Brother Shangguan nodded and said, “I’m just really curious. Why exactly did that Yi Tian exhaust such great efforts, and what was the outcome of this battle?”

“It’s very simple. The passageway is about to close now. So, if that Yi Tian and his subordinates are still alive, then they’ll definitely appear outside the passageway in the next two days. Conversely, if they didn’t make an appearance, then it proved that Yi Tian and the others perished in this battle.” The dark clothed young man pondered and said, “However, I’m unable to deduce who exactly that young man from the lower dimensions is.”

“Someone capable of making Yi Tian gather such forces will definitely not be an ordinary figure, and such a figure will definitely be unwilling to live in the Last Days Domain forever.” Senior Brother Shangguan rubbed his chin and pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Let’s return and guard the passageway strictly. No matter who enters the passageway, we must carefully examine that person’s identity, and we absolutely can’t allow someone from the lower dimensions to sneak through!”

“Yes!” All of them received their orders solemnly.

“Let’s go. Martial Aunt Ye will be patrolling the passageway in the next few days. We must not allow any careless mistakes to occur so as to avoid facing the rage of Martial Aunt Ye.” Senior Brother Shangguan spoke in a deep voice.

Martial Aunt Ye!

All of their expressions turned solemn when they heard this, and their eyes couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of deep fear. Because that was a ruthless woman whose emotions changed indeterminately, and she killed on a whim as well!

Even the great figures of the Sovereign Sect were helpless against her, thus they placed her in Snow Ink Region because in this way, she was out of sight and out of mind to them.

At the bank of a boundlessly vast lake.

Chen Xi was seated cross-legged on the ground and was recovering the exhausted Divine Energy within his body.

A’Liang sat cross-legged on a blood red blade of grass by his side, and she was cultivating silently as well.

A day later, Chen Xi was the first to awaken from his cultivation, and then he glanced at A’Liang before he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. The Hunting Area was too dangerous, and being able to calmly survive until today could be considered as a form of luck.

After a day of recovery, Chen Xi’s cultivation had already recovered and even faintly showed a trace of improvement again. He was on the verge of attaining perfection in the World Enlightened True God Realm.

This sort of speed of cultivation caused him to feel rather satisfied in his heart. Combat was always the best teacher on the path of cultivation. It was able to temper one’s strength, and it was even able to arouse and unearth one’s potential that affected one’s subsequent cultivation.

When A’Liang awoke from her cultivation, Chen Xi instructed. “A’Liang, please stand on guard for me. I intend to refine and absorb some Divine Dao Laws and strive to step foot into the initial-stage in my Divine Dao Laws.”

When she heard this, A’Liang seemed like a soldier that had received the orders of her general, and she nodded in a serious manner and said, “Don’t worry Young Master, A’Liang will definitely not allow you to be disturbed.”

As she spoke, her figure soared into the air. She held the Godsmash Drum in one hand and the Divine Stick of Incineration in the other hand before she started to patrol the surroundings, and she seemed as if she was strictly carrying out her duty.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile. This young lady is simply too likeable.


Chen Xi took a deep breath and stopped delaying. He withdrew numerous balls of light that contained the Divine Dao Laws and fell into deep levels of tempering.

The tempering and condensation of Divine Dao Laws was divided into the basic-stage, initial-stage, advanced-stage, peak-stage, and perfection-stage, and every single step of improvement could be said to be as difficult as ascending the heavens.

Even with Chen Xi’s current natural talent, it was extremely difficult to obtain a breakthrough in his Talisman Divine Dao within a short period of time. Fortunately, he had a huge amount of balls of light that contained the Divine Dao Laws, so he didn’t have to exhaust himself over this problem.

It was even to the extent that he had to thank the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Last Days Domain. Because if it hadn’t stripped away the Divine Dao Laws and techniques possessed by those gods, Chen Xi would definitely be unable to take such a shortcut on his path of comprehending the Divine Dao Laws.

Now, Chen Xi intended to rely on these balls of Divine Dao Laws that he’d plundered from the battlefield to attain the initial-stage in his Talisman Divine Dao in one go.

This sort of breakthrough seemed to be ordinary, yet when it was really accomplished, it was sufficient to allow the strength of a god to undergo a tremendous transformation!

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