Chapter 1574 – Qing Liu


When this strike blasted onto Ninth Uncle, his figure that was lofty like a mountain seemed like a sandbag as it crashed to the ground at this moment, and it blasted open a huge hole in the ground.

Ninth Uncle coughed out blood. When he stood up once more, the skin and flesh on his chest had split open to reveal a bone deep injury. Moreover, strands of fine and terrifying sword qi still coiled around this injury, and they ceaselessly minced apart his flesh and blood.

Vorpal Strike!

At this point in the battle, Ninth Uncle had been defeated by this move of Chen Xi’s once more, and it was simply alike to the scene when he lost to Chen Xi the last time.

At the same time, Yi Tian had noticed this scene as well, and it instantly terrified him to the point his entire body trembled while the viciousness and rage in his heart retreated like tidewater before being replaced by a wisp of indescribable terror.

This young man from the lower dimensions is too terrifying!

Not only had Chen Xi destroyed the Sunchaser Formation and annihilated 64 World Enlightened True Gods by himself, Chen Xi had even gained the upper hand in his battle with Ninth Uncle who was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. This caused Yi Tian to not dare believe his eyes.

He was very clearly aware that if it was in the 3,000 universes of the Snow Ink Region, it would probably be impossible to find a few World Enlightened True Gods who possessed similarly heaven defying combat strengths as this fellow before him!


The battle in the distance was still going on.

This time, Chen Xi was resolute and decisive, and the space between his brows was filled with a concentrated and indifferent expression. He seemed to reveal the arrogant bearing of intending to surmount a battle to do battle and slaughter a Domain Enlightened Spirit God.

On the contrary, Ninth Uncle seemed as if he could only resist Chen Xi. No matter what supreme abilities he executed, they were destroyed by Chen Xi in one go, and they were unable to injure Chen Xi at all.

This was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and it was even a top-rate Domain Enlightened Spirit God that had attained the initial-stage in his Divine Dao Laws. Yet now, he was actually unable to do anything to a World Enlightened True God, and it was even to the extent that he was being suppressed by the World Enlightened True God instead. Such a display was inconceivable on its own.

If one analyzed it in detail, then the reason actually encompassed numerous aspects. However, the crux was that the Dao of Archery that Ninth Uncle was most skilled in couldn’t be utilized in this battle at all.

On the other hand, even though Chen Xi’s cultivation was a realm lower than Ninth Uncle, his foundation was extremely solid and deep, and it far exceeded his peers. Moreover, he possessed a cultivation in the Sword Dao at the Sword Emperor Realm. So, his overall combat strength faintly showed signs of suppressing Ninth Uncle.

Under such circumstances, Ninth Uncle’s fate of retreating successively in defeat was unavoidable.


After a shot moment, a wisp of monstrous sword qi soared through the air. It was like a sweeping river that defeated Ninth Uncle once more. He staggered back while coughing up blood, and every single inch of skin on his body was bleeding.

This caused Ninth Uncle’s expression to turn even more livid and savage. Moreover, his aura was violent and on the verge of turning berserk.

This wasn’t the first time he’d lost to Chen Xi, yet when he truly fought Chen Xi, he was still unable to accept such a situation because he was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God!

He’d cultivated for countless years until now, and when had he ever been repeatedly forced to such a miserable state by a World Enlightened True God?

“Little Bastard! I’ll fight you to the death!” Amidst his furious roar, Ninth Uncle still had no choice but to utilize his Divine Dao Altar once more.


The Divine Dao Altar soared into the sky and glowed brilliantly, and it emanated thick and terrifying energy of the Divine Dao. This was the quintessence energy possessed by a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and it was the strongest part of Ninth Uncle’s entire cultivation.

In an instant, the heavens and the earth were filled with the rumbling of the Dao. A myriad of strands of divine radiance swept out from the altar, causing space to fall into disorder while the heavens and the earth in an area of 500,000km fell into great terror.


When he saw this, Chen Xi practically didn’t hesitate to utilize the Godsmash Drum to emanate a grand and boundless sound of the drum. The invisible soundwave was like a raging wave of chaos as it rumbled and swept out.

At the same time, Chen Xi stretched out his hand and flicked.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Three bright golden rays of light tore through the sky, and they emanated clear and resounding sounds.

The Copper Coins of Treasurefall.

At this moment, the three copper coins that were respectively branded with the markings of chaos that represented ‘heaven’, ‘earth’, and ‘man’ positioned themselves in the form of the character ‘品’, and they were like a flawless and strong shackle that crushed down fiercely towards Ninth Uncle’s Divine Dao Altar.

All of this wasn’t the end. At practically the exact same moment, A’Liang soared up from within Chen Xi’s ear. Her beautiful hair fluttered along with her light blue dress, and her pretty face was covered in a firm and serious expression.


Suddenly, a walking stick that was completely light golden, branded in strands of mysterious symbols, and was exquisite and beautiful to the extreme had appeared in her hand. It shook lightly in midair before strand of light golden divine flames instantly seethed out from it and swept through the heavens and the earth.

These divine flames were extremely miraculous. They seemed to be in the form of lightning, and they were sharp and ferocious. Moreover, they even possessed a strand of the might to incinerate the heavens, and they were extremely astounding.

This walking stick was another Divine Artifact of the Primeval Micro Race, and it was called the Divine Stick of Incineration. Even though it wasn’t a Natural Spirit Treasure, it was a weapon of Karmic Luck that the ancestors of the Primeval Micro Race had personally forged. All the past kings and queens of the Primeval Micro Race would place a strand of their Will Brand into it, and then it was refined according to a secret technique. This allowed it to possess the terrifying might to incinerate the heavens into nothingness and be unstopped by an ocean.

The Godsmash Drum!

The Copper Coin of Treasurefall!

The Divine Stick of Incineration!

In just an instant, three Divine Artifacts had soared into the sky, and they respectively emanated monstrous might as they shot simultaneously towards Ninth Uncle’s Divine Dao Altar. Moreover, their imposing auras were so formidable that it caused the heavens and the earth to dim down.

These were also things that Chen Xi had prepared since a long time ago, and all of them were prepared for the moment when Ninth Uncle fought desperately and utilized his Divine Dao Altar.

After all, it was precisely because of this move that Chen Xi had suffered quite a big loss that day, and he would definitely not allow history to repeat itself this time.

“Shit!” When he witnessed all of this, Ninth Uncle’s pupils constricted, and he cried out involuntarily from shock. He’d finally realized that the damnable little bastard standing in front of him had already been accumulating strength for a long time, and it was all for the sake of the moment he executed this move.

However, in this current situation, he didn’t have the time to feel regret nor did he have the time to react, and he could only stake everything on this move.

In other words, this strike couldn’t be avoided, and the outcome had to be decided as well. So, he couldn’t shrink back or avoid it at all.


It was the soundwave from the Godsmash Drum that collided with the Divine Dao Altar first. It was like a tempestuous wave smashing fiercely onto a rock, and it shook the heavens and the earth

This attack caused the Divine Dao Altar to tremble violently. Unfortunately, it wasn’t brought down.

However, before all of this came to an end, the Copper Coins of Treasurefall tore through the sky and descended like three blazing rays of golden light.


They forcefully brought the Divine Dao Altar down from midair and forcefully restrained it.


At this moment, Ninth Uncle suffered a strand of severe backlash, causing his countenance to turn pale while he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood, and his entire body couldn’t help but tremble.

“Bastard!” He roared furiously while his eyes almost split apart from rage, and blood even flowed out from the corners of his eyes. He practically exhausted all the energy, essence, and spirit in his body, and he poured all the energy within him into the Divine Dao Altar.


The Divine Dao Altar struggled violently and glowed brilliantly, and it was on the verge of charging free of the Copper Coin of Treasurefall’s restraints. This caused Chen Xi to be impacted by it, and a trace of blood seeped out from the corners of his mouth.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise in his heart because of this. This is the might of a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. It really isn’t easy to completely annihilate him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fortunately, when the Divine Dao Altar was about to struggle free, the golden flames emanated by A’Liang’s Divine Stick of Incineration struck down like a myriad of bolts of lightning at this moment. They tore fiercely through space and crushed down onto the Divine Dao Altar, causing waves of deafening explosions to resound while golden light shot into the surroundings.

Along with every single collision, the Divine Dao Altar would be unable to help but tremble, and the energy of Divine Dao that suffused its surroundings were dispersed and gradually dimmed down as the number of attacks the Divine Dao Altar suffered increased.

On the other hand, Ninth Uncle ceaselessly suffered backlash in this vie for supremacy, and he coughed up blood without end while his countenance grew more and more pale. His entire body trembled without end as if he was epileptic, and his appearance was hideous and terrifying.

“You intend to annihilate me by relying on some Divine Artifacts? Stop daydreaming!” Ninth Uncle roared furiously like a madman, and he seemed like a Fiendgod that had already decided to take Chen Xi down with him.


His figure seemed as if it was burning as he strode through space, and he’d actually instantly fused completely with his Divine Dao Altar!

In other words, he’d fully entrusted his fate to the Divine Dao Altar now. Even if he was able to attain victory in the end, he was bound to perish here and be unable to come back to life for eternity!

This old fellow is actually so ruthless…. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he said in a low voice, “A’Liang, attack with all your strength. But remember not to get close to this old bastard. Leave everything else to me!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed, and the energy, essence, and spirit within his entire body seemed as if they were burning. A myriad of divine talisman diagrams appeared around his body, and the Talisman Armament emanated a clang as he slashed horizontally at the Divine Dao Altar with sword in hand.

Originally, relying on the Godsmash Drum, Copper Coin of Treasurefall, and A’Liang’s Divine Stick of Incineration were sufficient to force Ninth Uncle into a hopeless situation. Yet now, Ninth Uncle had actually put his life on the line and intended to take Chen Xi down with him. This caused Chen Xi to immediately not dare hesitate, thus he charged forward to attack.

“Young Master!” A’Liang witnessed this scene from afar, and her heart couldn’t help but feel tight as she was extremely worried for Chen Xi. However, when she recalled Chen Xi’s instructions from before, she bit her cherry lips. In the end, she took a deep breath and poured all the strength within her into the Divine Stick of Incineration as she intended to share Chen Xi’s burden in this way.


The heavens and the earth were filled with terrifying and shocking chaotic flows of energy. The battle had fallen into its most intense stage, and the outcome was bound to be decided at this moment.

“Little Fellow, you’ve come just at the right time. You can die without any regret for being able to force me to the point of having no choice but to take you down with me!” Ninth Uncle’s frenzied roars suddenly sounded out from within the Divine Dao Altar.

In the next moment, the Divine Dao Altar suddenly started shaking like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting, and it emanated a strand of a violent and practically obliterating force.

Shit! Chen Xi’s pupils constricted. He’d never imagined that this old fellow would actually stop struggling and intended to make them both perish together.

“Young Master, watch out!!” A’Liang’s anxious and worried shout even resounded from afar.

At this moment, every single pore on Chen Xi’s body sensed a strand of lethal danger, but it was already too late to dodge.

This damnable Bastard! Looks like I can only utilize…. Chen Xi suddenly gritted his teeth while a wisp of a ruthless and resolute expression flashed within his black eyes.


However, before Chen Xi could take action, an unexpected event occurred. A wisp of green and hazy divine light appeared out of thin air, and it actually caught up and swept through the Divine Dao Altar with a swish before Chen Xi could even arrive before it.


The Divine Dao Altar that contained Ninth Uncle’s entire quintessence energy was actually like a piece of paper before this wisp of green divine light, and it was cut into two!

“This… this…. This is…. Qing Liu….” Ninth Uncle’s disgruntled and miserable howl sounded out from the Divine Dao Altar that had been split into two, and it even carried a strand of extreme terror. He seemed to have never expected that he would actually encounter such an unexpected event.

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when an enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded. The Divine Dao Altar rumbled as it exploded into pieces, and it drowned this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

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