Chapter 1573 – Instant Annihilation

Time flowed by gradually.

The atmosphere within the grand formation was deathly silent, and all the experts residing at the ‘Sky’ position were slightly bewildered. Why isn’t there any movement?

Ninth Uncle frowned without end as well. This is slightly unusual. Could it be that kid intends to hide within the grand formation and fight a battle of attrition with us?

“Hah! Do you think that bastard is tearing the formation apart?” Someone spoke and tried to crack a joke in order to ease up the heavy and oppressive atmosphere in the surroundings.

However, when these words entered into Ninth Uncle’s ears, it was no different than a thunderclap. Tear the formation apart…. Tear the formation apart…. How could I have forgotten that this kid is skilled in the Dao of Talismans and might even be related to Oracle Mountain!?

Earlier, Chen Xi had entered the grand formation yet wasn’t trapped by it, and he seemed like a fish in water instead and seized the opportunity to assassinate numerous experts on Ninth Uncle’s side. All of this was sufficient to prove that Chen Xi had seen through all the profundities of the Sunchaser Formation since a long time ago!

Under such circumstances, how could Chen Xi possibly choose to remain indifferent and utilize such an extremely safe method like fighting a battle of attrition with them?

When he realized this, Ninth Uncle felt even more uneasy in his heart. His expression became gloomy, unsightly, and indeterminate, and he seemed to be hesitating about something.

In the end, he swiftly raised his head and suddenly gritted his teeth before he said in a grim voice, “Evacuate!”


It was merely a single word, yet it caused all of these experts to be bewildered and puzzled.

When he noticed that these fellows were actually so clueless, Ninth Uncle was simply infuriated to the point he was almost fuming, and he gnashed his teeth as he said in a stern voice, “Do all of you not understand me? I said evacuate the grand formation right now! Immediately! Quickly!”

Everyone came to a sudden understanding when they heard this, yet they still felt bewildered. Why would we have to evacuate the formation under such a situation? If we lose the protection of this grand formation, then would it be equivalent to losing a natural defensive barrier?

What a bunch of idiots! When he noticed their hesitance, Ninth Uncle was angered to the point his chest rose and fell once more. He was very clearly aware that if they were disciples of the Dayi Clan, then such a situation wouldn’t appear at all once he gave the order.

The crux was that most of these experts weren’t from his Dayi Clan. So, even though they were afraid of the power and influence possessed by the Dayi Clan, they wouldn’t trust the Dayi Clan without reservation.

As it was said, it’s difficult to achieve great things without hearts that’re one.

“Hurry up! Since Ninth Uncle said this, then he definitely has a reason. Let’s evacuate together!” There were quite a few members of the Dayi Clan amongst them as well, and they immediately made their stands clear when they heard Ninth Uncle.


“Since we started working together with your Dayi Clan, we’ve suffered setbacks successively. I really don’t know what to say.”

“If you want us to evacuate, then we will. It’s not our fault if we lose the chance to kill that kid.”

The others were slightly displeased in their hearts. Everything they encountered today had caused them to suffer successive setbacks, and a bellyful of rage had accumulated in their hearts since a long time ago. Now, when they heard Ninth Uncle give such an order, all their expressions were slightly unsightly.

These idiots! Could it be that not a single one of them has sensed any signs of danger? Ninth Uncle noticed the dissatisfaction on their faces, and he was instantly enraged to the point he was on the verge of exploding. He’d warned them out of consideration for their safety, yet they actually didn’t appreciate his kindness at all and started blaming him instead!

Fortunately, those fellows started to take the initiative to evacuate the formation in the end, and this caused Ninth Uncle to feel slightly comforted in his heart.


However, right at this instant, a strand of indescribable fluctuation suddenly rumbled and swept through the grand formation like tidewater. In an instant, it suffused the entire grand formation, and it erupted with extremely dazzling divine light.

It felt like an invisible hand had instantly lit up every single formation diagram within the grand formation, and it ignited all the energy contained within the formation diagrams.

It was blazing, resplendent, grand, and dazzling!

“What’s that?” All of them who were about to evacuate the formation were stunned.

“Evacuate quickly!” Ninth Uncle were fiercely shocked in his heart instead, and his face turned grim while his eyes almost split apart from rage.

Unfortunately, when all of them recovered from their shock, their paths of retreat had already been sealed off.

The reason was extremely simple, they were standing on the core of the Sunchaser Formation, the ‘Sky’ position, and it just happened to be the center of the grand formation. At this moment, along with the unexpected event that occurred within the formation, it was like the grand formation had transformed into a surging ocean, and the ‘Sky’ position they stood on had become a lone island at the center that was encircled by the ocean!

The ocean covered their surroundings, so how could they traverse it?

Since they were deep in the center of the grand formation, how could they find a path that led to escape and survival?

In an instant, their countenances turned pale. The sudden changes in the formation had caught them by surprise, and they sensed the aura of lethal danger.

They didn’t know what would happen next.

They didn’t know why the grand formation under their control would undergo such a change.

They didn’t know how they should deal with it.

So, they could only rely on the instinct they’d tempered through yeas of battle and instinctively circulate their entire cultivations, withdraw their strongest treasures, and utilize their trump cards with the intention of breaking out of the formation.

“Unfortunately, it’s too late….” Ninth Uncle muttered from afar with a dumbstruck expression.


A wave of monstrous rumbling resounded.

When one looked at it from afar, the Sunchaser Formation that enveloped the blood red gorge rumbled and exploded at this moment. A myriad of strands of divine radiance shot into the sky like numerous colossal mushroom clouds, and they illuminated the world.

After that, wave after wave of miserable and shrill cries resounded from within the explosion, and these cries carried unwillingness, despair, rage, and resentment…. In the end, these voices were drowned out by the rumbling.

Extremely far away from the blood red gorge, Chen Xi instantly heaved a sigh of relief as he watched this scene, and he pondered in his heart. If nothing unexpected happens, then this attack would be sufficient to completely annihilate all of them, right?

“Bastard!!” Suddenly, an extremely furious roar resounded from the side of the gorge. Ninth Uncle’s figure that was lofty like a mountain floated up into appearance, and the muscles on his body that were like numerous rocks had bulged up and were covered by strands of peerlessly violent Divine Energy.

His expression was livid and warped while his eyes had almost split apart from rage. He was like a frenzied ferocious beast that intended to swallow his enemies.

Ninth Uncle was indeed furious to the point of being on the verge of losing his mind. Because he’d never imagined that Chen Xi didn’t tear apart the grand formation, and Chen Xi had utilized some sort of method to make the entire grand formation explode!

Merely this blow had annihilated all the gods he’d placed within the grand formation, and this meant that an entire 64 World Enlightened True Gods had been buried by Chen Xi’s hand.

This number seemed to be small, yet they were all gods!

Especially that a portion of them were descendants of the Dayi Clan. Now that all of them had actually been buried along with the grand formation, if news of this were to spread to the clan, then the Ancestor of the clan would definitely skin him alive!

So, Ninth Uncle was utterly furious and frenzied. He’d resolved that even if he had to fight with his life on the line, he would annihilate Chen Xi. Otherwise, he would be too humiliated to give a report and explanation to everyone in the clan.


Chen Xi seemed to have not noticed Ninth Uncle’s rage at all. As soon as the explosions within the gorge vanished, he withdrew the Overarching Heaven Net, and it transformed into a strand of chilly starlight that enveloped that entire area.

He was capturing the balls of Divine Dao Laws and techniques that were stripped away by the Laws of the Heaven Dao.

When he saw this scene, Ninth Uncle was infuriated to the point the veins on his forehead bulged. This bastard doesn’t just intend to annihilate all of us, he’s even gathering the spoils of the battle right in front of me!

He’s simply going too far!


He was unable to restrain himself any longer, and he soared up into the sky before suddenly withdrawing a longbow made of beast bone. Numerous crimson red divine arrows shot out explosively like a storm, and they rained down towards Chen Xi who stood in the distance.

This sort of attack didn’t require any lock-on of vital energy, and it was entirely a form of large scale suppression that was executed at full power.


At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi made a move. He withdrew the Talisman Armament, and his figure flashed to greet this attack.

Even when Chen Xi had just entered the Last Days Domain, Chen Xi was able to pressure Ninth Uncle to the point Ninth Uncle was forced to utilize his Divine Dao Altar to fight Chen Xi desperately. Now, Chen Xi’s cultivation and Divine Dao Laws had obtained obvious improvements, so he was utterly not afraid of Ninth Uncle fighting desperately against him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Arrow after arrow were slashed into two by Chen Xi, and they exploded into a rain of light. They were utterly unable to obstruct Chen Xi’s footsteps at all.

“Old Bastard, you were lucky enough to escape with your life last time, and you won’t be so lucky this time!” Chen Xi executed the Roc Divine Technique, and he transformed into a Roc that soared into the sky and roamed through the sky before charging at Ninth Uncle in an extremely imposing and fierce manner.

“Bastard! Don’t you dare be arrogant!” Ninth Uncle roared furiously. He abandoned the Dao of Archery as his robust figure flashed, and he charged towards Chen Xi with a bronze spear in hand. He was similarly clearly aware that if he was unable to lock onto Chen Xi’s vital energy, then he was utterly unable to utilize the Dao of Archery.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Talisman Armament and bronze spear collided, causing divine radiance to spray into the surroundings. They collided over 1,000 times in an instant, and it was entirely head-on collisions.

If someone witnessed this scene, that person would definitely be flabbergasted. After all, Ninth Uncle was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God! Yet now, a World Enlightened True God was actually fighting him on par, and this was extremely shocking.

However, Ninth Uncle wouldn’t feel shocked because of this any longer. He’d fought Chen Xi in the past, and he was clearly aware how formidable Chen Xi’s combat strength was. It couldn’t be judged by the cultivation Chen Xi revealed at all

So, as soon as he attacked, he’d utilized all his ability and didn’t hold back at all. He’d vividly displayed the power and might possessed by a Domain Enlightened Spirit God.

Similarly, Chen Xi had utilized his full strength as well. If he didn’t do that, then he wouldn’t be able to go against Ninth Uncle. After all, he was a realm lower than Ninth Uncle, and he could only utilize other abilities to make up for this gap.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, his ability that could annihilate a Domain Enlightened Spirit God was his cultivation in the Sword Dao at the Sword Emperor Realm and the Natural Spirit Treasures he possessed!


Chen Xi and Ninth Uncle constantly collided in the heavens and the earth. Sword qi shot violently towards the surroundings while spear images danced about, and they fought to the point sand and stones flew about, the heavens and the earth collapsed, and the gods wailed.

“How could this be happening? How could this fellow be so formidable…?” Extremely far away from the blood red gorge, the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian, gazed towards the distance while his expression changed indeterminately, and his aura had become ruthless from his rage.

The Sunchaser Formation had been destroyed, those subordinates of his had been buried along with the grand formation, and only Ninth Uncle remained, yet this Domain Enlightened Spirit God was only able to fight that bastard equally.

All of these heavy losses, sudden and unexpected event, and heavy blows caused Yi Tian to be unable to believe his eyes, let alone accept all of this.

“Could it be that I really shouldn’t possess those Natural Spirit Treasures?” Yi Tian’s expression was gloomy and savage. “No! I must not give up just like this! Otherwise, how would I have the face to see Ancestor again!?”


Suddenly, a tremor that shook the heavens erupted explosively by his ears, and it shocked Yi Tian to the point his entire body trembled. When he raised his eyes to look over, he noticed to his astonishment that Ninth Uncle was actually injured at this moment!

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