Chapter 1572 – Reversing The Formation

No one had expected that Chen Xi would actually risk injury to forcefully charge to the blood red gorge.

What does he intend to do?

Could it be that he doesn’t know the suppression he’ll encounter would be even more terrifying once he falls deep into the grand formation?

Everyone was surprised and bewildered, and they wondered if Chen Xi was just looking for death.

Only Ninth Uncle’s eyelids twitched while his expression turned grim. He’d instantly determined that Chen Xi was courting death, and Chen Xi intended to overcome the formation instead!

“Stop him quickly!” Ninth Uncle practically instinctively soared into the sky and shouted loudly.

At this moment, he was even 80% sure that this young man from the lower dimensions was definitely related to Oracle Mountain. Otherwise, this young man would definitely not dare to disregard everything and enter the formation.

The others were stunned. Stop him? He obviously intends to leap into the formation and become trapped, so why should we stop him?

It was precisely because of this thought that their actions obviously displayed a trace of imperceptible slowness.

On the other hand, Chen Xi immediately grabbed this fleeting opportunity and flashed into the Sunchaser Formation with a swish.

When they noticed Chen Xi’s actions that didn’t reveal the slightest hesitation, all those World Enlightened True Gods instantly realized that the situation was slightly bad. So, they didn’t dare hesitate at all to make a move and utilize the energy of the grand formation to attack Chen Xi.


For a time, the grand formation was filled with violent lightning, terrifying bolts of electricity, baleful mist, gales, divine light, and various other extremely terrifying attacks. These attacks were multicolored, dazzling, resplendent, and gorgeous. However, beneath the extreme beauty they revealed, extreme danger surged.

However, to their surprise, after the wave after wave of attacks, all traces of Chen Xi had actually vanished from within the grand formation!

“Where’s that kid?”

“He wouldn’t have been completely annihilated, right?”

“Probably not. If he had been, then the Godsmash Drum in his possession should have fallen within the grand formation. But not to mention the Godsmash Drum, he didn’t even leave a trace of aura behind, and this is slightly unusual.”

All of them discussed animatedly while carefully searching every corner of the grand formation, yet they came back empty handed. This unusual situation caused a trace of uneasiness to faintly arise in their hearts.

“What’re all of you still standing there for? Continue attacking!” Ninth Uncle realized the situation was slightly bad, and he instantly roared loudly and reminded them.


However, before his voice finished resounding, the eyes of an expert at a corner of the grand formation suddenly opened wide while a trace of blood appeared on his throat.

“Save… save me….” He held his throat and muttered. However, his vision went dark as he spoke, and he completely lost consciousness before a head shot into the sky while the blood of gods sprayed.

“Brother Luo San!”

“Third brother!”


Many people noticed this scene, and they turned pale with fear while crying out involuntarily.

All of this had occurred too suddenly, and there wasn’t even a trace of battle, yet the head of that expert had been severed. It caused all of their hearts to feel cold, and they felt a chill run down their spines.

“Where… where exactly was that kid hiding?”

“Why… why is the Sunchaser Formation unable to trap this fiend?”

All of them were surprised and bewildered, and they were extremely infuriated. From the beginning until the end, they were actually unable to lock onto their enemy’s traces at all, so how could they accept this?


Right amidst this terrifying and uneasy atmosphere, another muffled groan resounded.

Has someone else died?

Everyone looked over, and their expressions became slightly dumbstruck. This time, it was a grey clothed and chubby middle aged man that was killed. A bloody hole had appeared on his forehead while his expression had frozen, and blood slid down his face, causing this scene to be ghastly and terrifying.


His figure crashed to the ground and perished.

The hearts of all the others twitched. This… this… this…. Exactly what’s going on here?

Dammit! That bastard didn’t do it for the sake of destroying the formation, and he intended to rely on the formation to conceal himself as he carried out assassinations!” At this moment, Ninth Uncle finally came to a complete understanding, and his expression became extremely livid.

At the same time, a trace of bewilderment still remained in his heart. Because this was the divine formation passed down within the Dayi Clan, so how could Chen Xi seem to be so relaxed within the divine formation?

Could it be that he understands the Sunchaser Formation better than I do?

When he thought up to here, Ninth Uncle’s heart couldn’t help but feel cold. He’d experienced countless battles in his lifetime, but in terms of unusualness, none of them could compare to the battle before him.

It was too mysterious!

“I’d never believe this fellow isn’t related to Oracle Mountain….” Ninth Uncle took a deep breath while he swiftly deduced a strategy to deal with Chen Xi.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

However, right at this moment, a wave of muffled bangs resounded in the grand formation, and another three people had actually been killed successively!

These three people were respectively situated at three different positions in the formation, yet a bloody hole had appeared on their throats at the exact same moment, and they didn’t even have the chance to struggle or let out a shrill cry before they were annihilated!


“Dammit! Dammit! What exactly is going on?”

All of them were terrified, and they roared furiously without end.

They were truly too astounded. Numerous gods had been annihilated without a sound, and they didn’t even have the chance to react. They truly seemed like a group of sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

Most importantly, from the beginning until the end, they didn’t even see a sign of the enemy!

This was the thing that aroused the greatest terror in them.

“Everyone, don’t get flustered. Quickly converge to the ‘Sky’ position and deal with this fiend together!”

When Ninth Uncle saw this, he could only bear the losses and reluctantly change his strategy. The circulation of the Sunchaser Formation was originally constructed through 64 positions, and every single World Enlightened True God stood on guard at one of these positions. They acted in cooperation from afar, and they were able to fully bring forth the might of the grand formation.

Yet now, such a method of setting up the formation had caused an extremely large flaw to arise, and that flaw was that it was extremely easy for Chen Xi to make use of the formation and soundlessly hunt and kill them.

So, Ninth Uncle could only gather everyone in the formation to the central ‘Sky’ position in the grand formation so as to avoid providing Chen Xi any opportunities to take advantage of.

However, there was a disadvantage from doing this, and that was the might of the grand formation would instantly reduce by more than half!

If he had any other choice, Ninth Uncle wouldn’t make such a choice at all.

Ninth Uncle’s voice brought a strand of light into the hearts of everyone that had fallen into terror. It caused all of them to not hesitate at all to abandon their positions and approach the ‘Sky’ position.

Moreover, they felt fortunate because during this entire process, not a single one of them was assassinated again.

In next to no time, the remaining 59 World Enlightened True Gods had converged at the center of the grand formation, and this caused them to heave sighs of relief. It wasn’t just because they would be stronger when together, most importantly, once they’d converged together, there wouldn’t be any more opportunities for Chen Xi to seize!

“That damnable bastard! If I capture him, I’ll definitely pull out his tendons, tear off his skin, and refine him into grease!”

“Prepare yourselves. Once that fiend is noticed, we must attack at full force and annihilate him in one go!”

“Right, we’ll do just that.”

All of them were bound by common hatred and hated Chen Xi to the bone, causing them to have murderous looks on their faces.

Ninth Uncle heaved a sigh of relief as well when he saw this. Even though they were utilizing a defensive position in replacement of an offensive position, they still occupied an absolute position of advantage in the end. If Chen Xi dared to show himself, then he was bound to suffer the suppression of boundless flames of rage!

Om! Om! Om!

Suddenly, a wave of obscure and strange fluctuation surged out from the grand formation.


“The grand formation seems to be changing….”

“Hmm? Wait! We haven’t started to activate the grand formation!”

All of the others couldn’t help but feel slightly terrified when they saw this. It couldn’t be helped because they’d truly been terrified by Chen Xi’s swift and elusive methods of killing from before.

At this moment, as soon as they noticed this unusual movement, even though they were unable to guess exactly what had occurred, they still couldn’t help but feel terrified in their hearts.

“Everyone watch out. You absolutely can’t take action arbitrarily. So long as we stand on guard at the ‘Sky’ position, then no matter what tricks that fiend plays, it would be unable to shake our defenses at all!” Ninth Uncle spoke in a low voice when he noticed this, and it caused the hearts of the others to feel slightly steady.

Unfortunately, they’d completely not noticed that the Sunchaser Formation they resided in was silently undergoing a shocking transformation….

Besides the ‘Sky’ position at the center, the other 63 positions in the grand formation had been emptied.

Yet now, the formation diagrams branded on those positions were silently suffused with a wisp of light, and the talisman diagrams there silently started circulating.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s figure was ceaselessly flickering through every single one of these empty positions. Every time he passed a position, he would stretch out his hand and emanated a string of talisman diagrams, and they surged like tidewater into the formation diagram branded there and silently changed the talisman marking pathways within it.

He was like a spirit that silently roamed indeterminately through very single corner of the grand formation, and coupled with the concealment of the Daoseal Mark, it caused the aura from his entire body to be concealed. Thus, he didn’t have to worry about being noticed.

These idiots…. If they had slight attainments in the Talisman Dao, then they wouldn’t stand there like idiots and wait for death…. At the same time, Chen Xi noticed that his enemies had converged at the ‘Sky’ position and were holed up there, and a wisp of undisguised ridicule couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth.

For example, he was currently utilizing the Talisman Dao to turn around the talisman marking pathways this grand formation utilized to circulate. Even though the core of the formation, the ‘Sky’ position, was still controlled by them, and he was unable to take control of this grand formation, but Chen Xi could rely on his own ability to completely converge the energy of the formation, and then cause the entire formation to explode in the end!

At that time, exactly how terrifying would the might created by the destruction of the grand formation be?

Chen Xi looked forward to it in his heart.

Actually, it wasn’t that Ninth Uncle and the others were completely ignorant towards the Talisman Dao. Conversely, they’d utterly not imagined that someone in this world could rely on their own strength to completely change the formation diagrams of an ancient divine formation passed down in the Dayi Clan!

This was the gap in their perception. To existences that hadn’t attained deep levels of comprehension in the Talisman Dao, it was utterly impossible for them to understand what sort of inconceivable ability a Talisman Formation Master who had attained the Talisman God Realm possessed.

Perhaps the head-on combat ability of such Talisman Formation Masters didn’t seem to be really extraordinary, but when they appeared within formations, it was like arriving within their own territory, and they became the kings that controlled everything!

Lack of knowledge meant ignorance, and sometimes, ignorance meant death.

Just like this very moment.

While Chen Xi was making preparations, all of them were standing ready for battle while remaining holed up at the ‘Sky’ position, and they felt that controlling the core of the formation meant that they controlled everything within the formation.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, this seemed extremely stupid and idiotic.

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