Chapter 1571 – Going Head-on Against The Divine Formation

Beneath the blood red sky, Chen Xi’s lone figure traversed through space and approached the blood red gorge.

His dense and jet black long hair fluttered to reveal his calm and murderous expression, and his eyes that were deep like the starry sky ceaselessly surged with countless dense symbols.

The Sunchaser Formation in his eyes was greatly different from the eyes of others. Strict and profound talisman marking pathways, the foundation diagram of the formation itself, the source of energy surging at the core of the formation….

In Chen Xi’s eyes, this ancient Divine Formation of the Dayi Clan seemed like countless dense talisman markings flowing and intersecting together while shocking amounts of talisman formation diagrams were like a spider web that densely covered every single inch of space.

It seemed as if it was without any weakness.

However, as soon as Chen Xi started to deduce it, the countless talisman formation diagrams reflected in his field of vision had suddenly transformed into numerous strands of talisman markings.

These talisman markings intersected, fused, circulated, and cooperated with each other, and they were dense like a myriad of shooting stars flowing along various different trajectories. If it was an ordinary Talisman Formation Master, then that person would be utterly unable to deduce its profundities before his mind and heart would become immersed within it and inextricable.

However, it was different for Chen Xi. Chen Xi’s attainments in the Talisman Dao had long since arrived at an unprecedented height, and the Infinite Divine Talisman even resided in the universe within his body. So, as soon as he started to deduce it, the Infinite Divine Talisman had immediately captured all the talisman formation diagrams within the Sunchaser Formation, and then it started to assist Chen Xi to deduce the formation’s core profundities.

In merely the time of a few breaths, Chen Xi had gained a complete understanding of all the profundities of the Sunchaser Formation, and it wasn’t so obscure and mysterious as it was before.

It felt like a black clothed assassin hidden in the darkness had suddenly been illuminated by light before having his black clothes removed, causing the assassin to be unable to hide. So, the assassin lost the deterrent force of being dangerous or terrifying.

“That kid has really come.”

“He can’t blame anyone for courting his own death.”

“I’m just curious, where did he get the confidence to actually dare to charge towards this formation?”

“It’s none other than for the sake of struggling desperately. Unfortunately, he overestimated his ability, and he thought that he could rely on the Godsmash Drum to act arrogantly. This is the common failing of all prey from the lower dimensions. They’re narrow minded and think extremely highly of themselves. They don’t know that there’s always someone superior to them in the world.”

When they saw Chen Xi’s figure appear in the distance, a wave of discussions instantly resounded in the blood red gorge, and there were some that were surprised and bewildered while some sneered with disdain.

Only Ninth Uncle’s eyes narrowed while his expression became slightly heavy. He’d fought Chen Xi in the past, and he was extremely clearly aware that this young man was absolutely not a brainless and rash fellow.

Now, under the circumstances that he was clearly aware that they’d set up a formation, he’d still dared to attack by himself, so this could only display two possibilities. Chen Xi intended to act recklessly, or Chen Xi had a certain amount of confidence!

Then which sort of possibility was it?

For no rhyme or reason, the words Oracle Mountain floated up into appearance within Ninth Uncle’s mind, and his heart couldn’t help but jerk. He immediately said loudly, “Everyone, don’t underestimate the enemy. This kid is extraordinarily difficult to deal with, and the slightest mistake might be utilized by him!”

His voice was solemn and even carried an undisguised tone of warning.

This caused the hearts of all the experts present here to shake. Even though many of them still felt that Ninth Uncle was making a big fuss about nothing, in the end, they didn’t dare underestimate Chen Xi as they’d done just now.

“Follow my orders to attack later. If anyone dares to act negligently, then even if we return to Snow Ink Region, my Dayi Clan will absolutely not forgive such actions!” Ninth Uncle’s expression was icy cold, and his tone was oppressive.

This caused the others in the surroundings to be even more serious, and they didn’t dare slack off.

“Ninth Uncle, he’s coming!” Yi Tian had been standing silently at the side since the beginning. However, when he saw Chen Xi’s figure become more and more clearly, he was instantly unable to restrain himself and reminded Ninth Uncle in a light voice.

“Young Master, stay back and leave everything to me!” Ninth Uncle spoke with an awe-inspiring expression.

“Alright, I’ll hold the line at the back!” Yi Tian nodded.

64 World Enlightened True Gods, one Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and… Yi Tian! When he was around 10km away from the blood red gorge, Chen Xi seemed to have sensed something, causing his footsteps to suddenly stop and not continue forward.

“Activate the formation, kill!” At practically the exact same moment that Chen Xi stopped moving, Ninth Uncle’s cold and grim shout resounded through the heavens and the earth.

After that….


The Sunchaser Formation that enveloped the entire blood red gorge suddenly started circulating and glowing brilliantly, and it emanated a myriad of strands of divine radiance that illuminated the world.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

At practically the exact same time, axes, battle-axes, hooks, bells, forks, chimes, blades, swords, pagodas, and various other terrifying weapons were suddenly condensed within the grand formation, and they soared into the sky before simultaneously smashed down towards Chen Xi.

These weapons had all been condensed from the energy of the grand formation, and they contained the might of the grand formation that was controlled by 64 World Enlightened True Gods. Such meant simply seemed capable of annihilating everything in the world and obliterating the world. It was extremely terrifying.

If it was an ordinary World Enlightened True God that encountered such a scene, that World Enlightened True God’s will to fight would have collapsed from terror a very long time ago. After all, an attack of such a scale was something even a Domain Enlightened Spirit God would probably not dare go head-on against.

However, Chen Xi did!

His eyes merely narrowed slightly before he withdrew the Godsmash Drum, and it floated up into midair before he lightly flicked with his finger before a strand of invisible force struck forcefully onto the drum.


A strand of deafening and heavy rumbling of the drum that sounded as if it reverberated from the Chaos during the primeval times and was branded with a strand of invisible might swept out abruptly with Chen Xi at the center.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Under the force of such a terrifying soundwave, all those weapons exploded into pieces in midair, and they transformed into a blazing rain of light that sprayed down with peerless brilliance.

In the end, the sound of the drum easily destroyed these attacks and struck forcefully onto the Sunchaser Formation, causing it to tremble without end. Moreover, the sound of the drum was like a thunderclap that erupted successively, and it was extremely ear piercing.

“This is the might of the Godsmash Drum?”

“It really is terrifying. Looks like this kid came prepared.”

“However, that’s all he’s capable of. He can keep dreaming about destroying our grand formation with such ability!”

After this strike, all the experts within the grand formation realized how extraordinary Chen Xi was. At the same time, they became cautious in their hearts and heaved a sigh of relief as well because their grand formation was like an impregnable fortress, and it gave them a great deal of confidence.

“Continue attacking!” Ninth Uncle didn’t dare slack off at all when he saw this, and he ordered repeatedly.

At the same time, he nocked an arrow, and he intended to seize this opportunity to attack annihilate Chen Xi in one go. However, he felt helpless because just like the first time he’d fought Chen Xi, he was still unable to lock onto Chen Xi’s vital energy.

This caused a master archer like him to instantly lose his strongest ability in battle.

Rumble! Rumble!

It took a long time to describe, yet it occurred in an instant. The Sunchaser Formation fluctuated without end while emanated wave after wave of terrifying attacks. These attacks either transformed into weapons or condensed into storms and lightning.

In the end, even azure dragons, flame phoenixes, divine palaces residing above golden lotuses, landscape, nine Suncrows that had transformed into nine suns, a divine arrow shooting through the stars, and various other terrifying phenomena appeared in the form of attacks!

This was the might of the Sunchaser Formation. It was created by the Ancestor of the Dayi Clan, Dayi himself. At that time, it was created for the sake of annihilating the nine suns in the sky, yet now, this grand formation that shocked the primeval times had been utilized by Dayi’s descendants against Chen Xi.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

While suffering such terrifying attacks in succession, Chen Xi sped up the rhythm of the battle. He ceaselessly struck the drum and emanated a supreme soundwave that ceaselessly shot towards these attacks and the grand formation.

For a time, all sorts of gorgeous and resplendent divine radiances collided in the heavens and the earth, and they transformed an area of 500,000km into a chaotic battlefield. Moreover, the battlefield was filled with all sorts of phenomena, causing it to seem like doomsday was descending and the world was about to be obliterated.

Normally speaking, even a Domain Enlightened Spirit God would be unable to survive such attacks. However, to the terror of Ninth Uncle and the others, Chen Xi had actually resisted all these attacks by himself. Moreover, from the beginning until the end, he was advancing without end and approaching the blood red gorge!

This caused the last trace of contempt in everyone’s hearts to vanish, and their faces were covered with disbelief and a solemn expression.

Up until this point, they finally understood what Ninth Uncle meant earlier, and they understood how terrifying and heaven-defying this young man from the lower dimensions was.

“The Godsmash Drum! That’s a supreme precious treasure that only the king of the Primeval Micro Race can possess. Where exactly did this kid get these treasures?” At the back of the grand formation, Yi Tian had similarly noticed this scene. As he stared at the Godsmash Drum in Chen Xi’s hand and thought of how the Overarching Heaven Net and Copper Coin of Treasurefall were in Chen Xi’s possession as well, a strand of envy couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

“This time, I must kill this kid. That’s three extremely renowned Natural Spirit Treasures! With them in my possession, why would I worry about being unable to become the heir of the Dayi Clan and attaining glory that lasts for generations?” Yi Tian gradually clenched his fists together tightly, and his eyes couldn’t help but surge with a wisp of fervent greed and desire.

The pressure he suffered grew more and more stronger, and Chen Xi was still 3km away from the blood red gorge.

He ceaselessly struck the Godsmash Drum, and he resisted the attacks that charged over ceaselessly while he moved forward step by step through the flames of battle.

Once he came close to the Sunchaser Formation, it would be the moment he turned the situation around, and he wouldn’t have to utilize brute force to go against it as he was doing now.


“Even quicker!”

“You bunch of idiots! Why’re all of you still holding back at a time like this? Quicker!!”

When he saw Chen Xi’s figure ceaselessly approaching, Ninth Uncle’s expression gradually became gloomy while a strand of indescribable restlessness and anxiousness arose in his heart, causing him to order everyone within the grand formation to attack without end in a practically hysterical voice.



The might of the divine formation grew even more terrifying. At this moment, the heavens, the earth, time, and space exploded into pieces, and they showed signs of falling into a state of chaos.

On the other hand, the pressure Chen Xi suffered multiplied rapidly, and the speed the Divine Energy within his body was exhausted was increasing ceaselessly.

This caused his expression to become even heavier. He suddenly gritted his teeth and took the risk of injury as his figure flashed and forcefully charged forward.


A brilliant divine palace condensed into form by the divine formation smashed down, and it smashed forcefully onto Chen Xi’s body. His figure instantly staggered while he coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his countenance instantly became slightly pale.

Obviously, just as he’d expected, this attack had caused him to suffer a certain amount of injury.

However, before his enemies could cheer, they saw Chen Xi’s figure actually rely on the force of this collision to suddenly charge forward, and in the blink of an eye, he’d arrived before the blood red gorge!

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