Chapter 1570 – Sunchaser

The Godsmash Drum!

It was similarly a Natural Spirit Treasure born from within the Chaos of the three dimensions, and its might was so formidable that it could shatter the sun and moon and destroy the earth. It was ranked at the 12th position, and it was an entire four positions above the Overarching Heaven Net that was ranked at the 16th!

Most importantly, the Godsmash Drum emanated an invisible soundwave attack, and when utilized in a large-scale battle, it was usually able to bring forth unbelievable effects.

According to legend, during the primeval times, the ancestors of the Primeval Micro Race had relied on this drum to destroy 100,000 devils in one go and become renowned in the three dimensions.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had precisely taken the initiative to ask A’Liang to borrow this treasure to him because he was conscious of this characteristic it possessed.

This time, his opponents were numerous, and all of them were experts at the Godrank Realm. It was even to the extent that a Domain Enlightened Spirit God who’d attained the Archer God Realm was amongst them. Under such circumstances, no matter if he utilized the Talisman Armament, Overarching Heaven Net, or Copper Coin of Treasurefall, if he intended to swiftly annihilate numerous enemies by himself, then all of them were unable to compare to the Godsmash Drum in terms of large-scale destruction.


Chen Xi received the Godsmash Drum from her, and it instantly became large. It was originally the size of a grain, yet now it had transformed into the size of a cattail leaf fan instead, and it was extremely profound.

When he looked carefully at it, the surface of this drum was branded with strands of markings of chaos. These markings were interweaved together to form a mysterious and unfathomable world, and it actually emanated a boundless, deep and powerful aura.

After that, A’Liang didn’t hold back at all and passed down the technique to utilize the Godsmash Drum.

This caused Chen Xi to instantly feel a heavy feeling of happiness from being trusted.

“A’Liang, if anyone dares to bully you after we enter the Ancient God Domain, then I definitely won’t forgive that person!” Chen Xi spoke seriously without any reason.

“Ah.” A’Liang was slightly surprised, and then she blinked shyly and lowered her head. “Young Master, A’Liang is very happy from your words.”

Chen Xi was speechless because this little girl actually even told him her thoughts without holding back at all, and she was really extremely pure at heart.

“Come, it’s time to set out!” Chen Xi took a deep breath and looked towards the distance.

Within the blood red gorge.

Compared to its empty and deathly silent state from the past, the blood red gorge was currently filled with numerous extremely formidable auras, and it was ghastly, murderous, and extremely terrifying.

“Young Master, everything is prepared. Besides those that have perishes, we’ve gathered a force of 64 experts, and they’re within the Sunchaser Formation right now.” Ninth Uncle arrived hastily and swiftly reported.

The Sunchaser Formation was an ancient slaughter formation passed down within the Dayi Clan. It was a complete Divine Formation that could accommodate over 1,000 gods controlling it, and the terrifying might it could bring forth was sufficient to slaughter the universe.

Ninth Uncle had personally set up this divine formation. Even though there were only 64 gods to control it, its might still couldn’t be underestimated. According to his deduction, any Domain Enlightened Spirit God would definitely perish upon falling into it!

Now, it was prepared merely for the sake of dealing with a single young man at the World Enlightened True God Realm, and the might of this formation was more than enough.

“Ver good, now I’m just waiting for the fish to take the bait.” A wisp of a confident and arrogant expression couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Yi Tian’s mouth when he heard this.

“However, Young Master must not be careless. It’s extremely likely that this kid is related to Oracle Mountain, and it’s common knowledge that the Oracle Mountain’s attainments in the Talisman Dao are publicly acknowledged to be top-rate in the Ancient God Domain. I’m only worried that this formation is unable to completely restrain that kid.” Ninth Uncle pondered deeply for a moment and said, “In this way, even though our divine formation is formidable, it would only exist in name.”

“We really do have to take precautions against that.” Yi Tian frowned as he pondered, and then he said, “Ninth Uncle, do you have any perfectly safe plans?”

Ninth Uncle went silent for a long time before he said in a low voice, “If that time really comes, then I’ll definitely give it my all to kill that kid.”

His voice was calm yet carried a resolute and ruthless tone.

Yi Tian was stunned, and then he said solemnly, “Ninth Uncle, I only have a single request. Unless there’s no other choice, you must fight desperately with your life on the line.”

Ninth Uncle felt gratified as he said, “Don’t worry Young Master, I know. Not to mention that it’s the worst case scenario, yet in my opinion, if nothing unexpected occurs, the merely the Sunchaser Formation would be sufficient to trap and kill that kid.”

Yi Tian said with a smile, “That would be for the best.”

Ninth Uncle suddenly frowned and hesitated before he said, “Young Master, only a day is left from the date the Ancestor ordered us to return. I suggest that you should return to Snow Ink Region first and leave everything here to me?”

Yi Tian’s gaze flickered before he shook his head and said with a smile, “There’s no need. If the Ancestors knows what I was doing, then even if I was unable to return on time, he would definitely not punish me. Not to mention, how could I possibly watch as all of you risk your life while I leave myself?”

Ninth Uncle sighed in his heart and stopped persuading. He’d watched Yi Tian grow up, so how could he not understand Yi Tian’s thoughts? The reason Yi Tian was unwilling to leave wasn’t because Yi Tian intended to live and die with them, and it was instead because Yi Tian was worried that he would take possession of those two Natural Spirit Treasures once that kid was annihilated.

This was the thing that Yi Tian was worried about the most!

Moreover, this also meant that Yi Tian had a trace of doubt towards his servant, Ninth Uncle, and it was impossible for Yi Tian to fully trust Ninth Uncle.

This caused Ninth Uncle to be unable to help but feel a slight sense of loss, and then he laughed with self-ridicule in his heart. In the Dayi Clan’s opinion, I’m just a servant, so why think so much about it?

“Right, the Sovereign Sect hasn’t noticed anything, right?” Yi Tian asked abruptly.

Ninth Uncle nodded and said, “They just think that our Dayi Clan is hunting and encircling a prey from the lower dimensions, and they haven’t aroused any suspicions.”

Yi Tian heaved a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “That’s good. This kid possesses precious treasures and might be related to Oracle Mountain and the Sovereign Sect. The fewer that know the better.”

At this point in the conversation, Ninth Uncle suddenly said via voice transmission, ‘Young Master, if we’re able to annihilate that kid this time, then the other powers will definitely find out about the treasures possessed by that kid. Then they….”

“Don’t leave a single one of them alive!” Yi Tian didn’t wait for Ninth Uncle to finish before he interrupted Ninth Uncle with a murderous look in his eyes.

Ninth uncle nodded. Truthfully speaking, he rather admired this Third Young Master in his heart because Yi Tian was ruthless and skilled in strategy. Even though Yi Tian was slightly doubtful, his flaws couldn’t disguise his virtues, and he could still be considered a suitable successor of the clan.

Of course, Ninth Uncle couldn’t decide the actual successor of the Dayi Clan.


Right at this moment, a desolate and deep sound of a drum suddenly resounded from afar.

“Eh? That’s….” Yi Tian was slightly stunned.

At this moment, it wasn’t just him who was stunned, all the experts laying in ambush within the blood red gorge were stunned because this sound of the drum was too sudden.


“It’s the Godsmash Drum!”

“It’s this drum again! It’s that damnable bastard!”

A wave of furious roars resounded and shook the clouds.

Everyone in the surroundings instantly recovered from their shock while their expressions changed slightly. Because all of them had heard how Chen Xi had utilized the Godsmash Drum to destroy the space that confined him two days ago.

Now that they heard this sound of a drum, how could they not understand that it was Chen Xi who’d arrived?

“Prepare yourselves!”

“Activate the grand formation!”

“All of you must not fall into a state of confusion and disorder!”

Suddenly, Ninth Uncle soared into the sky and let out a long howl in a grim voice.

However, before his voice could finish resounding, the sound of that drum suddenly rose to become powerful like a thunderclap. It rumbled like a tsunami as it resounded and swept towards the surroundings.

At this moment, space was shattered into pieces by an invisible soundwave, and it transformed into a surging spatial wave that crushed down towards the blood colored gorge from all directions.

This scene was too astounding. Everywhere the sound of the drum passed, mountains were shattered into pieces and the sky collapsed. The terrifying force created by it caused the expressions of every single god in the surroundings to turn grim.

No one had expected that Chen Xi who actually appear abruptly, nor had they expected that he would make an appearance in such a way!

Rumble! Rumble!

The sound of the drum grew louder and louder, and it simply seemed like the roar of a Chaotic Fiendgod. The fluctuation created by it threw the surroundings into disorder, and it caused the world to dim down.

Some of the gods in the surroundings with comparatively weaker cultivations had already been impacted at this moment. Their Dao Hearts shook while the vital blood within their entire bodies roiled, and they almost spat blood.

All of this caused the surroundings to start falling into a restless state, and the situation faintly showed signs of falling into panic. If this continued, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Activate the formation!”

“Activate the formation!”

Ninth Uncle let out a long howl. He was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, so the impact he suffered was much weaker. So, when he witnessed this scene, his expression instantly turned livid, and he stamped his feet with rage.

When everyone who were on the verge of falling into panic heard this, they instantly returned to their senses. They forcefully endured the uneasiness they felt and successively moved to reside on their respectively positions, and then they activated the formation that had been arranged a long time ago.

Om! Om! Om!

In next to no time, numerous peerlessly dazzling beams of light suddenly shot into the sky from all over the blood red gorge. These beams of light were extremely thick and large. When looked at from afar, it was like numerous scorching suns soaring into the sun while emanating blazing, dazzling, and brilliant light.

At the same time, a grand, murderous, and violent fluctuation of a Divine Formation suddenly swept out, and it completely enveloped this blood red gorge.

At this moment, the Sunchaser Formation formed by 64 existences at the Godrank Realm had taken form!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At practically the exact same time, the sound of the drum pressed down from all directions, and it collided fiercely with the formation, causing terrifying sounds of explosions to erupt.

But in the end, the formation merely trembled before returning to its previous state.

Ninth Uncle instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this, and then a wisp of dense killing intent filled the space between his brows. This damnable little bastard! He almost threw out forces into confusion and panic as soon as he appeared. If I hadn’t set up this formation a long time ago, then merely this strike would have probably caused quite a huge disaster.

“Everyone, be on the alert and ready for combat. If that bastard dares to show himself, then kill him without mercy!” Ninth Uncle ordered with a grim voice.

Chen Xi stood extremely far away from the blood red gorge, and he put the Godsmash Drum away while he couldn’t help but frown. A Divine Formation?

This had really surprised him slightly. But in merely an instant, a wisp of a piercingly cold arc suffused the corners of his mouth. In the battles he’d experienced in the past, there was no lack of circumstances like the one before him, but it had never obstructed his footsteps.

Because he was an heir of Oracle Mountain!

His grasp of the Talisman Dao had long since fused into his own Divine Dao, and it had become the strongest foundation in his cultivation. So, he would naturally be unafraid of any restrictions and formations.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Without any hesitation, Chen Xi started striding forward. His footsteps were neither fast nor slow, and his clothes fluttered while he seemed to be taking a stroll in his own backyard. Every single step he took caused space to tremble and transform into ripples that swept towards the surroundings.

When looked at from afar, even though his expression was calm, yet he naturally emanated an arrogant bearing of supremacy.

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