Chapter 157 – Turning Disaster Into Good Luck

Chapter 157 – Turning Disaster Into Good Luck

How terrifying!

Although he was 50 km away, Chen Xi still felt a strong energy pressed down towards him, causing his limbs and bones to be stiff and heavy, and his breathing instantly became difficult as well.

“Formidable! This fellow at least possesses a cultivation at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and he has already overcome the Void Heavenly Tribulation. Otherwise, it would absolutely difficult to grasp the Spatial Grand Dao to such a perfect extent!” Bei Heng’s burning gaze revealed boundless yearning.

Chen Xi knew that amongst the nine waves of heavenly tribulations, every wave was different. For example, the sixth wave, the Void Heavenly Tribulation, rained down with Void Lightning that contained boundless spatial tearing and compression energy, and it was extremely terrifying. But so long as a cultivator safely overcame it, the cultivators grasp towards spatial energy would attain a whole new level, and with slightly more cultivation, the cultivator would be able to thoroughly grasp the Spatial Dao Insight and would be able to casually tear open space and carry out spatial teleportation to instantly move 5,000 km.

Obviously, since the old man in the distance was able to stand proudly in the space that fluctuated and shattered like a sea, he’d surely have overcome the sixth wave, the Void Heavenly Tribulation, and grasped the numerous profundities of the Spatial Grand Dao.

With this old man making a move against them, the Starnet Palace will probably be unable to escape their doom this time… Chen Xi sighed emotionally in his heart. If he possessed strength like this, he’d probably have annihilated the Su Clan countless times. Why would he need to endure until now?

“Hmph! You’re going too far! So what if you’re an Earthly Immortal? Since you dare offend my Starnet Palace, then all of you can stay here forever!” It was at this moment, that a loud shout that was like thunder abruptly sounded out above the faraway palace. Then, an old man in a luxurious robe with golden markings and who had sunken eye sockets and a face covered in wrinkles flew up into the sky. He held a jade decorative item that glowed brightly with silver light as it emitted a myriad of chilly fine lights.

With a gesture in his hand, a beam of light gushed out with a bang before charging into the sky, and the sky that was originally sky blue and clear instantly fell into darkness, revealing a myriad of fist sized stars that were dazzling and resplendent.


A wave of ear piercing and sharp sounds of airflow rubbing together instantly resounded out in the entire sky above Falling Star Mountain. Accompanying this sound was 107 blazing bright beams of light shooting out at the same time from the 107 peaks on Falling Star Mountain, and they shot into the pitch black sky before charging into the myriad of stars.

Instantly, the entire heaven and earth changed in appearance.

The color of night assaulted them with a myriad of stars hanging in the sky, and it was as if they’d entered into the boundless world of the milky way. Falling Star Mountain was covered in graceful rays of starlight that were chilly, quiet, and filled with an ancient aura.

The Starnet Palace had vanished, the Myriad Star Peak had disappeared, and even Tie Yunzi and the disciples and elders had all vanished within the misty starry sky, seeming as if they’d evaporated into thin air.

“Hmm? It’s actually the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation!” The old man by Bai Wanqing’s side that was called Uncle Teng had a cold expression, and his eyes that looked down upon everything couldn’t help but reveal a trace of seriousness.

“Uncle Teng, is this formation very formidable?” Bai Wanqing’s gaze swept her surroundings. She noticed that her group stood in an empty night sky, and starlight revolved around them as it emitted a deadly still aura that caused one to be flustered.

“Little Aunt, there’s no need to worry. This formation is able to annihilate ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators, yet it’s unable to do anything to Elder Bai Teng. After the formation is broken in a while, I’ll surely extract the souls of all these bastards. As ants, they still dare to challenge us, they’re really getting tired of living.” Bai Gan who had hair that was crimson like fire spoke in disdain, and he seemed to be extremely confident towards the old man by his side.

“Hahaha, you’re about to die, yet you still boast shamelessly? I’ll let all of you taste the feeling of a myriad of balefulstar lightning striking in unison soon. All of you won’t be able to flee this time. Especially that old bastard. I’ll refine you and completely suppress you beneath the Falling Star Mountain, and I’ll make you become a guardian dog of my Starnet Palace forever!” Tie Yunzi’s voice resounded in the night sky, and his voice revealed boundless resentment and even contained complacency and unruliness mixed within.


Bai Teng frowned as his hand fiercely grabbed towards the space before him, causing an enormous rip to be instantly torn open in the night sky, and a figure could vaguely be seen to be instantly vanishing at the side of the rip.

“Hmph! You fled fast enough! But do you think a mere Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation is able to trap me, Bai Teng?” Bai Teng grunted coldly, and then he raised his eyes to sweep the surroundings as a 3m long emerald bamboo had already appeared in his hand.

This piece of emerald bamboo had many bends and curves, like a snake or dragon. Countless profound runes drifted out from it to form numerous verdant lotus flowers that bloomed one after the other. On every lotus flower, a Daoist that wore a scholar’s hat and ancient clothes sat up straight there, or closed his eyes and pondered, or chanted a mantra, or held a sword and danced about in the air… The myriad of verdant lotus flowers seemed to actually form an entire small world, and clear lights suffused out from it as strange phenomenon appeared in the sky!

“Excellent! Once Elder Bai Teng’s Immortal Treasure, Verdant Lotus Shadowbamboo, is drawn, who can compete with him?” Bai Gan clapped as he praised, and his eyes emitted boundless burning admiration.

Bai Wanqing’s expression eased up as well.

“Immortal Artifact! That’s a real Immortal Artifact! Within it is a world of its own that possesses a myriad of extraordinary forms. Possessing this treasure was sufficient to allow one to move unhindered in the entire world!” In the extremely far away concealed cave, Bei Heng’s heart shook greatly as he cried out involuntarily.

Chen Xi expression was similarly dazed endlessly. If I’m able to repair the Buddha’s Pagoda, would it be able to display such a scene as well? I wonder where Aunt Bai found this helper from, he actually possesses an Immortal Artifact. It’s truly difficult to believe…

Right at this moment, numerous bolts of lightning condensed from the baleful energy of the stars surged down from the night sky. They were like a myriad of silver snakes that danced wildly in the sky and were even more like countless silver colored waterfalls pouring down from the sky.

For a time, the entire sky above Falling Star Mountain was completely covered in dazzling and bright lightning arcs, causing the heaven and earth to instantly be suffused with a strand of chilly, domineering, and empty aura that was terrifying.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Overwhelming amounts of lightning bolts endlessly shot down, and it seemed as if the sky was collapsing as space shattered, mountains turned to powder, and the ground ripped open as if a volcano had erupted and the end of the world had arrived. The terrifying energy of destruction that was contained in the balefulstar lightning had simply arrived at an astonishing level.


Bei Heng casually swung his hand and a bronze mirror that was inscribed with dense markings flew out from his hand to revolve as it floated above him. With a shine from the surface of the mirror, a layer of a barrier that was gold in color shot out to envelop Chen Xi and Bei Heng within it, and it seemed like an eggshell, thick and firm with the aura of treasures coiling around it.

“This Fifth-Earth Mirror of mine is a Quasi Immortal Artifact. Little Brother, stay within it, and you must not move. That balefulstar lightning is too terrifying, and it’s not inferior to the lightning that descended when I overcame the first wave of Heavenly Tribulation. I’ll circulate my Immortal Energy with all my strength, and it should be able to prevent the both of us from dying with some difficulty. But it’s difficult to escape unless we wait for this damnable grand formation to stop.” Bei Heng’s expression was serious as he swiftly instructed.

“I’ve gotten Big Brother Bei Heng into trouble this time, and I’ll remember this debt. In the future, if there’s anything that you need this brother to do for you, I won’t hesitate to lay down my life if need be.” Chen Xi spoke with an apologetic expression.

“Little Brother, what are you talking about? If you continue speaking like this, then I’ll leave you behind and not care about you.” Bei Heng glared and acted angry, yet he was extremely comfortable in his heart, as what he wanted were exactly these words from Chen Xi.

Swish! Swish! Swish!


A balefulstar lightning struck down to smash onto the Fifth-Earth Mirror, and it blasted down to the point that the golden barrier around the two of them trembled intensely without end. Although they were separated by a layer of barrier, Chen Xi was still able to feel that the pores on his skin had a tingling and trembling feeling.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi suddenly noticed that the extremely weak lightning aura gushed into his skin, and the Shaman Energy that lay dormant within his blood, flesh, and skin seemed to become lively.

“Balefulstar lightning… Isn’t its essence the baleful energy of the stars? Isn’t the energy that’s absorbed by my Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts exactly the baleful energy of the stars?” Chen Xi thought in his heart as an extremely daring idea gushed out into his mind, and as soon as this thought appeared, it was impossible to restrain any longer.

When another balefulstar lightning struck down once more, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to stick out his hand and press it onto the barrier.


Chen Xi’s body shook as he felt a strand of vast and violent baleful energy of the stars charge into his flesh and blood like a wild beast that had escaped its chains, and it charged about furiously, tearing his tendons, flesh, and skin to the point it almost broke apart inch by inch.

Chen Xi hurriedly circulated the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts. Sure enough, the violent baleful energy of the stars seemed to be restrained as they were instantly tamed, to the point they were like sheep before submerging into his flesh and blood to transform into strands of pure Shaman Energy. In an instant, Chen Xi felt that his Shaman Energy had actually risen by a strand!

As expected, I’m able to absorb it! Moreover, it’s denser than when I cultivate while holding Starsoul Meteorites! Chen Xi was delighted in his heart, and then he sat cross-legged before the barrier and waited for the balefulstar lightning to descend once more.

Bai Wanqing had a peerless expert at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm protecting her, and this expert even had an Immortal Artifact with matchless might in his hand, so he utterly didn’t need to pay attention and worry about her.

Bei Heng was originally shocked in his heart when he saw Chen Xi approach the barrier, and when he saw Chen Xi was unharmed, he was at ease instantly. He couldn’t help but be slightly curious.. This little fellow seems to be using the balefulstar lightning to temper his body!

When he realized this, Bei Heng’s heart abruptly thumped once more. After all, these balefulstar lightning bolts were condensed from the purest and most violent energy of the myriad of stars in the sky, and even he, with his level of cultivation, didn’t dare easily come into contact with it, yet Chen Xi had instead taken this energy to cultivate. How could it not shock him?

He’s actually able to use the baleful energy of the stars to temper his body. I’ve simply never heard or seen this sort of body refinement cultivation technique. Could it be that it was passed down to him by that mysterious senior? After he exclaimed with admiration, the image of a beautiful young woman that was a woman disguised as a man couldn’t help but appear in his mind. Right! Even if it wasn’t this mysterious senior that passed it down to him, it’s probably an ultimate technique that’s controlled by the sect the senior belonged to. After all, when they met each other on the azure lake, she’d addressed Chen Xi as little junior brother…[1. She addressed him as Little Junior Brother via voice transmission in Ch129, but the Author decided to use it in this way here, and it’s beyond something that I can just erase or edit. So, I left it as it is.]

When he thought like this, Bei Heng’s resolution to form a good relationship with Chen Xi grew even firmer.

Rumble! Rumble!

The balefulstar lightning splashed down as if they were worthless, the twisting and brilliantly bright lightning arcs were like twisting silver snakes, yet the strength within it was terrifying to the extreme, and it contained a piercingly cold violent aura of annihilation that caused others to be terrified by the sight of it.

However, these bolts of balefulstar lightning that struck down were like medicinal pills that fluttered down from the sky to Chen Xi, and amongst it was simply a great fortuitous encounter that couldn’t be encountered in a hundred years.

He already didn’t have the mind to pay attention to everything in the surroundings, his entire mind was immersed in cultivating, and his entire body was like a bottomless pit that ceaselessly absorbed the baleful energy of the stars that scattered out from the barrier, whereas his Shaman Energy was becoming thick and condensed at a speed that was visible to the eye…

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