Chapter 1569 – Chains Of Karma

Yi Tian blazed with rage, and it terrified everyone to the point of going silent like cicadas in the winter.

Actually, when they found out about the news from the frontline, all of them felt extreme disbelief as well. Over 40 gods had been deployed, yet they were actually slaughtered by a young man from the lower dimensions to the point of being frightened out of their wits, and only a few of them were lucky enough to escape in the end!

If this was caused by a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, then it would be extremely understandable, yet the enemy was clearly a World Enlightened True God as well. Moreover, it was even to the extent that the enemy had just arrived at the Last Days Domain yet was able to accomplish this, and it was truly unusual!

Ninth Uncle sighed in his heart. This outcome had long since been within his expectations, yet it just so happened that no one listened to his advice, so there was nothing he could do about it.

“Young Master, based on the current situation, we should swiftly converge all our scattered forces here. In this way, we might be able to obstruct that bastard’s footsteps.” Even if he really didn’t approve of this operation, Ninth Uncle still couldn’t help but provide advice. Yi Tian was the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, and if any mishaps occurred to Yi Tian, then he would suffer misfortune as well.

“Ninth Uncle, let’s do as you said.” Unexpectedly, Yi Tian didn’t refute it this time. He took a deep breath while his expression gradually recovered its calm, and he said, “I admit that I’d really underestimated that kid earlier. Yet now, I have no way to back down any longer. No matter if it’s for the sake of our Dayi Clan’s glory or for the sake of revenge, I can’t possibly stop any longer.”

He paused for a moment while his expressions completely returned to calm, and his eyes stared towards the distance as he said word by word. “If I’m not even able to annihilate this kid, then how could I show my face and participate in Empress Yu Che’s Starhunt Meeting?”

Ninth Uncle went silent for a short moment when he heard this, and then he nodded and said, “The Ancestor would definitely be extremely gratified that Young Master is able to think in this way. Don’t worry Young Master, even if I have to give my life away, I’ll help Young Master attain your wish.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left, and he went to plan everything.

“Ninth Uncle….” Yi Tian was stunned while a strand of emotion and warmth surged out from his heart.

“Young Master, do you have any other instructions?” Ninth Uncle stopped moving and turned around before he asked.

“Thank you.” Yi Tian cupped his hands.

Ninth Uncle smiled lightheartedly while his 27m tall and lofty figure was suffused with a strand of arrogance. “Young Master, there’s no need for that. Let’s wait until after that young man is killed.”

Two figures were standing upright on that battlefield that was covered in a scene of desolation. One of them was sacred and mighty with a body fully suffused with light white divine radiance that caused others to be utterly unable to discern the appearance of this figure.

At the other side was a green clothed young woman with hair coiled into two buns on the sides of her head and held a flower basket. She looked towards the distance while seeming to be lost in thought, and she chuckled. “Goddess, that Young Brother’s ability is even slightly more formidable than I’d imagined.”

These two people were precisely that mysterious Goddess and Huicong.

“His foundation in the Divine Dao has indeed been tempered well.” The Goddess went silent for a short moment and suddenly said, “Huicong, this kid’s fate can’t be predicted, and his origins are slightly strange. When you leave to roam the various regions in the future, you must remember not to become involved with him if you do meet him.”

Huicong was stunned, and then she couldn’t help but ask curiously. “Goddess, why?”

“The unknown is the most dangerous. That young man’s path towards the Dao is filled with unrest, and no one can deduce a shred of it. Once you’re involved with such a person, then it’ll definitely affect your path towards the Dao, and it’s impossible to say if the outcome will be good or bad.” The Goddess’ voice was calm and indifferent, yet it revealed a dignified tone that struck directly at the heart.

“But… when we gathered the Divine Vine King earlier, haven’t we already rescued him once?” Huicong frowned and was slightly worried. She was unable to discern the profundities behind the Goddess’ words, yet her intuition told her that the Goddess had spoken in this way entirely for her own good.

“That’s… true as well.” This time, the Goddess was stunned, and she felt into silence. She sighed lightly after a long time and said, “No wonder a trace of an indescribable sign would arise in my heart when I came to the Roc’s Remains this time. The chains of karma were actually predetermined since the beginning.”

Huicong was even more baffled when she heard this, and she was slightly bewildered. She said in her heart, That Young Brother is really extraordinary, he actually caused Goddess to be so troubled as well….

“Come, let’s return.” The Goddess’ voice became slightly cold and indifferent as she turned around and left.

“Alright, Goddess. We’ve gathered the Divine Vine King this time, and we can finally refine the Divinehall Treasured Spirit Pill!” Huicong didn’t perceive the change in the Goddess’ tone, and she chuckled happily as she spoke.

“Refine a pill? Let’s talk about it later.” A trace of restlessness had arisen in the Goddess’ heart, and it swept out like a ripple in her tranquil mental state.

Her heart and mind were uneasy!

To an existence like her, such a matter hadn’t occurred for countless years.

“Oh.” Huicong was felt a slight sense of loss as well. According to the original plan, this cauldron of Divinehall Treasured Spirit Pills were specially prepared for her. Yet now, while the divine materials had been gathered, the Goddess said she wouldn’t refine them yet. This caused her hopes to be shattered, and she couldn’t help but feel dejected in her heart.

“Huicong.” The Goddess suddenly spoke once more.

“Yes?” Huicong raised her head.

“You’re not allowed to tell anyone about what happened today, understand?”

“I understand.”

“Come, the Ancient God Domain won’t be peaceful any longer in the future….”


Within a remote mountain, Chen Xi sat cross-legged within a deep and quiet cave while holding a few Divine Crystals to ceaseless replenish the exhausted Divine Energy within his body. The gurgling Divine Energy surged like a torrent and ceaselessly replenished the boundlessly vast universe within his body.

When he saw A’Liang holding the Godsmash Drum in her arms while nervously protecting him, Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle. “A’Liang, you don’t have to be nervous. Even if someone comes over now, that person would be unable to do anything to us.”

A’Liang tiny face blushed when she heard this, and she lowered her head shyly before she muttered. “I was just worried that someone would disturb Young Master’s cultivation.”

Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart. What a kindhearted little girl. She’s just… a little too shy.

Truthfully speaking, Chen Xi was rather vigilant in his heart and hadn’t relaxed completely at all. This was the Hunting Area after all. Now that he’d killed so many of Yi Tian’s subordinates, Yi Tian would definitely be furious and would absolutely not let the matter go.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise. Even after he completely recovered his strength to its peak state a few hours later, he actually didn’t notice a trace of movement, and the atmosphere was too calm.

Could it be that he has already given up on pursuing me? Chen Xi’s brows raised before he shook his head. Because this was definitely impossible. With the temper of that Third Young Master, Yi Tian, he would definitely not give up at a time like this.

Then there was only one remaining possibility, and that was Yi Tian was accumulating an even more formidable force, whereas, Yi Tian’s one and only objective to act in this way was to kill Chen Xi in one go!

If it’s really like that, then they’ll definitely be laying in ambush on the path towards that passageway leading to Snow Ink Region. Only in this way would they be able to encircle and stop me…. Chen Xi swiftly deduced in his heart. He was very clearly aware that if everything was as he’d guessed, then a fierce battle would absolutely be waiting for him there!

No matter what, even if Yi Tian didn’t obstruct me, I’d definitely encounter all the disciples of the Sovereign Sect if I intend to enter that passageway. The important matter at hand is to make preparations in advance. Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of a firm expression flashed past his eyes.

Without any hesitation, Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, causing numerous balls of light that seemed like scorching suns to float up into appearance, and they contained the extremely pure energy of Divine Dao Laws.

There was a total of 32 balls of light, and they were all stripped away from those experts he’d killed earlier.

Let’s begin. Chen Xi sat cross-legged before closing his eyes, and his hands formed various profound seals as he started to refine and absorb these balls of light.

Two days later, A’Liang who was cultivating within Chen Xi’s ear was suddenly jolted awake by a wave of grand fluctuations of the tune of the Dao. Her heart shook, and she hurriedly stood up and looked out while lying on the side of Chen Xi’s ear.

She saw strands of mysterious Divine Dao Laws transform into row after row of obscure talisman diagrams, and they fluttered around Chen Xi without end. The talismans were obscure and dense as they fluttered about without end, and they just happened to see like a flowing river of stars.

With A’Liang’s extremely tiny field of vision, it was simply like witnessing a vast and magnificent starry sky, and it caused her to open her eyes wide and revealed a shocked expression.

“Young Master's grasp of the Divine Dao is truly deep, and he’s much more formidable than A’Liang. Granny said that my natural talent is the best in the entire race, yet it’s utterly unable to compare to Young Master.” A’Liang muttered while her beautiful eyes were filled with shock and admiration.

But right after that, the scene before her eyes flashed, and all the Divine Dao Laws she saw before her had vanished without a trace.

At the same time, Chen Xi’s voice resounded by her ear. “A’Liang, sit tight, we’re leaving.”

“Oh!” A’Liang seemed as if she’d awakened from a dream and hurriedly returned to the auricle of Chen Xi’s ear before her eyelash lowered from slight shyness.

After absorbing the Divine Dao Laws within the 32 balls of light, even though I still haven’t tempered my Talisman Divine Dao to the initial-stage, I’m not too far away. So, it’s sufficient to allow my combat strength to strengthen greatly in battle…. As he sensed the changes in strength within his body, a strand of satisfactions urged out from Chen Xi’s heart. He’d just entered the Last Days Domains not too long ago, yet his cultivation and Divine Dao Laws had both obtained an obvious increase. If he was in the three dimensions, then it would be utterly impossible for this to happen.

After that, Chen Xi’s figure flashed and directly appeared in midair.

He opened up the map Tie Kun gave him and observed it for a short moment before he distinguished the direction. After that, he took a deep breath while his expression had already become tranquil and composed.

Suddenly, Chen Xi asked. “A’Liang, can you lend me the Godsmash Drum?”

“Ah.” A’Liang was stunned, and then she nodded forcefully and withdrew the bronze drum before she said, “Young Master, feel free to use it.”

When he saw A’Liang agree so readily and lend a supreme Natural Spirit Treasure like the Godsmash Drum to him without practically any hesitation at all, Chen Xi was stunned instead, and he said seriously, “A’Liang, thank you.”

His tone was flat, and he didn’t add in any words of praise, yet it revealed an extremely sincere feeling.

A’Liang grinned and seemed to be very happy that a treasure of hers could help Chen Xi. She said in a clear voice, “Young Master, there’s no need to be courteous. Granny said that A’Liang should listen to all of Young Master’s instructions.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile as he said, “With the assistance of A’Liang’s treasure, it has allowed me to have slightly more confidence in our success.”

He was telling the truth.

Because this was the Godsmash Drum! A Natural Spirit Treasure that was ranked above the Overarching Heaven Net!

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