Chapter 1568 – Gods Falling Like The Rain

“The Copper Coin of Treasurefall!”

“It’s actually that Natural Spirit Treasure! Could it be that he’s a disciple of the Sovereign Sect?”

“How… how could this be possible?”

Exclaims of shock resounded through the surroundings, and all of their expressions changed.

In merely a single strike, he’d struck down over 10 Divine Artifacts and caused numerous experts to be injured. Such an unexpected event had taken all of them by surprise.


Chen Xi seized this opportunity to flash, and he charged into the ranks of the enemy in one go. The ordinary and pitch black Talisman Armament in his hand droned as it emanated a sword howl.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s bearing suddenly changed. He was murderous and indifferent while his entire body surged with killing intent that filled every single inch of the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath at all because since the moment he stepped foot into the Hunting Area, a bloody battle was bound to erupt!

As he felt the unique coolness of the Talisman Armament in his hand, Chen Xi’s entire body was like a sharp blade that was drawn from its sheathe, and he swept out.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

A string of blood sprayed like fireworks, and they erupted successively, causing gorgeous yet terrifying blood of the gods to shoot out violently and cover the heavens and the earth.

Amongst those enemies that had been caught off guard, a wisp of a bloody mark appeared on a total of nine of their throats. Their expressions froze on their faces, and they seemed to have not realized what had occurred.

But right after that….

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Numerous heads rose into the sky while corpses crashed to the ground.

Because these sounds had resounded so closely together, it sounded like there was only a single sound, and then those nine experts within the ranks of the enemy had been annihilated on the spot!

There were no shrill and miserable cries before death, and there was only blood raining down through the sky.

This sort of terrifying and strange scene caused the bodies of everyone in the surroundings to shiver.

However, all of this was merely the beginning.

Just as Chen Xi had said before, this was the true banquet of slaughter!

“Kill! Attack together!”

“This kid is too terrifying. We must not hold back at all.”

“Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! If we still hesitate, then this damnable bastard will probably annihilate us one by one. At that time, all of us can dream of surviving!”

All of them finally realized how terrifying Chen Xi was, and their hearts and minds trembled violently while their expressions turned livid and savage.

The battle had just begun, yet Chen Xi who they thought was a trapped beast awaiting its slaughter had actually utilized the Copper Coin of Treasurefall to cause over 10 Divine Artifacts to fall to the ground. Moreover, he annihilated nine World Enlightened True Gods with a single strike of the sword. When facing such a terrifying and heaven defying fellow, would anyone dare to underestimate this fellow at all?

At this moment, not only did they not underestimate Chen Xi, Chen Xi had already risen to the height of being their most dangerous enemy in their hearts. They didn’t dare be hesitant or hopeful at all, and they executed their strongest trump cards.




All of these experts from the Ancient God Domain seemed as if they’d gone mad. They converged together and roared as they charged at and assaulted Chen Xi.

All sorts of divine light soared into the sky while various formidable divine techniques rained down, and it drowned the heavens and the earth.

This scene was extremely magnificent. It was like the grand scene of the battle between the gods during the primeval times had been reproduced. The rumbling of the Dao resounded everywhere, the sky collapsed, and everything was destroyed.


Chen Xi similarly continued the slaughter as well.

Chen Xi’s experiences in battle throughout the years allowed him to clearly understand that when he was surrounded and attacked by numerous enemies, he absolutely couldn’t be hesitant or hold back at all.

He didn’t hesitate or hold back. His pupils were indifferent to the point they didn’t carry a trace of emotion because Chen Xi who’d survived the baptism of countless battles and slaughters didn’t just possess an extremely heaven defying combat strength, he even possessed a will to fight that far exceeded ordinary experts.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi’s figure flickered. He didn’t seem to have moved at all, yet numerous blazing, thick, and large strands of extraordinary sword qi slashed out.

Early on when he’d just entered the Last Days Domain, his combat strength was already sufficient to head-on against Ninth Uncle who was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God and forced the latter to have no choice but to fight desperately and utilize his Divine Dao Altar.

Now, after he absorbed the strand of quintessence energy from within the Roc Seal, Chen Xi’s combat strength had even obtained an obvious improvement when compared to that day.

Coupled with the assistance of the peerless formidable Natural Spirit Treasures, the Overarching Heaven Net and Copper Coin of Treasurefall, it was utterly impossible for Chen Xi to feel any fear when facing all these enemies that were only at the World Enlightened True God Realm.

In the end, all of this strength and combat strength were revealed with the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s hand and this bloody and horrifying battle.

“Five Element Annihilator.”

“Calm Before The Storm.”

“Vorpal Strike.”

At this moment, his cultivation in the Sword Dao at the Sword Emperor Realm vividly displayed and brought forth the combat strength that Chen Xi possessed, and it was obvious how terrifying the destructive force created by it was.

These strands of sword qi were either fierce and murderous, peerlessly vast, or mysterious and everchanging, and they left behind numerous afterimages in the ranks of the enemy. Everywhere they passed, string after string of gorgeous yet horrifying blood erupted, and they caused either death or injury.

In merely a short period of time, all of them were terrified.

In just a single collision, they’d lost nine members. Strands of sword qi had slit their throats, and it was like a sickle from hell that came to reap the souls of the dead. Even if it was experts that thought highly of themselves like them, they were still impacted by this.

During the subsequent portion of the battle, even though the Copper Coin of Treasurefall’s ability to make all Artificial Spirit Treasures fall before it didn’t cause any harm to them, it caused many of them to lose weapons they relied on in battle, causing them to feel as if they’d fallen into an icy pit. Moreover, the Overarching Heaven Net that was chilly and illusory like starlight was able to lock down all their paths of retreat and restrain their figures. So, all attacks seemed to be so powerless before these two Natural Spirit Treasures.

However, the most destructive was Chen Xi’s Sword Dao instead. Every single time he attacked, he would definitely cause a string of blood to spray and reap the life of someone!

His all-powerful attacks and slaughter that seemed to be carried out without difficulty made it seem like he was invincible and impossible to stop. It caused all of them to feel suffocated!

All of this was inconceivable. Because such a terrifying slaughter had actually been caused by merely a single person!

At this moment, the few enemies that still remained were extremely terrified, and they were regretful to the extreme in their hearts. They regretted being obsessed with wealth and promising the Third Young Master of the Dayi Clan, Yi Tian, to deal with this fiend from the lower dimensions.

The crux of the matter was that none of them had even seen a World Enlightened True God possess such a terrifying combat strength, nor had they even imagined that a prey from the lower dimensions that they were extremely contemptuous towards would actually be so formidable and difficult to deal with.

This was a common was of thinking. All of them were from the Ancient God Domain and were extremely haughty, they subconsciously took the gods of the lower dimensions to be prey that could be slaughtered at will.

Now, such a ‘prey’ had suddenly stretched out its fangs and brought a lethal threat to them, and this naturally caused them to be filled with disbelief and discomfort.

However, the situation was critical, and it was already too late to feel regret now.

“Everyone, hold on! Even though this fiend is terrifying, it wouldn’t be long before Third Young Master and the others arrive. At that time, this fiend will definitely be annihilated!” Qin Tong roared in a grim voice.


However, before his voice could finish resounding through the air, a wisp of sword qi had penetrated his throat and caused a bloody hole to appear there. His eyeballs suddenly bulged out, and he seemed to be filled with disbelief as he crashed to the ground and perished in the end.

Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance to Qin Tong’s corpse before charging towards his next target with an indifferent expression.

“FLEE!!!” As soon as Qin Tong died, all the remaining enemies had collapsed completely, and they turned around and fled desperately.

Chen Xi didn’t pursue them, yet the Talisman Armament in his hand was like a shark that had smelt blood, and numerous strands of sword qi shot out from it and slashed down towards those enemies that were fleeing in panic.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

After their will to fight had collapsed, they were like tigers that were without their teeth. Strings of blood frequently sprayed out from all over the distant space, and it was like fireworks ceaselessly erupting in a disorderly manner.

Even though their speeds were swift, how could it compare to Chen Xi’s sword qi?

However, they were fortunate that for the sake of maintaining his strength, Chen Xi didn’t have any intention of annihilating all of them. So, in the end, a few of them were still lucky enough to escape.

In the blink of an eye, only Chen Xi remained here.

The ground was covered in a mess. Corpses, blood, damaged weapon, collapsed ground, disorderly space…. All of this had intersected together to form a scene that was like purgatory itself.

A’Liang who’d been standing in Chen Xi’s ear was stunned by this scene since a long time ago. It was the first time she’d left home, and it was also the first time she’d witnessed a slaughter of such a scale. As she gazed at the corpses that covered the ground and smelt the pungent smell of blood in the air, her pretty little face suddenly turned ghastly pale, and she had a strong desire to vomit.

But in the end, she gritted her teeth and endured it. She clenched her hands together while she tried hard to open her eyes, and she muttered in her heart. In the future, A’Liang can only take care of herself. If I’m not even able to endure such a bloody scene, then it would truly be too shameful. If granny finds out about it, then she would definitely be disappointed with A’Liang….

Chen Xi hadn’t noticed A’Liang’s reaction at all, and his expression was still calm like a combat puppet that didn’t possess any emotions while his figure flickered swiftly through the battlefield to clean up the spoils of the battle.

This time, he’d annihilated 37 enemies after spending an eighth of an hour, yet his gains were rather abundant.

He obtained a total of 32 balls of light that contained Divine Dao Laws and 17 balls of light that contained various techniques. All of these were stripped away by the Laws of Heaven Dao from his enemies after they perished.

However, because the rhythm of the battle was too intense, and every second mattered. Even with Chen Xi’s ability, he was merely able to capture these balls of light in the end, and a small portion of them had been absorbed and taken away by the Laws of the Heaven Dao.

Besides these, Chen Xi obtained another 600 plus Divine Crystals, six Artificial Natural Treasures, 13 damaged Divine Artifacts, and a pile of various divine materials.

Chen Xi was unable to calculate the exact amount of them because these divine materials encompassed a rather huge amount of types. There were divine herbs and divine pills, precious ores, and even no lack of cultivation techniques, scrolls, maps, and jade slips. Moreover, Chen Xi was unable to recognize a portion of them, and he had to confirm their uses through careful identification and study.

Now, I must find a place to recover my strength…. Chen Xi put all these spoils of the battle away, and then took a deep breath before he sensed that only less than half of the Divine Energy within his body remained. He was instantly clearly aware that it wasn’t suitable for him to continue fighting at this moment.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed and vanished on the shot.

At the same time in that blood red gorge, at this moment, Yi Tian who wore a white robe and had a handsome appearance was like a ferocious beast that had fallen into an enraged state. His expression was gloomy and livid while he roared with a grim voice. “Trash! A bunch of trash! They were actually slaughtered to the point of wetting their pants in terror by an ant from the lower dimensions. Why don’t they just slit their throats and kill themselves?!”

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