Chapter 1567 – Godsmash Drum

With Chen Xi’s current cultivation and coupled with the assistance of the Daoseal Mark, practically no expert at the same cultivation realm as Chen Xi was able to stop him.

In this way, it was naturally impossible for him to be pinned down.

However, he’d indeed been pinned down at the blood red desert this time. The reason was because of a single person, a young man with golden pupils!

This young man had fair skin, a tall figure, and a handsome appearance. He was precisely Qin Tong, the leader of the group where Lu Ting who possessed the Godsearch Divine Technique was from.

His golden pupils were able to confine space and freeze all things. It was extremely terrifying. As soon as Chen Xi’s figure arrived at this blood red desert, Chen Xi was noticed by him, and he utilized his golden pupils to freeze the space in an area of 500,000km!

With Chen Xi’s current strength, as soon as he arrived here, he was like a commoner that had fallen into a swamp. It was difficult for Chen Xi to move forward, and his speed had slowed down greatly.

Fortunately, this sort of technique that froze space merely targeted one’s speed of teleportation, and it didn’t affect Chen Xi’s ability to do battle. Otherwise, merely this move would be sufficient to instantly strike a lethal blow to Chen Xi.

After a short period of battle, upon noticing that his group was unable to do anything to Chen Xi at all, Qin Tong immediately withdrew and hid far away while remaining ready for battle.

At the same time, he sent a signal to summon the others.

Thus, this scene had appeared.

An entire 40 plus experts at the Godrank Realm stood in the surroundings like a dark cloud, and all of them emanated murderous airs while they blocked off all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat.

If such a vast force was in the three dimensions, it would be sufficient to sweep through the world and easily take control of all the worlds in the three dimensions.

However, this was the Last Days Domain, and the Laws of the Heaven Dao were different, and the existence of gods had become a common thing instead. However, when over 40 gods charged out in a threatening manner, the deterrent force they revealed was still extremely terrifying.

Most importantly, Chen Xi was still within this expanse of frozen space up until now.

The Spatial Divine Dao this fellow possesses is definitely above my own, and it might have even been attained to the initial-stage…. Chen Xi frowned, and he felt that this was slightly troublesome.

However, it was merely troublesome to deal with, and if it wasn’t out of consideration towards the exhaustion of his Divine Energy, Chen Xi would be able to destroy it by relying on brute strength as well.

“Little Fellow, your strength can be considered to be not bad since you were able to struggle until now while being pursued by us. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to die today.” Qin Tong grinned as he spoke from afar. “Oh, right. This is the Divine Gold Pupils technique I just cultivated successfully, and it’s utterly impossible to execute without attainments at the initial-stage in the Spatial Divine Dao. Don’t misunderstand, I’m now showing off, and I just want you to die without questions in your heart.”

Divine Gold Pupils? Chen Xi had never heard of such a technique.

However, he’d confirmed one thing through these words. This fellow before him had really attained the initial-stage in the Spatial Divine Dao and could be considered to be an extraordinarily formidable existence.

At the very least, he could be considered to be top-rate at the World Enlightened True God Realm.

Of course, even with the Divine Gold Pupils technique, Qin Tong was still unable to be compared to Chen Xi. After all, Chen Xi had forced a Domain Enlightened Spirit God to fight desperately, whereas, Qin Tong was obvious unable to accomplish this.

Chen Xi didn’t attack while Qin Tong’s group didn’t attack impatiently as well, and all of them were waiting.

Qin Tong’s group was waiting for their help to arrive, and the more the better because they would have greater certainty in their ability to deal with Chen Xi.

Similarly, Chen Xi was waiting for the right opportunity to break through this predicament.

However, this time, Chen Xi was unable to continue waiting. It wasn’t that he’d lost his patience, and it was instead because if this situation were to continue, then the situation would become more and more disadvantageous to him. At that time, even if that opportune moment arrived, it would already be too late.

“Young Master.” Suddenly, right at the critical moment when Chen Xi was about to attack, A’Liang’s gently voice resounded in his ear.

This caused him to instantly frown. Could it be that this young lady is afraid?

“Young Master, I… I….” A’Liang’s voice was slightly flurried. Obviously, she’d noticed that Chen Xi was slightly displeased because she suddenly spoke at a time like this.

“A’Liang, let’s talk about it after I kill my way out of this encirclement, alright?” Chen Xi sent her a voice transmission.

“But, I… I have a way to break open the frozen space here.” A’Liang took a deep breath and summoned up the courage to speak.

Chen Xi’s brows instantly raised, and he was extremely surprised. He even wondered if there was something wrong with his ears….

“Young Master, just watch.”


A’Liang transformed into a strand of light that flashed out from Chen Xi’s ear. She stood beautifully at the space by his side while a bronze drum had suddenly appeared in her hands.

This bronze drum was extremely small, even smaller than a grain of rice. However, when she held this drum up, A’Liang’s expression suddenly became solemn and saintly.

Eh, this drum’s aura is so unique. It seems to be a Natural Spirit Treasure…. Chen Xi’s brows raised while a wisp of curiosity flashed in his eyes.

“Hmm? What’s that?”

“It seems to be a living being that’s even smaller than an ant….”

“Wait, it seems to be a member of the Primeval Micro Race!”

“The Primeval Micro Race? Hasn’t that race vanished in the Ancient God Domain since a few millions of years ago? How could one have appeared by that kid’s side?”

Meanwhile, Qin Tong and the others in the distance had noticed A’Liang’s appearance as well. However, they weren’t afraid at all, and it was mostly curiosity that they felt.

Someone even couldn’t help but burst out with laughter. He felt that Chen Xi didn’t have any tricks to play and had no choice but to rely on the help of a tiny person, and it seemed especially laughable.

After all, A’Liang’s figure was too tiny, and it was very easy for others to arouse the misconception that she couldn’t withstand a single blow and could be squashed with a finger.


Right when everyone felt curious or disdainful, A’Liang stretched out her arm, and her fair little hand slapped lightly onto the bronze drum.

After that, a desolate and deep sound of a drum slowly resounded.

This sound was extremely soft at the beginning, and no one would pay any attention to it. However, in merely an instant, the sound of the drum suddenly rose. It was like a bolt of divine lightning that had silently descended from the Heaven Dao, and it rumbled as it surged towards the surroundings.

For a time, the heavens and the earth seemed to be trembling, and they rumbled without end along with the sound of the drum. It was like the shout of an Ancient Fiendgod, and it shook the heavens and the earth and roused the deaf.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After that, the space in an area of 500,000km that had been frozen had suddenly started to tremble. It was like a strand of invisible force had smashed down fiercely upon it, and it emanated sounds of being unable to endure this heavy pressure before rumbling and shattering in the end.

If one looked down from the sky, one would notice that with Chen Xi at the center, space was like a piece of glass that had suddenly shattered into pieces. It transformed into a wave of shattered pieces of space that ceaselessly swept towards the surroundings.

In merely an instant, the frozen space in an area of 500,000km had actually been shattered by the sound of this drum!


After the frozen space was destroyed, the sound of the drum seemed even more terrifying. It was like the gods were roaring furiously, it seemed like the Heaven Dao was displaying its might, and the heavens and the earth were filled with the rumbling sound of that drum.

It shook the heavens and the earth to the point of trembling while space was shattered into pieces. Besides Chen Xi, the eardrums of everyone present in the surroundings were practically on the verge of splitting into pieces, and their minds and hearts suffered a terrifying impact while the vital blood in their entire bodies to roil without end.

“What drum is that?”

“Dammit! How could it possess such terrifying might?”

“The Godsmash Drum! That’s the ultimate treasure of the Primeval Micro Race, a Natural Spirit Treasure that already possessed a supreme reputation during the primeval times! All those years ago, when the Northern Underworld Region’s Roc Daolord headed to the Last Days Dao Domain all those years ago, he had no choice but to rely on this precious treasure to withstand the dangers he faced!”

“Could… could she be the queen of the Primeval Micro Race?” Everyone cried out involuntarily with shock, and they circulated their Divine Energy to resist this terrifying sound of the drum.

The Godsmash Drum? At this moment, Chen Xi glanced at A’Liang with slight shock as well. However, he noticed that her countenance was ghastly pale, and her delicate figure was on the verge of falling as she stood in midair. She seemed as if she’d completely exhausted her strength.

He instantly stopped thinking about all of this and hurriedly instructed A’Liang to hide back into his ear.

“Young Master, A’Liang isn’t so useless, right?” A’Liang was slightly weak, yet she raised her head proudly and spoke in a light voice.

“Yes! A’Liang has already helped me greatly! If we’re able to enter the Ancient God Domain, then A’Liang has definitely contributed to our success.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke.

A’Liang was slightly embarrassed from Chen Xi’s praise, and she instantly lowered her head shyly, yet she was extremely happy in her heart because she’d never experienced the feeling of receiving the acknowledgement of an outsider.


In the next moment, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to withdraw the Talisman Armament, and his figure flashed and charged over.

A’Liang had already helped him eliminate a shackle, and if he still didn’t grasp such an opportunity to make a move, then Chen Xi would have simply wasted the young lady’s efforts.

“Dammit! Everyone, quickly make a move, we can’t continue waiting!”

“Third Young Master said that anyone who’s able to kill this kid will be rewarded with 1,000 Divine Crystals and an Artificial Spirit Treasure!”

“Let’s attack together!”


Qin Tong and the others were both shocked and furious. Moreover, they didn’t dare delay any longer. So, they immediately withdrew their respective weapons and attacked simultaneously.

In an instant, the battle erupted.

An entire 40 plus gods from the Ancient God Domain surrounded Chen Xi from all directions at this moment, and they revealed supreme might and an impetus that was terrifying to the extreme.

On the other hand, this blood red desert had instantly fallen into chaos. It was filled with boundless divine light and all sorts of blazing Divine Artifacts that caused even the heavens and the earth to dim down.

At this moment, Chen Xi recovered his calm once more, and surging killing intent was only seething within his eyes. Killing intent that seemed like blazing lava that intended to incinerate the sky.


The Talisman Armament soared through the sky while he strode forward by himself. Even though numerous enemies were attacking him from all directions, he naturally revealed an arrogant bearing of supremacy.

So what if they were huge in number?

Numbers were unable to determine victory before absolute combat strength.

In Chen Xi’s experiences in battle during these years, there was no lack of battles where he encountered a situation of being against numerous enemies by himself. It was even to the extent that he’d long since tempered abundant experience in such situations. So, how could he possibly be fearful under such circumstances?


Chen Xi’s long hair fluttered, and he didn’t hesitate at all to withdraw the Copper Coin of Treasurefall when facing the Divine Artifacts that covered the sky as they flew towards him.


It transformed into a dazzling golden glow that swept out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Divine Artifact after divine artifact was struck fiercely by it, and they seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning. They suddenly shook before they escaped the control of their owners, and then they crashed down from the sky.

This was an actual scene of ‘falling treasures’. It was like a rain of Divine Artifacts, and it shocked many people in the surroundings to the point of exclaiming endlessly with shock.

Moreover, there was even a great deal of people that suffered from backlash after their treasures had been struck down, and they coughed up blood without end.

The battle had merely begun for an instant, yet most of the Divine Artifacts that attacked Chen Xi were struck by the Copper Coin of Treasurefall. Moreover, over 10 experts even suffered from backlash and suffered quite a heavy injury.

Such a terrifying scene instantly caused the expressions of Qin Tong and the others to change, and they almost didn’t dare believe their eyes.

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