Chapter 1566 – Killing Intent At Every Step

The large river surged while blood red waves roiled.

A group of experts at the Godrank Rank were passing through it. If one observed carefully, there were a total of four of them, and every single one of them had a vigilant expression and seemed to be ready for battle. They were like tightly drawn bows that would immediately launch violent attacks upon noticing the slightest movement.

“Slow down a bit more. Don’t advance rashly.” The black clothed middle aged man in the lead swept the surroundings with his gaze. Even though he didn’t notice anything unusual, a wisp of terror had faintly arisen in his heart.

This sort of feeling caused his expression to become even more vigilant, and he puckered his lips and said, “I don’t seek to gain success this time, and I only wish that no mistakes occur. Everyone, you must be careful. I heard that kid is extremely cunning and ruthless, and he can’t be compared to ordinary World Enlightened True Gods.”


“Big Brother Wang Ta is right.”

The other three agreed successively. They’d been constantly searching for that young man from the lower dimensions for the past few days. At the beginning, they felt extremely indifferent towards it, and they even felt that Third Young Master Yi Tian was making a big deal out of it.

However, as they obtained a deeper understanding of that young man’s strength, they started to take their prey seriously, and they didn’t dare underestimate him at all.

Because even Third Young Master Yi Tian had mobilized all his forces to deal with this kid, and it obviously showed how difficult this kid was to deal with!

After that, they stopped speaking and formed a superb defensive formation, and then they searched carefully while cautiously pushing forward.


Suddenly, a wave of water shot into the sky from within the river, and then a crimson colored torrent suddenly shot out explosively from within the wave. It was like a sharp arrow that shot fiercely towards Wang Ta who was in the lead.

This scene had occurred abruptly, and it caused the hearts of Wang Ta and the others to jerk, and then they who were already ready for battle since a long time ago had practically instinctively attacked in unison.


Divine radiance sprayed while Divine Artifacts swept out.

In an instant, that wisp of crimson red had even approached them before it was minced into powder in midair.

“So, it was just a Crimsonscale Snoutfish.”

One of them recognized the origins of the thing that launched a surprise attack against them, and he instantly heaved a sigh of relief and laughed endlessly with self-ridicule.

The others glanced at each other and grinned without end. They felt that their actions from before made them seem like startled birds.


However, right at the instant their minds and hearts relaxed slightly, a wisp of sword qi silently floated up into appearance in the space behind them, and then it slashed down.



The expressions of Wang Ta and the others changed abruptly while their pupils dilated. Never had they imagined that they’d actually encounter another unexpected event at a time like this. Moreover, this attack was extremely precise and had firmly grasped a wisp of fleeting opportunity, and it seemed to be extremely experienced.

“Attack!” Wang Ta suddenly shouted explosively while the silver trident in his hand suddenly tore space apart before causing a rumble to resound as it collided forcefully with that wisp of sword qi.

At practically the exact same moment, the other attacked successively to protect Wang Ta, and then they flashed explosively away with the intention of getting far away from here so as to avoid suffering surprise attacks.

However, they’d obviously underestimated how terrifying this strand of sword qi was!

Wang Ta had blocked this attack indeed, yet his entire body had been struck by the force within this sword qi, causing his entire body to tremble violently while his vital energy was minced into pieces. A mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed from his mouth while he let out a shrill cry, and he was blasted flying while even the silver trident in his hand flew out of his grip.

“Big Brother Wang Ta!”


“What sort of Sword Dao is this!?”

The others exclaimed with shock and intended to make a move to rescue Wang Ta.

“Idiots! Kill the enemy first!” Wang Ta roared furiously. As he spoke, he couldn’t help but cough up another mouthful of blood, and he was utterly unable to control his body. His figure crashed into the river like a sandbag. His vital energy had actually collapsed, and he’d died miserably in the river!

The others seemed as if they’d awakened from a dream, and they were both furious and vigilant. They withdrew their Divine Artifacts and stood on guard towards the surroundings.


Right at this moment, a strand of sword qi whistled over once more. It was like a river of stars that descended from the nine heavens, and it was vast, powerful, and boundless. The Sword Insight within it seemed to be boundless as it swept over.

The force carried by it simply seemed as if it was on the verge of drowning the heavens and the earth beneath an ocean of the sword.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three experts at the Godrank Realm roared furiously as they collided head-on against it. However, as soon as they collided with this strand of sword qi, their Divine Artifacts trembled from the collision while their figures staggered. They were like three pieces of duckweed that were floating amidst tempestuous waves, and they were on the verge of being drowned.

This caused them to be astounded while their expressions revealed horror. Isn’t this force a bit too strong? How could this possibly be something a World Enlightened True God can possess? Even if it was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, the attack of a Domain Enlightened Spirit God would probably be inferior in might when compared to the might of this attack.


That strand of sword qi surged without end, and it seemed as if each wave of it was stronger than the previous.

The first to be unable to withstand it was a man in blood red colored clothes that was thin like bamboo. His entire body fell into the ocean of sword qi, and in an instant, his body seemed as if countless bone deep and bloody marks had been slashed upon it. After that, his body and even soul were completely minced into pieces amidst a wave of extremely miserable and shrill cries.



The other two were terrified, and they felt a form of indescribably great horror. They practically exerted all their strength with the intention of escaping this sword qi.

They were utterly terrified and weren’t willing to continue fighting. They intended to flee and go as far away from here as they could. Because their opponent was too terrifying. He hadn’t even shown himself, yet merely two strands of sword qi from him had already annihilated two of them. No matter who it was, that person would probably be unable to endure this type of lethal terror.


In the end, after they utilized all their ability, the two of them actually charged through the restrains of that wisp of sword qi, and they escaped it.

However, before they could grab ahold of this trace of hope, they noticed to their astonishment that a wisp of sword qi had appeared once more out of thin air, and it was ceaselessly enlarging in their fields of vision….

Pu! Pu!

This attack just happened to appear at the instant they charged out of the sword qi’s restraints, and it seemed as if it was waiting there since the beginning, causing them to be caught off guard. They didn’t even have the time to react before their throats had been slit by the sword qi.

Two severed heads shot into the sky while blood sprayed violently.

The curtains to a battle had been drawn in a short period of a few moments, and it was inconceivably swift. However, the dangers of the battle were something that only Wang Ta’s group of four that had already perished on the spot were able to understand.


A figure speared on the spot, and it was exactly Chen Xi.

He didn’t sigh with emotion or hesitate. He immediately flashed to gather the spoils of war and utilized the Overarching Heaven Net to capture eight balls of light. They were respectively four balls of Divine Dao Laws and four balls of various techniques that the Laws of the Heaven Dao had stripped away.

Besides that, Chen Xi gathered another 79 Divine Crystals, three damaged Artificial Spirit Treasures, a completely intact Artificial Spirit Treasure, and a pile of various ordinary divine materials.

After he finished doing all of this, Chen Xi’s figure flashed and left the battlefield. From the beginning until the end, he didn’t waste even a shred of time.

However, in merely a short moment, Chen Xi had no choice but to stop moving and clench the Talisman Armament tightly in his hand while killing intent was emanated from the space between his brows.

Because he noticed that numerous formidable auras were rushing over swiftly from all directions.

It was like a large net was shrinking down towards the center while preventing even a drop of water from leaking, and Chen Xi had become the fish at the center of the net. No matter which direction he chose to charge towards, he wouldn’t be able to avoid conflict.

“Young Master, I never expected that your strength would be so formidable.” A’Liang’s bright eyes were opened wide while she exclaimed with surprise. She still hadn’t noticed the change in the atmosphere, and she was still immersed in the scene of Chen Xi revealing invincible might and slaughtering a group of enemies.

“That was only the appetizer, and the true banquet is about to begin.” Chen Xi smiled, yet the arc on the corners of his mouth was icy cold like a blade.

A’Liang was stunned, and then her mouth opened wide. Obviously, she’d noticed that the situation wasn’t good, and she said, “More enemies are coming?”

“There’s no need to be surprised. The outcome is still unknown.”


Chen Xi’s finger stroked the simple and pitch black body of the Talisman Armament. In the next moment, his figure was like an arrow that left the bowstring, and it charged forward swiftly.




An intense battle erupted. However, in merely a short moment, another five experts at the Godrank Realm were annihilated successively, causing blood to fill the heavens and the earth.

On the other hand, Chen Xi cleaned up the battlefield in a composed manner and counter the spoils of the battle before he swaggered off.

At this moment, his expression was calm and indifferent while his mental state was tranquil. The action he took was planned out properly, and he wasn’t anxious or pessimistic at all.

There was only extremely murderous calmness!

Since he’d started cultivating until now, he’d experienced countless fierce battles all along the way, and he’d long since tempered an extremely tenacious will to fight. Thus, he naturally wouldn’t be thrown into confusion by this situation where killing intent was everywhere.

In other words, when battle couldn’t be avoided, then Chen Xi would never be afraid of battle!

“What’s the status?”

“We’ve already lost nine people since the prey showed himself this time.”

“Pursue him! No matter what, we must stop and kill this fiend!”


“Notify the others that the prey has already shown himself. Tell them to start drawing in the net. Anyone that’s able to kill this fiend will be rewarded with 1,000 Divine Crystals and an Artificial Spirit Treasure!”


Within the blood red gorge, Yi Tian was extremely decisive and quickly gave a few orders.

After he did all of this, Yi Tian took a deep breath while his eyes burned with anticipation. “What a formidable prey. If you were able to become my Godslave and participate in the Starhunt Meeting that Empress Yu Che will he holding in the future, you’d definitely be able to obtain striking results for me. Unfortunately, for the sake of those two Natural Spirit Treasures, I can only kill you….”

“Young Master, this kid’s strength is extraordinary, and he possesses two Natural Spirit Treasures as well. You must not be careless.” Ninth Uncle frowned as he spoke from the side.

“Haha! With Ninth Uncle here, how could that kid possibly do anything to me?” Yi Tian roared with laughter. “Not to mention that I’ve mobilized over 100 experts at the Godrank Realm this time. It would truly be strange if we were still unable to capture and kill that kid!”

“Young Master, it’s still better to be slightly careful. When we headed to the Last Days Domain, didn’t the Ancestor bestow a life-saving treasure to you…?”

Before Ninth Uncle could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Yi Tian who felt displeased, and Yi Tian grunted coldly and said, “Life-saving treasure? Ninth Uncle, it looks to me like you’re getting more and more muddled as you age. Isn’t it a bit too cowardly for a Domain Enlightened Spirit God like you to speak such words!?”

Ninth Uncle was stunned. In the end, he smiled bitterly while he sighed in his heart instead. That kid was able to force me to fight desperately with my Divine Dao Altar that day. So, how could he possibly be easy to deal with?

However, it was obvious that Yi Tian was proud, self-satisfied, and wouldn’t listen to advise. So, the only thing Ninth Uncle could do was to do everything in his power to protect this proud and arrogant Third Young Master.

On the other hand, at this moment, Chen Xi’s advancing figure had finally been surrounded by enemies on a blood red desert.

There were an entire 40 plus enemies, and this number was still increasing without end….

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