Chapter 1565 – Ambush

Someone is approaching? The hearts of all the members of the Primeval Micro Race shook.

Right at this moment, numerous formidable strands of will swept over. These strands of will crisscrossed together both horizontally and vertically with each other, and they seemed to be searching carefully for something.

Chen XI had already utilized the Daoseal Mark a long time ago to conceal his vital energy, and he was just about to make a move and conceal the auras of all these members of the Primeval Micro Race. Yet unexpectedly, before he could even make a move, these members of the Primeval Micro Race had already swished down to hide at the bottom of the light blue aquatic grass.

From the beginning until the end, they were actually not detected by these strands of will at all!

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel slightly surprised. Could it be that this Primeval Micro Race possesses some sort of secret technique to conceal their auras?

But right after that, he noticed the profundity behind it. All of it was because of the light blue aquatic grass. These light blue aquatic grasses seemed to be extremely ordinary, yet as soon as those strands of will swept over, strands of light blue light drifted out from them and completely isolated them from those strands of will.

Exactly what sort of divine material is this? It actually possesses such profound effects? Chen Xi was curious in his heart, and he decided that he would definitely gather some before leaving because it might be of use in the future.

“He isn’t here.”

“Search! Continue searching! Even if we destroy this mountain range and dig a meter down into the ground, we must drag that kid out from hiding!”


“Has the Third Young Master rushed over?”

“He has, and he is assembling his forces to fully lock down this area.”

“Good! Begin the operation.”

A wave of conversations conducted via thoughts sounded out and were captured by Chen Xi, and his heart couldn’t help but shake. He was clearly aware that if they mobilized large forces and searched thoroughly for him, then staying here wouldn’t be safe as well.

Actually, Chen Xi was originally hiding within this pool for the sake of looking for an opportunity to hunt and kill those experts at the Godrank Realm who were pursuing him. Yet never had he imagined that he would become acquainted with the Primeval Micro Race by chance, and it caused his plans to be completely wasted.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t be said to be disappointed because his gains this time were quite huge. Especially the strand of mysterious energy he obtained from the Roc Seal, it didn’t just allow his strength to recover to its peak state, even his cultivation had obviously improved greatly, and it could be considered to be a pleasant surprise.

“Let’s head out.” After those strands of will vanished successively, Chen Xi immediately decided and gazed at A’Liang.

“Yes!” A’Liang nodded, and then her figure flashed and vanished.

After that, Chen Xi felt itchiness come from within his ear, and only now did he notice that A’Liang was sitting in his ear.

The young woman wore a light violet dress. She had her head lowered as she resided on the auricle of his ear, and she seemed to be slightly shy, nervous, and curious. Moreover, she didn’t know where to put her hands, so she could only hold the corners of her clothes and twist it around without end, causing her to seem rather cute.

Her figure was extremely small like a speck of sand or dust. So, if one didn’t look carefully, then it was utterly impossible to notice her while she resided on the auricle of Chen Xi’s ear.

“This….” Chen Xi was stunned as he’d never expected that A’Liang would actually choose such a method.

“What’s wrong, Young Master?” A’Liang asked carefully.

“Hahaha! Young Master, there’s no need to be surprised. When the members of my race take actions with friends, they usually choose this sort of method to display the common trust between each other.” Lord Yang perceived Chen Xi’s bewilderment and explained with a smile from the side.

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding upon hearing this.

A’Liang’s little face flushed red while her starry eyes dropped, and she secretly stuck out her tongue. She felt as if her actions from before were slightly rash.

‘Everyone, good bye.” Chen Xi cupped his hands and bid his farewells to Lord Yan and the others.

“Young Master take care of yourself!”

“Young Master, please take good care of Princess A’Liang. If we’re able to meet again in the future, then we’ll definitely not forgot your kindness.”

All of them spoke successively.

Outside the pool, the waterfall surged like a white dragon and caused water to splash towards the surroundings.

Chen Xi’s figure flashed before he was already standing on the precipice above the waterfall. His gaze shot towards the distance for a long time, and he didn’t notice any danger in the end. So, he said via voice transmission, “A’Liang, to tell you the truth, I’m being hunted right now, and the journey after this is bound to not be peaceful.”

“Ah?” A’Liang opened her eyes wide and was extremely nervous.

“However, you don’t have to worry, and you just have to be at ease and stay there.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile, and he smiled as he consoled A’Liang.

“Oh, A’Liang will definitely listen to Young Master.” A’Liang nodded with force while her tiny face was covered in a serious expression.

Needless to say, A’Liang was indeed a young lady that aroused extreme feelings of fondness in the hearts of others. She had a delicate and pretty appearance, a gentle and pleasant voice, and a pure mind. She was like a strand of pure and clear spring water, and it caused others to be unable to bear to even speak loudly to her.

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t speak any further.

He gazed towards the distance, and as he gazed at the blood red sky and the blood red landscape that rose and fell without end, his eyes gradually turned calm and didn’t carry any fluctuations of emotion any longer.

Earlier, that white haired granny had once said that by relying on that strand of energy obtained from within the Roc Seal, he would be able to resist the forbidden energy on the passageway that led to the Ancient God Domain.

This was why the members of the Primeval Micro Race said that with their help, Chen Xi would have an 80% chance of entering the Ancient God Domain.

Unfortunately, these members of the Primeval Micro Race had already been isolated from the world for too long, and they were entirely unaware that the Sovereign Sect had taken control of that passageway that led to the Ancient God Domain since a long time ago. Moreover, the forbidden energy within the passageway had been eliminated a long time ago as well.

This meant that the strand of energy Chen Xi obtained from within the Roc Seal was utterly unable to give him any increase in his chances of passing through that passageway.

However, Chen Xi didn’t tell the white haired granny and the others about all of this. Firstly, he couldn’t bear to see them feel dejected, and secondly, he still intended to enter the Ancient God Domain. Moreover, he’d made quite a few preparations. So, he would naturally not place much importance to these gains and losses.

My cultivation has already obtained an obvious increase. So, even if I’m unable to temper my Divine Dao Laws to the initial-stage for now, that Ninth Uncle would probably be unable to harm me again even if he utilizes the Divine Dao Altar once more to fight me with his life on the line…. Chen Xi pondered silently in his heart. So, I have to kill my way out of the Hunting Area next and start to officially try to pass through that passageway controlled by the Sovereign Sect!


As soon as he made his decision, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all to teleport and instantly vanish on the spot.

The Hunting Area. Within a gorge that was covered in crimson red colored rocks of various grotesque shapes.

The Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian, that wore a white robe and had a handsome appearance observed the map in his hand while he asked. “Have all our forces arrived?”

“All the 35 experts of our Dayi Clan have arrived, and they’ve already taken control of the various key places in the Hunting Area as Young Master instructed.” Ninth Uncle swiftly reported from the side. “As for those experts that’re working together with our Dayi Clan this time. Besides a mere few that were unwilling to participate, the other 53 have all arrived in the Hunting Area.”

“Not bad. We’ve mobilized so much forces and set up a heaven encompassing net, I don’t believe that kid will still be able to escape.” Yi Tian’s gaze was withdrawn from the map, and he nodded with satisfaction. After that, he asked. “Right, up until now, have we still not found any traces of that kid?”

“According to the information provided by Qin Tong and Lu Ting, that kid made an appearance at Floating Fang Mountain Range, and he launched a surprise attack and kill two of their members. Presently, Qin Tong and the others are doing their best to search Floating Fang Mountain Range, and I believe it won’t be long before the latest news will be provided to us.” Ninth Uncle spoke slowly.

“Floating Fang Mountain Range?” Yi Tian thought for a moment before he waved his hand and said, “We can’t continue waiting like this. Notify the others to surround Floating Fang Mountain Range from all directions. Remember, they must not act rashly, and they must advance gradually and carefully to completely block off that kid’s paths of retreat!”

“Young Master is right.” Ninth Uncle cupped his hands and left after receiving his orders.

“As for us….” Yi Tian placed his hands behind his back, and he pondered deeply before he said, “We’ll continue staying on guard here. IF that kid is able to escape the encirclement, then he’ll definitely choose to travel through here. Because only by passing through this place would he be able to arrive at the passageway leading to Snow Ink Region. If that kid isn’t an idiot, then he would definitely not be willing to stay within the Last Days Domain and be pursued by us.”

“Young Master is brilliant!” All the guards at the side flattered Yi Tian.

Yi Tian smiled while his eyes revealed a wisp of a resolute and vicious expression. For the sake of this operation, he’d utilized all his resources and relationships, and his only objective was to kill Chen Xi and seize the two Natural Spirit Treasures in Chen Xi’s possession!

After an eighth of an hour, Chen Xi’s figure appeared above a towering and dangerous mountain, and his expression was slightly gloomy.

All along the way, he’d sensed the auras of almost two groups of enemies. The smallest group amongst them had five members while the largest even had more than 10 members. All of them were experts from the Ancient God Domain, and they weren’t the gods from the lower dimensions that had been captured and brought into the Hunting Area.

For the sake of not exposing his tracks, Chen Xi had repeatedly changed his path, yet in the end, he noticed a cruel reality — All his paths of retreat were already blocked off by their forces.

This Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master really intends to annihilate me! Killing intent surged in Chen Xi’s heart. It was the first time that he’d encountered a fellow that harbored grudges like this. Because for the sake of pursuing someone from the lower dimensions like him, this fellow had actually not hesitated to mobilize so many forces, and it caused Chen Xi to be completely enraged.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi was wrong about something. Yi Tian wasn’t trying to fight him to the death for the sake of revenge, and it was instead for the sake of the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and Overarching Heaven Net in his possession!

“Young Master, have you encountered some sort of trouble? A’Liang can help as well.” Suddenly, A’Liang’s gentle and pleasant voice sounded out within his ear.

“It isn’t a problem at all.” Chen Xi shook his head.

“Young Master, even though I’m only at the World Enlightened True God Realm, Granny once said that I possess the best physique and natural talent amongst the descendants of our race and I’ll definitely be able to grow to a state that rivals the ancestors of our race.” A’Liang roused the courage to speak in a serious tone.

“I know. But I don’t need your help for now. If I really encounter danger, then it wouldn’t be too late for you to make a move then.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke.

“Mmm!” A’Liang nodded her head with force, and she was sensible and obedient.

“Come, these fellows are going too far. If I still don’t make a move against them, then they’d really think that I’m easy to bully….” Chen Xi took a deep breath while his expressions instantly turned cold, and killing intent surged in his eyes.


His figure flashed towards the north.

In his senses, there was a group of experts at the bank of a large river a few tens of thousands of kilometers away.

They were Chen Xi’s targets this time!

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