Chapter 1564 – Rise In Strength

The divine statue of a Roc had floated up into appearance on the stone wall.

This stone wall was extremely tall, and it was at least 3km in height. But comparatively speaking, its scope was limited, whereas, the divine statue of the Roc revealed a boundlessly vast imposing aura.

It seemed as if this stone wall had instantly transformed into a world, and only in this way could it bear the divine statue of the Roc.

“This is….” Chen Xi swiftly withdrew his gaze and didn’t dare look at the stone wall again. Because merely a single glance made him feel his soul tremble and seem as if it was about to leave is body before being devoured by that stone wall!

This sort of feeling was too terrifying, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to avoid feeling shocked in his heart.

“The Roc Seal. It was formed by a strand of Quintessence Blood Essence left behind by the Roc Daolord after he perished. The reason my race was able to reside here without suffering harm from the Laws of the Heaven Dao is because of the protection of this Roc Seal.” The white haired granny spoke in a calm voice. “However, it’s precisely because of this that every single descendant of my Primeval Micro Race could only be confined here, and they had to break open this Roc Seal if they desired to leave.”

“Why?” Chen Xi spoke with surprise.

“Because a strand of the soul of everyone single descendant of my race is sealed within this Roc Seal. Tell me, under such circumstances, could anyone escape?” The white haired granny sighed lightly while a slightly bleak tone.

“So, that’s how it is.” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

“Young Man, I’ll use all my ability to rescue that strand of A’Liang’s soul from within the Roc Seal later. At that time, a crack will be opened up on the Roc Seal, and the quintessence energy within it would pour out. You have to seize this opportunity, and how much you’re able to obtain will depend entirely on your own fortune.” The white haired granny’s expression suddenly became solemn as she spoke in a serious manner.

“The quintessence energy of the Roc Seal?” Chen Xi’s brows raised.

“No, to be more precise, it’s the strand of quintessence energy within the Blood Essence left behind by the Roc Daolord. If you’re able to seize this opportunity, then advancing into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm in the future would absolutely not be difficult.” The white haired granny explained casually before her figure flashed, and she arrived swiftly before the stone wall.


A strand of extremely terrifying light grey Divinity surged out abruptly from her body. It was dazzling and blazing, and it illuminated this entire space and caused her entire imposing aura to change completely. She possessed supreme divine might to control the world and move the sun and moon.

Her figure was clearly tiny like a speck of dust or sand, but at this moment, the imposing aura she emanated caused Chen Xi to have the illusion that she possessed a grand, lofty, and supreme aura.

A Domain Enlightened Spirit God?


She seemed to be even more formidable than a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. At the very least, that Ninth Uncle is absolutely unable to compare to her!

Could it be that she’s a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God?

Chen Xi’s heart trembled.

“Young man, hold your breath in concentration and prepare yourself!” Amidst his indifferent and dignified voice, the white haired granny suddenly transformed into a strand of white light that swiftly charged into the stone wall.


In the next moment, a wave of terrifying fluctuation swept out like raging waves from the stone wall, and it carried a grand impetus that made it seem like a world shocking battle was being carried out within it.

It was even to the extent that waves of profound and deep beast roars sounded out from within it. These roars were extremely special, it seemed like a Roc was letting out long howls within it, and it shook the world.

Even with Chen Xi’s enormous will that far exceeded ordinary experts, he was still unable to sense exactly what was occurring within the stone wall at this moment.

How extraordinary. I wonder what sort of shocking figure this Roc Daolord was all those years ago Even a strand of Blood Essence he left behind before his death is capable of producing such might. It’s truly unbelievable…. Chen Xi took a deep breath and discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind. He stopped thinking about all of this and started to circulate his cultivation while staring at the stone wall, and he seemed like a fully drawn bow that was accumulating strength while waiting to be shot.

After a short while, a violent bang resounded and surged through this expanse of space. After that, a crack that was like a spiderweb suddenly split open on the stone wall.

At this instant that this crack appeared, strands of terrifying energy seeped out from within it. This energy was obscure and mysterious, and it was filled with extremely surging Divinity. It emanated light that blazed like the scorching sun, and it was divine, supreme, and vast!

Obviously, this was the fortuitous encounter that the white haired granny had mentioned!


At this moment, Chen Xi was filled with enlightenment. He practically instinctively circulated the Roc Divine Technique, causing a myriad of talismans to surge out from his body. Every single talisman transformed into a marking of Devour, and they condensed together to instantly transform into a devouring vortex filled with the aura of the Talisman Divine Dao before it suddenly started revolving while rumbling.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A shocking scene appeared. The strands of obscure energy that seeped out from the stone wall seemed like wild horses that had escaped captivity, and they dashed towards Chen Xi in unison. They surged into his limbs, bones, and the universe within his body before circulating without end.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s entire body felt like a furnace, and his essence, spirit, energy, and even every single inch of skin on his body felt like it was burning and seething, whereas, that mysterious energy he ‘devoured’ seemed like the flames that burned the furnace. It surged ceaselessly within his body and rumbled as it circulated without end.

His entire body even slightly felt as if it was expanding and on the verge of exploding!

What a terrifying energy! Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he couldn’t be bothered about anything else as he immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and concentrated his thoughts to lead that strange of terrifying energy to ceaselessly temper his foundation in the Divine Dao and cultivation.

In merely a short moment, the crack on the stone wall had closed up once more. However, the energy that surged into Chen Xi’s body was too powerful. It caused him to be utterly unaware of this scene, and his entire mind and heart were converged on cultivating….

After the time for an incense stick to burn, the feeling of expanding and being on the verge of exploding had finally vanished, whereas, Divinity surged and whistled in the universe within Chen Xi’s body, and it circulated repeatedly. It had almost doubled when compared to before!

He’d attained such results in merely the time for an incense stick to burn, and such a speed of improvement could even be described as world shocking.

All of this had come from that strand of mysterious and vast energy!

Of course, if it was another god present here in his place, then that god would absolutely be unable to accomplish this. The reason was that Chen Xi’s foundation in the Divine Dao was too deep and extremely solid. But most importantly, it was because of the Roc Divine Technique.

This technique was inherited from the Roc, and it contained the profundities of Devour. It just happened to conform to the energy left behind by the Roc Daolord, and it was like they were from the same source and didn’t conflict with each other at all. Thus, Chen Xi was able to absorb energy that was beyond the imagination of others in such an extremely short period of time!

In merely this short period of time, it didn’t just allow my strength to recover to its peak state, even my cultivation has attained an obvious increase. It probably won’t be long before I’ll be able to attain perfection in the World Enlightened True God Realm…. Chen Xi opened his eyes and sensed the powerful Divinity that filled his body, and he exclaimed repeatedly with shock in his heart. Moreover, he’d obtained a deeper understanding of how extraordinary the Roc Seal was.

Merely the quintessence energy contained within a strand of Blood Essence left behind by the Roc Daolord allowed his cultivation to attain such a state in a short period of time, and if he were to tell anyone about it, there would probably be no one that would dare believe it.

“I never expected that you actually possess the Roc Divine Technique…. Haha, could it be that it’s karma?” Suddenly, the white haired granny’s voice resounded in this expanse of space.

However, at this moment, her voice was extremely hoarse and exhausted, and it even carried a wisp of indescribable wonder.

A few millions of years ago, the Ancestors of the Primeval Micro Race had led their race to follow the Roc Daolord into the Last Days Dao Domain, and the outcome was that they perished.

At the moment before he perished, the Roc Daolord had utilized a strand of his Blood Essence to form the Roc Seal that protected all the descendants of the Primeval Micro Race, allowing them to avoid calamity. However, it was also because of the Roc Seal that all of the descendants of their race were unable to escape this place and return to their ancestral grounds in the Ancient God Domain.

Yet now, the white haired granny had finally found a trace of hope. She’d obtained Chen Xi’s assistance and intended to send Princess A’Liang out of this place to escape this sort of fate of being trapped here. But who would have imagined that the young man she took to be their savior would possess the Roc Divine Technique and be slightly related to the Roc Daolord?

Wasn’t all of this a form of karma as well?

The white haired granny had witnessed all of this, and she suddenly felt at ease. She seemed as if she’d overcome the shackles in the depths of her heart, and she stopped clinging to the matter.

Because she’d already see through it, and she knew that this was fate!

Chen Xi stood up and gazed at the white haired granny in the distance. As he gazed at the wisp of tranquility on her aged face, he felt rather uncomfortable in his heart.

Is it fate? 

Since he’d started cultivating until now, Chen Xi had never believed in fate!

“Young man, this is that strand of A’Liang’s soul. Take A’Liang along with you after you leave this place.” The white haired granny withdrew a jade bottle and passed it over to Chen Xi from afar.

After she did all of this, she sat cross-legged in space with a calm expression, and then she chanted an obscure and indescribable scripture. She’d actually disregarded everything and fallen into meditation.

“Fate is like an ocean, a myriad of barges flow swiftly, yet karma will always catch up unless they reach the other side….” 

With Chen Xi’s knowledge and experience, he was merely able to distinguish a few words from that obscure scripture, and he held the jade bottle carefully while feeling extremely dazed in his heart.

Fate is like an ocean, and living beings are crossing it…. Could it be that one must traverse this ocean and arrive at the indescribable ‘other side’ in order to escape the shackles of fate?

But where exactly is that ‘other side’? 



At the bottom of the pool, a wave of fluctuation swept out from one of the light blue aquatic grass.

After that, Chen Xi’s tall figure appeared out of thin air.

“Eh, he has come out!” All the guards with mushroom shaped heads that stood on the leaves of the aquatic grass were alarmed in unison.

“Young Master, where… where’s my granny?” A’Liang stood up as well, and she asked with an anxious expression. “Why didn’t she come out with you?”

“Senior has entered into closed door cultivation.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before he answered here. As he spoke, he passed the jade bottle to A’Liang. “Senior asked me to pass this to you.”

This jade bottle was extremely small, and it was fine like a hair. A’Liang took it and looked at it carefully before suddenly embracing it and sobbing, causing clear tears to flow down her face. She was extremely sad.

“Princess A’Liang, the Queen has already reclaimed your soul from the Roc Seal, so please leave as soon as possible. Don’t fail to live up to the troubles and pains she has taken.” Lord Yan spoke lightly from the side, and he had a slightly dim expression.

“Yes.” A’Liang sobbed for a while before she wiped her tears away with her hand, and then she bowed and said, “Lord Yan, please take took care of granny after A’Liang leaves. One day, A’Liang will definitely return to bring all of you to the Ancestral Grounds.”

“Hahaha! Well said! A’Liang, take care of yourself as well. You’ve been growing up here since you were young, and you don’t know anything about the affairs of the world. After you leave this place, you have to listen to this Young Master.” Lord Yan roared with laughter and carefully instructed A’Liang.

“Yes, A’Liang definitely will.” A’Liang nodded her head with force.

Chen Xi smiled as well when he witnessed this, and he was just about to speak when his brows suddenly raised. He said, “Everyone, be careful. Someone is approaching this place!” 

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