Chapter 1563 – The Roc Wall

As she gazed at Chen Xi’s surprised appearance, the white haired granny let out another wave of sighs in her heart, and she seemed to be sighing with emotion about the passage of time that caused everything to change.

“Yes, the Last Days Domain you speak of was formed from the Roc Daolord’s remains.” The white haired granny said in a light voice, “In other words, this expanse of the heavens and the earth that we reside in right now is within the remains of the Roc Daolord.”

Chen Xi still couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise when he obtained confirmation from her.

Early on while he was still in the three dimensions, he’d been guessing exactly what sort of existence the Last Days Domain was. Why was it able to restrain so many existences at the Godrank Realm? Why did the calamity that swept through the three dimensions erupt from the Last Days Domain?

Up until the point that he himself entered the Last Days Domain, Chen Xi noticed that the Last Days Domain was divided into the Medicinal Field Area and Hunting Area. Moreovoer, the Laws of the Heaven Dao here were capable of ceaselessly stripping away the Divine Dao Laws and various techniques possessed by existences at the Godrank Realm.

Besides that, this place was even the amusement park where the experts of the Ancient God Domain roamed freely in!

However, never had Chen Xi imagined that the original appearance of this mysterious, vast, strange, and unusual place; this place that lay between the lower dimensions and the Ancient God Domain would actually be merely a corpse!

The Roc Daolord!?

Who’s he?!

Merely the corpse he left behind was able to transform into a vast world and create such inconceivable Laws of the Heaven Dao. If he were still alive, then exactly how formidable would he be?

Chen Xi felt more and more shocked the more he thought about it.

The Roc transformed into a fish upon entering the sea, and its body was boundlessly vast. When it rose into the air, it transformed into an immeasurably vast bird with wings that hung down from the clouds, and it flew through the sky and roamed the universe.

During the primordial times after the Chaos had just been split open, the Roc was the publicly acknowledged number one ferocious beast. It innately controlled the Laws of Devour, and it shocked the three dimensions. It had once devoured countless supreme gods to establish an illustrious reputation of ferociousness.

This was Chen Xi’s understanding of the Roc. Most importantly, he himself had grasped the Roc Divine Technique and comprehended the supreme Laws of Devour. So, he was able to possess an extremely deep understanding of the might the Roc possessed.

But it was very obvious that the Roc Daolord the white haired granny mentioned was even more terrifying that Chen Xi’s understanding of the Roc. After it perished, its remains were still able to transform into the Last Days Domain. Just think about it, how many gods in the universe were capable of accomplishing this?

This was the greatest reason for Chen Xi’s shock.

“The Laws of the Heaven Dao here wouldn’t have been formed by the Devour Divine Dao possessed by the Roc Daolord when he fell, right?” Suddenly, Chen Xi realized something, and he spoke with shock.

It was common knowledge that the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Last Days Domain was capable of soundlessly stripping away the Divine Dao Laws and various techniques possessed by the gods from the lower dimensions.

This sort of unique characteristic just happened to be extremely alike to the Devour Divine Dao that the Roc possessed!

“To a certain extent.” The white haired granny nodded. “However, it’s different from the true Devour Divine Dao. All those years ago when the Roc Daolord roamed the Last Days Dao Domain, he was struck with misfortune and perished here. A type of mysterious energy called the Light of Last Days still remained within his remains, and now, it has already fused into the energy of the Heaven Dao here.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “Simply speaking, the Laws of the Heaven Dao here is an unusual force that was formed after the Devour Divine Dao fused with the Light of Last Days. The Devour Divine Dao devours the Divine Dao Law, whereas, the Light of Last Days seizes the techniques possessed by gods.”

“So, that’s how it is.” Chen Xi came to a complete understanding, and then he realized something. “Then, what sort of existence is the Last Days Dao Domain?”

The Last Days Domain and the Last Days Dao Domain, there two names were only a word away from each other. However, Chen Xi had discerned that these were absolutely two completely different places.

“That’s a place of great danger that’s capable of causing the Roc Daolord to perish.” The white haired granny revealed a wisp of bitter hatred, and even a trace of deep fear. “If the Ancestors of my Primeval Micro Race didn’t enter the Last Days Dao Domain with the Roc Daolord, then how could the future generations of my race be trapped here until now?”

“Granny, but I heard that if the Roc Daolord didn’t sacrifice his life and place our entire race here before he fell all those years ago, then our race would have probably suffered annihilation at that time.” A’Liang spoke in a low voice from the side.

“Little girl, you’re right. We were both saved and doomed by the same person. Even though my race has survived until now, it has been trapped here for a few millions of years. Moreover, due to the limitations of the Laws of the Heaven Dao, up until now, only the few of us remain. Tell me, should we hate the Roc Daolord or be grateful to him?” The white haired granny glanced at A’Liang as she spoke indifferently.

“I…. I don’t know.” A’Liang pondered over it for a long time yet was utterly unable to give the white haired granny a certain answer, and for a time, she was slightly ashamed and lowered her head.

“All of that is in the past, and there’s no need to be conflicted by it. In life, since you’re still alive, then you naturally have to stand on your own two feet and cast your gaze towards the path ahead, and you can’t live in the past forever. Because if you do that, then what’s the point of living?” Chen Xi was rather moved by this, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

The white haired granny was stunned, and then she shook her head and said, “Young man, it’s easy for you to say.”

Chen Xi smiled yet didn’t argue. Everyone had their own understanding of their path towards the Dao and life. So, even though he understood it, he wouldn’t change his attitude towards it.

A’Liang raised her head and looked at Chen Xi with glistening eyes. She seemed to agree with Chen Xi, but right after that, she lowered her heard shyly once more.

This young woman was simple too shy.

She was like a little fawn that would be terrified at any moment, and it caused others to be unable to help but arouse tender feelings towards her.


“Young man, you already know about the Roc’s Remains now, so I wonder if you’ll agree to my conditions from before?” The white haired granny restrained her thoughts and then changed the topic back to the previous topic.

“I was just intending to leave the Last Days Domain as well, so I might as well bring Miss A’Liang along with me. However, if any mishaps do occur, then I’ll probably be unable to take care of Miss A’Liang.” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he spoke.

“Young Master, you don’t have to worry about all of this. With our help, you’ll at least possess an 80% chance of leaving the Roc’s Remains, and the rest will depend on your own luck.” The guard with a head shaped like a mushroom, Lord Yan, said, “But no matter what, Fellow Daoist, you must agree not to harm Princess A’Liang, otherwise….”

Chen Xi’s eyes instantly narrowed slightly. Threats?

“Alright, I believe in this young man’s character.” The white haired granny glanced at Chen Xi and immediately interrupted Lord Yan. “I’ve lived for so many years, and my eyes have witnessed numerous people. At the very least, I wouldn’t misjudge someone.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly helpless. I’m trying to help all of you. If you don’t believe me, then why seek help from me?

“Granny….” A’Liang spoke in a low voice and seemed to be slightly reluctant.

“A’Liang, the hope of our entire Primeval Micro Race rests with you. You must not disappoint granny and everyone else.” The white haired granny spoke with a stern expression.

A’Liang’s entire body trembled while moisture surged out from her eyes, and it seemed like tears were on the verge of trickling down. After a short moment, she took a deep breath and puckered her lips as she said, “Granny, A’Liang understands. I definitely won’t let everyone down.”

As she finished speaking, her voice carried a wisp of resolution.

The white haired granny smiled while she rubbed A’Liang’s little head tenderly, and she muttered. “Our Primeval Micro Race’s hometown is at the God Domain. If you’re able to return to the Ancestral Grounds one day, then you must prevent our race’s extinction.”

“Yes.” A’Liang nodded fiercely. “A’Liang has committed it to memory.”

When he heard this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but speak with bewilderment. “All of you aren’t leaving with us?”

“Young man, come with me. Since you’ve agreed to my conditions, then I’ll naturally repay you with a great gift.” The white haired granny didn’t answer Chen Xi, and she turned around instead before walking along the branches and leaves of the light blue aquatic grass towards its bottom.

“Granny, I’ll go with you as well.” A’Liang hurriedly chased after her.

However, A’Liang was stopped by that Lord Yan, and he said, “Princess A’Liang, please stay here. Once that Young Master returns, then the two of you can leave.”

A’Liang instantly seemed to be in panic, and her little face was filled in reluctance and sorrow as she gazed at the white haired granny’s figure that was vanishing into the distance. She couldn’t help but squat down and embrace her legs before starting to weep, and then she cried her heart out.

Chen Xi noticed all of this, and he couldn’t help but be curious in his heart. It isn’t a moment of life and death, so why is this little girl so sad?

“Young man, place your finger here.” The white haired granny had already arrived at the bottom of the aquatic grass, and then she swiped lightly with her finger, causing a wisp of mysterious golden light to suddenly surge out from the ground.

Chen Xi glanced at A’Liang, then glanced at the white haired granny, and then he pondered deeply for a moment before he stretched out his index finger and pressed it down lightly towards that wisp of gold light at the bottom of the aquatic grass.

This scene was extremely strange. Compared to the extremely tiny bodies of the Primeval Micro Race, that index finger Chen Xi stuck out was simply like a lofty mountain that towered into the sky. When the two of them were compared, it carried an extremely strong visual impact.

It was even to the extent that it caused others to wonder if Chen Xi’s finger could crush these members of the Primeval Micro Race.

However, Chen Xi didn’t dare act in that way. The white haired granny’s aura was extremely formidable, and even though she seemed to be extremely tiny, her cultivation was definitely above the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm!


As soon as Chen Xi’s finger came into contact with the wisp of golden light at the bottom of the aquatic grass, a strand of invisible and obscure fluctuation suddenly swept out.

To Chen Xi’s shock, this strand of fluctuation had actually instantly enveloped his entire body, and before he could resist at all, his entire body was instantly carried away and vanished from the bottom of the pool!

After a short moment, the scene before Chen Xi’s eyes flashed, and he’d arrived within a dark space. This caused him to be apprehensive in his heart, and he became vigilant to the extreme.

“Young man, there’s no need to be nervous.” The white haired granny’s voice sounded out. She stood in midair, and because her figure was too tiny, if Chen Xi didn’t observe carefully, then it was extremely difficult for him to notice her in this dark environment.

Chen Xi nodded. Only now did he notice that this expanse of space was rather vast, yet it was completely empty, and only a single extremely lofty stone tall stood towering 300m ahead.

The stone wall was densely covered with obscure diagrams, and it was like the milky way in the starry sky and emanated a boundlessly vast and grand imposing aura.

At the instant Chen Xi’s gaze swept over, he instantly noticed that the dense diagrams inscribed on the surface of the stone wall seemed as if they were awakening from their slumber. They started to whistle as they roamed throughout the stone wall, and in an instant, they actually transformed into a gigantic divine statue of a Roc!

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