Chapter 1562 – Primeval Micro Race

The pool of water was an entire 30km deep, and the lower he went, the greater the pressure emanated from it became.

However, this little bit of pressure was naturally nothing to Chen Xi. The thing that truly aroused a trace of his curiosity was that this pool felt a little too deep….

It wasn’t just that, numerous light blue colored aquatic grass grew at the bottom of this pool. They were soft like silk ribbons and swayed silently within the water while emanating specks of light blue light that seemed like tiny stars. It was so illusory, dreamlike, and rather gorgeous.

These aquatic grass surge with glistening divine radiance, and they’re obviously extraordinary. They’re probably a type of unknown divine material. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to carefully investigate all of this. Chen Xi sized them up with a glance before withdrawing his gaze.

In an instant, his aura vanished completely, and he was like a clay statue that didn’t possess any vitality.

Chen Xi was waiting. He was waiting for a superb opportunity to hunt and kill all of those fellows that were hunting him.

Annihilating those two experts at the Godrank Realm from before allowed him to obtain another four balls of light. Two contained Divine Dao Laws while the other two contained numerous techniques.

This allowed Chen Xi to instantly realize that perhaps after he killed even more enemies, then the Divine Dao Laws he obtained from them would be sufficient to allow him to grasp his Talisman Divine Dao to the initial-stage!

Of course, it was easy to say, yet Chen Xi was actually clearly aware that attaining this would definitely require the annihilation of an extremely shocking number of enemies. At the very least, it would require over 100 enemies.

This meant that perhaps only by killing over 100 experts at the Godrank Realm would Chen Xi’s grasp of the Talisman Divine Dao attain the initial-stage!

This was only the outcome of Chen Xi’s initial estimation. This obviously showed how difficult it was to take a step forward in one’s grasp of the Divine Dao Laws.

It was even to the extent that hunting and kill enemies to strip them of their Divine Dao Laws could be considered as a convenient method, and if he relied on himself to comprehend it, then it would take an immeasurable amount of time.

“Granny, let’s forget it. It’s too risky. What if you’re injured? A’Liang will feel a sense of guilt in my heart for my entire lifetime.”

“Shhh, don’t be so loud. Little Girl, your natural talent is the best in our race, and it would be an extreme pity if you stay here for your entire lifetime.”

Suddenly, a wave of fluctuations of voices transmitted by thoughts that were tiny like mosquitoes were captured by the Daoseal Mark, and they entered clearly into Chen Xi’s ears.

Hmm? Chen Xi felt a wave of surprise in his heart. There are living beings here?

He divided a strand of his will, and he instantly witnessed a scene that astounded him.

Numerous strands of aquatic grass that were soft like silk ribbons grew at the bottom of the pool, and they swayed gracefully while suffused with a glow that glistened like starlight. Yet at this moment, there was a group of tiny people walking on one of those aquatic grass.

The person in the lead was an granny with white hair and a dignified appearance. There was a young woman by her side, and the young woman wore a light blue dress, had soft jet black hair, and her head drooped as she followed closely by the granny’s side.

Moreover, there was a group of guards that wore armor and had murderous expressions following behind them. However, the amusing part was that all of these guards had heads shaped like mushrooms.

The most surprising to Chen Xi was their size. It was even to the extent that they were smaller than his pinky, and they were like the ants of the mortal world. They were unbelievably small.

Chen Xi still remembered that when he first met Ling Bai that day, he was rather surprised by Ling Bai’s height, but compared to these tiny people before him, Ling Bai could absolutely be considered as a ‘giant’.

Strange, what sort of race is this? Chen Xi was rather curious. It was the first time he’d encountered this sort of living beings, and he acutely notice that even though they seemed to be extremely tiny, every single one of their bodies flowed with the aura of Divinity and were extremely extraordinary.

Especially the granny in the lead. Every single move she made faintly carried a form of a supreme dignified aura, and it was obviously a natural oppressive and imposing aura that came from being in a high position for a long time.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi didn’t dare utilize his will to observe her so as to avoid being noticed by her.

In next to no time, this group of tiny people arrived at the end of that aquatic grass, and they stood there while looking at Chen Xi from afar.

“Haha! This young man is rather handsome. I just wonder how his strength is.” The granny spoke with a low voice that was pleasing to the ear.

“My Queen, there’s nothing difficult about that. Why don’t you allow us to make a move against him and test his ability?” A guard behind her spoke with a booming voice.

“Don’t.” When she heard this, that young woman in a light blue dress was anxious to the point her little face flushed red, and she said, “Lord Yan, that’s very dangerous. What if you injure yourself? That would be bad.”

“Princess A’Liang, you wouldn’t be afraid that I’ll injure that young man, right?” That guard chuckled.

“I…. No…. I don’t even know him…. How could I possibly. How could I possible….” A’Liang’s face instantly flushed red, and she was both embarrassed and anxious, causing her to speak with a stutter and be unable to speak clearly.

“Alright, A’Liang, you wait by granny’s side and allow Lord Yan and the others to test that young man’s ability. If it’s possible, then granny will make a deal with him and make him guarantee to take you safely out of the Roc’s Remains.” The granny smiled lovingly and rubbed A’Liang’s head with a doting expression.

“Granny, but I…. I don’t want to be separated from you.” A’Liang spoke in a tiny voice. Her voice was gentle and weak, and as she spoke, she slightly choked with sobs, causing others to arouse pity in their hearts.

“Silly girl, our Primeval Micro Race’s homeland is at the God Domain. Now that we’ve finally found a trace of an opportunity, how could we possibly give up just like that?” The white haired granny spoke while her expression gradually became solemn. “All those years ago, our Ancestor lead the members of our race to wander the Last Days Dao Domain with the Roc Daolord, yet they perished in the end.”

As she spoke, her aged face couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of sorrow. “On the other hand, my race’s juniors were even more unlucky. They were trapped within the Roc’s remains. Up until now, we’re still unable to struggle free of this shackle. If this continues, then our Primeval Micro Race will probably come to an end within this Roc’s Remains….”

When they heard this, all of the guards with mushroom shaped heads revealed sorrowful expressions, and they bit their teeth together without end.

“Granny, that’s enough, A’Liang will definitely leave.” A’Liang’s eyes were completely red while tears glistened within them, and her gentle, weak, and beautiful little face carried a wisp of a firm expression.

She was clearly aware that only her, her granny, and those guards remained within her race, and if she was still unable to leave, then it wouldn’t be long before all of these last remaining members of their race would perish here.

The Primeval Micro Race?

The Roc Daolord?

The Last Days Dao Domain?

Chen Xi heard all of this, and he couldn’t help but exclaim repeatedly with shock in his heart. He finally understood that they were the Primeval Micro Race of legend!

According to legend, this race was the smallest race in the heavens and the earth. They were born at the beginning when the Chaos had just been split open, and even though their bodies were extremely tiny and weak, they were born as gods. All of them possessed vast intelligence, pure Dao Hearts, and numerous shocking and almighty figures had been born from amongst this race.

However, a long time ago during the primeval times, this race had vanished, and they became an extremely old and rich legend in the three dimensions.

Chen Xi had never imagined that he would actually see this legendary race in the Last Days Domain, and he was rather surprised.

However, he was unable to figure out who the Roc Daolord was, and what the Roc’s Remains they were talking about was.

“Lord Yan, go on and test this young man’s ability. Remember, don’t utilize lethal moves.” Suddenly, the white haired granny spoke and instructed.

“Yes!” Lord Yan received his orders solemnly, and then he led all the guards with mushroom shaped head to leap up with the intention of attacking Chen Xi.

“Wait!” At this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about anything else, and he opened his eyes and spoke.

“Huh?” All of them were instantly astounded, and they revealed vigilant expressions.

“AH!! Granny! He… he saw us.” A’Liang opened her eyes wide and felt slight disbelief. However, when she met Chen Xi’s bright gaze, her tiny face couldn’t help but turn red, and she hurriedly lowered her head like an extremely shy young woman.

“A’Liang, there’s no need to worry. This Fellow Daoist doesn’t have any ill intent.” The white haired granny consoled A’Liang. As she spoke, she looked at Chen Xi instead, and her she seemed frank while a strand of a composed expression was revealed from within her dignified expression.

“Yes, I don’t have any ill intend.” Chen Xi said, “I’m just wondering why all of you intend to test my strength? What does this have to do with leaving the Roc’s Remains?”

The white haired granny seemed to be shocked, and she stared blankly at Chen Xi before she said, “You heard everything?”

Chen Xi smiled but didn’t explain.

“Ah! Granny! We conversed with our thoughts, so how could it have been heard by him?” A’Liang raised her head with curiosity, and she was slightly surprised. However, when she met Chen Xi’s gaze, she instantly lowered her head once more, and she was extremely shy.

“Silly girl, there are numerous people of talent and countless profound techniques in this world. There’s nothing that’s absolute.” The white haired granny smiled, and then she looked at Chen Xi as she said, “Young man, since you already know of our origins, then I won’t conceal it any longer. The reason we wanted to test your strength was merely for the sake of asking you to help with taking this little girl, A’Liang, with you when you leave the Roc’s Remains.”

Before Chen Xi could speak, she continued. “Young man, can you tell me what realm your cultivation is at?”

“The World Enlightened True God Realm.” Chen Xi didn’t conceal it.

The World Enlightened True God Realm? The white haired granny was obviously slightly disappointed, and she shook her head and said, “Alas, how unfortunate. If you were at Domain Enlightened Spirit God, then perhaps you would be able to break open the Roc Seal under my help….”

A’Liang seemed to be slightly happy instead. “Granny, so in this way, I won’t have to leave anymore?”

The white haired granny thought for a moment before she took a deep breath in the end, and she seemed to have made some sort of decision. She looked at Chen Xi and said, “Young man, I notice that you’re trapped within this Roc’s Remains as well, and you’re unable to escape. If you agree to bring A’Liang along with you to the God Domain, then I can give you a huge gift that’ll allow you to at least have an 80% chance of escaping.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said helplessly instead, “Senior, have you mistaken something? I don’t even know what the Roc’s Remains is, so how could I be trapped?”

“You don’t know?” It wasn’t just the white haired granny, even the other members of the Primeval Micro Race were stunned as well.

“Young Man, could it be that you don’t know where you are now?” The white haired granny couldn’t help but ask once more.

“I do, the Last Days Domain.” Chen Xi answered casually.

“The Last Days Domain…. Heh, I understand now. It’s my fault for being silly. An entire few millions of years have already passed now, and the world has already changed since a long time ago. There are probably very few people that know of the Roc’s Remains now.” The white haired granny’s brows knit together tightly as she pondered for a moment, and then she suddenly came to an understanding and sighed with emotion.

“Senior, could it be that the Last Days Domain is… the Roc’s Remains that you spoke of?” Chen Xi faintly understood something as well, and he instantly spoke with shock.

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