Chapter 1561 – Elusive Like A Shadow

“Dammit! We’ve searched for half a day, yet we’ve actually not even noticed a single ant! Could it be that kid has vanished into thin air?”

“Brother Lu Ting, utilize the Godsearch Divine Technique to sense for his aura once more. If we continue searching like this, then it would just be a waste of time.”

“Exactly, exactly.”

“Alright. I’ll utilize my secret technique once more. If it still doesn’t work, then I’m helpless as well.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be long before Third Young Master’s forces rush over from all directions. At that time, it wouldn’t be so laborious for us any longer.”


A wave of the sounds of conversation entered clearly into Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness. This was originally a conversation done via thought, yet it was clearly captured by Chen Xi’s Daoseal Mark, causing it to seem extremely miraculous.

Third Young Master? Chen Xi’s heart shook as he instantly understood that these people had probably come to chase after and kill him.

They just won’t go away! Chen Xi took a deep breath while killing intent filled his eyes, and he’d been completely infuriated.

Since the moment he’d entered the Last Days Domain, Chen Xi’s been attacked by the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian, and his group for no rhyme or reason.

Up until now, Yi Tian actually still didn’t intend to let Chen Xi off, so how could Chen Xi endure this?

It’s impolite to not reciprocate. Let me see exactly who’s the hunter and who’s the prey within this Hunting Area! Chen Xi instantly decided in his heart.

“There aren’t any suspicious auras in an area of 5,000km.” The voice of the violet clothed young man, Lu Ting, resounded once more.

“Come, let’s head to the next area.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In midair, the search of the young man with golden pupils, Qin Tong, and his group was fruitless, and they immediately soared into the sky and left.


Right when they’d left, Chen Xi’s figure appeared in midair, and he gazed at the direction they left while a wisp of a chilly arc suffused the corners of his mouth.

In the next moment, his figure vanished on the spot as well.


15 minutes later, Qin Tong’s group arrived before a mountain range that continued endlessly into the distance.

That mountain range lay across the heavens and the earth, and it was completely crimson red like blood. Mountains stood within it like trees in a forest while jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, forests, and rivers that were crimson red in color could be found everywhere. It was extremely vast.

“This mountain range is like an unbroken chain, and there are numerous places to hide. Let’s form groups of two and split up.” Qin Tong frowned and pondered deeply for a long time before he waved his hand and said, “Remember, we’re only searching. Once you notice his tracks, you must not go head-on against him. That kid’s strength is rather troublesome even for Ninth Uncle.”

“No matter if you succeed or not, remember to gather here after the time for an incense stick to burn.”


Qin Tong and the other seven by his side immediately separated into four groups that split up into four directions and searched the mountain range in the distance.

They’d utterly not noticed that not long after they left, a figure had suddenly arrived, and he determined their directions before vanishing once more.



A wave of heaven shaking beast roars resounded from the depths of the mountains.

“Blood Fang Beast? That’s a pretty good prey. Its blood contains dense essence of Divinity, and it would be sufficient to be exchanged for 50 Divine Crystals in Snow Ink Region.”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two men appeared amongst this expanse of mountains, and a silver robed man amongst the two looked at the direction the beast roar resounded from while speaking with a tone of regret.

“Let’s go, we’ll still have a chance later.” The other grey clothed man shook his head, and he seemed to be uninterested in the Blood Fan Beast.

“Wait.” The silver robed man spoke abruptly, and he gazed carefully towards the distance for a short moment before he said with a smile, “I originally didn’t intend to take the initiative to attack but who would have expected that animal would actually run towards us instead. It wouldn’t be too late for us to leave after we kill it.”

The grey clothed man was stunned. Sure enough, the noticed that an enormous blood colored figure was ramping through the mountains and forest from extremely far away in the depths of the mountain range.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Its figure was an entire 300m tall and seemed like a bull. Its bloody mouth had two sharp blood red fangs that seemed like crescents protruding out from it. Every single step it took shattered a mountain, split the ground, and it possessed extremely violent might.

Obviously, it was the Blood Fang Beast!

“What a good animal, it arrived at just the right time.” The silver robed man roared with laughter while he withdrew a bright and golden bronze hammer, and then he leaped up towards the Blood Fang Beast!

However, right at this moment, the grey clothed man’s expression changed, and he cried out in a grim voice. “Watch out!”

Watch out? The silver robed man was stunned. It’s only a Blood Fang Beast with a strength comparable to the World Enlightened True God Realm. What’s there to watch out for?


However, right at this instant such a thought arose in his heart, a wisp of extremely mysterious sword qi suddenly appeared out of thin air within his field of vision, and then it rapidly expanded.

“Shit!” The silver robed man’s mind shook fiercely while his soul almost left his body. Never had he imagined that a wisp of sword qi would appear abruptly without even the slightest sign. It was too mysterious and terrifying.

He roared furiously as he suddenly swung the bronze hammer with the intention of smashing that wisp of sword qi into pieces.

But in the end, he was still a bit too late, and that little bit took his life. That wisp of sword qi was too swift. It was unbelievable swift and appeared too abruptly, and it seemed as if it was already hiding within that expanse of space. With a single strike, it had directly penetrated his throat.


A muffled bang resounded while a string of blood sprayed out, whereas, the silver robed man’s soul was directly shattered into nothingness by this wisp of sword qi.

At the moment of his death, his pupils dilated while a wisp of disbelief still hung on his face. In the end, his figure crashed to the ground like a sandbag.

“Fellow Daoist Xuan Long!” The grey clothed man’s eyes almost split apart with rage while his face warped upon witnessing this scene, and he cried out involuntarily with shock and rage.

However, he was a considerably vigilant person. He instinctively withdrew a dark and completely round wheel of light, and it revolved as it glowed and defended him.

“Bastard! Get the fuck out here!” The grey clothed man roared in a grim voice, and his voice shook the surroundings. However, to this terror, even up until this moment, he’d actually not noticed any traces of his opponent!


In the distance, the 300m tall Blood Fang Beast had obviously witnessed this strange and bloody scene, and it instantly realized the situation was bad. It actually roared before turning around and fleeing.

It was precisely because of this beast roar that the sound of the grey clothed man’s shout from before was completely cancelled out.

“Damnable animal!” The grey clothed man gnashed his teeth. He originally intended to rely on the sound of his shout to seek assistance from his companions that were scattered around this mountain range, yet never had he imagined that the Blood Fang Beast would accidently interrupt his shout from spreading.

“Bastard!!!” He opened his mouth and let out a long howl with a grim voice once again. However, he’d only just started speaking when an inkling arose in his heart, and then he swiftly utilized that dark wheel of light to sweep through the space at his side.


That expanse of space exploded into pieces, yet it was completely empty.

“How could it be empty?” The grey clothed man was stunned.


Right at this moment, a wisp of extremely mysterious sword qi appeared abruptly once more, and it appeared out of thin air above the grey clothed man’s head before slashing down.

At this instant, a chill ran down the grey clothed man’s spin. Relying on the experience he’d tempered through years of battles and slaughters, it allowed him to instinctively utilize the dark wheel of light to defend the area above his head.


A world shaking sound of collision resounded while divine radiance shot into the surroundings.

Even though the grey clothed man had resisted this strike, his entire body was shaken to the point of being smashed fiercely onto the ground like a sandbag. The bones within his entire body almost broke apart while he coughed up blood without end.

Moreover, the rocks around him had shattered while dust and dirt effused out.

“Bastaaaard!!!” The grey clothed man struggled with the intention of standing up, yet he felt a wisp of coldness come from his neck.


His head was chopped off.

In the next moment, his vision turned black as he perished on the spot.

All of this had occurred too swiftly, and it was practically completed in an instant. From the beginning until the end, the deaths of the silver robed man and grey clothed man had only taken the time to blink an eye.


The blood red vortex formed from the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao appeared once more. However, two had appeared this time. One enveloped the air above the silver robed man’s corpse, and the other enveloped the air above the grey clothed man’s corpse.

Chen Xi was already accustomed to all of this since a long time ago. He didn’t hesitate at all to utilize the Overarching Heaven Net, and it enveloped over and instantly captured four balls of light.

Two of them contained Divine Dao Laws while the other two contained various techniques.

After he did all of this, Chen Xi practically didn’t hesitate at all to flash and leave the battlefield, and he vanished once more.


Less than a moment after Chen Xi left, numerous figures tore through the sky and arrived here from afar.

“Dammit! Fellow Daoists Xuan Long and Xuan Wu have been killed!”

The first to rush over was the man with golden pupils, Qin Tong, and he briefly sized up the scene before he understood what had occurred, causing his expression to instantly become gloomy.

“How could this be possible? I just head Xuan Wu’s voice and rushed over immediately. At most, only a few breaths of time had passed since his voice resounded, so how could they have been killed like this?”

“Could it be that the assailant annihilated both of them with a single strike?”

The others were surprised and bewildered, and their expressions were extremely unsightly.

“Yes, they were both killed within three breaths of time, and the assailant is that young man from the lower dimensions that we’re pursuing. Moreover, he’d just left when we arrived here.” The violet clothed man, Lu Ting, spoke swiftly.

“Then what’re we waiting for? Pursue him! Quickly pursue him! We must not let that damnable bastard go!” Someone roared hysterically with rage.

“Wait!” Suddenly, Qin Tong waved his hand to stop them. He took a deep breath and recovered his calm before he said, “Our target’s strength is too formidable. If we split up again, then we’ll probably be taken out one by one. The consequences would be unimaginable.”

The others seemed as if they’d been doused by a bucket of cold water when they heard this, and it put out the flames of rage in their hearts, allowing them to recover some sense. They realized how severe the matter was.

“Big Brother Qin Tong, then in your opinion, what should we do?” asked Lu Ting.

“Let’s take action together and notify Third Young Master’s group to quickly come over here as well. Even though our target is unbridled, it also an opportunity for us to trap and kill him. We must not miss this opportunity.” Qin Tong’s eyes flickered as he instructed swiftly.

“This plan is feasible!”

“Exactly. We’ll do as Big Brother Qin Tong said.”

The others nodded and agreed.


They actually didn’t pursue me? Extreme far away from in the mountain range was a narrow and quiet gorge. Chen Xi stood on a rock before a waterfall while he frowned. These fellows are pretty vigilant.

He thought for a moment before he decided in the end that he would stay in this mountain range for now and wait an opportunity to make a move.


In the next moment, he leaped down into the pool before the waterfall and concealed himself at the bottom. He withdrew his aura and waited there silently like a hunter that was accumulating strength while waiting for his prey to arrive, and he calmly awaited the best opportunity to slaughter his prey.

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