Chapter 1560 – Refining and Absorbing Divine Dao Laws

Under the Laws of the Heaven Dao at the Hunting Area, once one annihilated an opponent, the Divine Dao Laws and techniques within one’s opponent would be immediately stripped away and obtained by the victory.

This was practically no different to directly devouring one’s opponents Divine Dao Laws and techniques for one’s own use!

All of this was the fact that appealed to those experts from the Ancient God Domain the most.

Besides enjoying themselves, they’d come to the Hunting Area within the Last Days Domain mostly for the sake of seizing the Divine Dao Laws and techniques from their prey.

Now, that black clothed old man had obviously taken Chen Xi to be prey, and he intended to annihilate Chen Xi and seize the Divine Dao Laws and techniques Chen Xi possessed.

“You intend to go against me merely for the sake of being a bit more confident when passing through that passageway to Snow Ink Region?” Chen Xi’s expression instantly became cold, and his voice carried a wisp of a murderous tone.

“Young man, looks like you still don’t understand how terrifying the Last Days Domain is. All of us from the lower dimensions don’t just have to suffer the willful slaughter of those experts from the Ancient God Domain, we even have to go against the Laws of the Heaven Dao here at all times. Once we stay here for 10 years, then the Divine Dao Laws and techniques in our possession would be stripped away mercilessly, and we’ll be completely reduced to a piece of trash!” The old man became more agitated the more he spoke, and his aged face was covered in a resentful and vicious expression. “Reduced to pieces of trash! Are you willing to allow that to happen to you? So, we’ll only be able to obtain new life, become a true supreme god, and possess an eternal lifespan after we leave this place and enter the Ancient God Domain!”

Chen Xi’s eyes revealed a wisp of disdain and pity because this old fellow was still hoping to exist eternally by entering the Ancient God Domain. Obviously, he was utterly unaware of exactly what sort of existence the Ancient God Domain was.

As if he was offended by the disdain on Chen Xi’s face, the old man stopped talking, and a rumble resounded as he withdrew a jet black sword and attacked.


This jet black sword was suffused with surging baleful qi, and it was covered with violent Divine Dao Laws. As soon as it flashed through the sky, it was like an expanse of black clouds covered the sky as they crushed down, and it was rather shocking.

“Since you’re courting death, then I’ll fulfil your wish.” The last trace of anger in Chen Xi’s eyes vanished without a trace when he saw this, and it was replaced with bone piercing coldness, indifference, and killing intent instead.


The Talisman Armament soared through the sky while numerous divine talisman diagrams appeared. They were blazing and dazzling as they crushed space into pieces and rumbled as they smashed down.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded. The jet black baleful qi was destroyed by this sword strike, whereas, the old man’s figure was shaken to the point the vital blood within his entire body seethed.

“What a formidable Sword Dao!” The old man was shocked and felt slight disbelief. Originally, he thought that Chen Xi was a young man at the World Enlightened True God Realm, and it was enough for him to easily attain victory. Yet never had he expected that he would actually suffer quite a big loss after a single collision.

“Looks like I underestimated you.” The old man’s face sank while his aura became even more violent. He was like a Fiendgod that had awoken, and his entire body emanated divine light that shot into the sky and carried a rather powerful impetus.

“You can only blame yourself for being too stupid.” Chen Xi spoke with an emotionless expression. This old fellow was at most only a World Enlightened True God that was even inferior to Yu Chen, so he was naturally unable to pressure Chen Xi at all.


The old man held the jet black sword and instantly executed a myriad of sword images that smashed fiercely at Chen Xi.

This time, Chen Xi didn’t hold back any longer, and he executed the Five Element Annihilator. A peerlessly ferocious strand of sword qi transformed into the sharpest blade in the heavens and the earth as it whistled over.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The myriad of sword images executed by the old man were shattered beneath Chen Xi’s attack, and they rumbled as they transformed into a rain of shattered sword light before vanishing without a trace.

This move could simply be said to be all-powerful!

“Shit!!!” The old man’s expression changed abruptly. A muffled bang resounded before he could react at all, and his entire right arm flew into the sky while the blood of gods sprayed into space.

“AH!!!” The old man howled with pain while his face twisted into a savage appearance. He finally understood that he’d bit off more than he could chew, so he didn’t dare hesitate and flashed towards the distance to flee.

“Since you attacked, then leave your life behind!” Unfortunately, he was still a step too late, and he was easily caught up to by Chen Xi and was annihilated on the spot with a single strike, causing practically translucent blood of the gods to swish as sprayed throughout the sky.


At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi acutely noticed that a dark and mysterious blood colored vortex had suddenly floated up into appearance above the sky where the old man had perished. It suddenly revolved and forcefully stripped away two extremely blazing balls of light from within the old man’s corpse.

One ball of light was suffused with pure energy of the Divine Dao Laws while the other ball of light revealed a variety of techniques, and it was extremely impure.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

As soon as these two balls of light appeared, they moved towards the blood colored vortex like two arrows that had left the bow and were on the verge of being devoured by it.

When Chen Xi who’d been accumulating strength and got ready since a long time saw this, he didn’t hesitate at all to utilize the Overarching Heaven Net, and he instantly captured the two balls of light before they could be devoured by the blood colored vortex.


The blood colored vortex formed from the Order of the Heaven Dao suddenly trembled before it rumbled and shattered. It once again transformed into the Order of the Heaven Dao before vanishing on the spot.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s figure flashed and left the battlefield.

10 minutes later, at the interior of a low mountain range.

I never expected that this ball of Divine Dao Laws is actually extremely pure and without any impurities. In this way, even if I refine and absorb it, I don’t have to worry about these Laws conflicting with my own…. Chen Xi sat cross-legged as he carefully sized up the two balls of light in his hand.

As for this ball of light that contains techniques, it contains too many techniques, and is in an extremely impure state. Most of these techniques obviously don’t belong to that old fellow. Looks like he’d killed numerous experts at the Godrank Realm in these years that he was within the Hunting Area, and he seized the Divine Dao Laws and techniques in their possession. After he pondered briefly about it, Chen Xi understood the reasons behind it, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. This is the Hunting Area, and they’ve gone mad with slaughter. It’s filled with blood and danger, and slaughter is utterly unavoidable.


Without any further hesitation, Chen Xi started to refine and absorb that ball of light that contained Divine Dao Laws, causing strands of Divine Dao Laws to surge into the universe within his body like a gurgling stream, and then it started to circulate and seethe….


After the time for an incense stick to burn after Chen Xi killed the black clothed old man and left, a group of experts tore through the sky and arrived here. There was around eight of them, and a violet clothed young man amongst them took a deep breath before he closed his eyes and sensed carefully.

“A battle occurred here earlier.”

“The battle was between two people, and the deceased is a prey captured from the lower dimensions. The aura of the other party is extremely similar to Third Young Master’s description.”

“Thus, our target this time has definitely just left not too long ago.”

As he spoke, the violet clothed young man suddenly opened his eyes, and he was slightly surprised and bewildered. “Wait, I’m actually unable to determine the route he utilized to flee.”

“Oh?” The man in the lead who had snow white skin, a tall figure, and a pair of golden pupils frowned and said, “Could it be that his aura has vanished?”

The others shot their gazes towards the young man in succession.

“Exactly. He probably possesses some sort of supreme technique that can conceal his vital energy. Even my Godsearch Divine Technique is unable to locate his aura.” The young man spoke in a serious tone.

The hearts of the others shook as well.

This young man in violet clothes was called Lu Ting, and he possessed a rare detection technique called the Godsearch Divine Technique. Thus, all auras in the heavens and the earth were unable to evade his senses.

Yet today, Lu Ting said that he was actually unable to lock onto the target’s aura with the Godsearch Divine Technique, and it instantly allowed all of them to sense how severe the situation was.

“Notify the Third Young Master that this kid had made an appearance in this area. Ask the Third Young Master to mobilize his forces to search this area without sparing any effort!” The man with golden pupils frowned and pondered deeply for a moment before he decided.

“Yes!” One of the members of their group bowed and received his orders. After that, he withdrew a dark grey colored jade talisman and branded it with a strand of his will before crushing it with force.


The dark grey jade talisman exploded into pieces, and then it transformed into a wisp of golden light that flashed in space.

The young man in violet clothes, Lu Ting, asked. “Big Brother Qin Tong, what should we do next?”

“Take action and spare no efforts to search this area. Besides our own forces, annihilate anyone you encounter!” The young man with golden pupils spoke with a murderous air.


Swish! Swish!

Chen Xi’s surroundings were suffused with strands of the energy of Divine Dao Laws. They took the form of talisman markings as they circulated without end, causing Chen Xi to seem as if he sat upright within the quintessence of the Grand Dao, and he was solemn and dignified while the space between his brows was covered in an expanse of clarity.

After a short moment, rumbling resounded while a strand of the grand tune of the Dao resounded from within Chen Xi’s body. In an instant, the Divine Dao Laws that coiled around his body immediately surged into him and vanished.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi opened his eyes.

In merely less than 10 minutes of time, it allowed my grasp of the Talisman Divine Dao to improve slightly. Isn’t such a speed of comprehending the Dao a bit too inconceivable? As he sensed the changes in the Divine Dao Laws within his body, Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise. That ball of Divine Dao Laws from the black clothed old man was simply like a medicinal pill, and it allowed him to directly improve his grasp of the Talisman Divine Dao by a trace without comprehending and studying it at all!

This sort of divine effects wasn’t just shocking, it was simply astounding!

After all, it was the Grand Dao of the gods, and it was paramount and profound. If one relief on one’s own self to comprehend it, then even if one exhausted a very long period of time, it might not necessarily improve by a trace at all!

No wonder those experts from the Ancient God Domain had come to the Hunting Area to slaughter. Merely such temptation is probably impossible to be refused by anyone. Chen Xi took a deep breath while a trace of anticipation couldn’t help but arise in his heart. If it continued according to this speed of Dao comprehension, then it probably wouldn’t be long before he would be able to attain the initial-stage of the Talisman Divine Dao!

At that time, if he encountered top-rate Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods like Ninth Uncle, Chen Xi was absolutely confident in his ability to kill such an existence.

Unfortunately, the various techniques contained within this ball of light is too impure and limited in might. Moreover, it’s utterly not suitable to me…. Chen Xi withdrew the other ball of light, and he pondered deeply for a brief moment before he decided to seal it.

If he had the chance to enter Snow Ink Region, then perhaps he could utilize it in exchange for some Divine Crystals, yet he wouldn’t cultivate it himself.

The reason was extremely simply. The techniques he possessed were sufficient for him to bring forth even stronger might. So, cultivating the techniques within this ball of light would undoubtedly be no different than cultivating things of little to no value., It was useless to him, yet it was a pity to throw it away.

Hmm? Chen Xi stood up and was just intended to leave the interior of this low mountain range when he suddenly senses something. He swiftly circulated the Daoseal Mark and completely concealed the vital energy within his entire body.

At practically the exact same time, a wave of conversation sounded out from extremely far away.

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