Chapter 156 – Netherflame Soul Refining

Chapter 156 – Netherflame Soul Refining

On the vast and flat space before the palace stood countless Starnet Palace disciples at the moment and a few tens of seniors who wore luxurious robes with star markings and possessed extremely terrifying auras. Among them, the most outstanding and conspicuous was a middle aged man in gold robes and a star crown, and he was the Sect Master of Starnet Palace, Tie Yunzi.

At this moment, when they heard Bai Wanqing’s words that were filled with boundless hatred, everyone from Starnet Palace had grim expressions, and they were extremely enraged as they started cursing loudly.

“You’re going too far! How could my Starnet Palace’s 84,000 cultivators be afraid of the three of you?”

“You’re truly courting death! Just the three of you want to annihilate my Starnet Palace? It’s simply a joke as big as the heavens!”

“Hmph! Sneaking into my Starnet Palace has already made all of you unable to escape a fate of suffering, yet you talk wildly about annihilating my Starnet Palace? The ignorant are truly fearless, and all of you deserve death!”

“Shut up!” The Sect Master of Starnet Palace, Tie Yunzi, abruptly let out an explosive shout, and his expression was already completely livid. With his sight, how could he possibly be unable to discern if Bai Wanqing’s group of three really possessed such strength? It was precisely because of this that when Bai Wanqing spoke those words, his heart instantly thumped as he cursed in his heart. At this moment, when he heard the disciples howling like idiots, he really wished for nothing more than to slap them to death.

As soon as Tie Yunzi spoke, all the voices vanished instantly, causing the scene to be completely silent, to the point a falling needle could be heard, and the atmosphere became quiet and oppressive.

These disciples all looked at their Sect Master with anxious and doubtful expressions, and they seemed to be extremely puzzled about why Tie Yunzi would boost the morale of others and reduce the courage of his own side. But with their cultivations, they were unable to perceive the cultivation of the old man by Bai Wanqing’s side, and it confirmed the saying — The ignorant are fearless.

Tie Yunzi paid no attention to the thoughts of these disciples, he took a deep breath before looking at Bai Wanqing and cupped his hands from afar. He was just about to speak, yet at this moment, loud laughter interrupted his words.

It was the crimson haired young man by Bai Wanqing’s side. He had a handsome and charming face and crimson hair that was like fire. At this moment, he was laughing loudly towards the sky, and an arrogant and overbearing aura gushed out from his body.

“Little Aunt, what is there to speak of with these ants? Since they dare forcefully capture my Sister Xixi and make her their disciples, then all of them have to die!” The crimson haired young man’s eyelids opened before he turned to sweep everyone from Starnet Palace with a disdainful glance, and then he said coldly, “Let me tell all of you. No one in the entire world is able to save you today. Quickly hand over my sister and I’ll let all of you die a swift death. Otherwise, I’ll let all of you taste the feeling of their soul being refined by Netherflame!”



The domineering aura emitted by this crimson haired young man and the dense disdain that filled his tone made him seem like a fiend in human shape, and the Xie Clan’s Young Master, Xie Zhan, was simply a pure and good obedient boy.

“Audacious! You’re going too far! Want us all to die? It seems to me that something is wrong in your head!” A Starnet Palace disciples couldn’t endure any longer, and he cursed.

“Something is wrong with me…? You’re courting death!” The crimson haired young man’s eyes narrowed as an illusionary image of a golden core that emitted boundless radiance gushed out from the top of his head, and it was the size of a human head. Atop it were fiendgods, waves, mountains, dark clouds, fire, water, and there was even a dragon, a tiger, a flying crane, a gale… A variety of phenomenon gushed out into appearance, seeming as if they were living things that looked majestic and grand.


When this golden core illusory image appeared in the sky, the space surrounding the crimson haired young man started to shake, and a terrifying air flow surged out to the heaven and earth. Instantly, the clouds and mist in the surrounding 500 km were minced to dispersal, vanishing into thin air, and an empty space appeared.

How formidable! A single golden core actually contains an entire 19 Dao Insights! In the extreme distance, Chen Xi’s pupils constricted, and he was extremely shocked in his heart.

When a cultivator advanced to the Golden Core Realm, the Yin and Yang within the cultivator would blend together, and it promoted the generation of spirit and essence. The numerous Dao Insights comprehended by the cultivator would appear in the golden core, and the more Dao Insights comprehended, the stronger the might of the golden core. If one were to go a step further and comprehend Dao Territory, then the might of the golden core would rise explosively by a few times!

Chen Xi had once seen Su Leng’s golden core. Su Leng had only comprehended a single Dao Insight called Nether Dao insight, and when contained within his golden core, it appeared as a dim airflow that seemed grey, yet wasn’t grey.

Moreover, up until now, Chen Xi himself had only comprehended a single complete Wind Dao Insight, whereas, the crimson haired young man’s golden core instead had 19 Dao Insights appear on it. The height of the young man’s comprehension and the depth of the young man’s cultivation had simply arrived at an extent that was astonishing!

If this fellow comprehended Dao Territory, then it would probably be more than ten times more formidable than Luo Xiu’s Blood Corrosion Dao Territory… At this moment, Chen Xi recognized even more clearly the insufficiency of his strength.,

He’s once heard Ji Yu say that to never think that he was a one of a kind genius, because the number of geniuses in this world exceeded his imaginations, and the people that had natural endowments that were better than him were innumerable like the sand in a river.

The strength revealed by that crimson haired young man had undoubtedly proved these words.


In the instant the golden core silhouettes appeared, the crimson haired young man took a step in the sky and a blazing blood colored red lotus instantly arose beneath his feet, and it carried him to instantly appear before that Starnet Palace disciple, then his palm grabbed downwards and with a bang, the disciples had already been smashed to mush. After that, a strand of black smoke gushed out, and he grabbed towards the sky to firmly grab this translucent figure that struggled erratically. Shockingly, it was the soul of that disciple.

“You’re truly courting death. I’ll let you taste the feeling of having your soul refined by Netherflame. I’ll make you be unable to live or die, and let you feel despair to the depths of your soul!” As he spoke, the crimson haired young man had already returned to Bai Wanqing’s side like a ghost, and a strand of pitch black and billowing flames gushed out abruptly from the golden core above him to cover the soul of this Starnet Palace disciple before flushing up and down to roast the soul.

The movements of this crimson haired young man were extremely fast, it was only an instant from the time he made a move to the moment he executed the technique of Netherflame Soul Refining. Not to mention those disciples of Starnet Palace, even Tie Yunzi and all the Starnet Palace elders weren’t in time to lend a hand, and they were caught off guard.

“Ah!!” An extremely miserable sharp cry sounded out abruptly. In the flickering of the black colored Netherflame, the translucent soul struggled intensely, curled up, and dodged with an extremely warped and savage expression that caused the people that watched from afar to feel their scalps go numb and a chill run down their spines.

“Oh, what a beautiful sound.” The crimson haired young man let out a moan that was almost like he was sleep talking, and his evil and charming face was filled with an expression of enjoyment.

“Dammit! Senior Brother Zhou Yu has been captured, kill him!”

“Right, he’s only at the Golden Core Realm. Let’s all attack together, kill him and seize Senior Brother Zhou Yu’s soul back!”


When they saw this extremely tragic scene, the eyes of the Starnet Palace disciples instantly went red. They voiced out with rage and were just about to attack as a group, yet they were once again firmly stopped by the Sect Master, Tie Yunzi.

At this moment, Tie Yunzi’s expression was already completely livid, and all the veins on his face had already bulged. He was almost unable to endure the flames of rage in his heart, and he wished for nothing more than to disregard everything, gather all the strength of all the elders and disciples of Starnet Palace before fighting these three fellows with their lives.

What should I do?

Why hasn’t Martial Uncle Chai Shao set up the slaughter formation?

If this goes on, then my Starnet Palace will be in imminent danger!

Tie Yunzi knew since long ago that even if all of them moved out, it would still be impossible for them to be a match for the old man by Bai Wanqing’s side. So he’d decided long ago to allow the Nether Transformation Realm expert, Chai Shao, to expend all the resources in the Starnet Palace to activate the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation!

The Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation was the Sect Guarding Formation that was passed down in the Starnet Palace since ancient times, and unless it was a moment of life and death, it would absolutely not be activated easily. Because the price that had to be paid to activate this grand formation was truly too great, and it required at least over 1,000 years before the Starnet Palace could recover from this consumption.

But it was precisely because of the price that had to be paid was heavy, that the might of the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation was extremely terrifying. When activated at full strength, it was able to link up with the baleful energy of the stars in the sky, condensing them into surging balefulstar divine lightning that slew devils and annihilated gods, and possessed boundless might. Even if it was an Earthly Immortal Realm expert that fell into the formation, the expert would still be obliterated into nothingness!

The crimson haired young man stretched out his hand and made a crushing movement. Instantly, the soul of that disciples called Zhao Yu was crushed and scattered into the air, and then he raised his eyes to look towards Tie Yunzi and he spoke slowly. “I’ll count to three. If you still don’t hand her over, then don’t blame us for being ruthless!”



“Wait! Elder Jiang Qing, hand her over!” Tie Yunzi turned around to look at a middle aged woman with a gloomy expression and narrow and long cheeks, and he ordered coldly as he sent a voice transmission at the same time. “Quickly, hand her over first and stall for some time. Why should we worry about being unable to kill these three people once Martial Uncle Chai Shao finishes setting up the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation?”

“Hmph!” Jiang Qing grunted coldly, but she knew that the situation was urgent, and with a flick of her sleeve, a little lady around the age of 8 or 9 with a pigtail at the top of her head and had an appearance that seemed like carved jade appeared before Jiang Qing.

Chen Xi recognized with a glance that the little lady was precisely Xixi. Fortunately, she seemed to have not suffered torture, and only her expression seems slightly dispirited and sickly, not having the lively and mischievous expression from before.

“Master, what did you call disciple for?” Xixi raised her head, and she had an expression of dread as if she was extremely afraid of this middle aged woman before her.

“Xixi!” In the distance, Bai Wanqing saw Xixi and two rows of tears instantly flowed out as she shouted out in a sorrowful voice.

Xixi’s figure stiffened, then she slowly turned around. When she saw Bai Wanqing, a strand of pleasant surprise abruptly gushed out from her eyes before she revealed an expression of terror and cried out. “Mother, flee quickly! Or else you’ll die! My Master will kill you! Flee quickly!”

“This silly child, she’s still concerned about me even at a time like this…” When she saw this scene, Bai Wanqing’s felt both sadness and rage in her heart, and she was truly unable to imagine how great of an injustice and how great torture her daughter had suffered during these two years to the point that Xixi was able to emit such a terrified expression.


It was at this moment that the old man by Bai Wanqing’s side that had remained silent all along stuck out his hand and grabbed. Space suddenly shook intensely before shattering inch by inch, and a shapeless large hand appeared out of thin air 3 km away to instantly grab Xixi over.

Its speed was so swift that it was simply like teleportation, causing Tie Yunzi and Jiang Qing to be utterly unable to react in time. It could be known from this that if the old man made a move long ago, hey would probably have long since annihilated everyone in Starnet Palace!

Perhaps, it was all because Xixi was still in the hands of Starnet Palace that he hadn’t made a move for so long.

“Wa!” Xixi fell into Bai Wanqing’s embrace, and she seemed to not dare believe it before bursting into loud sobs.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, Mother will take you home.” Bai Wanqing’s tears trickled down from her eyes as well, then she raised her hand to strike out with a technique that caused Xixi to fall into deep sleep before raising her head to look at everyone from Starnet palace, and her expression was already icy cold to the extreme.


Tie Yunzi’s heart thumped. He originally placed hope on using Xixi’s life as a threat to stall for some time. Unexpectedly that old man had actually made an extremely swift move, swift to the point that he was utterly unable to react in time, and it simply exceeded his imagination.

At the same time, an unrestrainable bone piercing coldness arose in his heart, and he felt as if he’d fallen into a pit of ice. If this fellow had attacked me earlier, then wouldn’t I have already died long ago?

It wasn’t only Tie Yunzi, everyone present, including Chen Xi and Bei Heng who were looking from the sidelines while concealed in the distance, felt their hearts shake greatly and felt extreme terror when they saw the old man attack.

That attack speed had already exceeded the scope of which they could understand!

Only Bei Heng vaguely perceived that the old man seemed to have comprehended a trace of the Spatial Grand Dao, causing a casual attack to be able to freely tear open space, and it was more than double the speed of instant teleportation.

“Bai Gan, Uncle Teng, kill! Kill all of these people!” Bai Wanqing spoke word by word, and her words were overflowing with killing intent and resolute to the extreme.

“Little Aunt, don’t worry. None of them will be able to escape today!” The crimson haired young man called Bai Gan laughed coldly, and his handsome and charming face revealed boundless killing intent.

“Young Miss, you must follow me back to the clan once this matter is done. Otherwise…” The old man hadn’t finished speaking when Bai Wanqing interrupted him. “Don’t worry, I’ll surely keep to the words I’ve spoken this time!”

“Good!” The old man nodded, his eyes that were allowed narrowed to slits had suddenly opened up, and cold lights that were like two balls of lightning arcs shot out violently, whereas, on his entire body, a terrifying aura that caused the heaven and earth to change color gushed out with a bang. The space in 300 m around him suddenly seemed like the surface of the sea, rolling and roiling, and it caused numerous spatial tears that were like waves to shatter out in the sky.

At this moment, this old man that had been silent for a long time seemed to have become a different person, and his imposing manner shot into the sky, causing the hearts of everyone present to be unable to restrain from arousing a despaired and helpless feeling of tininess. It was like they were facing a lofty large mountain that stood there holding up the sky, impossible to be shaken, impossible to be surmounted!

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