Chapter 1559 – Stripping The Laws Away

A single line clearly divided the heavens and the earth into two completely different areas.

One half was pitch black like ink, deep, and deathly silent; the other side was scarlet red like blood, desolate, and horrifying.

Chen Xi stood before that line. The pitch black veil of night resided behind him, yet his field of vision was filled with a gorgeous world that was blood red.

He was clearly aware that the night represented the Medicinal Field Area, whereas, the blood red world in the distance represented the Hunting Area.

This was something Tie Kun had told Chen Xi. The heavens and the earth in the Medicinal Field Area alternated between night and day, and besides the Laws of the Heaven Dao there, it was no different from an ordinary world.

On the other hand, the Hunting Area wasn’t the same. It was a world enveloped in a blood red color. There was no day, nor night, and no matter if it was the landscape, forests, or gorges there, everything revealed a color that was crimson red like blood.

It was even to the extent that the heavens and the earth there was covered in a scarlet red color!

Of course, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that the Medicinal Field Area and Hunting Area weren’t just different in terms of outer appearance. Most importantly, the Laws of the Heaven Dao in these two areas of the heavens and the earth was completely different as well.



Without any hesitation, Chen Xi’s figure flashed and passed through that line in the heavens and the earth, and he entered the Hunting Area.

If the Medicinal Field Area was said to be an expanse land that was without vitality, then the Hunting Area could absolutely be considered a land covered in bloody slaughter.

This area was filled with experts, and many experts from the Ancient God Domain had taken this place to be their hunting area and roamed freely within it. At the same time, numerous gods that had been restrained and dragged into the Last Days Domain were placed within this Hunting Area and had been reduced to prey.

Simply speaking, the Hunting Area was a place of battles and slaughter, and pity and benevolence had never existed in the battles between the hunters and their prey.

Similarly, the roles of hunter and prey had never been fixed. Perhaps one was still a hunter a moment ago, yet in the next moment, one would be reduced into prey in the eyes of others.

In the annals of history, there was no lack of experts from the Ancient God Domain that were hunting here yet were killed by the those they regarded as prey.

All of this was something that Tie Kun had told Chen Xi clearly. So, as soon as he entered the Hunting Area, Chen Xi immediately raised his guard and restrained his vital energy. He was like a vigilant jaguar that hand entered into a forest that was filled with danger.


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Not long after Chen Xi had just entered the Hunting Area, numerous figures tore through the sky and arrived here. Shockingly, the person in the lead was that Third Young Master from the Dayi Clan, Yi Tian.

“He has actually entered the Hunting Area? This kid is pretty vigilant. Ninth Uncle, send the word to our forces to start converging from all over towards the Hunting Area to trap and kill this kid!” Yi Tian pondered deeply for a moment before a wisp of a murderous expression flashed past his eyes, and he waved his hands as he spoke.

“Young Master, the situation is slightly difficult. Why don’t we converge our forces and make a move after we draw up a sound plan?” Ninth Uncle spoke in a low voice from the side.

“You’re worried that kid will utilize the Shapeless Skin?” asked Yi Tian.

On their path of pursuit of Chen Xi, they’d noticed the place Chen Xi had battled the Woodskin Mask Race, and they’d captured those Woodskin Mask Race members that were lucky enough to survive.

The outcome was self-evident, the cowardly Woodskin Mask Race practically didn’t resist at all before they exposed everything.

However, regretfully, Yi Tian’s group weren’t Chen Xi. After they found out about all of this, they annihilated all of them and stripped them of the Treehearts within them.

This matter allowed Yi Tian and the others to grasp even more information related to Chen Xi. Thus, they pursued him all along the way, and they arrived before the Hunting Area in the end.

“Exactly. The transformations completed via the Shapeless Skin is said to be even impossible to be detected by Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods. Once that kid utilizes the Shapeless Skin to transform into other appearances, then it would be no different than searching for a needle in a haystack, and it would be utterly impossible to find and kill him.” Ninth Uncle’s brows knit together tightly as he pondered deeply before he spoke.

“Hahaha!” Yi Tian suddenly started roaring with laughter. “Ninth Uncle, you’re worrying too much. Presently, that passageway that leads to Snow Ink Region is about to close, and besides those prey that were restrained and brought here, most of the other experts from the Ancient God Domain had already left. Under such circumstances, we don’t have to care about what appearance that kid took and just have to annihilate anyone we notice in this Hunting Area.”

“Kill them all?” Ninth Uncle’s eyes focused.

“So long as we’re able to capture that kid, then so what if we annihilate all the prey within this Hunting Area?” Yi Tian glanced at Ninth Uncle while he was slightly displeased with the latter’s cautious attitudes.

Ninth Uncle sighed and said, “The more prey we kill, the more Divine Crystals we have to pay to the Sovereign Sect, and this is quite a huge expenditure. At the very least, Young Master won’t be able to obtain sufficient Divine Crystals from the clan for the next ten years.

“It’s just some Divine Crystals.” Yi Tian laughed with ridicule, and he was rather indifferent. “So long as we’re able to capture that kid and seize those two Natural Spirit Treasures from him, then mere Divine Crystals are nothing! After all, even out Dayi Clan only possesses a mere few Natural Spirit Treasures.”

Ninth Uncle instantly stopped giving advise when he heard this. Because he’d already discerned that his Young Master was determined to seize the two treasures in Chen Xi’s possession.

I only hope he isn’t related to Oracle Mountain and the Sovereign Sect…. Ninth Uncle sighed deeply in his heart.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After that, Yi Tian’s group didn’t hesitate to simultaneously charge into the Hunting Area.


Under the sky that was scarlet red like blood, Chen Xi flew swiftly beneath the surging red colored clouds and mist.

Comparatively speaking, the mist high in the sky is the safest place…. Chen Xi glanced at his surroundings, and his right hand held the Talisman Armament while he’d never let his guard down.

On the other hand, two Divine Crystals were held within his left hand while he continued to replenish his cultivation.

At this moment, his strength had long since recovered to around 90%, and it was on the verge of attaining its full and peak state, whereas, he’s consumed over 10 Divine Crystals to achieve this. Now, there were merely less than 70 Divine Crystals left in his possession.

With my current cultivation, I have to consume roughly 12 Divine Crystals every single time I recover my strength. This means that all these Divine Crystals that remain are only able to allow me to recover around six times…. Chen Xi calculated in detail. Presently, his wealth was running dry, and he was practically in a state of poverty. He had no choice but to make accurate calculations. According to his calculations, the Divine Crystals that remained were barely able to support him to fight six times with his full strength.

This seemed to be already sufficient, but one couldn’t forget that once he encountered an extremely dangerous battle, then the Divine Energy he exhausted would be immeasurable!

Alas, if only the Dark Parasol Sapling could replenish Divine Energy…. Chen Xi sighed in his heart. The Dark Parasol Sapling that possessed unbelievable profound effects in the past had become almost useless now, and this caused him to feel rather helpless.

Hmm? Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s heart shook as he suddenly stopped amidst the clouds, and then his enormous will swept out from his body and shot towards the area beneath him.

Through the thin red mist high above in the sky, a large mountain entered into his field of vision. The mountain was tall, strange, completely crimson red, 3km in height, and it was covered with crimson red rocks and ancient trees. There was nothing special about it.

However, when Chen Xi’s will swept past it, he noticed to his shock that a black clothed old man with a haggard face was hiding beneath the mountain.

The old man had restrained his aura and seemed like a clay status, and there weren’t any fluctuations of vitality in his entire body. If the strength of Chen Xi’s soul didn’t far exceed an ordinary expert, he would have almost been deceived.

This fellow is obviously an expert from the lower dimensions that was exiled here…. Chen Xi’s heart eased up, and he retracted his will.

He wasn’t willing to address these experts from the lower dimension as ‘prey’ because he himself was similarly from the lower dimensions. If one considered it carefully, he’d probably been taken to be prey by the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian, since a long time ago.

I hope you’ll be able to survive here forever…. Chen Xi shook his head before turning around and leaving. If it was at any ordinary time, he might have had the thought to become companions with the old man and pass through the passageway towards Snow Ink Region with him.

However, he was being pursued now, and he wasn’t able to guarantee his own safety, so he naturally wouldn’t disturb the old man.


However, right when Chen Xi moved, a wisp of sword qi suddenly flashed out from beneath that mountain. It was a shimmering jet black wisp of sword qi that carried a fierce and ghastly aura, and it tore through space as it slashed fiercely towards Chen Xi’s back.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he instantly noticed that this wisp of sword qi had shockingly been executed by that black clothed old man.

“Hmph! Out of consideration that we’re both the same, I didn’t intend to make things difficult for you, yet you didn’t know what’s good for you and wanted to launch a sneak attack against me. You truly deserve death!” Chen Xi’s face sank while the Talisman Armament soared through the sky, and it easily shattered this wisp of sword qi.

“Fellow Daoist, please know your place. If this happens again, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Chen Xi sent a voice transmission to warn that black clothed old man.


The mountain exploded from within, and then a figure emerged. It was exactly that black clothed old man. However, his expression was icy cold at this moment while his eyes flickered with a vicious and bloodthirsty expression. He was completely different from the utterly lifeless clay status from before.

“Ruthless? Haha! Junior, if it was at an ordinary time, I would naturally not make things difficult for you, but it’s different now. That passageway leading to the Ancient God Domain is about to close, and I don’t want to be exiled here forever and become prey that’s at the mercy of others!” The old man spoke with an icy cold voice, and his voice carried resentment that was impossible to conceal. “On the other hand, so long as I kill you, I’ll be able to obtain the Divine Dao Laws and various techniques you possess, allowing my strength to improve once more. In this way, my efforts to pass through that passageway will be slightly safer.”

“It really is like that.” Chen Xi’s brows raised.

Before he came over to the Hunting Area, he’d heard from Tie Kun that the Hunting Area was completely different from the Medicinal Field Area, and that different was at the Laws of the Heaven Dao!

The Laws of the Heaven Dao in both areas were able to soundlessly strip away all the Divine Dao Laws and various techniques possessed by a god.

However, after the Laws of the Heaven Dao at the Medicinal Field Area stripped those gods of their Divine Dao Laws and techniques, it would be utilized to nourish the heavens and the earth, and only by planting the Divine Daofuse Herbs could this energy be absorbed to be gathered and utilized.

On the other hand, so long as one killed an opponent beneath the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Hunting Area, then the Divine Dao Laws and techniques possessed by one’s opponent would be instantly stripped away into one’s spoils of the battle, and it would be possessed by the victor!

What did this mean? It meant that so long as one ceaselessly hunted and killed in the Hunting Area, then one didn’t have to waste any time on cultivating and comprehending before being able to obtain even more Divine Dao Laws and techniques in a short period of time!

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