Chapter 1559 – Stripping The Laws Away

A single line clearly divided the heavens and the earth into two completely different areas.

One half was pitch black like ink, deep, and deathly silent; the other side was scarlet red like blood, desolate, and horrifying.

Chen Xi stood before that line. The pitch black veil of night resided behind him, yet his field of vision was filled with a gorgeous world that was blood red.

He was clearly aware that the night represented the Medicinal Field Area, whereas, the blood red world in the distance represented the Hunting Area.

This was something Tie Kun had told Chen Xi. The heavens and the earth in the Medicinal Field Area alternated between night and day, and besides the Laws of the Heaven Dao there, it was no different from an ordinary world.

On the other hand, the Hunting Area wasn’t the same. It was a world enveloped in a blood red color. There was no day, nor night, and no matter if it was the landscape, forests, or gorges there, everything revealed a color that was crimson red like blood.

It was even to the extent that the heavens and the earth there was covered in a scarlet red color!

Of course, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that the Medicinal Field Area and Hunting Area weren’t just different in terms of outer appearance. Most importantly, the Laws of the Heaven Dao in...

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