Chapter 1558 – Obtaining A Treeheart


All the members of the Woodskin Mask Race attacked. Surging green light rose from their bodies and swayed like thick and large branches and leaves that seemed as if they were chains, and they smashed down fiercely towards Chen Xi who stood in the distance.

Their true form was that of towering ancient trees. Even though they seemed to be weak, as soon as they attacked, all of them revealed powerful bearings as they shot through space like gods amongst trees, and they emanated terrifying might.

In an instant, this expanse of forest swiftly transformed into powder while the heavens and the earth dimmed down, and the dark veil of night was replaced by peerlessly dazzling green lights.

“Kill! Kill this kid!”

“He eavesdropped on our conversation, so we can’t allow him to escape!”

“Right, we must kill him.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he didn’t hesitate to flash before a clang resounded as he withdrew the Talisman Armament.


A strand of sword qi that was vast like the ocean tore through the sky.

The second move at the Sword Emperor Realm — Calm Before the Storm!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Those attacks that surged over were crushed into pieces by this strand of sword qi, and they were utterly unable to resist before they were smashed into pieces like bubbles.

After that, rumbling...

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