Chapter 1557 – Woodskin Mask Race

If he wished to enter Snow Ink Region, then he had to pass through that passageway guarded by the Sovereign Sect’s forces.

Numerous disciples of the Sovereign Sect were standing on guard before the passageway, and the weakest amongst them was at the World Enlightened True God Realm while there was even no lack of Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods holding down the fort there.

Moreover, Chen Xi was extremely vigilant because a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was supposedly patrolling the area around that passageway all year long.

When facing such a heavy defense formed from a huge amount of forces, Chen Xi who only possessed a cultivation at the World Enlightened True God Realm now felt that it was extremely difficult to deal with.

Most importantly, according to Tie Kun, that passageway was about to close in a short period of time. Once this matter occurred, then it would at least be another 10,000 years before it opened again.

This meant that if Chen Xi intended to pass through it, then he had to take action in this period of time!

Even if I recover my peak strength, I would probably only be able to fight Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, and if I encounter a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, it would absolutely like throwing an egg against a rock…. Chen Xi fell into deep thought beneath the vail of night.

A Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was a terrifying existence that had grasped ‘Universe Energy’ and possessed a strength that had already attained a state of conforming with the strength of the ancestors of gods. A single Ancestor established a myriad of Daos, and it meant that they possessed shocking divine might.

Chen Xi’s Fourth Senior Brother, the Old Scholar, was extremely formidable, yet he was merely a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, whereas, an Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was an entire realm above a Domain Enlightened Spirit God!

Nevermind. I’ll look for a chance to investigate the actual situation before I make any further decisions. The important matter at hand is to recover my strength, and it couldn’t be any better if I’m able to temper my Talisman Divine Dao to the initial-stage…. After thinking about it for a long time, Chen Xi was unable to think of a superb idea, so he shook his head and stopped thinking about it in the end.


Beneath the veil of night that was deep and dark like ink, Chen Xi’s figure teleported swiftly all along the way.

All along the way, he noticed expanse after expanse of medicinal fields and numerous villages, and the situation within these villages and medicinal fields was practically exactly similar to the village he lived in before this.

There were numerous Herb Slaves working within the fields while an expert from the Ancient God Domain guarded it, and Divine Daofuse Herbs were planted within all these medicinal fields.

If it was at any ordinary time, Chen Xi might seize this opportunity to plunder some Divine Daofuse Herbs. Unfortunately, he was being pursued, and he had to exhaust a great deal of thought on a method to enter Snow Ink Region. So, he didn’t have the slightest mood to create unnecessary problems for himself. Moreover, he wanted to avoid any unexpected events from occurring and affecting his plans.

Besides the medicinal fields and villages that he saw all along the way, the Last Days Domain was mostly covered in desolate mountains, wildernesses, and areas with adverse environments like deserts and swamps.

Most of these areas were completely devoid of vitality, but there was no lack of some extremely obscure and formidable auras laying dormant there. They seemed like demons and devils, and they were filled with a terrifying vicious aura.

Chen Xi directly moved around these auras, and he didn’t investigate exactly what sort of existences they were because curiosity killed the cat.

I’ll pass through the Hunting Area soon. Many experts from the lower dimensions were forced to reside there, and there are even some experts from the Ancient God Domain hunting there…. Chen Xi withdrew a map and observed it carefully.

This map was given to him by Tie Kun, and the rough outline of the Last Days Domain was drawn on it. It was extremely simple, yet it was able to allow Chen Xi to determine exactly where he was.

So long as I’m able to enter the Hunting Area, then even though I’ll encounter a great deal of danger, I’ll be able to locate even more opportunities to fool those experts that the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master sent after me. After he put the map away, Chen Xi pondered for a moment before he decided not to go around it and enter the Hunting Area instead.

But right at this moment, a circle of ripples suddenly arose from the Daoseal Mark that surrounded Chen Xi’s Soul Divine Flame, and then a wave of faint voice fluctuations sounded out and were instantly captured by him.

It really is miraculous. This Daoseal Mark is actually able to capture voice transmissions. Chen Xi thought in his heart while he concealed his vital energy, and then silently descended to the ground before approaching a dark forest.

“Idiot, be careful!”

“Hmph! Can anyone even notice us in the dead of night?”

“Exactly, exactly! In terms of disguise, can anyone within the entire Last Days Domain compare to our Woodskin Mask Race?”

“What a bunch of idiots! Could it be that all of you haven’t heard that the Divine Vine King couple living in the gorge 5km away from here were captured by a great figure from the Ancient God Domain because they were too careless? They’re bound to be refined into divine medicinal pills for those damnable gods to enjoy. Could it be that all of you intend to be refined as well?”

This dark forest only covered an area of 5,000km. The trees within it towered into the clouds while its surroundings were deathly silent, and it was like a shadow the night had reflected on the ground.

However, in Chen Xi’s eyes, there were over 10 trees within the depths of the forest that were utterly different from the other trees. Or perhaps it could be said that they were exactly like the other trees on the surface, yet they carried a strand of an extremely obscure aura.

That aura was like the aura of vitality possessed by ordinary trees, yet it carried a trace of an indescribable rhythm of life, and if one was to scan past them hastily, then it would be utterly impossible to notice anything different about them.

Even with Chen Xi’s current strength, it was utterly impossible for him to distinguish the difference between them without relying on the Daoseal Mark.

Those voice transmissions that entered Chen Xi’s ears earlier had come precisely from those trees.

The Woodskin Mask Race? Interesting, they actually called those Divine Vine Kings a couple…. Chen Xi remembered that when he was rescued by that Goddess and the young woman, Huicong, they’d precisely come for the sake of gathering the Divine Vine Kings.

On the other hand, based on the conversation between these members of the ‘Woodskin Mask Race’, they’d obviously taken the Divine Vine Kings to be members of their own kind.

Just be careful. I heard that Third Young Master Yi Tian from Snow Ink Region is doing everything in his power to capture a young man from the lower dimensions. Supposedly, he made use of many forces, so it’s best for us to restrain ourselves slightly during these next few days.”

“Who’s Yi Tian? Who’s that young man from the lower dimensions?”

“Wait a moment, Seventh Brother and I will transform into them for all of you to see.”

“Splendid, splendid indeed.”

Suddenly, within Chen Xi’s field of vision, a strand of black light suffused the surroundings of two trees, and then they suddenly transformed into two people.

One wore a white robe, had a handsome appearance, and a wisp of a slight smile hung on the corners of his mouth. It was exactly the Third Young Master of the Dayi Clan, Yi Tian. On the other hand, the other person wore green clothes, had a handsome appearance, and his eyes seemed vast like the starry sky. Surprisingly, it was actually Chen Xi’s appearance!

This caused Chen Xi to be shocked in his heart, and he was extremely surprised.

Merely the Dao of Illusory Transformations was naturally unable to pique Chen Xi’s interest. The true reason Chen Xi felt shocked was that they hadn’t just transformed into ‘Yi Tian’ and ‘Chen Xi’s’ appearance, even their disposition, aura, and bearing was actually exactly similar to Chen Xi and Yi Tian. Chen Xi was utterly unable to locate a single flaw in this transformation!

When Chen Xi stared at the ‘Chen Xi’ that the tree had transformed into, he almost wondered if that really was him….

Could it be that this is the Innate Dao Technique grasped by the Woodskin Mask Race? Chen Xi exclaimed with admiration in his heart. This sort of technique was too heaven defying, and it was even more terrifying than the Thousandeye Ghost Ape Chen Xi had seen in the Netherworld. If this was the three dimensions, then once they transformed into his appearance and utilized it to deceive others, even if they caused endless trouble, there would probably be no one that would suspect it wasn’t him!

“Shit! Shit! I lost another piece of skin from transforming, that was condensed from an entire 3,000 years of cultivating.” ‘Yi Tian’ suddenly cried out loudly while strands of dark light emanated from his entire body, and a layer of skin actually fell off before he suddenly transformed once more into the appearance of a tree.

“Hehe, it isn’t a ‘Shapeless Skin’ formed from your quintessence energy anyway, what’re you making a fuss about, Sixth Brother.” That ‘Chen Xi’ smiled and seemed to take slight pleasure in his Sixth Brother’s misfortune.

“Hmph! Seventh Brother, it’s easy for you to talk. Amongst us 13 brothers, only Big Brother is capable of condensing a ‘Shapeless Skin’ with his quintessence energy. That’s a supreme technique to deceive the senses of the gods!” Sixth Brother grunted coldly.

Shapeless Skin? It’s able to deceive the senses of the gods? Chen Xi thought in his heart and seemed to be lost in thought.

“Shut up! How many times have I said it? All of you’re not allowed to mention anything related to our secrets. Once those damnable gods find out about it, they’ll definitely dig out our Quintessence Hearts and create ‘Shapeless Skins’!” A tree that had always been silent spoke with extreme rage. Obviously, it was the Big Brother that member of the Woodskin Mask Clan had mentioned.

As soon as their Big Brother spoke, all the others instantly went silent like cicadas in the winter.

“Big Brother, the corpses of the gods we stored up are already insufficient for us to sustain ourselves on. Should we take action and hunt some gods?” That fellow that had transformed into ‘Chen Xi’ asked in a low voice.

“How many are left?”

“16 corpses. They’re all prey from the lower dimensions, and the quality of their flesh is terrible. They’re far inferior in taste to those fellows from the Ancient God Domain.”

“That little?” Their Big Brother was stunned, and then he said, “Alright, hasn’t that Third Young Master, Yi Tian, sent out numerous gods to pursue that young man from the lower dimensions lately? Seventh Brother, I’ll trouble you to temporarily transform into that young man’s appearance and play the role of bait to trap some gods.”

Seventh Brother that had transformed into Chen Xi’s appearance let out a shrill cry and said, “Why me?”

“Hmph! If our Woodskin Mask Clan wasn’t skilled in battle, would there be any need to trouble you? It’s decided. All of you must remember that our combat strengths are at most sufficient to annihilate World Enlightened True Gods, so quickly flee if we encounter a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. Understand?” Their Big Brother instructed.

“Understood!” The others agreed successively.

“Everyone, you’ve understood that a bit too late.” Right at this moment, an indifferent voice suddenly resounded.

“Who is it!?” All of them cried out with shock, and they seemed like terrified monkeys. Their figures shook while they actually intended to flee.


A large net that was chilly like starlight enveloped down, and it locked down the surroundings, causing all of their paths of retreat to be forcefully blocked off. They had no way to escape!

At the same time, Chen Xi’s tall figure appeared. His gaze swept past those panicked trees, and he said, “All of you intend to take my appearance and kill? Have you obtained my permission?”

“He… he’s that young man from the lower dimensions!”

“Dammit! How could he have possibly noticed us?”

“My god! How many years has it been! Someone was actually able to locate us!”

“Idiot! Is this the time to be concerned about that?”

All of them spoke successively and clamorously, and they were extremely flurried.

“Idiots! Why are all of you still making noise! Fight him to the death!” Their Big Brother suddenly roared with fury.

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